Betrothed to a playboy episode 46 – 47

{ Falling For You… }

EPISODE 46πŸ’ž47

Summer Gold R.



Alexa got back to the girls looking angry and pissed

“What happened?” Octavia asked

Alexa explained

“You think Jeremy is attracted to Tessa?” Charlotte asked

“I don’t think so” Delaney muttered

“But this is not the first time I’m seeing them together and it’s becoming annoying,I just hate it when they are together,you know what? I don’t care anymore,I don’t care” Alexa hissed

“We have just five minutes left for the second class” Charlotte said and they all stood up

“Girls!” Mariana got to them

“Late” Delaney chuckled

“Yeah I know,is this mine?” Mariana took the pineapple juice on the table

“Yes yours” Octavia replied and they started walking out of the cafeteria

“Alexa,are you okay?” Mariana asked

“Yeah I’m fine” Alexa mumbled

“She got her heart broken” Charlotte chuckled

“It’s not even funny Charlotte!” Alexa snapped

“Oh sorry” Charlotte said,trying to control her laughter

They entered the lecture hall

“Isn’t he a playboy?” Charlotte muttered,looking at Francisco in the middle of some girls

“Obviously” Octavia said

Francisco turned to their direction and his eyes met with Mariana,he winked at her and Mariana looked away immediately

“Did he just winked at you!” Delaney gushed

“Stop it” Mariana scoffed and sat down

“He winked at you babe,I think he’s falling already” Charlotte chuckled

They all sat down side by side

Just then,Leonard came into the hall and there was loud screams

πŸ—£ Leonard!!!

πŸ—£ What is he doing here looking hot?!

πŸ—£ Oh gosh!!

Mariana’s eyes followed Leonard as he entered,wondering why he’s here

To everyone’s surprise,Leonard sat down just behind Mariana

πŸ—£ Wait,what’s going on?

πŸ—£ Leonard here?!!

πŸ—£ This is good luck for us!!

πŸ—£ I can’t believe my eyes

“Leonard is taking lecture with us?” Charlotte whispers

Mariana slowly turned to look at him,he was on his phone so she turned again

‘What is he doing?’ She thought

More noise came and the girls gasped

Ricardo came in with Dior,Jessica and Winter followed and then Angelo

They all joined Leonard

πŸ—£ I might faint at this moment

πŸ—£ I swear I’m failing my tests coz I won’t concentrate anymore

πŸ—£ This is crazy,same class with my idols?!

Ricardo was sitting just behind Charlotte and nervousness filled her body up

“You will be fine” Octavia held her hand



“Mom!!” Nico called as he opened the door loudly

“Son” A faint whimper came and Nico ran to her

“Mom,are you okay?? He didn’t hurt you right? Tell me he didn’t touch you” He said in a shaken voice

The woman shook her head in tears

Tears rolled down Nico’s eyes

“I promise to get you out of here,I promise” He said,sniffing in

“You don’t have to do anything Red want,don’t worry about me I will be fine,I promise..”

Nico shook his head

“I don’t mind doing anything,as long as you’re safe. But I promise to take you out of here,I will. Just stay safe for me please” Nico said in tears.

She nodded and touched Nico’s cheeks

“I will be waiting,please be careful” She said

“I will” Nico muttered and hugged her tightly

“That’s enough,time up” Red came in and Nico disengaged from the hug before getting up,glaring at him dangerously

“I hate such eyes son….”

“Stop calling me your son you devil!!!! Stop calling me that!!” Nico yelled,breathing heavily as if to kill Red

Red chuckled

“You know better than yelling at me,your mom will be the one taking the punishment…”

“Don’t you dare touch her” Nico said

“As long as you do what I want,it’s a deal” Red smiled

“You devil!! Stop using my son for your own greediness!! Just kill me!!!” Nico’s mother said


“No!!! Don’t listen to him!! Let him just kill me instead!! Son please don’t do whatever he wants….” She said,crying bitterly

Nico bit his lips hardly,more tears rolled down his eyes.

He walked out of the room


He could hear his mother’s scream but he didn’t wait,he ran out of the mansion and entered his car,driving off speedily. He just couldn’t control the tears no matter what,he had to stop the car on the way before breaking down completely.

He buried his face on the steering wheel,crying bitterly.



Immediately the lecturer walked out of the hall,some girls rushed toward Jeremy

“Hey Jeremy”

“What happened to your face?” One asked and touched his cheek

Jeremy glared at her and she immediately moved away

“Are you okay??”

“Would you have a drink with me?”

Jeremy ignored them and walked out of their mist,he left the hall with Louis

“So are you ready to tell me what the h*ll happened now?” Louis asked

“What’s the importance anyway? I came back to my sense” Jeremy muttered

“Really?” Louis frowned

Jeremy saw Jace walking in front of them

“Jace!” He called and Jace turned back

Jeremy and Louis caught up with him

“It’s really hard seeing you these days,are you hiding from the girls?” Jeremy asked

“No,I’m hiding from people like you” Jace replied

“Why? I’ve got no pu$$y” Jeremy said seriously

Louis and Jace spank his head at a time

“Not again! I’ve suffered enough today please” Jeremy groaned

“I can see,someone slapped you” Louis said in a mocking tone

They saw the girls also walking out of the hall

“Jeremy!!” Charlotte and Octavia shouted,waving at bin

“Oh wow,I didn’t know I’m so popular” Jeremy said proudly

They walked closer

Tessa came out with Daisy and Bella and their eyes met,Jeremy looked away from her and she walked away.

Dior immediately moved closer to Jace

“I missed you” She said

“Me too” Jace hugged her

“Oh wow wow,is it what I’m thinking?” Jessica asked and they disengaged

“I’m so bored and tired” Winter groaned

“Me too” Octavia said

“Then,how about partying tonight??” Dior suggested


“My house of course,who’s in?” Dior asked


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“Here” Ricardo gave Mariana the pineapple juice he just got

“Seriously? It’s mine?” She smiled and Ricardo nodded

“Why are we here though?” Mariana asked as they started walking

“Honestly I don’t know” Ricardo muttered

“Are you dumb?” Mariana asked and Ricardo looked at her

“I’m sorry but you always tell me you don’t know,you hugged me the other day and you said you don’t know why you did it” Mariana chuckled and Ricardo also laughed

“Let’s say I just want us to be friends” He said

“Sure,as long as you buy me pineapple juice,we are friends” Mariana said and they both laughed again

“I’m sorry to ask,but you once told me you don’t know who your parents are…”

“No I don’t,but I heard I was just an infant when they died.” Mariana replied,sipping from her drink

“What about a picture of them?” Ricardo asked and Mariana shrugged

“Thinking about it….I’ve never seen their pictures,my aunt never showed me and I dumbly never asked” Mariana said

“Really? So you just believed a made up story?” Ricardo asked and Mariana raised his brows

“made up? How did you know that?” She asked

“Oh….I mean….what if it’s just made up?? But at least you should know what your parents looks like right?”

“I will ask aunt,I will tell you when I ask” Mariana said and Ricardo smiled

“So,later” Mariana smiled and Ricardo nodded

She walked away.

Ricardo stared at her until she was out of sight

He touched his chest

“I hope it’s you,I really hope so. I’m going crazy already,please be the one” He murmured.

He sighed and turned back only to find Charlotte also coming

“Oh….” She muttered in shock,the usual nervousness filled her body

Ricardo smiled at her

“Is that really you?” He asked


“You use to be a tomboy….”

“No!! It was just my mood style,I’m not a tomboy” Charlotte cut in

“Sorry about that,you look cuter this way” Ricardo said and Charlotte gasped

Ricardo walked away and Charlotte swallowed

“He said I’m cute” she muttered and started running

“He said I’m cute!!!!!!!” She screamed

The students walking stared at her but she didn’t care


Jeremy entered his car and exhaled out

“Today is such a disaster” he muttered

“I know right?” A voice said from the back

“What the f**k!” He flinched but stopped when he saw Tessa

“Tessa?” He called

Tessa smiled and Jumped over to the front seat

“What are you doing here,Wait how did you even get in?” He asked

“You didn’t lock the car” Tessa said

“I did…..” He stopped

“F**k Louis,what the h*ll are you doing here?? Are you going crazy already?!” He snapped and came down from the car

He moved to the other side

“Come down” He said and opened the door

“I’m just here to give you something Jeremy” Tessa said

“Keep it to yourself,get out!” Jeremy yelled and started dragging her out

Tessa immediately grabbed his neck and slammed her lips on his own,Jeremy’s eyes grew wide and he quickly pushed her away

“Are you insane?!!” He shouted and wiped his lips

“You wiped my kiss” Tessa mumbled sadly

“Just why are you doing this to me….”

“I’m in love with you” Tessa cut him off


“You heard me” Tessa muttered and brought out the necklace

“I found this on the floor” She took Jeremy’s palm and dropped it before coming out of the car by herself

Jeremy stared at her,looking so confused

“Are you coming to Dior’s house party? I will be there” Tessa smiled and walked away

“What just happened?” Jeremy muttered and run his fingers through his hair

“You look like someone who saw a ghost” Louis showed up

“More than a ghost Louis” Jeremy said


“I’m going insane,drive let’s leave before I bite you” Jeremy muttered and sat down with his eyes close


“Where’s he?” Jessica mumbled disappointedly

She has been searching for Leonard for minutes without any sign of him

She sighed

“Are you okay?” A voice asked from the back and she immediately turned

“Leonard…..” She stopped when she saw Angelo instead

“Oh…Angelo” She muttered and walked away without saying a word

Angelo’s eyes followed her

“Seriously? It’s still Leonard?” He muttered and fold his fist



“This place is so amazing” Francisco said,smiling

Leonard only kept a blank face as he walked closer to him

“You should welcome me properly,buying me a drink isn’t bad right?” Francisco asked

“You should just get lost,I hate the sight of seeing you here” Leonard said and Francisco chuckled

“You mean to say,you hate the sight of seeing me with your fiancee” He said

“Stay away from her,you really think this is funny? I’m warning you,stay away from her” Leonard said

“Or what? What are you gonna do?” Francisco asked and moved closer to him

“And,why are you so restless? If you are so sure she’s yours,then you shouldn’t act this way. Just wish me luck instead” Francisco smiled and then glared at him before walking out of his sight

“By the way” He stopped and Leonard turned to him

“She’s even more sexy than I saw in the pictures,I can’t wait to taste her lips,they are tempting” Francisco smirked and Leonard fold his fist

“You think you will have a chance with her if I tell her about you??” He asked

Francisco laughed and walked back to Leonard

“What will you tell her?” He asked

“That you’re a murderer” Leonard said and Francisco smiled

“It’s really weird…..A murderer calling me a murderer” Francisco muttered

“I already told you,I’m not a murderer!!” Leonard yelled

“You killed her!!!” Francisco yelled back and Leonard was quiet

“And have you told your so called best friend that you killed his twin sister??” Francisco smirked and Leonard frowned

“What are you talking about?” Leonard asked

“Oh,I guess you don’t know. She was his twin sister,you should tell him you are the reason why his mother hates him so much,murderer” Francisco said

Leonard swallowed,trying to control the tears forcing their ways out of his eyes but he couldn’t

“No…..No…” He stuttered and the tears came rolling down his eyes

“What are you doing!!” Mariana’s voice came up and they both turned

“Leonardo” She called and immediately ran to him

“Are you okay??” She asked worriedly touching his cheeks as more tears rolled down his eyes

She turned to Francisco angrily

“What the h*ll did you say to him??!! And who the f**k do you think you are!!!!” Mariana yelled

Francisco only smiled

“I introduced myself earlier,Francisco” He said

“Who cares about your name!” Mariana said

“That’s okay” Leonard wiped his tears and hold her hand

Mariana glared at Francisco again but all of a sudden a sharp reflection snapped at her and she held her head

“Ahh!” She groaned

“Mariana?!” Leonard called



The two voices kept ringing in her head

“Mariana,are you okay?” Leonard shook her and she snapped out of it,panting heavily

“Are you okay?” Francisco also asked worriedly and touched her hand

Mariana glanced at him weakly and immediately, she lost her consciousness,falling directly into Francisco’s arms.


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