Betrothed to a playboy episode 14 – 15

( Falling For You… )


By, Summer Gold R.


“I hate you Leonardo Briggs!!!!” Mariana yelled and stormed into the kitchen angrily

She opened the fridge and took a drink,she uncapped the bottle angrily and started drinking,she gulped down everything at once and wiped her lips,breathing heavily with an angry glare on her face

She started squeezing the bottle imagining it as Leonard’s neck

“I feel like strangling him” She mumbled

She picked up the biscuit and another drink from the fridge before walking to the living room,blue and Loki followed her.

She sat down on the couch and turned on the TV

Leonard’s face came on the screen,it was today’s interview

“Why him!!!” She screamed and changed it immediately but it was Leonard again,Showing his recent concert

Mariana hissed and dropped the remote control

“I see why he’s so arrogant,ugly popular celebrity.” She scoffed and turned to Blue and Loki.

“Your reward,you did a great job” She smiled and gave them the biscuit

They meowed happily as if to tell her they will always have her back,she chuckled and opened the drink in her hand.

She rest comfortably on the couch and found herself watching the show,she could remember clearly that night.

“He act nice when he’s with his fans,but he’s a total jerk. Monkey” she said

Her phone rang out and she picked the phone,it’s Royce calling her

She hissed and immediately blocked his number

“Every guy is a jerk,aside Nico. Everyone of them” She muttered

Soon,she became drowsy and finally fell asleep on the couch.

Minutes later,Leonard came in and immediately,Blue and Loki rushed to him.

“You guys shouldn’t be here anymore” Leonard muttered as he picked them up

He saw Mariana on the couch,he scoffed and ignored it,turning toward the stairs

“Meow….” Blue pulled his shirt and Loki made a sound too.

Leonard stopped

“What,are you hungry?” He muttered but they kept making sounds

He returned to the living room and Blue came down from his arm,he walked to the couch where Mariana is sleeping

“Wait,seriously?? It’s not my fault that she sleeps anywhere” Leonard scoffed.

Loki also jumped down from his arms

Leonard groaned when they didn’t stop

He walked toward Mariana on the couch and stood there,staring at Mariana while she sleep

“Can’t believe I’m doing this” he muttered and switched off the TV before turning back to her

Slowly he lean closer and carried her in a bridal style

“Does she even eat at all?” He scoffed and left the living room. He took her upstairs and entered her room,he dropped her on the bed gently and covered her up.

He stood up and looked around

“She arranged it well” he nodded and his eyes suddenly widened when he saw his name written on a board on the wall,UGLY JERK and ANNOYING CELEBRITY was written under his name

“What??? Ugly Jerk?? Annoying Celebrity??” He fumed and turned back to Mariana as If to carry her back downstairs

He scoffed and left the room

Blue remained in Mariana’s room while Loki followed him.



“Morning world” Mariana yawned as she opened her eyes and stretched her arms

Blue was staring at her from the floor

She looked around and immediately remembered how she slept off in the living room last night.

“How did I get here?” She asked herself and suddenly shook her head

“It’s not what I’m thinking right? That Ugly jerk will never bring me here,do I possess super power? Yeah that’s right,I’ve got super powers. Leonardo will never touch me or bring me here. Let’s just say I have super powers” She said and checked the time

“F**k!!! I’m late!”she shouted and jumped out of bed

She took off her clothes in a hurry and rushed into the bathroom,after taking her bath,she rushed to the closet,she quickly brought out a trouser and a blouse. She put the clothes on and grabbed her sneakers and her phone before rushing out,she came in again and carried her bag and then went out again.

She went downstairs and met Leonard in the living room,he was standing with his phone in his hand. He looked up and their eyes met,she would have asked if he carried her to her room last night but she really want to start avoiding him like he wanted.

The door suddenly opened and Mariana turned

Dior and Ricardo came in with Winter

“Wow!! Mariana!!” Dior screamed excitedly and immediately hugged her,surprising Mariana.

“Hey Hottie” Ricardo winked at her

Winter roll her eyes and went to sit down

“Wow,you’re so beautiful” Dior said

“Thank you” Mariana smiled and Leonard scoffed

Mariana glared at him

“I need to go” She said softly

“Of course sure,bye” Dior waved at her and she went out

“Wow,Leo. You’re so lucky,she’s crazily hot” Ricardo grinned and hit Leonard’s shoulder

“Lucky indeed” Leonard scoffed

“Oh come on,admit it. She’s beautiful” Dior said

“Stop talking like she’s some goddess or something,she’s not even that pretty please” Winter hissed

Ricardo and Dior looked at her

Leonard said nothing

“Why are you guys here?” He asked

“You said you’re not coming to that school,so we are here to drag you” Ricardo said

“I want to rest,is that too much to ask?” Leonard groaned

“Of course you will rest tomorrow,it’s the party tomorrow and your fiancee is performing. Heard she’s a great dancer” Dior said

“Who said I’m attending the party?” Leonard roll his eyes

“Come on,I can’t go without you” Ricardo pouted

“Stop doing that,you look ugly” Leonard said and Ricardo frowned

“Seriously? Do you have to be so cold?” He asked

“I will get dressed,wait here” Leonard muttered and left the living room.

Dior faced Winter

“Why would you say Mariana isn’t pretty? We all know she is….”

“Not We,,,You think she’s pretty but I don’t think she is. It’s my opinion so don’t make a big deal out of it” Winter snapped

“Oh” Dior muttered and bit her lips before sitting down

Ricardo went upstairs

“Is Alexa really back?” Dior faced Winter and she smiled

“Yeah,that crazy cousin of mine back” She said

“Wow,I’ve missed her. Can’t wait to see her” Dior gushed happily

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πŸ‘₯ Did you see the news??

πŸ‘₯ Alexa is back!!

πŸ‘₯ I hope she comes to school today

πŸ‘₯ Can’t wait to see her

Mariana scoffed as she listened to the students murmuring

She checked the school site and the topic is all about Alexa

“Is she a goddess or something?” Mariana muttered

Almost immediately a car drove in and a second later,Alexa came out of the car

πŸ‘₯ It’s Alexa!!!!!!!!!!

πŸ‘₯ Alexa is back!!!

The students started screaming,rushing to Alexa who was beaming with smiles. She kept posing for the students taking her pictures.

She’s Winter’s cousin and also a model

“Babe” Octavia and Charlotte joined Mariana

“I guess you two aren’t obsessed with her” Mariana said

“Leonard I stan” Octavia said and Mariana scoffed

“I’m for Ricardo,my crush” Charlotte said

“Wow,tomboys have crush too?” Mariana and Octavia asked at a time and Charlotte frowned making them laughed


Mary entered the lecture hall and met two couples making out crazily

“Holy spirit!!” She screamed with wide eyes,turning back

Mariana also came in with Charlotte and Octavia

“Why are you screaming?” Octavia asked

Mary turned to the couples

Mariana and the girls exchanged glances and burst into laughter

“Holy spirit” She muttered

“Come on!!” Mariana laughed and they went to sit down

“They shouldn’t be….they shouldn’t be doing this in class” Mary said

Octavia grabbed her hand and made her sit down

The hall started getting filled up

Nico came in and his eyes found Mariana,they smiled at each other and he went to sit down.

Alexa came into the hall and murmurs started again

“She’s pretty” Octavia muttered

“Yeah” Mariana also muttered

Alexa went to sit with Nico and Tessa fold her fist as Alexa spoke to Nico

“Do you think she likes him?” Daisy asked

“I don’t want to think about anything,Nico is mine” Tessa snapped

πŸ‘₯ have you guys seen Leonard’s shoot with Jessica?

πŸ‘₯ They look fire

πŸ‘₯ Are they dating??

Mariana roll her eyes

Charlotte was also smiling as she stared at Ricardo’s picture

Delaney Walked in,her head bowed as usual as she walked to take a seat.

“I have something to tell you” Mariana said to Octavia and Octavia faced her

“What is it?” She asked curiously

“Not now” Mariana said

She had decided to tell Octavia about Leonard since his friends are also aware

Royce came in and Mariana ignored him

“Mariana” Royce called and Mariana looked up with a cold face

“Are you ignoring my calls?” He asked and Octavia glared at him angrily

“Royce,can we just talk later?” Mariana asked


“She said later,come on!” Octavia snapped at Royce

The lecturer also came in at that moment and Royce went to sit down


Immediately after class,Royce stood up and walked to Mariana. He grabbed her hand and took her out of the class.

Nico’s eyes followed them and immediately,he got up too and went out.

Tessa who was about going to him stopped


“Leave me alone!!” Mariana throw Royce’s hand off her when they got somewhere

“What’s going on? You totally ignored my calls and u think you blocked my number ……”

“Shut up!!” Mariana yelled at him

“How dare you even come to me to complain?!! You cheater!!!” Mariana yelled

“What?” Royce’s eyes widened

“I saw you mother f**ker,kissing a girl right here in school!! You’re taking me for such a fool just because I’m in love with you!! I hate you!!!” Mariana pushed his chest

“Mariana…..” Royce tried to touch her but Nico pulled Mariana from him

“Don’t touch her” He said,glaring at Royce

“And who the h*ll do you think you are? I’m talking to my girlfriend so f**k off…..”

“I’m not your girlfriend!! I’m breaking up with you!” Mariana yelled

“What? So,you’re choosing him over me or what?” Royce asked

“That’s right,He’s better than you in every f**king way so get the f**k out of my life” Mariana said

Royce and Nico glared at each other hatefully before Royce walked away

Nico immediately turned to Mariana

“Are you okay?” He asked worriedly

“I’m fine,please I want to be alone” Mariana muttered

“Really? Are you sure?” Nico asked

“Yes Nico,I will talk to you later” Mariana replied

Nico kissed her hair before walking away.

The tears Mariana have been keeping started rolling down her eyes

“He must have been fooling me for a long time,I’m so dumb” She muttered in tears

She wiped her tears gently and made to leave

She was shocked to see Leonard standing in front of her,their eyes met and he stared at her red teary eyes.

Mariana stood still without moving,hoping he will just pass her without minding her

“Leo” Winter called from behind and stopped beside Leonard.

She glared at Mariana hatefully before facing Leonard

“We need to talk Leo,it’s important” She said but Leonard’s eyes were on Mariana


“Maybe later,I need to talk to my Fiancee first” Leonard said and Mariana’s heart skipped a beat

What did he just said??

Winter frowned immediately

Leonard walked closer to Mariana and grabbed her hand,shocking her even more

“Don’t say a word and just follow me” He muttered,dragging her away like a child.