Betrothed to a playboy episode 58 – 59

{ Falling For You… }

EPISODE 58πŸ’ž59

Summer Gold R.


Leonard dropped the drink he was about sipping when he Couldn’t find Mariana in the room,he was still standing up when Ricardo came for him

“Where’s she?” He questioned,looking around

“Riana?” Leonard asked and Ricardo nodded

“I was just about to ask,I will go look for her” Leonard said

“I will come with you” Ricardo followed immediately

“What’s going on?” Nico asked,staring at Leonard and Ricardo going out

“I think they are looking for Mariana,lemme go with them” Octavia said

“Not like she got lost” Charlotte chuckled and followed too

Everyone ended up going out

Back outside,the moment Tessa left Mariana,she heaved out a loud nervous sigh

“Did I do well?? I guess I did,but Jeremy will be happy if I tell him I apologized right?” She grinned and touched her lips shyly as she think about the kiss they shared back in school.

“Gosh,I want more,more,more” She started dancing like a kid who was given her favorite candle

She kept doing that until she heard a loud water splash which made her stop

“What happened?” She muttered and the thought that it’s only Mariana beside the pool got her

“Is she swimming? Wait,but I heard she’s aquaphobic …no….” She immediately turned back and started running back to the pool side.

Before she got there,Mariana was already unconscious in the pool

“Mariana!!!” Tessa screamed with wide eyes

She immediately removed her shoes without thinking twice and jumped into the pool

She got hold of Mariana and started swimming back to the edge,she struggled really hard before she finally pulled her out,she also came out of the pool but almost immediately everyone rushed to the scene

“What the f**k happened!!” Ricardo shouted and immediately pushed Tessa away from Mariana

“Rosalie…” He shook her and started pressing her chest

“How did this happened? How the h*ll did she got into the pool?” Leonard asked still in shock and fears

“Isn’t she…..”

“It was you right?” Octavia faced Tessa

“No,it wasn’t……”

“You witch!!!! Sending guys to rape her isn’t enough now?!!! You want to kill her too?!!” Octavia yelled and pushed Tessa back in the pool

Leonard immediately carried Mariana in his arms,rushing toward the car,Ricardo immediately followed

Everyone started leaving one after the other,not caring about Tessa who was still in the pool,tears rolling down her eyes.

She looked up and saw Jeremy who had a total disappointed look on his face,he turned back and left without saying a word

“Jeremy!!” Tessa shouted and immediately came out of the pool,she ran after him and grabbed his hand

“Jeremy Wait Please” She said,her whole body dripping,her eyes looking red

“I f**king thought you were changing!! Why the h*ll would you do that again,you promised to apologize her…..”

“Can you just trust me this once? Huh?? Trust me I didn’t push her into the pool,I didn’t….”

“How am I supposed to believe you now? Who pushed her in there if not you….” Jeremy sighed and started leaving again

“No” Tessa ran after him again and hugged him from behind

“Please don’t leave me,I’m so cold” She mumbled,her lips trembling

Jeremy pushed her off and walked away without looking back

Tessa bent down and broke into tears,she was shaking as she wrapped her arms around her body,crying her eyes out

“I didn’t push her,I didn’t” She said,crying even more.



“What happened to her?” The doctor asked as the nurses pushed Mariana in on the stretcher

“Drowned” One of the nurses replied

“You can’t come in” They stopped Ricardo and Leonard immediately

“Please take care of her,please” Ricardo pleaded,tears was rolling down his eyes already

Mariana was taken into the ward instantly

She was dropped on the bed and without wasting time,the doctor was using the defibrillator on her

“Clear!” He said out loudly and placed the machine on her chest

In her unconscious state,the flashes came unto her head



“Seriously? Are you going to ditch me for your friends now? You forced me to come here with you” Rosalie pouted sadly,clinging on Ricardo’s shirt

“I promise to come back soon,pinky promise” Ricardo said

“No,don’t be a trickster,you’re only lying” Rosalie scoffed

“Trust your twin brother,come on” Ricardo groaned

“Then you should have just let me stay home! Silly,just go,go!” Rosalie pushed him off

“I love you” Ricardo pecked her cheek and she rolled her eyes

“I promise I will listen to you if you call me okay? See you later,don’t get close to the sea,okay?” He said in a hurry and ran off to join some group of boys

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“Hey Ricardo!” Some girls screamed his name

“Popular jerk” Rosalie scoffed

She could see some of her school mates around too but she wasn’t just in the mood.

She moved away from the running sea and sat down on a rock,pressing her phone. Ricardo would turn back every minute from where he was to check if she was still there unknown to her

Rosalie’s phone suddenly rang out and the moment the name pop up on her screen,a wide smile escape her lips

“My flower” the voice said

“Cupcake” Rosalie smiled

“My Rosalie”

Her cheeks turned redder

“Where are you? You don’t sound too good” Francisco said on the phone

“I’m at the beach” Rosalie replied

“What?!! Why! Why would you go to the beach,isn’t it scary?” Francisco ranted on the phone

“I’m not really close to the sea,don’t worry about me….”

“I’m coming over…”

“No you can’t” Rosalie immediately said


“Coz my brother is here” Rosalie whispers

Well their parents is totally against dating before eighteen so her relationship is a secret,she told Ricardo about it but he doesn’t seem to be interested in knowing who Francisco is since he wouldn’t even like anyone she’s dating.

“Oh….he hates me” Francisco muttered sadly

“He doesn’t okay? He’s just trying to be a good boy” Rosalie said

“I can’t wait to become eighteen,then we will be free to do whatever we want….”

“Yeah” Rosalie smiled

“Promise never to leave me,I’m really going to marry you when we grow up” Francisco said and Rosalie chuckled

“I promise”

“I love you Rosalie”

“I love you Francis”

“Hearing your voice,I am really coming” Francisco suddenly said

“Fine,I will just move away from where my brother is,let’s meet at the other side of the beach” Rosalie said


Rosalie hanged up and immediately came down from the rock,she looked at Ricardo who was busy having fun and she quickly ran off.


“Why is he not here?” Rosalie mumbled as she paced around,this side is really silent unlike the other side of the beach.

She suddenly heard some footsteps behind her and she turned

“Francis……” She stopped when she saw Leonard instead

He’s Francisco’s best friend

“Oh,Leonardo” Rosalie immediately called with a smile

Leonard rolled his eyes and ignored her,Rosalie walked closer to him

“Where’s Francis? You came here together right? He should be here….”

“Can you just stay away and stop asking about him? Can’t you do that at least?” Leonard snapped

“Why? Aren’t we friends…..”

“You f**king choose him over me and you still expect us to be friends? What a joke” Leonard scoffed

Rosalie bit her bottom lip

“I’m sorry” she muttered

Leonard ignored her and moved closer to the water

“Hey,that’s harsh. I’m trying to make things right but you’re not helping,I’m sorry” Rosalie said to him

Leonard ignored her

“Hey….” Rosalie touched him

“Don’t touch me!” Leonard yelled and pushed her off

She fell heavily into the water

“Ahhhhh!!!!!” She screamed immediately the water touched her body

Instantly she started shaking in fear,she couldn’t move

“Leonard… me up please…..” She managed to talk as the sudden cold strikes her

Leonard scoffed

“Are you playing with me right now? You can’t get up on your own?” He asked

“Help…….” Her breathing starting seizing

Leonard eyes widened

“What’s wrong?? You really can’t get home?” He asked

“I…..I can’t……”

The moment,Leonard made to bend down,a sudden wave started coming

“F**k..” Leonard spat and took to his heels,he ran away from the water and when he turned back,it was all calm. And also no sight of Rosalie

“Rosalie?” Leonard called

No response,silence follow

“Rosalie!!” He shouted and ran back,she was gone,no sight of her

“Rosalie!!” He shouted

“What happened? Where’s she?” Francisco’s voice came from the back and Leonard turned

He was in tears and his whole body was shaking

“What happened?” Francisco asked


Francisco’s eyes widened

“What the f**k happened to her!!!!!!!” He yelled


“What?!!! What the h*ll are you talking about!!! Francisco grabbed his collar immediately,tears rolling down his eyes

“What did you do to her?!!! You bastard what did you do!!!” He yelled

“I’m….I’m….” Leonard couldn’t talk

Francisco released him and ran to the sea

“Rosalie!!! Rosalie!!!!” He called loudly and didn’t think twice before jumping into the sea

“Rosalie!!!” He kept screaming as he swim around as if to find her underneath the water

Leonard didn’t move from where he was standing,he was only crying

Francisco came out of the water when he found nothing,he was almost going crazy and the only thing he was thinking of was killing Leonard

“You pushed her…right?” He asked

“It was just a light push…..”

“Why would you push her into the water!!! Why!!! You murderer!!! She has aquaphobia!!! She’s scared of water!!!” Francisco yelled,crying out

Leonard swallowed

Francisco started walking away and Leonard followed him

“You’re not going to report me right?” He asked and Francisco glared at him

“I’m going to….”

“You can’t do that,I will be in trouble….” Francisco punched him and he fell on the ground

“Don’t ever appear in front of me again,I swear I will kill you” He said and walked away




Mariana coughed out water and opened her eyes,it was already dark and she was lying on the sand.

She sat up immediately and looked around

“Where am I?” She muttered

She was still trying to figure out what happened when she heard footsteps

She turned to see five guys walking toward her,they look like drunkards

She immediately stood up in fear,

“Hey hottie” One of the guys called and Mariana started moving backward as they walked toward her,their eyes filled with lust as they stared at her

She suddenly bumped her back into a body and she quickly turned,another guy was there,he licked his lips lustfully

“No!!!” Mariana screamed as he touched her

“Hey,don’t resist. You look hot”

In a twinkle of an eye,one of them was already forcing himself on her

“No please,let me go!!!” Mariana screamed,struggling

“Shut up bitch!!” He slapped her hard and her lips burst

“Leave me alone!!” Mariana kicked the first guy in his d**k with her boot and he groaned out loudly in pain before falling on the ground

“How dare you!!” The others yelled and started beating her up

“Help!!!!! Someone help please!!!!” Mariana screamed

“No!!! Please stop!!”

Loud screams of hers filled the air but nobody came to the rescue

“Kill her!!!” The one Mariana hurt shouted

The last thing she remembered was that they all got some planks from nowhere in their hands,hitting her anyhow,all over her body

Her face was totally destroyed and she couldn’t move from where she was,the last two planks landed on her head and that was when she finally lost her consciousness.





Mariana opened her eyes and tears rolled down from the two sides

“Ricardo” She called in a tiny voice which almost was soundless

Ricardo who was sitting on the seat next to the bed,his head down,he quickly raised his head up when he heard the tiny voice

“Rosalie!” He stood up immediately

“Are you okay?” He asked

“Silly twinnie” She called and Ricardo’s eyes widened

“I remember everything” Mariana muttered

“You….really remember everything?” He asked again and Mariana nodded

Ricardo immediately hugged her

The door burst open and her friends rushed in

“Mariana! You’re awake!” Octavia shouted

They began hugging her one after the other

“I was worried,really worried” Delaney muttered after they were done hugging her

“What happened exactly? How did you get into the pool?” Ricardo asked

She was about answering when the door opened and Leonard rushed in

“Riana” He called

“Are you okay?” He asked and tried touching her

“Don’t touch me” Mariana said and everyone’s eyes widened

Ricardo looked shocked and Leonard stopped his hand in the air,staring into Mariana’s eyes


“Stay away from me!!! Get lost!!! Don’t ever come near me!!! I hate you!!!!” She yelled,shaking in anger

They all gasped

The shock haven’t settled when Francisco entered

“Francis!!” Mariana screamed immediately and jumped out of bed before he even made a move to go to her

“Rosalie…..” Francisco called slowly and Mariana jumped on him,hugging him tightly

“It’s you…’s really you” She said,crying on his shoulder

Francisco smiled and wrapped his arms around her while everyone watched in total confusion

Leonard on the other hand was dying inwardly as he watched the scene in front of him.

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