Betrothed to a playboy episode 24 – 25

( Falling For You… )


By, Summer Gold R.


Mariana stayed in the room for more seconds before going out,the music was still blooming loudly in the whole mansion. She went downstairs

“Is that not Leonard’s hoodie on her!” A girl suddenly shouted and all eyes turned to her

“What’s happening??”

“How come my Leonard gave her his hoodie?!”

“Are they close?”

“I’ve never seen them together”

Mariana’s eyes caught with Leonard who was sitting alone and drinking,he didn’t even bother looking up as the murmurs were going on

Mariana ignored the stares too and went to get a drink for herself,Octavia and Charlotte came to her immediately

“Mariana,what is going on? Why are you wearing Leonard’s hoodie? Wait,don’t tell me he finally recognized you as the girl he once helped at his concert” Octavia said

“Really? He once helped you?” Charlotte asked

“That’s not it girls” Mariana muttered

“Then…..what’s going on?” Octavia asked

“I said I wanted to tell you something right?” She started and they nodded

“Actually……I….got betrothed to Leonard” Mariana said and they both gasped at the same time

“You got be….be…..trothed to him?” Octavia stammered

“I should have told you,but he wanted us to keep it a secret,since….he doesn’t like me” Mariana muttered

“He doesn’t like you and he gave you his hoodie?” Charlotte asked

“We just started talking recently trust me,,Octavia,those times you always asked me who made me sad,it was him not aunt Clara” Mariana said

“So,you’re engaged to Leonardo,I mean the almighty Leonardo Briggs?” Octavia asked and Mariana nodded

“And….you two live together?” Charlotte asked

“Yeah” Mariana asked

“Oh my gosh!!!! Tell us babe,how is he on bed? Or don’t tell me you two have not had sex yet,how about kissing…..”

“Not at all,we haven’t even hugged” Mariana rolled her eyes

“What?!! How come?? Don’t you dress sexily at home?” Octavia asked

“He doesn’t even look at me girls,I’m serious. He just started talking to me” Mariana said

“You’re hot Mariana,I’m sure he’s just pretending. Show off some skin and he would come bowing under you” Charlotte said

“Girls stop!” She shouted and they laughed

“Seriously,I wish I’m you right now. Like what the f**k? Living in the sane house with that Greek God?” Octavia blew air to herself with her hand

They stopped talking when Tessa and her friends came close

“So,how come you’re wearing Leonard’s hoodie? Did he f**ked you inside the bathroom and your blouse torn?” Bella asked

“That’s exactly what happened,I’m sure” Tessa roll her eyes

“Not everyone is like you,dumb bells” Octavia said

“Nope,it’s not complete without the letter T” Charlotte said

“THE DUMB BELLS” Octavia and Mariana smirked before walking away

“What just happened?” Daisy asked

“It’s all Jeremy’s fault,how dare he give us such a name!!” Tessa shouted and immediately walked away angrily

She found Jeremy and Louis together

“Come with me you idiot!” She yelled and grabbed his shirt before dragging him away

“Hey hey!” Jeremy threw her hand off and she staggered

Jeremy adjusted his shirt properly before looking at her

“So,you were saying?” He asked

“I’m saying you are not in any position to give us silly names,how dare you!!” Tessa yelled

“I don’t think you’re in any position either to talk to me,I don’t even know you miss,do I?” Jeremy asked and Tessa frowned

“You think this is funny?”

“So,the name really got you mad. That’s my happiness” he smiled and left her

Tessa fold her fist angrily,she turned to see Nico coming

“Nico” She smiled and immediately ran toward him but he ignored her totally and went straight to Mariana

“Hey Mari,I was searching for you,I didn’t know you came back downstairs” Nico said

“Oh thank you Nico” Mariana smiled,she looked up only to find Leonard staring at her

She turned back to Nico who almost traced her gaze

“Guys!!!! It’s Game Time!!!” Alexa shouted happily

“Gather up,gather up!! It’s gonna be fun tonight” She danced a silly dance that made everyone laugh

Everyone started gathering in the large living room

Jace left Dior’s side and immediately sat next to Delaney who scoffed out immediately

“Now I am visible” She said

“I’m sorry” Jace pecked her cheek

“Seriously? You two are really dating?” Octavia asked

“She’s my twin sister” Jace replied and everyone gasped

Daisy was the most shocked

“So you mean,you two have been pretending not to know each other?” Charlotte asked

“It was my idea” Delaney muttered

“Wow,I can’t believe this. So Daisy has been bullying her crush’s twinie?” Mary said and everyone laughed

“Wow,so Daisy is crushing on Jace?” Octavia laughed

“Never,my brother can never date someone like her!” Delaney said and shot Daisy a glare

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Daisy stood up and ran out of the house

“Babe!” Bella followed her

“DB…dumb bells are out. We are left with T” Jeremy said and everyone laughed

Nico and Mariana were sitting together,Dior looked around for Ricardo to sit with him but he was busy chatting happily with two girls by his sides,she rolled her eyes and joined Octavia and Charlotte.

Leonard came into the living room,he sat down on the only empty couch and Winter immediately joined Him,Mariana Scoffed

“What happened?” Nico asked

She almost answered but Royce suddenly sat down beside her two,

She turned and glared at him

“Come here” Nico grabbed her hand and she stood up

She went to Nico’s left hand Side

“Seriously dude,what’s your problem? I’m trying to talk to her here” Royce snapped at Nico

“She’s not ready to talk to you,what’s your problem too?” Nico snapped back and all eyes fell on them

“Isn’t he Mariana’s boyfriend??…”

“Not anymore!” Nico and Mariana shouted at once

“Whoa!!!” Everyone muttered

“So,are you two dating?” Louis asked Nico and Mariana

“Yes we are” Nico said before Mariana could reply and she let out a gasp

“That’s not true you liar!” Royce grabbed Nico’s collar and Mariana immediately went between them before throwing an heavy slap on Royce’s face

“I told you already to stay away from me!!!” She yelled angrily and started walking out

“Babe!” Royce ran after her

Winter glanced at Leonard to see his reaction but he wasn’t even looking up,he was on his phone. She let out a secret smile but still the hoodie is giving her some concern

“That was some dramas,why don’t we just go to the game??” Jeremy asked

“So,here’s the list of games….” Jeremy grabbed it From Alexa before she even started

“Jeremy!” She shouted

“Give it to someone who knows the job better baby” Jeremy winked

“Seriously,are you two dating?” Jace asked

“No!!” Alexa and Jeremy shouted

“You two don’t have to shout” Tessa roll her eyes

“This is my house” Alexa smiled

“Sorry my bad” Tessa also smiled but then scoff

“Here’s the games….First on the list,Twenty one questions” Jeremy smiled and everyone started murmuring

“Then,there’s going to be a dance challenge”

“Yeah,there’s gonna be a gift for the winner” Alexa smiled

πŸ‘₯ Awwn,can’t wait

“Next….Pictures…gosh I love that” Jeremy grinned

“Video games for the guys!!” He shouted

“Wow really. This will be the only fun there” Jace said immediately

“Seriously me too,what the h*ll is dance challenge?” Louis scoffed and they laughed

“Just because you don’t know how to dance doesn’t mean others can’t,” Winter roll her eyes

“For the girls….Wait,you’re having a bikini…party???” Jeremy’s eyes widened

“Yes,while you guys are playing the video games….”

“No more video games,we shall be the guests in the bikini party” Ricardo spoke up and everyone laughed

“Seriously? Then bikini party concealed,it’s suppose to be private” Alexa roll her eyes

“How can it be private? That’s called stinginess” Jeremy said

“Nope thanks,the girls will find something else to do” Octavia roll her eyes

“After that,there’s gonna be….talent hunt? What the f**k is talent hunt in this mansion?” Jeremy groaned

“Listen,it’s gonna be fun. As long as you are paired and you all are gonna know what you’re searching for” Alexa laughed

“But,where’s Mariana and Royce?” Louis asked

“Maybe they are trying to settle and start dating again” Winter spoke up

“I guess” Tessa chuckled

The door opened and Mariana came in still looking pissed

“Where’s Royce?” Octavia asked

“He left” Mariana rolled her eyes and sat down beside Nico again. Her eyes met with Leonard and she sighed

“So,following the list,the first is twenty one questions, So let’s go,start as you’re Seated”

“So,we are starting from Mariana” Jeremy smiled and Mariana looked up

“How many people have you kissed?” He asked and everyone’s eyes focused on her

“Two” Mariana muttered

“I guess that’s Royce and Nico” Winter said and Mariana looked at her

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“Only one question is allowed at a time” Alexa said

“Ever been in love?” Tessa asked Nico

“Never,but it’s happening right now” Nico replied and looked at Mariana

“Whoa!!! That’s juicy!” Alexa shouted

Tessa scoffed

“You asked a question and hurt yourself,so dumb” Jeremy scoffed and Tessa glared at him

Nico and Mariana are still staring at each other

The next person is Ricardo

“How many girls have you f**ked?” Jeremy asked

“I don’t count but your crush might be there” Ricardo replied and everyone screamed

“Alexa,have you been f**ked by Ricardo?” Jeremy asked

“No!!!” Alexa shouted and they laughed again

“Thank goodness,I’m calmed down” Jeremy exhaled

“Seriously” Ricardo chuckled

“Now Dior,who’s asking her question?” Alexa smiled

“Who’s your crush here?” Octavia asked

“Jace” Dior replied immediately and Jace was surprised she really said that there

“Wow,Jace,almighty beauty goddess Dior us crushing on you. I want to be like you dude” Jeremy said

“Now it’s Leonard’s turn,make some noise!!!”

Everyone started clapping that he was even confused

Everyone seems to have a question but Winter spoke up first

“Is there something you were forced to do and you regretted?” She asked and Dior frowned

Mariana looked up

“Yeah” Leonard muttered and Mariana’s eyes fell

Winter smiled and smirked at Mariana

The game went on till the end

The girls decided to join the guys for the video game too

“Seriously,you girls are going to be turn off for the game” Jeremy said

“Says who,I can bet none of you can play video games like me,wanna bet?” Charlotte challenge

“Wow,really?” Ricardo asked with a smile and Charlotte fainted,she stopped breathing for a second but Ricardo already looked away

“Breathe babe,breathe” Octavia muttered and Charlotte breathe out

“Let’s make a team……”

“Jeremy’s team!!!!”

“Leonard’s team!!”

“Ricardo’s team!!”

“Nico’s team!!!”

The girls immediately rushed to them

“Leonard’s team?” Winter creased her brows

Dior and Ricardo burst into laughter

“What’s wrong?” Octavia asked,she was already behind Leonard

“Sorry to disappoint but this dude doesn’t even know a thing about video games” Dior said


“The only thing he knows is how to f**k and sing” Ricardo smirked and Dior hit his head

“Ouch” Ricardo laughed

“I will cheer you guys up” Leonard muttered and they laughed again

“This is my first time seeing a guy who doesn’t know about video games,you’re such an angel” Octavia said

“Seriously? Just because of that,He’s an angel? Then,I don’t know about video games too” Louis said and they laughed

“We don’t need teams” Nico muttered

“Jeremy is our choice,so don’t mess with us” Octavia said and Charlotte scoffed

“Let’s watch as your Jeremy fail” Charlotte smirked

“I will cheer Charlotte up” Delaney said

“Seriously,what about me?” Jace asked

“I will also cheer you up” Delaney smiled

“Okay,Jeremy and Charlotte first,challenge on!!!” Delaney shouted and everyone looked up

“Was that too loud?” Delaney asked in a low tone

“Voices like that turns me on,be careful” Ricardo said and Dior groaned

“That’s my sister dude” Jace snapped

“Your sister need a d**k too” Ricardo snapped and they laughed

Delaney bit her bottom lip

Jeremy and Charlotte started playing the game

Octavia was cheering for Jeremy while Delaney cheered for Charlotte

“Charlotte just give up please” Mary said from the back

“Seriously I was about saying that,I thought you know how to play the game” Delaney asked

“So you believed me when I said that?” Charlotte asked

“What?!!!” Everyone shouted

“I won” Jeremy raised his two hands up

“You won against against a girl dude,come on” Louis groaned

Leonard looked around and Mariana wasn’t there,he went out of the game room.


Mariana was at the balcony alone,Leonard’s answer earlier kept coming to her mind no matter how she try to forget it

‘I can’t believe he still regret it,so why is he acting nice to me?’ She thought as she stared at the bright moon

“Riana” someone called from the back and she turned to find Leonard

He walked closer

“You okay?” He asked

“Yeah,I’m fine” Mariana muttered

“Then,why are you here alone?” Leonard asked and Mariana was quiet

She was staring at the moon while playing with her hair at the same time

There was silence until Mariana broke it

“Can you take me home? I don’t want to stay anymore” she muttered

“Let’s go then” Leonard replied

Mariana smiled and immediately nodded

Leonard grabbed her hand and they left the balcony,they kept checking to see if nobody is out

“They are all in the game room” Mariana whispers behind him

She carried her bag and they went out



“Why did you suddenly wanted to come home?” Leonard asked but Mariana ignored him

He grabbed her hand when she tried going upstairs

“I’m talking to you” he said

“If you still regret the engagement,then….why are you being nice to me?” She asked

“What? Who said I regret it?” Leonard asked

“The game,Winter’s question” Mariana muttered

“Seriously? Gosh,Riana that was something else entirely. It has nothing to do with us” Leonard said but Mariana didn’t say a word

“You don’t believe me?” He asked

“I don’t” She scoffed

“Should we talk about your new boyfriend too?” Leonard asked

“That was just a cover up,we aren’t dating” Mariana immediately said

“I believe you,so believe me too,okay?” Leonard said

Mariana scoffed and made to leave but suddenly couldn’t feel her legs on the floor,she looked up and was shocked. Leonard just carried her in a bridal style

“Mr Briggs,what do you think you’re doing?” Mariana asked

“What does it look like?” Leonard asked and started going upstairs

“Drop me,I can walk….”

“If you continue talking,I might just kiss you” Leonard muttered,staring down at her face

Mariana kept quiet

Leonard chuckled and they got to her room

He dropped her and turned to the wall where he saw those nicknames

“Wow,you still have it here” He said

Mariana immediately covered it up with her back,their eyes met but Leonard’s eyes traveled down to her lips while she stood nervously in front of him

“You’re not supposed to see…….” Before she could finish,Leonard’s lips landed on hers,shutting her up

Mariana gasped into the kiss and her eyes grew wide

Leonard broke the kiss

“I told you I was going to kiss you if you said one more word…..right?” He asked in a low flirty voice,giving her his most dangerous wistful naughty stare which sent shivers directly into her spines

He grabbed her waist and then slammed his lips on her own again,Mariana let out a soft moan as she melted into his seductive kiss.