Betrothed to a playboy episode 62 – 63

{ Falling For You… }

EPISODE 62πŸ’ž63

Summer Gold R.


Francisco and Mariana entered one of the empty classes and Francisco kissed her immediately,Mariana smiled into the kiss and reciprocated as they kissed each other hungrily.

Francisco lifted her up and she wrapped her legs around his waist while he held her butt

“You said you have something to tell me,Is this it?” Mariana smiled when they broke the kiss

“No,You are just irresistible” Francisco said

“Did I become more beautiful?” Mariana asked in a flirting voice

“I prefer my Rosalie’s face,but I don’t care even if your face changed. I love you”

“I love you more” Mariana smiled and hugged him

Francisco dropped her on one of the desks and he sighed sadly

“What’s wrong? Is it something bad?” Mariana asked worriedly and touched his cheek

“The truth is……I’m not the Francisco you used to know” Francisco muttered,avoiding her eyes

“What do you mean?” Mariana asked

“After what happened to you,l made up my mind never to have another girlfriend coz,we both promised each other to always be together no matter what,and then I promised never to allow Leonard to be happy either so….I was just blinded with anger and revenge….All Leonard’s past girlfriends…….I killed them all” Francisco said and finally looked up

Mariana kept quiet

Francisco sniffs as tears rolled down his eyes

“I almost killed you too……” He stopped and run his fingers into his hair

“I don’t know why I stopped but…..I just felt connected to you from the start. You were the reason why I came here,but I just wanted to have you because of my hatred for Leonard when I discovered that he’s in love with you……I just…..forgive me Mariana” Francisco went on his knees and Mariana’s eyes widened

“What are you doing?”

“I hate myself right now,thinking about it. I was at fault too,I should have just allowed you wait for Ricardo,I shouldn’t have insisted on meeting you,maybe everything would have been normal and…. ”

Mariana started wiping his tears

“Killing his girlfriends…..Was not the best thing to do” She said

“I know,but I couldn’t watch him live a good life. He have it all,He’s got a good career and everything……….I was all alone,you were all I got…” Francisco said in tears

Actually,he lost his parents even before he was a toddler.

“My Foster parents left just two months after you were gone too,,I was all alone but I know it doesn’t justify the fact that I’m a murderer…….I was depressed when I met those gangs and they helped me find a place to stay….I’ve done alot of bad things…..”

“That’s enough Francisco please” Mariana said

“But trust me,I quit them all already. The moment I met you,without knowing you as Rosalie,I quit and left them all before coming here” Francisco said

Mariana wiped his tears,she was also crying

“It’s okay,stop crying” she hugged him

“You don’t hate me?” Francisco asked

“I love you” Mariana muttered

“I love you more” Francisco said

“I don’t care whatever you’ve done,,so please stop talking about everything. I’m feeling too bad thinking about everything you went through without me beside you” Mariana said

“No,I’m more sad. I think about you everyday,every second. I always went insane,but you don’t even know about your real identity” Francisco said and Mariana pull his ear

“Are you trying to make me feel bad now?” She pushed him away

“So,you’ve never dated for the past seven years?” She questioned

“No” Fransisco answered

“No sluts?” Mariana asked

“Can’t mention the number of girls I’ve f**ked” Francisco replied and Mariana screamed

“You should have just give me a short answer!” She yelled

“I’m just being sincere” Francisco laughed

“I had just one boyfriend,Royce before I got engaged with Leonard” She muttered and looked at him

“Do you still love me as much as I do? I’m asking because I’m madly in love with you…..”

“I love you more than I love my life” Francisco said and Mariana smiled

She hugged him

“Thank you for waiting” she muttered

Francisco sighed,his eyes closed as he hugged her more tightly

“Let’s go eat lunch together” He said

“Not the school cafeteria….”

“Nope” Francisco chuckled

“Piggyback” She pouted and Francisco immediately turned and she got on his back

They left the class and started walking back to the hall,the students passing couldn’t stop staring at them

“I miss this so much” Mariana said and kissed his neck

“It’s not the same right now” Francisco said


“Coz you’ve added alot of weight,back then I always force you to eat remember?” Francisco said and Mariana laughed

“I was really slim” She said

“But I loved the way you always feel so light whenever I carried you” Francisco uttered

“Seriously Francis,are you saying I’m chubby now?” Mariana asked

“What if I say that?”

“I’m gonna bite your neck” Mariana said in a whisper and Francisco chuckled

“Gimme a love bite instead” Francis said in a low voice

“Naughty boyfie” Mariana pulled his hair

“Ouch,do you want a spank?!” Francisco shouted teasingly

“I love you” Mariana laughed,holding him more tightly.

They saw Leonard and Dior on their way and Leonard’s eyes followed them.

They got to the lecture hall,half of the students are gone since they have just one class for the day

“I want to be carried too!!” Octavia faked tears

“Me too!” Delaney said

“My bag” Mariana stretched her hand from Francisco’s back

“Seriously? Are you guys going to start oppressing us now?” Charlotte frowned as she handed Mariana’s bag to her

“Don’t be jealous,I can get you a boyfriend” Francisco said and Mariana smack his head

“Ouch!” Francisco laughed

“See you girls later,bye” Mariana waved at them and Francisco carried her out of the hall,still on his back.

“Awwwn,they look so cute together” Charlotte said dreamingly

“Yeah,but I feel bad for Leonard,my Leonard” Octavia sighed

“I’m happy for her,at least she’s in love with Francisco and he loves her too” Delaney said

“Girls,let’s go to my house,I’m gonna treat you all some meals”Charlotte said

“But,where’s Alexa?” Delaney suddenly asked and they all exchange glances

“Wait,that’s true.” Octavia said and immediately dialed Alexa’s number

Alexa answered the call

“Alexa?” Octavia called but was welcomed by Alexa’s cries

“What happened?!” Octavia shouted but Alexa only continue crying

Octavia hanged up and immediately stood up

“What happened?” Delaney asked

“I dunno,but she’s crying” Octavia said

“What?? Did she went home?” Charlotte asked

“I think so” Octavia said

“Let’s go to her then” Delaney suggested and they all went out of the hall..



Alexa was in the living room when the girls arrived,she was still in tears

“Alexa!” Octavia called and immediately dropped her bag as they ran to her

“What’s wrong? You were fine this morning” Delaney said and Alexa broke into more tears

“He left me….he….he…finally left me” She said,crying more.

“Who?” Charlotte asked and they exchanged glances

“Jeremy!!” Alexa cried out

“Oh” Octavia mumbled and hugged Alexa

“But,you guys aren’t dating right?” Charlotte asked,still looking confused

“But I love him” Alexa said,crying on Octavia’s shoulder

“You two really look good together,I almost thought you were dating so what happened exactly?” Delaney asked

“He said….he doesn’t want me anymore” Alexa hiccupped

“Gosh,heartbreak. But why would he do that?! Is he interested in Tessa? He keeps on supporting her and it’s f**king annoying” Octavia hissed

“I love him!!! I love him so much!!!” Alexa cried out

“Oh come on” Charlotte groaned

“I want him back,can you at least talk to him? I want him….”

“Alexa!!” Octavia shouted and Alexa continue crying like a baby

“F**k Jeremy” Charlotte spat

“I’m gonna make you something to eat,pull yourself together please” Octavia said and Charlotte followed while Delaney stayed with Alexa



Jeremy got home and was welcomed by Tessa who has been waiting

“Finally you’re home” She said happily and walked to him

Jeremy sighed

“Why are you here?” He asked

“Pizza” She raised the box up

“I don’t like eating pizzas” Jeremy said,walking in

“What? You always asked me to bring you pizza even when it’s late” Tessa said,going after him

“I never ate them Tessa” Jeremy said and she stopped

He faced her

“So,you’re saying,you were only punishing and stressing me?” Tessa asked sadly,staring into his eyes

“That’s right” Jeremy responded and Tessa bite her bottom lip

“You must have hated me a lot” She mumbled,looking down

Jeremy walked closer and took the pizza box from her

“Let’s eat this together” He said and Tessa immediately raised her head up

“Really?” She asked and Jeremy nodded

Tessa smiled and sat down

“Wait here” Jeremy said and left the living room

He returned with drinks

“You don’t really have to come here,waiting for me” He said as he sat down

Tessa got up and sat down close to him

“So you’re going to let me come here anytime I want?” She asked,bringing her face closer

Jeremy stared at her lips and then looked away

“I’m saying,you don’t have to come here again” He muttered and Tessa’s mood changed

“Why? Aren’t we friends?” She asked

“We can be friends without you coming here….”

“I told you I’m in love with you” Tessa said

“But I’m in love with someone else” Jeremy said and tears rolled down Tessa’s eyes


“Alexa” Jeremy replied and Tessa blinked out more tears

“I thought….you feel the same way” She stammered

“That’s what I thought,but I can’t get my mind off her. We might not understand each other so much,but I still love her” Jeremy said

“But…you changed me. You are the only one who understands me,I’m in love with you” Tessa said in tears

“I’m sorry okay? Just….forget about me and don’t change back to the old Tessa I know” Jeremy said

Tessa immediately hugged him

“As long as she love you as much as I do,I don’t mind. But can we be best friends? You’re the only one I have right now,I don’t want to lose you too” Tessa said

Jeremy wrapped his arms around her

“Sure,best friend” He said and Tessa broke the hug

Jeremy wiped her tears

“I’m going to try getting over you,I promise” She sniffs and Jeremy nodded

“So,are you dating her now?” She asked and Jeremy shook his head

“I told her I don’t have any feelings for her again” he replied

“What?! Are you crazy?” Tessa frowned

“I guess I am” Jeremy smiled

“I’m sure you broke her heart,call her” Tessa said

“I don’t want to,I will just do that later” Jeremy smirked

“Gosh,you will receive another slap from her” Tessa said and they both laughed

“I wish she can be less jealous,well I don’t blame her,I’m kinda hot” Jeremy said and Tessa smack his head

“Hot my foot…”

“You were crushing” Jeremy said

“Not anymore!” Tessa yelled and they laughed again

‘I still love you,but I’m sure I will get over it soon….right??’ Tessa said inwardly,staring into his eyes

Jeremy broke the eye contact and opened the pizza box,he turned back to Tessa and she kissed his cheek

“I will try my best not to kiss your lips,just gimme more time” She said and Jeremy rough her hair

“Let’s eat,I’m starving…..I’m eating this just because of you” He said and Tessa smiled

“You’re gonna be stuck after eating this,trust me” She smirked



“F**k Rosalie,gosh!” Francisco groaned as he dropped Mariana on the bed

They’ve been out having fun all day and eventually she fell asleep

“She’s so heavy” He muttered and adjusted her properly,he kissed her lips

“Are you saying your rose flower is heavy? That’s harsh” Mariana said and opened her eyes

“I love you” Francisco chuckled and kissed her deeply

“You’re like my sleeping pills,I’m so sleepy,stay right beside me” She said sleepily

“Sure,go to sleep” Francisco kissed her head

“I love you Francis” Mariana said

“I love you more baby,so crazily in love with you” Francisco said

Mariana smiled before closing her eyes.


Leonard was busy drinking in the cellar

‘I hate you!!!’

Those words from Mariana kept ringing in his head,he couldn’t even go to his mom for the dinner she told him about

He couldn’t stop thinking about her but the fact that she now detest him make him feel like dying

Suddenly,his phone buzzed. He reluctantly took the phone.


He was surprised to see the message from Francisco,another message came up and it’s the meet up place

Leonard didn’t think twice before getting up,he left the house immediately.


Leonard met Francisco standing,obviously waiting for him.

Francisco turned to face him and there was silence until he broke the silence

“Try making her fall in love with you” He said and Leonard gave him a confused look

“I’m leaving” Francisco added

“Why?” Leonard asked

“Because…….You deserve her better than me” Francisco said and Leonard was quiet

“I feel bad too,I killed all your girlfriends,thinking my Rosalie is dead,but I was wrong. I won’t let you lose her the second time,I’m going to give up on her,so take care of her when I’m gone” Francisco said

“She’s in love with you,not me” Leonard said

“I love her more than my life” Francisco said and Leonard looked down

“I know” He muttered

“It’s a pity…..” Francisco said,wiping the drop of tears from his eyes

“Do you really have to leave?” Leonard asked

“She won’t get over me if I don’t” he replied

“I love her” Leonard said

“I’m insanely addicted to her” he added and Francisco smiled

“It’s crazy how we always fall in love with the same girl” he said

Leonard hugged him

“I’m sorry,it’s all my fault” he muttered

“No,I’m more sorry. You deserve her better” Francisco said,patting his back

“When are you leaving?” Leonard asked

“Tomorrow morning,I’m sure she will wanna come to the airport after she read my note,so be there for her” Francisco said and Leonard nodded

“Wanna have a drink together?” Leonard asked

Francisco smiled and nodded

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“Francis?” Mariana moaned sleepily and touched her right side but it was empty

“Francis” She pouted and finally opened her eyes when she got no response

She sat up

“Francisco!” She called and left the bedroom

She searched for him everywhere but nothing,she ran back in and took her phone

“How can he leave me home?” She said and dialed his number

She was still trying to call when her eyes caught with the note on the table beside the bed.

She took it immediately


“NO!!!!” Mariana screamed and continue reading with shaking hands


“Francis!!” She threw the note away and ran out of the house in tears

Lucky for her,she got a taxi immediately

“Airport,hurry up please!!” She shouted

Minutes later,they got to the airport,she didn’t even remember to give the man money before running off

“Francis!!!!” She was screaming as she ran

She searched all over the airport,crying her eyes out

“How can I help you miss?” One of the airport attendants asked

“I……I don’t….I don’t know where he went to” Mariana broke into more tears and squatted

“Francis…..” She stuttered painfully

She was there for some minutes until a hand touched her shoulder

“Francis!” She called and immediately got up only to find Leonard

Even though half of his face was almost covered from the cap he was wearing,she knew it was him


“Get away from me!” She shouted and turned again

“Francis!!!” She cried

Leonard pulled her into a hug forcefully while she struggled out of his grip

“He’s gone….but I’m here for you,trust me” Leonard said

“Leave me alone..stay away…from me” Mariana hiccupped, but Leonard didn’t let go

Slowly she gave up and allowed him hug her,she started crying against his chest while he hugged her tightly


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