Betrothed to a playboy episode 64 – 65

{ Falling For You… }


Summer Gold R.



“Gosh!! Finally test is over!!” Alexa yawned tiredly and stretched her arms

“Can’t believe you’re like this coz of three days test” Delaney roll her eyes

“Not everyone is gonna be like you and Charlotte please,I’m not brilliant and I won’t ever deny that” Alexa scoffed

Mariana walked out of the test hall without saying a word to any of them and they sighed

“Are we really gonna keep quiet this way? She’s being like this for a whole f**king week,it’s not funny anymore” Charlotte said

“Ion know,just give her more time,you know what happened the last time we tried talking to her” Octavia muttered

“The camp trip to Spain is coming in a week but she said she won’t be there” Delaney sighed

“Ricardo too,I guess he said that because of Mariana” Charlotte muttered

“How the f**k can we change her mind?!” Alexa groaned

“By bringing Francisco” Octavia said

“Never! Leonard is here for her,stop talking about Francis or I’m gonna cry coz he’s the cause of everything right now” Delaney hissed

“We need new clothes for the camp,when are we going shopping?” Octavia grinned

“And Alexa,what’s wrong with your eyes? Did you cry again?” Charlotte asked

“We saw Jeremy and Tessa earlier…..”

“Don’t talk about it,I don’t want to talk about those two please…” Alexa muttered sadly and the girls exchanged glances,smiling secretly.

“I will just accept that Tessa is prettier…..He’s definitely attracted to her beauty. But… could he do this to me?” She sniffs

All of a sudden,the girls phones buzzed at a time

“Stop crying,We have a surprise for you” Octavia moved to her back

“My appetite is gone” Alexa said

“It’s not about food,hurry!!” Delaney said and Octavia immediately covered Alexa’s eyes with her palms

“What’s going on?” Alexa asked confusingly

“Don’t worry,just move” Octavia smiled and they started walking

“If this is meaningless,consider yourself dead,you all” Alexa threatened

“Kill us baby,we are all yours” Charlotte moaned and they laughed

Finally they entered a class and Octavia bought down her hands,Alexa blinked and opened her eyes.

“Surprise!!!!!!!!!!!!!” The students in the class shouted and Alexa gasped seeing the words written on the wall


Written in capital letters,Tessa came forward first with a flower banquet which surprised Alexa

“Tessa?” She called with wide eyes

Tessa smiled

“Accept this” she said ,handing the flower to her And Alexa took it,still looking confused until Jeremy finally showed up

A gasp escape Alexa’s lip as he walked closer

“Jeremy” She whispers

Jeremy stopped in front of her

“If it’s not too late……..Alexa,Will you be my…….”

“Yesssss!!!!!!!” Alexa screamed before he could finish,she dropped the flower in her hands and jumped on him

“Yes Jeremy,I love you” She said,tears rolling down her eyes

🗣 Whoaaa!!!!!!!!

🗣 I’m jealous!!!!

🗣 Awwwwwnnnn!!!!

Everyone started clapping as the new couples hugged each other

“Gosh,I searched all over before I get this perfect flower” Tessa groaned as she picked the flower Alexa dropped

“Stop being extra,it’s my money not yours” Jeremy said and Tessa glared at him

“But I was the one who was stressed!” She snapped

“I would have sent someone else!” Jeremy snapped back and Tessa scoffed

Jeremy dropped Alexa and she took the flower back from Tessa

“But…..what are you two?? I thought…”

“We are friends” Tessa smiled and Alexa was surprised,she quickly faced her friends who were laughing

“You guys!!!! You all knew about this right?!” She shouted

“It was supposed to be a surprise,sorry!!!” They chorused

Alexa turned back to Jeremy

“You jerk……I almost lost my mind” She said in tears

“I’m sorry” Jeremy muttered,wiping her tears

“I really love you a lot….I’m sorry…..”

“No,I should apologize for making you cry. I’m sorry” Jeremy cut in

🗣 Kiss!!!!!

🗣 Kiss!!!!!

🗣 Kiss!!!!

“Gosh,this is not high school please!” Tessa groaned

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Jeremy immediately lifted Alexa up and slammed his lips on her own,she responded to the kiss hungrily and it was as if they are the only ones in the class right now

🗣 Gosh!!

🗣 We said just a light kiss

🗣 I can’t believe them right now

Everyone started walking out of the class one after the other leaving them to do their thing.

The kiss took almost fifteen minutes before they broke it,their lips look so red and swollen already.

“Your lips” Alexa chuckled with a flushed cheek

“I still want more” Jeremy said

“Hey,this is a school…..”

“Then let’s go to my place” Jeremy said immediately and Alexa smiled before nodding

“Let’s go” She said,she was expecting Jeremy to drop her but instead,he hung her on her shoulder,running out of the class

“Hey Jeremy what are you doing?!” Alexa asked,tapping his back

“Everyone!!! She’s my girlfriend!!!” Jeremy screamed

“Isn’t she beautiful?!!”

The students passing stopped to watch them

“Jeremy,are you crazy?”

“I need to do this so everyone will know we aren’t available any longer” Jeremy whispers

“Finally she said yes!!!!” He shouted and Alexa flushed with embarrassment as the students stared at them

🗣 Awwwn they are so cute

🗣 Gosh I wish I’m the one

🗣 Jeremy!!!!!

🗣 He’s so handsome

“Hey! Stop it,some girls are busy staring at how handsome you are! It’s annoying!!” Alexa screamed

Jeremy laughed and dropped her in the car

“Hey Jealous girlfriend,I’m scared you might go and learn kungfu if you continue this way,I’m all yours,I promise” He said

“You better be sure” Alexa scoffed

“Only you” Jeremy said

“Me too,I love only you” Alexa smiled

Jeremy quickly pecked her lips before getting into the car with her and he sped off.


Mariana walked out of the cafeteria and checked the time on her phone

“We are supposed to meet mom today right? Why isn’t he calling?” She muttered and almost dialed Ricardo’s number but she stopped

“He might be busy” She sighed

“Mari” She heard Nico’s voice and she immediately turned

“Oh Nico” She smiled

“Finally you smiled at me” Nico exhaled excitedly

“I’m sorry” Mariana muttered

Nico chuckled and they started walking together

“How was your test? No,I shouldn’t be asking,you will definitely kill it,smartest student” Mariana said.

“What about you?” Nico asked

“Did my best,but I’m not hoping for the best result coz I didn’t study” Mariana shook her head and Nico stopped walking

“Why? Did you find it hard to study? You should have told me,studying together is the best….”

“I just didn’t want to,my head hurts,my heart races unusually,my brain is so hot and I hated everything around me so badly.” Mariana said

Nico sighed and hugged her gently

“Be fine” He muttered

“Well I’m okay now” Mariana said and Nico broke the hug

Mariana’s phone started ringing and she took her phone immediately,it’s a strange number but she answered the call and moved back a bit,a minute later she came back to Nico

“Are you leaving already? I have to go” she said

“Oh okay,see you later” Nico said

Mariana smiled and waved at him before walking away.



“What do you mean by you won’t be going to Spain?? You clearly agreed when I told you” The director said

“I changed my mind” Leonard said

“How?!! We have just one week left Leonard,what is wrong with you?” The company director groaned

“Must I be there?? You have Angelo and Jessica already,I don’t have to go” Leonard said

“Hey Collins,you should talk to him. He’s acting so arrogant right now,why the sudden change of heart? We already sold out over one million tickets,everyone is eager to see you perform and now you’re telling me you changed your mind? Think about your fans!” The company manager shouted

Leonard rolled his eyes

Collins phone rang and he turned to Leonard

“Come with me” He grabbed his hand

“Hey,do you want to get fired?” Leonard asked as Collins pulled him out of the office

He wanted to say more but stopped when he saw Mariana standing right in front of them

“Riana?” He called,staring at Mariana deeply

“I’m glad you’re here,can you please talk to him?” Collins asked

Leonard kept staring at Mariana without saying a word

“I couldn’t tell you sooner coz of our test,I will be going to Spain,I will register my name tomorrow,and I want to watch you perform,too sad you won’t be going” Mariana pouted sadly

“Really? You will be going?” Leonard asked and Mariana nodded

“Hey Collins,tell the director I will gladly go to Spain” Leonard said and Mariana smiled

Collins winked at Mariana before running off

“I still can’t believe you would come here” Leonard said,walking closer to her

“I had no choice,you’re acting silly right now. Why in the world would you do that just because I’m not going?” Mariana scoffed

“Because I want to stay with you here” Leonard replied,staring into her eyes

Mariana looked away

“You don’t have to do that,but I will be going. I want to have alot of fun” she smiled

Leonard pulled her into a hug

“Do you wanna have lunch with me?” He asked

“I already ate something” Mariana muttered and he broke the hug

Leonard’s phone buzzed and he immediately checked

He turned to Mariana

“Did something happened?” She asked curiously

“It’s Dior,they found Winter” Leonard replied and Mariana’s eyes widened

“Was she really hiding?” She asked

“Seems so” Leonard immediately grabbed her hand and they both left the company together



Leonard and Mariana both ran into the station together,Ricardo and Dior saw them immediately

“Oh,Rosalie. I was about calling you” Ricardo said

“You two were together?” Dior asked,smiling and Leonard nodded

Leonard and Ricardo made eyes contacts

Ricardo looked away and turned to Mariana

“Where’s she?” Mariana asked

“Oh,come on” Dior said,leading the way

They walked to the two cops standing

“Is she the….victim?” The female cop asked,looking at Mariana

“That’s right” Dior answered

Winter was brought out,she had handcuffs in her hands

“You devil!” Mariana shouted and didn’t waste time before slapping Winter hard on the face and her hair scattered all over her face

Ricardo pulled her back gently while Mariana kept glaring at her

“You said…the victim has aquaphobia….”

“She can’t swim either and this criminal is well aware of everything” Dior said,glaring at Winter who was crying bitterly

“Then it’s an attempted murder” the male cop said

“That’s right” Leonard nodded

“It depends on the victim to make a choice since she’s fine. Taking a step is definitely going to ruin her career….”

“No,you don’t have to let anyone find out. You can keep her here for at least three weeks” Mariana said

“Two months” Dior snapped

“I’m sorry” Winter said tearfully

“You did everything because of Leonard,so you think he would fall in love with you now? You’re so dumb baby girl and I regret being your best friend” Dior said and stormed out of the station

“We will keep her here”

Ricardo sighed

“Aren’t we meeting mom today?” Mariana asked

“It’s late,let’s go there early tomorrow morning. You’re the one procrastinating since all these days anyway” Ricardo said

“I’m nervous” Mariana sighed

After a while,they left the station together.

Ricardo entered the car waiting for Mariana

“See you later” Mariana said to Leonard and he grabbed her hand

“Do you wanna come over tonight?” He asked and Mariana looked at him

She nodded

“Promise? Don’t break it this time” Leonard said and Mariana pushed his chest

“Now you’re tagging me as the bad person?” She asked and Leonard smiled

“I’m afraid you won’t show up” He said

“Why? Are you scared of sleeping alone?” Mariana smirked

“Yes I’m scared of sleeping alone so I want to sleep right beside you” Leonard said

Mariana nodded

“Bye” She muttered and entered the car

Ricardo drove off as Leonard was about waving to her

“Gosh,He’s too hard to deal with” Dior groaned and Leonard faced her

“I know right?”

“But don’t worry,since Mariana isn’t mad at you anymore,he wouldn’t have any choice” Dior said

“I miss him a lot” Leonard muttered

“I miss you two together” Dior sighed

“So,have you finally changed your mind?? About the trip,come on I can’t be the only one there” Dior pouted

“Oh don’t worry baby face,I will be there” Leonard said and Dior immediately hugged him

“What if your boyfriend is watching?” Leonard asked and Dior slap his arm

“You’re my friend and I’ve been hugging you before we started dating,okay?!” She snapped

“Yes boss” Leonard winked and Dior smiled



Mariana walked into the house quietly,the living room was empty. She was almost climbing the stairs when she started inhaling some aroma

“Is the maid here?” She muttered and turned toward the kitchen,she entered and was surprised to see Leonard

“Leonardo!” She called and Leonard turned

He was wearing the kitchen apron but as Leonardo,he was looking as hot as always

“Oh,Riana you’re here” He smiled handsomely

“Seriously,you’re cooking? Are you joking?” Mariana asked and walked closer

“I’m just preparing the fastest food I know……noodles” Leonard said

“Let me take a look…..”

“No!!” Leonard pulled her back

“Are you sure you’re not cooking rubbish?” Mariana mocked

“Let’s see to that,just wait here and don’t say a word” Leonard said and carried her

Mariana chuckled and also cling unto him

“Trying to be the hot chef?” She asked

Leonard dropped her on the kitchen cabinet

“Just watch me okay?” He winked

Mariana nodded but he didn’t move,he kept on staring at her

“What,aren’t you cooking?” Mariana asked

“I thought I won’t see you this close again” Leonard muttered and her eyes became soft

“It’s barely two weeks” She muttered,looking down

“It seems like two years to me,I missed you alot and it even became worst when you told me you hate me….”

“Can we not talk about that?” Mariana muttered and he nodded

“As long as you’re back…..”

“I missed you too” Mariana cut him off

“Really?” He smiled and she nodded

“And I’m sorry for saying those hurtful words to you,I’m sorry for making you cry,I just….couldn’t control myself…and I’m sorry for breaking my promise…..”

Leonard cut her off with a kiss and she became still,he moved back

“You don’t have to be sorry,I was the one who is always between you two,but can you just give me a chance to prove my love for you? I’ve been acting really crazy trying to hide my feelings but I can’t do that anymore. I’m in love with you….you know that right?” He said,leaning close to her

Mariana was lost staring into his eyes

She ruffles his hair and cupped his face

“Just kiss me or I’m gonna fall sick” Leonard muttered

“What if I want you to fall sick?” Mariana asked

“Then it’s definitely a lovesickness” Leonard said and Mariana chuckled

“Silly playboy….”

“We had a deal remember? I’m no longer a playboy” Leonard said and Mariana smiled

Slowly their lips collided against each other In a crazy intensity.

His mouth devoured hers,kissing,teasing,nipping and sucking,tongue dueling against each other with soft bites on their lips. It was so lit and hot with raw desires all over their bodies.

“F**k” Leonard groaned against Mariana’s lips and curled his hand in her hair,he stopped kissing her for a second but his face was still close,his eyes still locked on her red lips

“You’re literally going to be the death of me,I’m f**king addicted to you” He mumbled against her lips

“I’m addictive,really addictive” Mariana smiled and he kissed her harder

Mariana started inhaling the smell of the burning noodles but she couldn’t bring herself to break the kiss,she was still thinking about that when she felt Leonard carried her and her legs curled around his waist without breaking the kiss,he walked to the cooker and turned it off

Mariana broke the kiss

“So you smelt that?” She asked and he nodded

“But this is more important right now” Leonard said and their lips locked again

Their bodies moving to the sexual tunes as they find their way upstairs,Mariana was already unbuttoning his shirt while they moan into each others mouths.

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