Betrothed to a playboy episode 4 – 5

( Falling For You… )


By, Summer Gold R.



“Thank you” Mariana said to the driver as she carried her bag out of the car

The driver drove off immediately while Mariana proceeded into the house

She got to the entrance door and the door was locked

“He’s not home” she muttered and immediately entered the lock code,the door opened and she went in.

She locked the door again and walked into Royce’s room,she went home after the drama at the Briggs mansion and packed some clothes she will needing till Monday morning. She just can’t stay in that house with her aunt for now and she have no other place to go aside her boyfriend’s place.

She fell on the bed tiredly and took her phone to dial Royce’s number,he answered at once

Mariana could hear loud music playing at the background,He’s obviously having fun.

“Hey babe” Royce’s voice came up

“I’m at your place,where are you?” Mariana asked

“I thought you said you wouldn’t….”

“That’s right,but it was more faster than I thought so I’m at your place. But don’t worry about me,have fun with your friends” Mariana said and hanged up

She stood up and walked to the closet,she undressed and entered the bathroom,minutes later she came out looking wet. She didn’t bother to dry her hair

She walked to Royce’s closet and put on one of his shirt. Her mind went to Leonard and she scoffed thinking about how rude he was,she wanted to tell him so badly that she’s also forced to do that but she didn’t say a word to him.

“I regret it,I should have showed him the stuff I’m made of,but what if my silly heart act crazy again?” She mumbled and returned to the bed.

She grabbed her phone and went out of the room.

Mariana walked to the fridge and grabbed a bottle of pineapple juice,she took the carton of popcorn and shoved five into her mouth at a time.

“Sweet” She mumbled with her mouth full as she walked back to the living room

She sat down on the couch and turned on the TV

“Angelo!!!!!!!” She screamed out immediately his face came on

Showing one of his music video titled ALL FOR LOVE

Her love for Angelo is a crazy one,she have always preferred him to Leonardo

“Talking of the devil” She rolled her eyes when Leonard came on the screen after Angelo

She scoffed and immediately changed it to a movie

She continue munching on the popcorn as she watched

She was interrupted when the door opened,she immediately turned and Royce came in

“Royce” She called and immediately dropped the popcorn in her hand,she ran to hug him and he lifted her up in the process

“I’ve missed you so f**king much” Royce said

“Me too” Mariana chuckled,hugging him more tightly

“I thought you were having fun…”

“I was in Finn’s house when you called” Royce said

One of his friends Finn also live in the same estate

Royce dropped her

“Do you wanna go out?? It’s the new year eve,I had a plan for you before you broke my heart” Royce said and Mariana laughed

“But I’m here now baby,let me get dressed” She said

Royce immediately carried her in a bridal style as they walked to the room

“Tell me you’re staying for at least a week” he whispers

“Royce!! My aunt is gonna kill me” She laughed

“Then when are you leaving?” Royce asked

“Don’t worry,I’m staying here till Monday” Mariana said and Royce smiled naughtily

“What are you thinking with that naughty smile of yours?” Mariana hit his forehead

“It’s exactly what you’re thinking” He winked at her



A guard opened the door for Leonard and he stepped down from the car,he turned to them

“Don’t follow me,I will be fine” He said and they bowed,watching him as he entered

Jessica is a singer like him,Winter’s biggest rival.

She’s holding a party in her house and she invited only celebrities,the music could be heard loudly even outside the house.

Leonard entered the house and immediately the ladies eyes focused on him as usual

👥 F**k Leo is insanely hot

👥 Getting wet just by staring at him

Leo didn’t spare anyone a glance as he walked and Luckily he saw Ricardo who was busy making out with a girl

Leo sat down beside him quietly and the girl broke the kiss before releasing a gasp when she saw Leonard

“Hey dude” Ricardo grinned after he sent the girl away

“I wasn’t expecting you,it’s supposed to be your introduction” Ricardo grinned and Leonard shot him a glare

He took a glass of wine from a bartender and gulped everything down at once

“Wow,I guess it didn’t went well” Ricardo said

“I wish monday never comes” Leonard muttered and looked around to see different people,just celebrities having fun

Most of the girls are almost naked,some in the pool dancing sexily to the music.

The guys enjoying most of it as the girls rock them badly,some almost having $ex right there.

Dior and Winter are also in the pool,Winter wouldn’t have been here anyway but Ricardo and Dior did well by forcing her

Dior was having so much fun while Winter’s eyes are already on Leonard

When she saw him looking their way,she started dancing sexily too.

“That dummy is here,thought he wouldn’t make it,looking hot as usual” Dior chuckled seeing as most of the girls are giving him flirty looks

“They are all senseless” Winter hissed and Dior chuckled

“We both know Leo is a f**ker,I can bet with my life. In ten minutes,he will be somewhere f**king one of this bitches” Dior said

Almost immediately,Leonard stood up and walked away to receive a call. At the same time,Jessica went in the same route

“Okay,that was faster than I thought” Dior laughed and turned to the other girls in the pool

Winter glared at Jessica back until she was out of sight

She swallowed and swam to the pool edge,she grabbed her wine and gulped everything down at once.

Angelo also saw the scene and he understood immediately,he also gulped down his wine ignoring the girls flirting with him totally. He’s been sitting there waiting for a perfect opportunity to talk to Jessica but Leonard suddenly showed up

“That bastard” He mumbled under his breath


“Get lost” He snapped at the girls and they immediately left him.

He stood up and started walking away,he bumped into Ricardo

“Watch out man” Ricardo snapped immediately

Angelo glared at him and walked away

Ricardo’s eyes followed him angrily

“Baby,I can’t wait anymore” The girl beside him turned his face back to herself and started kissing him

The second girl also started touching him

“Don’t be in such a hurry,my d**k is enough for you two” he said naughtily and they blushed before walking away with him.


Leonard was just done with the call he was on,he turned to leave only to find Jessica standing. She smiled sexily and adjusted her br@,maintaining eye contacts with him

“Hey Leo” She called and moved closer to him

She wrapped her arms around his neck

Leonard let out a corrupt smile before grabbing her @ss,She immediately clashed her lips on his in a hungry pace.

She kept shifting closer not getting enough of his taste as he kissed her lustily too

Jessica broke the kiss

“Let’s go to my room” She whispers and Leo smiled as he grabbed his hand and she started pulling him with her

Soon,they entered her room and immediately they continued

Their tongue exchanging wetness as they kissed hungrily,Leonard immediately torn her tiny bra and squeezed her b**bs hardly

Jessica moaned into his mouth

Leonard broke the kiss and stared at her body

“Turn your @ss” he said

Jessica smiled and immediately turned for him

She let out a loud gasp when he made the first thrust

“F**k Leo!” She moaned out crazily and the hard banging started,He’s never the gentle type


“Oh yea!!!!!”

” Gawd!! Faster!!!”

“Just f**k me forever Leo!!!”


Her moans filled the room

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“Ricardo and Leonard are no more available,play boys” Dior said to Winter as they both came out of the pool

Winter said no word as she covered herself with the towel

“I’m leaving,see you later” She muttered and walked away

“What’s wrong with her?” Dior wondered




🎙 Seriously,how are you feeling to be back in school??

Jeremy could been seen interviewing some important students in school and everyone was excited to answer.

He saw Tessa coming and he let out a smirk before walking to her

Tessa immediately glared at him

“Don’t act like an imbecile,it’s a live video” Jeremy whispers into her ear and she immediately smiled to the camera

“It’s a joke,fake life” Jeremy scoffed and walked away from her

He saw Mariana coming down of the car with Royce and he let out a cute smile before walking to her

Tessa fold her fist angrily

“I hate that dude,He’s getting on my nerve” Daisy,one of Tessa’s friends scoffed

“I hate him more than you do” Bella also scoffed

👥 Oh my Gosh!!! It’s Mariana

👥 The beauty queen!!

👥 Gosh she’s so hot

Tessa glared at Mariana hatefully as the students all rant her name,some are even taking her pictures

“I don’t see anything special about her” Daisy hissed and they walked away with Tessa

🎙 Hey Mariana,welcome back

“Thank you Jeremy,I love you” Mariana smiled

🎙 Oh my heart

Jeremy touched his chest and Mariana chuckled

🎙 A word to express your feelings right now

“No word” Mariana smirked and made a quick sexy dance step

👥 Awwwn

👥 I swear I love her

🎙 You’re the best Mariana,tell me if anyone else calls herself the best,I will fight for you

Everyone laughed including Mariana before she walked away

All of a sudden,loud screams filled the air

Students running closer as the guards opened four cars at a time

Winter stepped out first and camera flashes covered her up

👥 Winter!!!!

👥 She’s so pretty

👥 I love you winter

The next to come out was Dior who have a cute and childish smile as the students took numbers of pictures of her

👥 She’s so cute

👥 I love her new hair

👥 My perfect Dior

Ricardo and Leonard came out at a time and the girls almost fainted

👥 Leonardo!!!!!!!!!!

👥 Ricardo!!!

👥 Ahh!!! Leonard,why so perfect??

👥 Be mine!!

👥 You’re my life I swear Leonard

The four started walking and bodyguards covered them up while the students kept running after them until they walked to their private lecture hall

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“I can’t believe we are back” Octavia groaned beside Mariana as they walked out from their second class

“It’s crazy” Mariana chuckled

They were still walking when Nico walked past them,the best and also the most handsome student in their class,linguistics major and also the most silent. He’s popular among the girls too but he never gave them his attention

“Nico!” Three girls ran after him

“Seriously? He never spoke a word to anyone but the girls keep dying for him,who is he compared to my Leonard?” Octavia scoffed her and hugged her phone,she actually used Leonard as her home screen

“Stop talking about that dude!” Mariana yelled and Octavia laughed

They got to the cafeteria

They were just about sitting down when a call came on Mariana’s phone

She answered the call

“Yes aunt”

“Come over here right away” Clara said and hanged up

Mariana swallowed and bite her lips

“What’s wrong?” Octavia asked

“You should eat alone,I need to attend to something important. I will call you” Mariana said and immediately ran out of the cafeteria

She rushed to the class and ended up bumping into Nico

“Oh sorry” She said

Nico took a glance at her for a second before walking away

Mariana cared less,she grabbed her bag and rushed out of the class. She dialed Royce’s number but he didn’t answer the call

“F**k I’m gonna take a taxi” She mumbled and rough her hair

As she walked,Leonard’s car showed up. She could see him right inside it but as soon as the car was getting closer,the glass was rolled up and the car drove off

“What was I expecting from that jerk?” She hissed and continue walking



Mariana rushed into the house,breathing heavily. She stopped and touched her racing heart

“No….no…please not now” She stuttered and started exhaling through her mouth till her breathing became normal again

She sighed and went in

She met her aunt,Mrs Briggs and of course Leonardo who doesn’t seem to be interested,he was on his phone while chewing a gum in his mouth

Mariana roll her eyes at him

“I’m sorry for coming late,I came with a taxi” Mariana said and glared at Leo again before sitting down on a separate couch

“I’m so glad you both made it” Mrs Briggs smiled

“Can we do this quickly? I need to go” Leonard said to his mom and she pulled his ear

“Try to be nicer with your words” she snapped

Leonard scoffed

“We are waiting for someone else” Mrs Briggs said and almost immediately they heard the door

“He’s here” Mrs Briggs smiled and almost immediately a priest entered shocking Mariana and Leonard


They both called simultaneously

Clara rolled her eyes and Mrs Briggs only smiled

“Since we decided to go on a low key,,here is the engagement rings” Mrs Briggs said

Leonard rough his hair in frustration

“Kids,get up. Come on” Mrs Briggs said

“This is not necessary mom….”

“Of course it is” Mrs Briggs cut in


“Now,exchange the rings” The priest said

Leonard and Mariana exchanged glances,Leonard shoved the ring into her finger with no expression on his face

Mariana roll her eyes and shoved the ring into his fingers also

The priest left after a while,Leonard was about leaving too

“Where are you going son,you should take your girlfriend along” Mrs Briggs said

“Why should I do that?” Leonard asked

“She will be staying with you from now of course” Mrs Briggs said and Mariana gasped

“You’re joking right?” Leonard asked burning with anger already

“No son,you promised to make me happy…….”

“By accepting to get engaged to her,not this. I don’t want to stay with her…….”

“Please son,please”

Leonard looked at Mariana

“Fine” He muttered and went out

“You should follow him” Mrs Briggs turned to Mariana

“I….still have to pack my things” Mariana said

“I packed everything already,they are in my car” Clara said and Mariana’s eyes widened


Mariana joined Leonard in the car making sure to give them enough space,Leonard has an angry expression on his face. She watched as he removed the ring from his finger

She frowned and also removed her own too

Minutes later,they arrived at the mansion.

The guards helped Mariana take her bags into the house,Mariana entered also and met Leonard standing as if he’s waiting for her

“Hey you” He called and Mariana looked at him

“My name is Mariana” she said

“I don’t give a damn” Leo snapped

“What do you want?” She asked

“A warning” Leonard said and she raised her brows

“You’re not allowed to say a word to anyone about this okay?? Don’t ever make the mistake of telling any f**king body about our relationship,stay away from me,don’t talk to me or even try to start a conversation. When you see me just ignore me like we don’t know each other,I don’t care whatever you do and don’t care about me either. As you know,I’m not interested in any of this sh*t…..”

“Me neither,I’m not interested. And don’t worry,I will pretend like I am the only one living in this house,and I guess you should know. I have a boyfriend” Mariana said

“Good then…Deal?” Leonard asked

“Yeah Deal” Mariana replied