Betrothed to a playboy episode 28 โ€“ 29

( Falling For You… )


By, Summer Gold R.


Everyone gasped in shock as they watched the drama,blue kept moving on Mariana body happily while Mariana and Leonard didn’t break their stares either

๐Ÿ‘ฅ I think they know each other

๐Ÿ‘ฅ Are they dating?

๐Ÿ‘ฅ Never,that’s not possible

Jessica glared at Mariana and grabbed Leonard’s arm,getting his attention.

“Who’s she?” She asked

Leonard ignored her and immediately one of his bodyguards went to take Blue from Mariana and walked to Leonard

“Take her back home” Leonard muttered and continued walking

Jessica followed

Winter scoffed and also left with Dior,Ricardo winked at Mariana and Angelo stared at her before leaving totally

Immediately some girls surrounded Mariana

“Tell us how you know Blue”

“She’s so in love with you,how come?”

“Are you close with my Leonard?”

‘My Leo indeed’ Mariana scoffed inwardly and started walking, ignoring the girls

Octavia and Charlotte followed immediately

They got to the class and the students are already talking about it,of course it’s all over the blogs now

Octavia and Charlotte also checked their phones

“Wow,Mariana you are becoming a celebrity already” Charlotte chuckled and Mariana was also forced to check her phone


The video of how blue jumped from Leonard’s arms and rushed to her was under it

Comments: ๐Ÿ‘ฅ How come?

๐Ÿ‘ฅ So you think Leonard is dating secretly?

๐Ÿ‘ฅ I thought he’s dating Jessica

๐Ÿ‘ฅ The girl is pretty though,but I want Jessica for my Leonard

๐Ÿ‘ฅ Jessica and Leonard are the best match

๐Ÿ‘ฅ She’s just one of his sluts

๐Ÿ‘ฅ I don’t like her for Leonard,never

Mariana dropped her phone

“Wow!!! Mariana,you didn’t tell us you once met with Leonard!!” A girl suddenly screamed from the back and the students rushed to her to watch the video

“What’s going on?” Mariana asked in confusion

Octavia showed her

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Leonard’s fans already dug out the first time she met Leonard at the concert and how he helped her up


๐Ÿ‘ฅ It’s the same girl!!

๐Ÿ‘ฅ Leonard need to clear the air please!!

๐Ÿ‘ฅ I’m dying of suspense,are they together??

๐Ÿ‘ฅ They look like movie stars,so romantic

๐Ÿ‘ฅ I don’t like her,she can’t take Leonard from us!!

๐Ÿ‘ฅ I hope Leonard and that girl aren’t dating

๐Ÿ‘ฅ Leonard just broke my heart,I want him for Jessica!!

The videos are going viral already with millions of views and comments

Mariana groaned and hit her head on the locker

“No no babe,headache is real” Octavia said and Charlotte laughed

“How come it’s around already? Huh? It happened just minutes ago” Mariana mutteted

“Seriously,do you even know who your fiance is…world wide star babe!! Millions of girls are ready to just f**k him for a night” Octavia said

‘I Know that’s why he’s acting crazy’ Mariana hissed inwardly

Tessa and her friends came in,Tessa only glared at Mariana before they walked away

“More hatred” Charlotte chuckled

“But we gat you cover” Octavia winked

More students kept coming into the hall,most of the girls wouldn’t stop glaring at Mariana as they came in,but she didn’t care anyway.

“You should get used to those glares” Octavia muttered

“I know” Mariana sighed

Royce came in with Veronica and Veronica glared at Mariana hatefully while Royce couldn’t take his eyes from her

“That’s his girlfriend” Octavia said

“I don’t care” Mariana roll her eyes

“Hey Mari” Nico sat down beside her

“Nico” She faced him and managed to smile

Octavia and Charlotte immediately got up and found another seat

“Are you okay? You don’t look good” Nico said and touched her forehead.

“Oh…I didn’t get a nice sleep last night” Mariana muttered

“Sorry” Nico said and she smiled

“Thanks” She muttered and unwrapped a lollipop into her mouth,Nico kept staring at her,following every moves of her eyes and lips

Anytime she wanna look up,he would turn away

‘What’s wrong? Is he avoiding my gaze?’ Mariana thought

The English Prof came into the hall

“Hello” she smiled

“I gave you an assignment the last time,Ladies submit to Charlotte and guys to Nico” She said before turning to the smart board and the class started




The English class took longer than expected and the students all look tired,Nico already left the hall,Mariana was standing and trying to adjust her scattered hair when suddenly Veronica walked pass her and pushed Mariana out of the way

Mariana staggered and almost fell but someone caught her from the back,Mariana touched her chest to see if she was okay,nothing happened. That was when she looked up to see Royce

“Are you okay?” He asked

Mariana glared at him and immediately pushed him away from herself

She turned to Veronica

“You’re not blind are you?” She asked

“F**k you” Veronica snapped

“Veronica!” Royce yelled angrily and grabbed Veronica’s hand,dragging her out of the hall

“Is that girl crazy??” Octavia scoffed

“I can’t believe his girlfriend transferred here,I’m sure it’s because of Mariana” Charlotte said

“So it’s true? Royce is your ex?” Alexa asked and Mariana nodded

“Are you over him already?” Alexa asked

“Yeah,totally” Mariana scoffed

“But I think he still want you,who knows If that girl is only obsessed with him” Octavia hissed

Mariana roll her eyes and went out of the hall

“Let go of me!!” Veronica yelled at Royce outside the lecture hall

“What’s your problem? Why can’t you just leave her alone,she doesn’t even see you!!” Royce snapped

“I’m just trying to prevent any crazy act from her,to let her know you’re mine now” Veronica scoffed

“Can’t you see she’s still angry with me? I’m trying to get her to forgive me but you’re making things hard…”

“Why would you want her to forgive you??…”

“Because I’m still in love with her” Royce said


“Yes…..” Veronica throw an heavy slap on his face

“How dare you say that you still love her!” She yelled angrily

Royce glared at her and she immediately regretted slapping her


“Let’s break up,you forced me anyway. Let’s end it here” He muttered and walked away

“Royce!!!” Veronica called but he never turned back

Tears rolled down her eyes

“Mariana,I swear I’m going to kill you” She fold her fist tightly




The lecturer walked out of the class and Jessica stood up from her seat,walking to the front of the hall as if it was time for show

Winter almost hissed while Angelo’s eyes were on her

“So,I think we should introduce ourselves better here,aside one person tho” She rolled her eyes at Winter before turning to Dior

“I know you but I don’t think we’ve ever talked,so I’m Jessica” She smiled

“Dior” Dior replied shortly

“Good,And you” Jessica smiled at Ricardo who gave her a naughty look

“Ricardo” He winked

“And Angelo,you don’t have to introduce yourself too. It feels so good to be here!!! Gosh!!” Jessica screamed

“You should do the same too” She turned to Angelo

“It’s not necessary” Angelo muttered

“Of course,not necessary. In fact,meaningless” Winter hissed loudly

Leonard and Angelo glared at each other and Leonard got up

“Where are you going?” Jessica immediately asked

“Out” Leonard muttered and went out of the hall

Jessica walked to Ricardo

“We should be friends too” She stretched her hand for a shake

“Why? Do you like me or you want something else?” Ricardo asked

“Something else like what?” Jessica asked

“You know what I’m talking about” Ricardo said

“No,but why don’t you tell me how to win Leonard’s heart?” She smiled

“Seriously?” Ricardo chuckled

“Isn’t it obvious that I’m into him?” Jessica asked

“Of course it is” Ricardo said

Winter hissed and stormed out of the hall

Angelo used his headphones,not ready to listen to the conversation at all. Dior also walked out of the hall



Leonard was pressing his phone as he walked

He got a mail from Collins


Another message from Collins


He kept ignoring the messages and then Collins called him instead,he used his airpod and answered the call

“Seriously? You saw my messages but chose to ignore?” Collins asked

“Just take care of it as usual Collins,I’m not in the mood” Loenard said

“So I should tell him it’s fake again?” Collins asked

“Exactly” Leonard said

“Until when will you keep the engagement??” Collins asked

“As long as I can okay? Aside my friends,I don’t want anyone else to find out. It’s going to be complicated,so just talk to him” Leonard answered and hanged up

He suddenly saw Mariana walking toward him,but the moment she also saw him she stopped. He could see the anger in her eyes and she wouldn’t blame him,but at the same time he can’t blame himself too. He just can’t help it

He continue walking closer but before he could get to her,Mariana sighted Nico

“Hey Nico!” She called and Nico turned around

“Wait!” Mariana immediately ran to him

Leonard’s eyes followed her until she got to Nico and they walked away together.

He sighed and walked to the lounge,he was surprised to see Winter in there. When did he get here? He left her in class right??

“I knew you were coming” Winter roll her eyes

“Not now Winter” Leonard muttered and walked to the cellar,he just wanted to drink,that’s all.

Winter stared at his lips as he drink and she began to imagine his lips on her own instead,she bite her bottom lip and she could feel herself getting wet just by thinking about him. She really want his d**k inside her,she always dream about that moment and she wanted it badly.

An idea came to her mind and she let out a cranky smile

‘I can’t wait to have his d**k all to myself’ she thought as she continue staring at him in total lust.




Mary just finished peeing,she washed her hands in the Sink. She stared at herself in the mirror and the memory of last night flashed through her mind.

Ricardo really f**ked the h*ll out of her that she could still feel the soreness. He’s the first customer who will ever satisfy her with s*x.

She smiled again and her cheeks turned red

“He’s f**king good” she muttered and imagined herself still in his arms

She actually sneaked out of his place at midnight,she didn’t even bother asking for money,she was scared he would recognize her and blow her cover

‘I wish I can do it again with him’ she thought

She sighed and turned toward the door,she almost opened when the door opened at once

Tessa,Daisy and Bella came in giving her a mocking smile

Mary ignored them and made to leave

“Come back here” Tessa pulled her back in

“Where do you think you’re going?” Bella laughed

“I don’t understand,what do you want from me?” Mary asked

“Holy Mary” Daisy laughed and Mary’s heart skipped a beat

“I’m sure she’s scared already,slut” Bella said

“What are you talking about?” Mary stuttered and Tessa showed her the picture

Mary gasped and swallowed

She fell on her knees immediately

“Please don’t expose me,I will do anything you want please please Tessa” She grabbed Tessa’s legs

Bella and Daisy winked at Tessa

“Really? You will do anything we want?” Tessa asked

“I sw*ar,Please just save me please”

“Then,good. Deal” Tessa grinned



Delaney got a drink for herself and Jace,she started walking toward the computer Science Major,but then she saw Jace and Dior smiling as they walked together

She rolled her eyes immediately

“He’s with her again” She muttered and turned toward the hallway sadly

“Head” Someone used a finger to hold her forehead before she could bump into him

Delaney looked up immediately and her eyes widened when she saw Ricardo

“I’m sorry” She bowed and moved back

“Did you just bowed for me?” Ricardo asked

“Because…..I almost bumped into you” Delaney muttered and Ricardo laughed

She bite her bottom lip feeling embarrassed

“I’m sorry for bowing” She muttered

“Geez,seriously? You’re apologizing for that? Gosh,such a drama queen” Ricardo muttered

Delaney finally looked up

“Want this? Make up drink” She handed the drink to him

“Fine” Ricardo took the drink from her,he uncapped it and sipped

“It’s a pineapple drink” he said and Delaney nodded

“You don’t like pineapples?” She asked

“Not that….It just remind me of someone” He muttered and took another sip

They started walking together,Delaney feeling so nervous but she managed to keep her cool

Charlotte just came out of the English Prof office,she suddenly stopped when she saw Ricardo and Delaney walking together and her heart broke immediately

‘Why are those two walking together?’ She thought,staring at them

Ricardo smiled at Delaney and she immediately walked away to avoid more heartbreak

She got to the lecture hall looking moody

“Babe,you okay?” Alexa asked,she was talking with Jeremy

“Yeah I’m fine” Charlotte muttered

Alexa turned back to Jeremy

“You really came here just to see my face?” She asked

“You don’t like it that way?” Jeremy asked

“Oh wow,you finally do something I like. One point for you” Alexa scoffed

Jeremy pulled her hair

“Ouch!!!” She hit his arm

“Guys!!!” A girl suddenly ran in

“I heard there’s an introduction of a generation art course,it’s starting tomorrow. Check the school site” She gushed happily

๐Ÿ‘ฅ Wow,does that mean we will be having classes with the idols?!!

๐Ÿ‘ฅ Can’t wait for Tomorrow!!

๐Ÿ‘ฅ MMPL??

“MMPL” Alexa muttered

“Yeah,combination of Music,Media,Performance and Literature,that means I will get to see you more often” Jeremy winked and Alexa chuckled

“See you later” Jeremy said and started walking out of the class

Tessa also came in with her friends but she wasn’t looking front and ended up bumping into Jeremy,her head hit his chest

“Don’t be blind and dumb at the same time” Jeremy scoffed and walked out

Tessa roll her eyes



“Thanks” Mariana said as she got her pineapple drink

She immediately uncapped and sipped from it

She suddenly started hearing some girls murmuring,she turned only to find Angelo standing

She gasped and her eyes widened

‘It’s my favorite Artist!!!!’ She screamed in her head

Angelo smiled at her

๐Ÿ‘ฅ She got his attention again

๐Ÿ‘ฅ Why is she always lucky??

“Hi,I’m Mariana” Mariana immediately said

“Nice meeting you” Angelo smiled and shook hands with her

‘F**k,he touched me’ Mariana said in her head

๐Ÿ‘ฅ Awwn,I’m so jealous

Leonard was walking with Jessica when she saw Angelo and Mariana,the way Mariana was even blushing annoyed him.

He stopped walking and continue watching them,Jessica traced his gaze and they fell on Mariana,she frowned immediately

All of a sudden,someone ran into Mariana,almost making her fall but Angelo caught her before she could fall.

He grabbed her waist and all the pineapple juice poured on his jacket

Everyone gasped,including Mariana

“I’m sorry!” She quickly said as Angelo let go of her

“It’s fine” Angelo smiled

“But,it’s all my fault. I can help you clean up the jacket….”

“No,don’t. I’m fine” Angelo said

“I insist” Mariana said

Leonard scoffed and and walked to the scene without thinking twice

Mariana was about following Angelo when he got there

“Hey,where do you think you’re going?” He asked

Angelo looked up and then at Mariana

๐Ÿ‘ฅ What’s going on??

Leonard grabbed Mariana’s hand and pulled her away from Angelo

“What,I’m trying to help him clean up….”

“I will do it” Leonard said senselessly and the student’s eyes widened

Angelo raised his brows

Leonard got his sense back and rough his hair

“Seriously,you don’t have to follow him……”

“It’s none of your business Leonardo” Mariana snapped and turned back to Angelo with a smile

“Let’s go” She said and Angelo also smiled at her

He smirked at Leonard before walking away with Mariana

Leonard fold his fist angrily as he stared at them

“Leo,let’s go back…..” Jessica touched him

“Get lost” Leonard snapped her hand off and walked away