Betrothed to a playboy episode 30 – 31

( Falling For You… )


By, Summer Gold R.


Angelo stopped walking before they got close to the restroom and he turned to Mariana

“Are you close with him?” He asked

“Who?” Mariana asked even though she got it that he’s asking her about Leonard


“No I’m not” She cut him immediately and Angelo nodded

“Don’t worry about my jacket,I’m going home anyway” he said.

“Oh…okay” Mariana muttered

Angelo winked at her before walking away

Mariana raised the juice bottle in her hand and the little quantity was just at the bottle base

She let out a sad groan

“Want me to get you another One?” A voice came from the back and she turned immediately

“Ricardo” She called and Ricardo smiled

“What happened?” He asked,pointing to the bottle

“Long story,I bumped into Angelo and the liquid poured all over him” she said

“Then,I will get you another one” He said and took the almost empty bottle from her and threw it down from where they were standing

“Ricardo!” Mariana gasped as the bottle met a guy’s head

Ricardo laughed and immediately grabbed Mariana’s hand,they ran away from the spot

“Seriously,you’re a bad influence” Mariana said as they stopped running

“Am I?” He asked

“Yeah,but since you’re buying me a drink. I take it back” Mariana winked and Ricardo chuckled




๐Ÿ‘ฅ Ricardo!

๐Ÿ‘ฅ He’s so hot!

๐Ÿ‘ฅ I can’t believe Mariana and Ricardo also talks

๐Ÿ‘ฅ Do you see the way they look good together?!!

“Seriously?” Mariana chuckled

“Don’t worry,you’re not in my list so you’re safe” Ricardo said and Mariana frowned

“Don’t tell me it’s what I’m thinking” she said

“I’m afraid it is” Ricardo winked and Mariana giggles

“What drink do you want?” Ricardo asked

“Pineapple Juice!” Mariana gushed and Ricardo looked at her

“Why do you sound so happy just because of that?” He asked

“Of course,it’s my happiness. Trust me,Pineapple Juice is a life saver” Mariana said and flaunt her hair

Ricardo stood still immediately,staring at her smiling face

“Pineapple Juice is a life saver” all he heard was his sister’s voice

“Ricardo?” Mariana called and tapped him

“Oh sorry,I will get that for you” he let out a simple smile and Left her side

She stood there waiting and a minute later,he returned with her drink


“Thank you!” Marian grinned and immediately drank half of it

“Gosh! I feel so alive!” She groaned and wiped her bottom lip

Ricardo continue staring at her until she faced him

“Thank you,you’re the best” She smiled and checked the time

“I need to go,it’s our last class. I have just ten minutes left” She said

“Yeah sure,bye” Ricardo muttered

Mariana smiled at him again before leaving

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Ricardo stared at her until he was out of sight



Immediately the professor walked out of the hall,the students started leaving,it’s actually their last class for the day. Mary got up and immediately walked to Mariana and her friends

“Girls,wanna have some meal together? It’s on me” she smiled

“Yes!! But on me” Alexa said,grinning happily

“I’m in,actually I’m starving” Octavia rub her tummy

“How about we invite others?” Alexa asked

“You mean to say you wanna invite Jeremy?” Mariana teased and Alexa chuckled

“So everyone is in?” Mary smiled and they talked to Charlotte

“What’s up with her? She’s been moody since we had a break” Alexa said

“Hey Charlotte,we are going for a meal,wanna come along?” Octavia asked

“Yeah” Charlotte muttered

“Hey Nico!” Mariana called and Nico looked up,he was busy explaining something to girl

“Huh?” He asked

“We are eating lunch together,Link up” Octavia said

“Really?!!! On me on me,where are we going?” Jeremy and Louis came in

“Seriously,are you following us?” Mariana asked

“I guess there are no hot girls in the Mass com major” Mary said

“What are you talking about? Of course there are” Louis said

Some girls suddenly came into the hall,chewing gum loudly and looking like bitches

“There she is” One of them pointed at Delaney and they started walking toward her

“Who are they?” Mariana asked

“They are in the computer science major” Jeremy replied

“Then,why are they here?” Alexa asked and they all stood to watch the drama

“Hey you” One of the girls pulled Delaney up using her hair

“Ouch!” Delaney screamed and throw the girl’s hand from her hair

“What do you think you’re doing!” She yelled and another one slapped Delaney hard on the face

Mariana frowned and immediately tried walking to them but Octavia stopped her

“Remember the last time?” She rolled her eyes but Mariana kept watching

“How dare you date Jace?! How dare you date my crush!”

“Seriously?? They are trying to beat her up because of a guy who is her twin brother?” Louis muttered

Mariana pulled Octavia’s hand off her and tried going again but then Jace came into the hall

“What do you think you’re doing?” He asked and the girls turned immediately

“Jace!” They called,the one who seems to be the only crushing on Jace was already blushing

Jace ignored them and turned to Delaney whose cheek was already red

“Who slapped you?” Jace asked and Delaney kept quiet

“I’m asking a f**king question!” Jace yelled at her and Delaney pointed at the girl

Immediately two heavy slaps landed on the girl’s face and everyone gasped

“Jace…..” The girl called in shock and Jace slapped her again

“How dare you lay your hand on her,how f**king dare you!!” Jace grabbed her neck and almost hit him again but Jeremy quickly hold his hand

“That’s enough” He muttered

Jace pushed him away

“Get lost” He said to the girl who was already in tears

She held her cheek and ran out,her friends ran after her

Jace faced Delaney

“When the h*ll will you start fighting for yourself?! Huh? How many times do I have to tell you to stop acting dumb…..”

“I’m sorry” Delaney muttered

“I hate it when you keep saying sorry unnecessarily too!” Jace yelled and tears rolled down Delaney’s eyes

Jace kicked the nearest desk to him and stormed out of the hall angrily

The students watching the scene before also started leaving

Mariana walked to Delaney

“Hey” She called and Delaney looked up

Mariana immediately wiped her tears

“Are you okay?” She asked

“You don’t hate me?” Delaney asked

“Of course not,why would I?” Mariana smiled and rough her hair

“We are going to eat together,wanna come along?” She asked and Delaney nodded gently

Mariana held her hand and they walked toward the others

“Guys,she’s coming along” Mariana said

Octavia scoffed and Charlotte rolled her eyes

“Wait,I wanna call others too” Alexa said

“By others you mean…..”

“Winter,Dior and Jessica” Alexa winked

“What about Ricardo and Leonard?” Mary asked

“I don’t think those two would want to join us,I will just call the girls” Alexa said



“Wow,I didn’t know they would come” Delaney muttered when the girls got to them

Dior smiled at her before facing Mariana

“Hey” she waved and Mariana smiled

Jessica and Winter rolled their eyes

“Where are we going? Can we move already? I’m gonna follow in my car” Jessica said,playing with her hair length

“Mind taking two more people?” Ricardo asked and they all gasped

“You two are coming along?” Octavia gushed

“Yeah” Ricardo smiled

“But,I can’t remember calling you” Alexa said

“Don’t worry,the treat is on Leonard” Ricardo said and Leonard looked at him

“Really Leonard?? It’s your treat?” Dior asked and they all looked at him

“Yeah” Leonard muttered

“Yes!!!!” Octavia and Charlotte immediately jumped happily

“So,how are we moving?” Alexa asked

“Just follow Leonard’s lead” Ricardo said and Leonard shot him a glare

“I’m riding with Charlotte” Delaney and Mary said at a time and entered Charlotte’s car

“Me too” Octavia also joined them in the car

“Let’s go in Jessica’s car” Alexa said to other girls

“Yeah” Jessica smiled

“Not me,I’m driving my own car” Winter scoffed

“I wasn’t gonna let you in anyway” Jessica hissed

Jeremy and Louis entered Ricardo’s car

“But,what about me??” Mariana asked

“That’s Nico right?” Alexa pointed

Ricardo tapped Leonard secretly

“Are you really gonna let her go with him?” He asked and Leonard turned to Mariana

“You can come with me” He said and Mariana faced her

“Good!! Now all settled,Nico what about you?” Alexa asked

“I’m going to follow,don’t worry about me” He muttered,staring at Mariana

Mariana also stared back until she entered Leonard’s car,Leonard joined her and the driver started the car while others followed

“Where are we going?” The driver asked

“Steakhouse” Leonard muttered and turned to Mariana who immediately looked away from him

As much as he wanted to say something but no word was coming so he just kept quiet

The drive was silent all through until the driver finally stopped,Mariana looked outside and they are in front of a large steak house. THE BRIGGS STEAKHOUSE was written on it

‘Briggs?’ Mariana thought inwardly

“It’s what you’re thinking” Leonard said and she faced him

“It’s ours” Leonard muttered and she nodded gently,they continue staring at each other

The others already got down from the cars,waiting for them.

Leonard broke the long stare

“We should get down” He said and Mariana immediately stepped down from the car,then Leonard came down too.

“Wow,I didn’t know the Briggs got something like this” Mary muttered as they walked in

“Wow,so large and beautiful” Octavia gasped

They continue looking around,it’s so big and beautiful. They could see numbers of chefs in their white uniform,walking all around,

Jessica also found her way close to Leonard again

“Are you okay now?” She asked

“Yeah” Leonard muttered without looking at her

“Welcome boss” The chefs greeted when they saw Leonard who replied with a nod

“Private lounge” He said and the chefs nodded

They immediately started directing everyone toward the private dinning hall.

“Whoa!!! We got this all to ourselves?!!!” Octavia screamed

“Girl calm down” Jeremy groaned

“Please sit down,we will be ready in few minutes” The chefs bowed and walked out

They were served some soft drinks afterward

They all sat down round the table,Jeremy and Alexa are already arguing again as usual. Nico and Mariana are also sitting next to each other,Jessica sitting by Leonard’s right side while Winter was by his left but he was only focused on his phone

“How about we play a game before the steak is ready?” Louis suggested

“What game?” Dior asked better settling beside Delaney

“Truth and dare?” Jessica asked

“I’m in”

“Good,so…who’s going first? There’s no bottle to spin” Mary chuckled

“I will go first” Alexa spoke up

“Truth or dare?” Jeremy asked

“Dare” Alexa said and Jeremy smirked naughtily

“I dare you to kiss this handsome dude beside you” He said and everyone laughed

“You should have just asked for the kiss and not wait for this game” Octavia said

“Can I pass that?” Alexa asked

“No you can’t” Jeremy said

Alexa kissed his cheek

“That’s cheating. Why would you kiss his cheek?” Ricardo asked

“He said a kiss right?” Alexa scoffed

“My heart is broken” Jeremy touched his chest

“Delaney truth or dare” Alexa turned to her

“Truth” Delaney muttered

“Virgin or not?” Alexa asked and Delaney shifted uncomfortably

“Is she shy?” Jessica said in a mocking tone

“Virgin” Delaney muttered

“Wow!!!” Ricardo clapped and Delaney looked at him

“Why clapping?” Dior asked

“She just said she’s a virgin and I’m amazed because she’s still a virgin just because she hasn’t met me” Ricardo said and they all laughed

“Can you ever stop being naughty?” Winter chuckles

I’m a virgin too’ Charlotte said inwardly wishing she was the one Alexa asked that question

“Dior truth or dare?” Delaney asked

“Truth” Dior replied

“Are you in love with my brother for real?” Delaney asked

“I have a thing for him,I don’t know if it’s love or not” Dior muttered and Delaney nodded

“You should try to figure it out soon,I don’t want him to be heartbroken” Delaney said and Dior nodded with a short smile

“Nico,truth or dare?” Dior asked and Nico looked up

“Why do you like Mariana?” She asked

‘I don’t like her,I love her’ Nico imagined himself saying that

“I don’t have a reason because I love everything about her” Nico replied

“Awwwwn,so romantic” Winter crack

“Where’s Jace?” Dior asked Delaney

“I don’t know,He’s kinda mad at me right now so I can’t call him” Delaney muttered

“I will do that” Dior said and immediately excused herself

The chefs came in at that moment and began serving them

“Smells so good” Jessica moaned and Mariana rolled her eyes

“I swear,I’ve never tasted a more delicious steak with a good alcohol to step down on it” Octavia exhaled

“Me too” Delaney smiled

“Leo” Jessica called and everyone looked up

Leonard faced her

“Ahh” she said trying to feed him

“Just eat” Leonard muttered and ignored her hand

Octavia and Winter cracked and Jessica frowned

Mariana was eating silently,Dior returned looking kind of sad

Alexa and Jeremy are the only ones acting like couples

“You two should just start dating,it’s getting annoying please” Charlotte said

“I can feel your pain” Jeremy said

“F**k your d**k” Charootte snapped

“You wanna f**k my d**k,then come to daddy” Jeremy said and everyone laughed

“You’re crazy Jeremy” Mary laughed

Delaney coughed and Ricardo immediately gave her a glass of water

“Oh….thank you” Delaney muttered

“Pay back for the drink” Ricardo smiled as Delaney took the glass from him

“Drink? What drink?” Dior asked

“She gave me a drink earlier in school” Ricardo said

“Wow,I guess you’re not as shy as I imagined” Louis said

Minutes later,,,they were all done. Leonard got up and went out

The chefs came in to pack the dishes

“Would you like to see our blue ocean view?” One of them asked

“Of course,where is it?”

One of the chefs immediately walked toward a door in the hall,he opened it and everyone gasped seeing the blue water

“Wow,can we have some fun there?” Mary asked

“Of course,go on” The chefs said and immediately everyone ran out

“I wanna swim!!!!” Octavia screamed

“Me too!!!” Charlotte shouted

The girls are already taking off their clothes and jumping into the water

“F**k,so cold” Octavia muttered

“Mariana!! Come in!!” Delaney shouted

“I’m fine,have fun” Mariana said from where she was standing and watching

“Why? You don’t wanna take off your clothes?” Nico asked beside him

“Maybe you’re right” She faced him with a smile

The breeze blow her hair all over her face and Nico immediately wiped the strands from her face

“Thanks” Mariana smiled

“You’re welcome” Nico muttered


Leonard entered the room back and was surprised when he met no one,just Ricardo drinking by himself

“Where are they?” Leonard asked

“The blue ocean” Ricardo replied and Leonard’s eyes widened

“Riana too?” He asked


“F**k” Leonard cursed

“Is there a problem?” Ricardo asked

“She’s aquaphobic” Leonard replied and ran out immediately

“What???????” Ricardo’s eyes grew wider

Leonard rushed to the ocean side worriedly but then only to find Mariana and Nico together,they seems to be having fun because they never stopped smiling.

He started walking toward them,he got to them and grab Mariana’s hand

“Come with me” He said and almost walk away when Nico grabbed Mariana’s second hand

Mariana gasped inwardly

‘What’s going on? What are they trying to do?’ She thought

“Where are you taking her to?” Nico asked

“Get your hand off her” Leonard snapped at him with a cold look

“And why should I do that?” Nico also snapped

“Let go of her!” Leonard yelled

“You should let go of her not me!” Nico yelled back