Betrothed to a playboy episode 20 – 21

( Falling For You… )


By, Summer Gold R.






Mariana broke the kiss immediately Leonard walked away,Nico opened his eyes and he stared at her red lips.

“I…..I need to go” Mariana muttered and he moved away from her

“See you later” He smiled

Mariana nodded and immediately rushed in

‘You acted dumb again Mariana’

‘You’re so stupid!!!!’

‘I hate myself right now’

‘Why would I allow him to kiss me?? Why!!!!!’

She continue screaming in her head,she totally regretted kissing him

‘Leonard saw everything’ she sighed out

‘Am I falling for Nico already? No I can’t,I can’t fall in love now,not after what Royce did. But I just let him kiss me’

She groaned and the backstage dancer turned to her

“Are you okay?” They asked and Mariana cleared her throat

“I’m fine,how many minutes do we have left?” She asked

“We have no time left,we will be called soon”

Mariana sighed out

‘You got this Mariana’ she said inwardly


Back in the hall,Dior was fuming with anger from where she was sitting. She couldn’t take her eyes from Jace and Delaney.

‘Seriously? He gave the clothes to his girlfriend? He should have just told me he’s got a girlfriend,I’m so stupid to have thought a hottie like him Is single. I’m just blinded’

Different thought filled her mind,she kept squeezing her fist

Ricardo grabbed her hand and she turned to him

“Are you okay?” He asked

“No I’m not” She muttered

“Really? Want a kiss?” Ricardo asked with a naughty smile and Dior glared at him

“You won’t want your fans to know you’re a f**kboy” She said

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“I’m sure if they know,they will start knocking on my door everyday” Ricardo replied and Dior scoffed and took a glance at Jace again

Ricardo followed her eyes and they landed on Jace,he looked at Dior again.

Leonard joined them

“What happened? You look different,are you angry?” Winter asked but Leonard ignored her totally and took Ricardo’s wine glass,he gulped everything down

Ricardo raised his brows but didn’t say a word

The fans hasn’t stopped taking their pictures

πŸ‘₯ Am I the only one who wanna become a cup right now?

πŸ‘₯ His lips are so tempting!!

Leonard lick the wine off his lips

πŸ‘₯ Ahh!!! Just kill me!!!

A girl screamed out loudly

“What the f**k” Dior chuckled

“That girl deserve a good f**k” Ricardo said and Dior smack his lips

“Awww” Ricardo touched his lips

πŸ‘₯ Awwwn

πŸ‘₯ That must hurt so much

Dior almost laughed

“Seriously” She chuckled and tried touching his lips

“Just stop,I might kiss you right here” Ricardo said and Dior immediately shifted

“I know you would do that” She scoffed and Ricardo chuckled

His eyes went to Jace again and this time their eyes met but Jace looked away first

Nico joined Jeremy and Louis on their booth

“Wow,are you really sitting with us?” Jeremy asked

“Am I not allowed to?” Nico asked

“Of course you are! Nice seeing you,most popular guy after our idols” Jeremy said and Nico scoffed

The MC suddenly got on stage and the students started hailing him,He’s quite popular since he takes care of every social activity in school


Immediately he dropped the mic,loud screams filled the hall

πŸ‘₯ Mari J!!!!!

πŸ‘₯ Mari J!!

The students kept chanting until the stage light was turned on,revealing Mariana alone first,she was standing in a sexy position with a flirty smile on her cheek

The students started screaming again

πŸ‘₯ Wow!!!

πŸ‘₯ She’s f**king hot!!

πŸ‘₯ It’s the legs for me

πŸ‘₯ F**k,she’s fire

“Hey yo” Mariana spoke into the head worn microphone and walked sassily closer to the fans watching

“You all ready for Mari J tonight?” She asked

πŸ‘₯ Yes!!!!!

πŸ‘₯ I don’t think I’m ready,I might fall

πŸ‘₯ Bring it on Mari J!!

Mariana smiled and immediately the music beats started and loud screams filled the hall again,it’s a song by Leonard, SEXY NIGHT.

She started making slow moves to the beats,whining her body in the most sexiest way

πŸ‘₯ Go Mari J!!

The slow beats became faster and she followed every beats,the fans screaming and hailing every time she make a dangerous and sexy move.

It got steamier every second,the whole hall turned upside down when Mariana started twerking,giving seductive stares and moves.The dance was so crazily hot

Leonard’s eyes followed every moves she takes,she was just as dangerous as the song itself

“Seriously,your fiancee is something else. She’s gonna make some guys hard at this point” Ricardo said

Leonard kept watching without saying a word

The noise increased when the backstage dancers joined her on stage,they are all dressed in a matching outfit aside Mariana who was in front.

The sexy dance continued and it’s even more beautiful now that they are all moving in the same direction

πŸ‘₯ They look fire!!

πŸ‘₯ Gosh Mari J is driving me crazy

“She must be thinking she’s the best now” Bella hissed

Tessa was also watching Mariana with hateful glare on her face

She just hate the way everyone was praising her

Winter was also glaring at Mariana,she hated the fact that Leonard was so focused on her right now

‘B*tch’ she cursed inwardly

“Seriously,I’m shocked. She’s so amazing” Dior said,smiling beside her

Winter roll her eyes

Finally the performance came to an end,loud screams filled everywhere,it even increased when Mariana winked before walking in

“Was that wink for me?” Jeremy touched his chest and Nico’s smile disappeared

“She doesn’t even see you dude” he said

“I know,but why is my heart racing after seeing that?” Jeremy grinned and Nico scoffed

Louis laughed

“Don’t take him serious,He’s a huge fan of Mari J” Louis said

“Of course,it’s obvious” Nico said

“Don’t” Jace hold Delaney’s hand as she tried drinking


“If you’re going to drink,you need to watch. I can’t carry you….”

“Why not?” Delaney pouted

“That face won’t work on me” Jace said

“Seriously,I can’t believe they are dating”

“How can he choose that girl over me?”

“I hate her,how can she take him away from us”

Some girls kept murmuring and giving Delaney hateful glares

Jace almost stood up but Delaney pulled him back

“Just ignore them” She muttered

“Gosh,you know I’m not so patient like you Delaney,I’m f**king mad already,they should watch their mouths” Jace said

“I’m fine,trust me” Delaney said

Dior was also watching all along,she rolled her eyes, She excused herself and left the hall

Jace’s eyes followed her and immediately he faced Delaney

“I will be back,you will be fine right?” He asked

“Where are you going?” Delaney said

“I need to take Care of something,I will be back” He kissed her cheek before going out of the hall too


“Where is she?” Jace muttered as he continue walking,looking for Dior

“Jace!” Someone suddenly grabbed his hand and he turned thinking it’s Dior only to find Daisy

“What is it?” He asked

“Jace,you’re not dating that girl right? Please tell me you’re not,please” Daisy rushed her words

“What are you talking about?” Jace asked,his eyes searching for Dior

“Delaney,you’re not dating her right?” Daisy asked

“You should go take a nap,you’re going crazy” Jace muttered

“I’m crazy about you!” Daisy yelled

Jace ignored her and walked away,he finally found Dior in the parking lot,she was about opening her car when he hold her hand and she flinched.

“It’s me” Jace muttered and she immediately turned

“Jace?” She called and he nodded

Dior took her bottom lip in and Jace understood immediately

“Thanks to you,the dress look so pretty on my sister” He said and Dior looked up

“Sister?” She asked immediately and Jace nodded

“Yeah,my twin sister. I’m sure you saw her,or are you part of the girls thinking she’s my girlfriend?” He asked

Dior hit his chest and he chuckled

“I can’t believe I got jealous for nothing” She muttered

“Seriously? You were jealous? Wow,that sounds so good” Jace smiled and Dior frowned

“I’m not jealous” She said

“Are you leaving already?” Jace asked

“I came out because…..I was tired watching you two” Dior replied with a tiny voice and Jace laughed

“Why would I give my girlfriend the clothes you gave me? Seriously?” He said

“Don’t mock me,I don’t even think anyone knows about you two” She said

“Yeah,you’re right.” Jace nodded

“So,are you going back in or not? It’s not over yet” Jace said and Dior nodded

“Let’s go” She smiled



Mariana let out a groan,she just finished using her drugs. Her heart beat increases crazily anytime she dance,even her Doctor already warned her against dancing or any hard work but she would never stop what she love doing just because of her silly illness.

Her heartbeat was back to normal,she arranged her hair properly and walked out of the restroom

She passed the hall way and started hearing the voice

“Leo! Leoanard!! Wait!” Winter was walking after Leonard but he didn’t bother to wait

He walked past her without sparing her a glance,her eyes followed him.

Winter got to her and stopped in front of her

“What do you want?” Mariana asked

“You must be feeling on top of the world now,He’s finally looking at you. Keep it up,you’re a b*tch anyway” Winter said and Mariana was confused

“You better stay away from him, He’s mine so stay the f**k away from him ,okay?” Winter glared at her one last time before walking away

“Wow… What just happened? She’s in love with Leonard? No wonder she hates me” Mariana muttered before walking

She got back to the hall and joined the girls

“Mari J!!!” They all shouted at once

“Come on,stop it” Mariana laughed and sat down

“Shake that @ss for me again baby,come on come on” Alexa gushed

“You’re embarrassing me” Mariana blushed

“You were so hot up there,seriously”

“Are you gonna dance at the sleepover party too? Please…..”

“No!!” Mariana immediately shouted

“Why?” Alexa pouted

“I just can’t,come on” Mariana muttered

“Tomorrow is the sleep over party,can’t wait” Octavia grinned

“You invited Leonard and Ricardo right?” Charlotte asked

“I sent the invitation,let’s hope they come” Alexa smiled

“I wish they do” Octavia and Charlotte said at a time and Mariana sighed

‘Should I just send it as a text to them? How should I tell them about Leonard?’ She thought

Nico kept staring at Mariana,he couldn’t even look away

Minutes later,Mariana got up

“I’m leaving girls” She said

“What? The party is not over yet” Alexa said

“I know,but I’m leaving” Mariana said and turned toward Leonard’s table but he wasn’t there

“Fine,bye babe. See you tomorrow” Octavia hugged her

Mariana left the hall

“Mari!” Nico ran after her and she turbed back

“Oh,Nico” She muttered

“Leaving already?” He asked


“I will take you home” Nico said

“No Nico,,you don’t have to worry….”

“Please” Nico said

“Just this once,let me go okay? I will be fine I promise,I just want to be alone,okay?” Mariana said

“Fine,don’t forget tomorrow.”

“Oh,the date. Just send the address to me and I will be there” Mariana said

Nico sent the address instantly

“This….is not a restaurant” Mariana muttered and looked up

“Not a restaurant,my place” Nico said

“Huh?” Mariana asked

“I will be waiting” He winked at her before walking away

“His place?” Mariana muttered and swept her hair off her face before she started walking again


“She’s coming” Leonard’s driver said as he saw Mariana coming from behind

Leonard looked back and saw her

Mariana almost walked past the car but the driver horned and she turned,the door opened and she was surprised when she saw Leonard but he didn’t even look up

“Come in ma’am,you won’t find a taxi easily this night” The driver said

Mariana looked at Leonard again before getting into the car

The driver started the car again,it was so silent. Leonard was on his phone throughout without raising his head while Mariana also rest her head on the seat.

Soon,they got home and Leonard went straight in

Mariana also went to her room

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Mariana just finished taking her bath,she walked to her closet and took a bumshort. She wore it and grabbed a hoodie,she put that on because she was planning to take a walk round the compound since she’s not feeling sleepy.

She plugged her phone before going out of the room.

She stopped in the kitchen first,she walked to the fruit basket and grabbed an apple there before going out

“Apples are poisonous at night,but……I’m Mari J” she muttered before taking a bite from it

She finally got out of the house and she looked around wondering where to pass,she turned to the left and just started walking.

It’s the first time she’s moving round this house since she got here

“Wow” She muttered as she continue looking around

She kept walking until she got to the poolside,she stopped when she saw Leonard.

‘Is there a b*tch in the house again?’ She thought but when she didn’t see anyone aside him,she continue walking.

He was shirtless while sitting down,his two legs in the pool and there’s a bottle of wine and two glasses by it’s side,the first one has wine in it while the second one was empty

‘Is he expecting someone?” She thought

Leonard turned his face and their eyes met,she could feel a crazy breeze blown on her just by his flirty gaze. Is this the first time she’s really staring at his face since she got there? He was looking totally different right now,more hotter and f**king sexy. She managed to stop staring and tried walking away

“Mind joining?” She heard Leonard’s voice and her eyes widened

She turned back to him

“Me?” She asked

“I don’t think there’s anyone else here in the house” Leonard replied and Mariana took her lips in before she started walking closer to him,she couldn’t deny the fact that she was nervous.

She got to him and gently sat down beside him,leaving some space.

“Want some?” Leonard asked,showing him the red wine

“Yeah” Mariana replied and he poured the wine for her and handed the glass to her

“Thanks” Mariana muttered and sipped from it

There was total silence for some minutes before Mariana decided to talk first

“Were you expecting someone?” She asked and Leonard faced her


“Two glasses,and you’re here trying to have fun right?” She asked

“I thought you were bringing someone home again” She added

“Was that why you allowed that dude to kiss you?” Leonard asked and Mariana froze

She wasn’t expecting him to talk about that

“That was…….”

“Do you like him? Was he the one you went on a date with?” Leonard asked

Mariana bite her lips and dropped the glass in her hand

Is she going to tell him the date was a lie? No she wouldn’t

“Yes,it was him” She answered

Leonard scoffed and drank his wine

“I only did that,because……you wouldn’t care anyway. Like you said,we are just staying together and there’s nothing special about me……”

“Then I take that back” Leonard cut in and she looked at him

“I won’t bring any sluts here again,and….don’t allow any guy touch or kiss you either,it was too hard to watch” Leonard muttered while Mariana watched in shock