Betrothed to a playboy episode 40 – 41

{ Falling For You… }


Summer Gold R.


Mariana was speechless after listening to Nico’s confession,their eyes still stuck together. Nico squeezed her hand a little and moved closer to her which snapped her out of her thoughts.



They called each other’s names at a time and Nico stopped,giving her the gesture to go on.

“I…..Nico I’m sorry” Mariana’s low voice hit Nico in a bad place

“I love our friendship a lot and….I really like you,but I don’t think the likeness is enough to reciprocate your feelings Nico,I don’t want to hurt your feelings but I just can’t…..”

“You love someone else?” Nico cut in

Mariana shook her head

“No I don’t….” She stopped and released her hand from Nico’s grip,she turned and walked away immediately leaving him standing.

Nico’s hand formed a fist as her voice rang in his head again and again,his heart shattering into pieces.



Mariana splashed the water over her face thrice from the tap before getting herself back

She stared at her face through the mirror but all she could see was Nico’s painful and sad face

“I’m sorry Nico” She mumbled and sighed out

She used her pills and left the restroom,bumping into the girls

“Thank greatness!!” Alexa shouted

“What,you’ve been looking for me?” Mariana asked

“Absolutely” Octavia wrapped her arms around Mariana

“You left with Nico right? Did something happened?” Alexa asked

“No,nothing” Mariana muttered and glanced at Charlotte

“What’s wrong?…”

“Ricardo didn’t see her all through our class and now she’s devastated” Octavia replied

“Oh come on babe,stop trying to get his attention,he won’t see you. Just be you okay? Trust me” Mariana rough Charlotte’s hair

“I think I’m going crazy Mariana,but am I ugly??” Charlotte asked

“Hell no!” They all shouted

“You’re beautiful Charlotte,trust me. Maybe he’s not just the right one for you” Octavia said

“Like Royce wasn’t the right one for Mariana” Alexa said and Mariana nodded

“I’m not getting any better girls,stop trying” Charlotte muttered and they laughed

“Then,how about some party to cheer you up tonight?” Octavia suggested

“Yeah!!!” Alexa and Mariana shouted

Charlotte smiled

“I won’t decline that” She said

Just then,Mariana’s phone buzzed and she checked the message

She was surprised at first to see the name,it’s Leonard’s mom

“What the F” She mumbled before opening the message

“What’s the prob?” Alexa asked

“Mrs Briggs,want us to meet up” Mariana raised her head and the girls widened their eyes

“Isn’t that Leonard’s mom?” Charlotte asked and Mariana nodded

“In another word,your mother in law want you two to meet up” Octavia said

“Oh come on what are you waiting for?? Go go go” Alexa said and Mariana sighed

“I will see you girls later okay?” She said

“Don’t worry about us,just leave” Octavia mumbled

Mariana nodded and walked out of their sight

“I wonder what she’s gonna talk about” Charlotte said but suddenly her eyes caught with Ricardo going after Delaney

Alexa and Octavia traced her gaze

“Oh no” Alexa sighed and turned Charlotte’s face from there

“Let’s go have some fun” Octavia said and they pulled Charlotte away from there

“Hey Dela” Ricardo called and Delaney turned back

“Ricardo” She called shyly and Ricardo smiled charmingly before walking closer

“You missed the general class,I was trying to look for you” He muttered

“Really? You were expecting me?” Delaney acted surprised

“Of course,but I was disappointed” Ricardo said

“I won’t miss any class from now on,I promise” Delaney said and Ricardo smiled

“You better don’t fail your promise” he winked

Delaney giggled


Mariana was just about walking out of the school compound when Veronica stopped in front of her giving her angry glares

Mariana checked the time before looking at her

“What do you want this time?” She asked

“Seriously?? You’re going to act dumb?? You don’t know he broke up with me?” Veronica asked and Mariana was almost forced to laugh but she didn’t

“So,what’s my business with that if he broke up with you??….”

“He broke up because of you!!!” Veronica snapped

“Me?? Are you crazy?” Mariana scoffed

“Leave Royce alone for me you b*tch” Veronica said

“I see you’re insane” Mariana hissed and made to leave

Veronica dragged her back and tried slapping her but then a hand held her from the back hanging her hand in the air

Mariana looked up and it was Royce who was also staring back at her

“Let go of me!” Veronica snapped at him and glared at Mariana before walking away

“That wasn’t really necessary,I can take Care of myself. Stop acting like you care” Mariana said

“I do care about you Mariana,I care about you and…..”

“Stop it Royce,just stop!! What do you take me for?? You f**king cheated without caring about my feelings and now you’re claiming to care about me?? You really think I’m a fool??” Mariana half yelled

“Then just allow me to apologize Mariana,I’m really sorry. I think I was crazy when I did that,the truth is,I’m still in love with you. I miss you so much that it’s killing me,I can’t even do anything right,I want you back Mariana,just give me another chance to prove to you,you know I love you right? I really do and you also love me” Royce said while Mariana kept glaring at him

“You need to take your medication if you’re going crazy,stay away from me!! Do you get that?! And get back with that lunatic girlfriend of yours,the next time she appear in front of me,I will kill her” Mariana said and walked out of his sight.

Royce turned and his eyes went after her,tears fell from his eyes and he immediately wiped it off.

“Are you okay?” A voice said behind him and he turned

“Octavia?” Royce called looking surprised

Octavia rolled her eyes and crossed her arms

“You should be able to see that she already moved on,just give up already and stop acting dumb” She said

“Can you just help me talk to her,I still love…..”

“She doesn’t want you anymore,can’t you see?? Just give it a rest already Royce” Octavia said and Royce rough his hair

“Do you wanna drink with me?” Octavia asked

“With you??” Royce asked and Octavia nodded

“I thought you hate me” Royce muttered

“Well maybe” Octavia roll her eyes and Royce raised his brows

“What are you waiting for?? Let’s go in your car” Octavia said

“Fine” Royce muttered and led the way,Octavia bit her bottom lip and followed him.



Tessa kept stealing glances from Jeremy as they walked together,they’ve been walking for some minutes now without saying a word to each other

“Where are we going?” Tessa finally spoke up and Jeremy stopped

“Are you tired already?” He looked up from his phone

Tessa immediately shook her head

“No I’m not,I just want to know” She muttered

“I want you to help me with something……” Jeremy stopped when he sighted Alexa coming with Charlotte

‘F**k sh*t’ he said inwardly and immediately grabbed Tessa’s hand

“What…..” Before she could finish,Jeremy dragged her into one of the rooms along the hallway and immediately closed the door

Tessa kept quiet,still looking confused. Jeremy was looking outside waiting for Alexa and Charlotte to pass

He turned his gaze down and his eyes met with Tessa’s own who was also looking up at him

Jeremy immediately moved back,creating space between them and Tessa took her lip in.

Jeremy saw as Alexa walked passed the door and he exhaled

He waited for another minute before he opened the door again and Tessa followed him

“What was that about?” She asked

“Just do whatever I say and stop asking me questions” Jeremy snapped

‘Jerk’ Tessa said inwardly

“You’re going with me to the mall,to pick a gift for someone” Jeremy finally said and Tessa nodded

“You’re the only option I have so don’t think too much about it” he added as they finally got to his car

They both entered and then he drove off.


Mary looked around as she walked as if she was trying to avoid something,she looked back and sighed out in relief but the moment she faced front again,she stopped on her track and she swallowed

Daisy and Bella smirked at her

“So,you think you can keep on running away from us??” Daisy asked

“No I….” A slap landed on her face,cutting her off

“How dare you!!!” Bella yelled

“I’m going to upload this in the school site right now” Daisy raised the phone in her hand and smirked

“No no please,you can’t do that please” Mary pleaded

“Then do what you’re good at!” Bella yelled

“I will do anything,just tell me” Mary said

“Good” Daisy roll her eyes

“I want you to try getting Jeremy’s phone for me” Bella said

“Jeremy??” Mary asked again

“What,you can’t do it??….”

“I will do it” Mary immediately said

“Good,get me the phone,that’s all” Bella said

“You better don’t spend years on that or the students will watch some movies by slut Mary” Daisy smirked before walking away with Bella

Mary broke into tears,she still regret the fact that she betrayed Mariana,she’s been hiding from the girls and she’s about doing something again.

‘Your life is such a mess’ she said inwardly and continue crying


“Ricardo!!” Dior ran after him but he didn’t wait until she caught up with him and grabbed his hand

“Ricardo” She called

“What do you want Dior” He muttered without looking at her

“Why are you avoiding Me?? Can I at least get a good explanation??” She asked

“I’m not avoiding you” Ricardo said

“Then look at me” Dior touched his cheek

Ricardo pulled her hand down

“Can you also try to ignore me too?? Stop making everything hard for me……”

“How the f**k will i know what is wrong with you if you refuse to talk to me??”

“And how would I talk to you when you only see me as your friend?? I’m f**king done with that,I look like a total fool trying to get your attention too!” Ricardo snapped and Dior kept quiet

Just then,Jace showed up and Dior’s eyes moved to him

“It’s happening again,I guess I’m still a second choice” Ricardo muttered and walked away

“Ricardo” Dior called but he already left

She sighed and draw her hair backward with her fingers

“Hey Dior” Jace walked to her and she let out a nervous smile

“Hi,I didn’t see you in class today” she said

“Don’t tell me you missed me” Jace smiled

“I do of course” Dior nodded

“How about we have lunch together?? My treat” Jace said

“No my treat” Dior said

“No mine” Jace said again

“Okay fine fine,let’s go” Dior chuckled but when she remembered Ricardo,she sighed sadly.

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Nico was drinking in the cellar,he looked so far away but he’s not drunk even after drinking up to two bottles of beer. He just couldn’t stop thinking about Mariana and how she rejected him.

His heart has refused to stop beating fast since then and it’s like his heart is gonna pop out of his chest

His phone suddenly started ringing and he checked the ID,he managed to swipe green after the third ring and the deep voice came up

“Are you counting my calls?” He asked

Nico kept quiet

“Come over to the clan,you have a mission tonight” the voice said

“I’m not available,just send someone else and leave me alone!!” Nico shouted angrily and the voice let out a wicked laughter

“Really?? Then should I just finish up your lovely mother this night??” He asked and Nico’s shoulder dropped

“Don’t you dare touch her you bastard!! Don’t you dare!!!” He yelled over the phone

“Then come over to the clan dear son,I will be waiting” The husky voice said and then hanged up

Tears rolled down Nico’s eyes and he roughed his hair

The fact that he can’t escape from the trap he is,or the fact that his mother is actually in the lion’s den and all he could do is to kill whoever he send him to kill,or is it the fact that the so called person giving him the assignments is his own father??

Yeah that’s right,his father own a secret dark association and all they do is kill for the purpose of money.

His mother’s life is on the line and his only means of saving her is by abiding to his father’s order against his own wish

“I wanna die” He mumbled as more tears rolled down his eyes.



Leonard was in his studio,he wasn’t doing anything. He had the headphones on with loud music playing,his back fully resting on the seat and his eyes closed.

Even with all that,he couldn’t help but think about Mariana. He actually heard her and Nico in school earlier and he heard how he confessed to her but he didn’t wait to hear her answer before walking away.

He suddenly removed the headphone and walked out of the studio,he got out and went downstairs.

The door suddenly opened and he standstill until Mariana came in with her bags

“Riana?” He called unbelievably

Mariana looked at him and rolled her eyes

She ignored him and started dragging the bag

“I will help you…..”

“Don’t come closer!” She yelled and he stayed back

“Don’t talk to me,I’m not here because of you okay?? I came here because mom wants me here so let’s just pretend as if I am no longer here Leonard,just let’s stay away from each other,I don’t want you close to me,you don’t like me and I don’t like you either,so please stay away from me Leonardo Briggs” Mariana said and left his sight.


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