Betrothed to a playboy episode 18 – 19

( Falling For You… )


By, Summer Gold R.







Jace parked the car in the garage and stepped down from the car,the guards available immediately opened for Dior and she also came down

Jace walked to Dior and handed her car key to her

“Thank you,what’s your name?” She smiled

“Jace” Jace replied

“Are you going to call your driver to bring your car here? It’s late……”

“I don’t have a car” Jace cut in

“Huh?” Dior looked confused

“I don’t have a car” Jace repeated

“Why?” Dior asked

“Because I’m not rich,I’m attending Diamonds University on scholarship” Jace replied


“Now I’ve told you,so I guess you won’t try running after me again anytime you see me. Goodnight” he muttered and immediately started walking away

“Jace!!” Dior called and ran after him

“Wait” she grabbed his hand and Jace faced her

“You’re wrong,,I really don’t care if you’re rich or not. I won’t stop running after you anytime I see you,get used to it” She muttered and Jace gave her a serious Gaze.

Dior smiled

“I’m sure you find me charming already” she said and brushed her hair with her finger

“No I don’t” Jace said and she frowned

“Really? Don’t tell me you’re the hard type” She said

“Maybe I am” Jace muttered

“I don’t care though,Wait here” She smiled and walked away.

Soon,she came back with the shopping bags in her hand

“I don’t really need them,so you can give your kid sister if you have one” She smiled,handing it to him

“I don’t need it…..”

“For your sister,or don’t you have one?” Dior asked

Jace kept quiet

“It’s going to hurt me if you don’t take it” Dior pouted

“Fine” Jace took the bags from her

A car stopped beside them

“Go in,he Will take you home. It’s my fault anyway,so don’t say no either,please” Dior said innocently

“Are you doing this because I told you I’m…….”

“No!” Dior snapped

“If not,then why?” Jace asked

“Because I like you” she replied

Jace raised his brows

“It’s weird,but I’ve liked you the first time I set my eyes on you…..gosh this is embarrassing!!!” Dior ran off

Jace’s eyes followed her and he chuckled,watching as she was running like a teenager who just confessed to her crush

He entered the car and the driver took off



Royce was drinking when Veronica,his girlfriend came in looking angry

“Seriously?! Royce! You f**king told me you don’t love that girl! You told me I’m the one you love,so why the h*ll won’t you stop drinking since she broke up with you?!!” She yelled angrily

Royce looked up

“And….you believed me?” He asked


“I’m Saying I love her so much,,I love her so f**king much. I must have been blinded because of one night s*x with you” Royce scoffed and continue drinking

“I don’t care okay? What matters now is I am your girlfriend and you’re mine!” Veronica said angrily

Royce ignored her

“And for your information..” She walked closer to him

“I just got transferred to Diamonds University” She said and Royce looked at her immediately


“Yes,so you better get ready for me. And that girl too,I’m going to make her life hell if she come near you” Veronica said and grabbed her bag before storming out angrily.



“You can’t fall in love with anyone!!”

“You don’t deserve love!”

“I will kill them if you dare love anyone!!”

Leonard sprang up,panting heavily as beads of sweats rolled down his face.

“F**k” He groaned and rough his hair

It’s the same nightmare,He’s been having the nightmare for seven years now and each time,it’s always scary.

He got up from the bed and walked out his room,he went downstairs and walked into the cellar.

He grabbed a bottle of alcohol and poured for himself a full glass before drinking everything at one gulp,he kept drinking as the voice rang in his head every second.

Soon,he was drunk. He placed his head on the table and sleep took over again


Mariana opened her eyes and touched the side of the bed but felt nothing

“Blue?” She got up and looked around the room

“She left?” Mariana muttered and stretched tiredly. She sat up and went out of the room to get a drink,she went downstairs.

She was about going into the kitchen when she saw a bottle at the cellar.

She peeped and was surprised to see Leonard sleeping there after drinking a whole bottle of alcohol

“Is something wrong with him?” She muttered and walked closer

He was fast asleep

She stared all over his face

“Jerk,I wish he fall from the seat” She rolled her eyes and left the cellar.

She got her drink and went back upstairs.



“Please,spare my life. I Will give you any amount,please spare our lives” The man pleaded

“I’m sorry but I don’t need your Money” The masked assassin said

The man and his wife were both shaking on the floor

“I’m sorry once again” He said and shot them twice on their heads before leaving the house.

Immediately he got a call and he answered

“Mission accomplished” He muttered before getting on his bike and rode off roughly

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Delaney walked out of her room and entered the living room,today is a free day,no classes for any major in Diamonds.

She met Jace about going out of the house

“Where are you going? You look quite good” Delaney muttered

“Well I got a job and since today is free,I’m working full time” Jace replied

“Where?” Delaney asked

“A restaurant” Jace replied

“Don’t tell me you got me those shoes with your first pay” Delaney walked closer

“I love you” Jace winked and almost went out of the house but then walked back to her

“You’re attending the party tonight right?” He asked and Delaney scoffed

“I’m not needed there anyway,I will stay home” She muttered

“No,you’re going with me” Jace said

“I have nothing to put on” Delaney snapped

Jace immediately rushed in and came back with the shopping bags Dior gave him last night

Delaney’s eyes widened

“What’s this?” She asked

“A gift from someone I helped,so get a dress from it and let’s go to the party” Jace rough her hair before leaving the house

Delaney started bringing out the clothes one after the others,shoes,bags and even jewelries

“Wait my brother is not stealing right?” She muttered

“Of course not,I trust him. But is this really a gift? All these?” She mumbled

“Wow” she smiled and started jumping excitedly

She grabbed the bags and rushed back into her room



Mariana groaned as she opened her eyes,she’s just waking up.

“Meow” Blue and Loki voices made her sit up

“Come here guys” She chuckled and they immediately ran to the bed

She hugged them

“Morning” She grinned and her phone was next

She took the phone and gasped when she found tons of calls and messages from,Octavia,Charlotte and even Nico.

“Gosh” She muttered and got down from the bed.

She walked into the bathroom and brush her teeth before leaving the room,she was about taking the stairs when she started inhaling the smell of fresh toast.

“Is anyone here?” She carried blue and immediately went downstairs

She entered the kitchen and met the maid

“Good morning ma’am” The maid smiled

“Oh,morning” Mariana muttered

“Breakfast is ready” The maid said

“What’s your name?” Mariana asked

“Tina” She smiled

“Thank goodness you’re here,I’m actually starving” Mariana dropped blue and sat down on one of the kitchen stools

“Is Leonard home?” She asked

“He left some minutes ago” Tina replied

‘I wonder if he slept there till this morning’ Mariana thought

She watched as Tina served the hot toast in front of her with a cup of tea

“I don’t know what you love,but nobody will reject toast for breakfast.” Tina said and Mariana smiled

“Sure,thanks Tina” Mariana said

“Blue,Loki. Come here for breakfast” Tina carried the two cats and left the kitchen with them

Mariana was still scrolling on her phone when she saw the news about the midnight murder

“Again?” Her eyes widened

She sighed

“Seems like there’s no end to these” She muttered and dropped her phone

She started eating but Octavia’s call interrupted her,she answered the call

“Mari J!” Octavia screamed

“Yes Octa” Mariana muttered

“I’ve been calling,where are you? We planned to meet in my place right?” Octavia asked

“Yeah,just having breakfast. I will get dressed and come straight away,sorry….” She immediately hanged up to prevent herself from hearing Octavia’s scream again

She finished everything and left the kitchen again

She opened Nico’s text when she entered her room.


She blushed

“Seriously? He really can’t wait? Then I should put more effort” she bite her bottom lip and chuckled

She didn’t reply but then Nico’s call came on and she immediately answered the call



The party was already on going,but everyone seems to be expecting Leonard and his friends

Some students are already dancing to the music since it was just the beginning of the party,not everyone Is present yet

👥 They are here!!!!!

Someone suddenly screamed the moment Winter and Dior walked into the hall first,looking hot and sexy

👥 Wow,they are so beautiful

👥 Dior,my beauty goddess I love you!!!

Leonard and Ricardo came in next and the girls almost lost their breaths

Camera flashes already filled everywhere

Leonard and Ricardo are putting on a matching outfit,they look extraordinarily hot

👥 Leonard!!!

👥 Is that my Ricardo?

👥 Ouch,they are so hot like fire

👥 Leonard,just a hug and I will die in peace!!

“F**k,i should arrest Leonard for making my heart race this way” Octavia touched her chest

Charlotte chuckled,her eyes were on Ricardo as they walked straight to the VIP table

“I wish I can just talk to him,even If it’s only once” She muttered

“Wow,you really mean business?” Octavia asked

“I’m in love with him babe,seriously” Charlotte said and Octavia laughed

“I think you should stop loving him” She said and Charlotte scoffed..”

“Hey girls!” Alexa screamed as she joined them

“Oh Alexa” Octavia smiled and hugged her

“Hey” Charlotte said shortly

“Where’s Mariana??” Alexa asked,looking around

“She’s sure gonna be in the dressing room” Charlotte replied

“Gosh,I can’t wait to watch her” Alexa gushed


“Seriously,I can’t believe we came” Bella scoffed as they got down from the car

“I can’t miss the party just because Mariana is performing and not me,,she’s not better than me” Tessa roll her eyes

Daisy was trying to find Jace as they walked.

Just then,Nico car parked and he came out of the car.

Immediately some girls surrounded him

“Wow,you’re so hot Nico”

“Can I get a hug?”

“You’re so handsome”

“I love your lips”

Tessa was already fuming with anger watching as the girl flirted with Nico

“Those b*tches!!!* she shouted and started walking toward Nico and the girls

“You all!! Get lost!!” She shouted and the girls all stopped,they turned to Tessa who was giving them angry glares

“Are you all deaf? Stay away from him and get the f**k out of here” She said and the girls started walking away

When they are totally gone,Nico pushed his hands into his pants and made to leave

“Nico” Tessa grabbed his hand and he faced her

“Thank you for chasing them away but don’t make the mistake of touching me again” He said coldly and Tessa dropped her hand

“I’m…. ” before she could talk,Nico walked out of her sight

Tessa stood there angrily,staring at Nico until he was out of sight

“Capture that,such a disgrace” Jeremy said from the back and Tessa immediately turned,he was having a camera in his hand

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“Did you captured that?” She asked

Jeremy looked back

“Is that question for me?” He asked

“I will advice you to get rid of the picture if you don’t wanna get into trouble,okay?!!!” Tessa yelled

“Oh…. I’m scared” Jeremy faked a frightened look and touched his chest

“One more word from you and I’m posting the video” He smiled

Tessa kept quiet,wishing she could just behead Jeremy right there.

“You’re not his type,try harder” He smiled before walking away

“I hate you!!!!!” Tessa screamed

She suddenly stopped when she saw Jace and Delaney holding hands as they walked in

Delaney was looking shockingly beautiful than anyone would imagine,

“Is that….Delaney?” Tessa muttered unbelievably

They walked away and she immediately followed quietly

Immediately Delaney and Jace entered the party hall hand in hand,the students started murmuring

“Wait,Is that Delaney?”

“Don’t tell me she’s dating that hot dude”

“What is that girl doing with my crush?”

“Is she really her? How come she’s so beautiful??”

Delaney and Jace ignored the comments and found a tablet

“That’s not Jace right?” Daisy asked beside Bella

“I’m sure you’re not blind baby girl” Bella smirked

Daisy stared at them again and rushed out in tears.



“You look so f**king hot Mari J” The dresser said and Mariana smiled

She could see it herself that she’s looking so crazily sexy right now

She was putting on a tied backless halter top and bodycon skirt,it’s the set of red colour making it even hotter. The top was revealing but who cares,not her first time wearing such,the skirt hardly covered her thighs too. Any normal guy right now would really go crazy just by looking at her

She wore a sexy heels too,her hair was straightened and it dropped down to her butt.

“Wow,I’m so jealous right now Mari J” One of the backstage dancer said and others turned too

“You look so hot,you’re gonna take everyone’s breath away,for real”

“Thank you girls” Mariana winked

She suddenly got a call and she took her phone,it’s Nico calling.

She answered the call

“Hey Nico”

“Are you still in the dressing room?” He asked

“Yes but I’m done,why?” Mariana aside

“Can you come out for a minute?” Nico asked and Mariana thought for a second

“Yes,I will be out” she muttered and hanged up

“I will be back guys” Mariana said before going out.

She looked around but couldn’t find Nico

“Where’s he?” She muttered and took her bottom lip in

She suddenly caught a glimpse of Leonard,seems like he was on a call,but the moment he set his eyes on her,he couldn’t look away. Mariana also stopped,she followed his eyes as they roamed all around her body.

Leonard tried controlling his eyes but it was taking the best of him,from her beautiful face,her small red lips down to her chest. Her br**st look even more sexier in that top,the skirt almost made him lose his mind. Her hot straight legs look so fine as f**k.

She’s just perfect.

He swallowed and his eyes moved back for her face

“Mariana” Nico called from the back and she turned

Seems like Nico didn’t see Leonard because his eyes were only on Mariana

“Wow,you look so perfect” Nico muttered and Mariana smiled

“Thank you,but….why do you want to see me?” She asked

“I want to be the first guy to see you tonight” Nico muttered with a smile

‘Well you are number too’ Mariana said in her mind

Nico walked closer to Mariana and her heart raced,just like yesterday.

He kept walking closer till her back hit the wall

“You look so breathtaking right now Mariana” Nico muttered,staring at her lips

Mariana could see Leonard still looking at them

‘Why is he standing? He should leave right?’ She thought

“Can I kiss you?” Nico’s voice snapped her out of her thought and her eyes grew wide


“Can I kiss you?” He asked and maybe she was dumb or not,without thinking she nodded and Nico didn’t waste time either before slamming his lips on her own

Leonard’s hand dropped

“Leonard?” The male voice came from his phone

“Leonard!!” The voice called again

Leonard watched as Nico kissed her hungrily and he almost went there and knock his head off but he didn’t

His eyes moved to Nico’s hand around Mariana’s waist too and he could feel the crazy anger burning inside him, he gently turned and walked away