Betrothed to a playboy episode 36 – 37

( Falling For You… )


By, Summer Gold R.


Leonard said nothing as Mariana went out of the house and Ricardo faced him unbelievably

“Are you seriously letting her leave without doing anything?” He asked

“You heard her condition…..”

“And what’s the big deal in doing that? You still wanna keep all your sluts?” Ricardo sounded angry even though he doesn’t understand why he’s angry at that moment

“Ricardo,you can’t understand…..”

“I’m your best friend!” Ricardo snapped

“You’re my best friend but you don’t even know anything about me!!! Stop acting like you know everything about me when you absolutely know nothing!” Leonard yelled

“Oh wow” Ricardo muttered and Leonard regretted saying that but he said nothing

“I see I’m useless here,since I don’t know anything about you and you’re not ready to tell me then bye” Ricardo said calmly and went out,banging the door angrily behind him

Leonard fell on the couch and buried his face into his palms,he felt dejected and frustrated about the whole thing but the problem is,He’s not bold enough to face his fears,not now,not even later,not in the future. He can’t announce his engagement.



Ricardo drove out of Leonard’s mansion and after driving for some minutes,he saw Mariana walking,dragging her bags behind her. She wasn’t looking like her usual self,it’s obvious she’s sad.

Ricardo didn’t think twice before stopping the car right beside her which made Mariana stopped walking,she immediately turned but when she saw Ricardo,she gave a little disappointing look.

Ricardo got down from the car and walked toward her,there was silence as he stared at her. The crazy strange and weird feelings he’s been having since his last moment with her came again

“Ricar…..” The last word stuck in her throat when Ricardo suddenly hugged her

Mariana’s eyes widened immediately but strangely she didn’t push him away but she didn’t hug him back either

‘What is he doing?’
‘Why would he hug me??’

She started thinking until he finally broke the hug

“I’m….I’m sorry for doing that….I just lost my mind for a second” he stuttered and bite his bottom lip

“The hug was more than five minutes,not a second” Mariana said

“I’m….sorry” Ricardo apologized again and she nodded

“Why did you followed me?” Mariana asked

“Where are you going? Home?” He asked I’m return

“I can’t go home,my aunt won’t let me in,I’m sure of that” Mariana scoffed

“Aunt?” Ricardo asked and Mariana nodded

“What about your parents?” He asked further

“I don’t have,my aunt told me they died,but I don’t really know them,can we talk about something else please?”

“So where are you going?” Ricardo sighed

“My friend,I’m gonna stay with her” Mariana replied

“Then,I will take you there” Ricardo suggested and Mariana smiled

“Thank you” She muttered and Ricardo opened the door for her,collecting her bags first. She entered and he dropped the bags on the bag seats before getting together driver’s side.

“I’m gonna call the locations” Mariana said and he nodded before he started driving.

Minutes later,he stopped in front of Octavia’s apartment

“Thank you Ricardo” Mariana said

“You’re welcome” Ricardo gave her a reassuring smile and they both got down from the car

He helped her with the bags and almost immediately,another car stopped in front of Ricardo’s own.

Charlotte and Octavia came out from it,Actually Mariana had called Octavia about her movement

“Mari J!” Octavia called and immediately hugged her

Charlotte became nervous the moment she saw Ricardo,she walked slowly closer

“Thank you Ricardo,we will take it from here” Octavia said and Ricardo smiled

“Yeah bye” He winked

He made a short glance at Charlotte before getting back into the car and drove off quickly

“So,you really left Leonard??” Charlotte asked as they helped Mariana into the house

“Yeah,I just think it’s the best decision for now. I can’t allow those fans destroy my face just because of someone who doesn’t even have any feelings for me” Mariana muttered

“But you look sad,are you sure about this?” Octavia asked

“As long as I’m with you,I will be fine. Don’t worry,I’m going to support the expense in this place,just accept me please I have nowhere to go” Mariana pouted and Octavia hugged her

“It’s gonna be fun with you here” She smiled

“Should I just come over too” Charlotte cried out and they all laughed

“Let’s check out the room babe come on” Octavia grinned and they left the living room.

They just entered the bedroom when Mariana’s phone buzzed and she immediately brought out her phone,it’s a text from Nico.


“Who’s that??” Octavia asked

“Nico,I guess he’s worried about me” Mariana replied

“He’s actually sweet to you” Charlotte chuckled and Mariana immediately replied him,he asked for the address of where she is and she sent it

“I think he’s coming” Mariana muttered

“Really??!!!! Then you should wear something hot!” Octavia gushed and Mariana raised her brows

“I don’t understand,I thought you wanted Leonard…..”

“Yeah babe,I know but Nico isn’t bad either. I still can’t believe he covered you up when those b*tches were throwing things at you” Octavia said and Mariana sighed

“There’s no much to arrange” Charlotte said,looking round the room

“I’m tired” Mariana fell on the bed loudly

Minutes later,Charlotte and Octavia already arranged her things in the closet

“Thanks girls,you’re the best” Mariana yawned lazily and they scoffed before going out

Her phone started ringing and it’s Nico,

“Oh” She immediately got down from the bed and ran out. She got to the gate and there was Nico waiting for her while leaning on the car

“Nico” She called and Nico looked up

The moment he saw her,he rushed to her and hugged her tightly

Mariana also wrapped her arms around him

“I was so worried about you that I couldn’t even think straight,I thought I would go crazy if I don’t set my eyes on you” Nico muttered and Mariana kept quiet

The hug lasted for ten minutes before he finally pulled back

He caress her cheeks with so much Care in his eyes

“I’m glad you’re fine” he said

“Thank you Nico,you’re really an amazing friend” Mariana smiled softly

‘I don’t want to be just a friend’ Nico said inwardly,staring at her intensely

“Nico?” Mariana’s voice brought him back to reality and he bite his lips

“Are you okay?” She asked

“I’m okay now,since I’m right beside you” Nico replied and Mariana said nothing

Nico hugged her again

“I will see you in school tomorrow”he whimpered and Mariana nodded

“Yeah” She mumbled

Nico broke the hug and watched her as she went back in before driving off




Bella and Daisy sat down on the bed edge staring at Tessa who has been moody since last night

“So you mean Jeremy recorded everything?” Daisy asked and Tessa nodded

“But how? You should have been more careful Tessa,you know how crazy Jeremy can be,what if he expose you…..”

“He’s not going to,as far as I do whatever he says” Tessa muttered

“Whatever he says,like what? Don’t tell me he’s gonna f**k you” Bella said

“That would have been better but he rejected it,so I don’t know what he’s planning right now” Tessa groaned

Daisy wanted to talk but was interrupted by the buzz on Tessa’s phone,she took the phone and opened the message

*ONE PIZZA BOX,IN TEN MINUTES,ONE SECOND LATE AND THERE WILL BE PROBLEM* Tessa sprang up as she read the message from Jeremy

“What’s wrong?” Daisy asked but Tessa ignored the question and dropped her phone before rushing to her closet

Daisy and Bella exchanged glances and took Tessa’s phone

“What?!!!” They both screamed

“He’s trying to blackmail you,He’s gonna turn you into his maid,is he crazy?!” Bella shouted

“I know what he’s doing,but I don’t have a choice okay? I can’t risk being expelled from school when I hardly have two years left. I’m going to do whatever he wants” Tessa said as she finished dressing up,she took her phone and her eyes widened

“Seven minutes,f**k Jeremy!!!” She screamed and rushed out of the house

“This is crazy” Daisy muttered

Tessa immediately ordered a box of pizza,thank goodness he already sent his home address,she ordered the pizza to his house and entered the car,driving down the street roughly.

She was five minutes late by the time she arrived in front of Jeremy’s house,at that same moment the delivery guy got there. She immediately rushed out of the car

“The delivery is for me” She said

“Oh….here” The guy gave her the pizza box and rode off.

She immediately entered the house and pressed the door alarm countless times before the door opened,revealing Jeremy who has a watch in his hand

“Seven minutes late” He raised it up

“I’m sorry,I was…..”

“If you are going to continue messing up,then you know what that means,should I just…”

“No!!! Please don’t….I promise to become more active from now” She pleaded And Jeremy rolled his eyes

“Good” He muttered and Tessa handed the pizza box to him

He took it from her and dropped the money on her palm

“I already paid for it” Tessa said and he scoffed

“I don’t need your money” He closed the door on her face before she could say more

He got to the living room and dropped the pizza box on the table in front of Louis

“You can have it” he said

“Seriously,don’t tell me you don’t want the pizza and only made her stress herself for nothing” Louis said

“You got it” Jeremy said and sat down

“Gosh you’re unbelievable…”

“I’m just getting started” Jeremy smirked

“But can I at least listen to the recording?” Louis asked and Jeremy laughed

“Who said I have it?” He asked and Louis’s eyes grew wide


“I only heard them but I was too shock to even record anything,I lied to that dummy and she believed me,you think I’m gonna keep her secret if I have the evidence? You should know me Louis” Jeremy smirked

“Whoa!! Dude you’re mad” Louis said

“Just watch me” Jeremy muttered

“But,have you talked to Alexa?” Louis asked and Jeremy shook his head

“She ignored my text and wouldn’t answer my calls,I’m going to talk to her in school tomorrow” Jeremy muttered




Ricardo sighed for the umpteenth time,he was in the game room but different memories filled his mind at that moment



Those words kept ringing in his head

“F**k Ricardo stop being extra”he groaned and shook his head trying to concentrate on the video game but the words kept ringing and ringing.

“Gosh!!!” He threw the control away and walked out of the game room

‘Should I just asked Leonard about her family members??” He muttered as he grabbed a wine from the cellar

“But there’s no how I won’t be able to recognize her right?” He thought again

“I’m going crazy” He hit his head on the table.

But why does he see everything about her in Mariana? Is it just a coincidence??

“She said her parents are dead” he mumbled and groaned,but somehow he feel really connected to her no matter how long he think about it.

He gulped down the wine in the glass and sighed out




The guy sat down on the seat right in front of a laptop,he looked like a total bad boy,hot and sexy is not enough to describe how handsome he is but his eyes seems dark and his face look so cold and mean,He was scrolling through the laptop when something caught his attention


His eyes became Even darker and he fold his fist as he read more about the news.

Almost immediately,his phone started ringing and he answered through the airpod

“Boss,did you check the mail I sent??” The voice asked


“What should I do??” The voice asked

“Kill her” he said coldly

“Done boss,I know everything about her whereabout” The voice said and hanged up

“How dare you think of getting a girlfriend?? How dare you!!!!!” He shouted and hit his fist on the table angrily

He took his phone and began writing a text.




Leonard was just getting back home after going out to clear his head a little,he was about going upstairs when a message came on his phone and he checked immediately.


Leonard’s eyes widened immediately and the phone almost dropped from his hand with the way his hands are shaking.

“Rianna” He muttered and immediately rushed out of the house

“Where are you going……”

“Get the f**k away!!!” Leonard yelled at the guards and got into the car,driving out roughly

He immediately dialed Ricardo’s number but he didn’t answer the call,he doesn’t Even have Mariana’s contact yet

“F**k me” He pursed his lips and continue trying Ricardo’s number but got no response

He didn’t know when a tear dropped from his eyes

“I’m f**king screwed” He mumbled


Mariana walked out of the supermarket,she went to get some junk food just down the street. She started walking back home,her phone in her hand

But suddenly,she started having some strange feelings. She stopped and looked back and the shadow came into view,her eyes widened and immediately she started walking faster,the steps grew faster too,she began running this time but them she tripped over a stone and she fell flat on the floor.

“Ahh!” She winced but it was cut short when the masked guy stood right in front of her,he was holding a gun in his hand and slowly he pointed the gun to her head

Her heart started racing immediately and she shook her head in fears


It was followed by a gunshot.