Betrothed To A Playboy

Betrothed to a playboy episode 69 – 70

{ Falling For You… }

EPISODE 69πŸ’ž70

Summer Gold R.



“So you’re saying my daughter will have to undergo a surgery too?” Mrs Andrew asked

“Yes ma’am,but for now she can’t” The Doctor replied


“If the surgery is done now,there might be a problem so I’m gonna prescribe a drug for her to use for the next two months” The Doctor said

“So after two months,the surgery will be done?” Mrs Andrew asked and the Doctor nodded



“Are you okay now?” Ricardo asked,squeezing Mariana’s hand gently

“Yeah” Mariana muttered

“Can you at least stop shouting and crying? It’s not good for your health and you know that” Ricardo said

“I wish I can help it” Mariana said and lay back on the bed

“Just try,please. I’m worried about Leonard too,I don’t want you getting hurt because of that” Ricardo said and Mariana nodded

The door opened and Jeremy came in with Jace

“Ricardo” Jeremy called and he looked up

“Is there a problem?” Ricardo asked

“It’s about the person who shot Leonard…..” Jeremy tap Jace and he stopped talking

“Let’s just talk outside” Jeremy said and Mariana immediately sat up

“No,you are talking here,right here” she said

“I heard about your heart problem….” Jeremy said

“So what? I am involved in all these also,as we all know,I am the killer’s target okay? Leonard only took the bullet for me,He’s in that state coz of me so anything you’re going to say,I should know everything” Mariana said and Jeremy sighed

“So,did you find out anything about him?” Ricardo asked

“Yeah,it’s Nico’s dad” Jace said and Mariana’s eyes grew wide

“What?!” Ricardo got up from his seat

“Nico…..Nico’s dad?” Mariana asked again

“Yes” Jace said

“Why would Nico’s dad wanna kill my sister? Why?” Ricardo asked

“Nico told us himself that….his father thought Mariana is his girlfriend,somehow and she’s a distraction” Jeremy said

“Distraction? I don’t get” Mariana said

Jeremy and Jace both kept quiet

“Say something” Mariana said

“Nico is actually the assassin we’ve all been hearing about” Jeremy said

Mariana and Ricardo’s eyes grew wide immediately

“That’s not true right? Tell me you’re lying” Mariana said.

“It’s the truth” Jace said

“So,what are you guys planning to do? You’re not reporting Nico right?” Mariana shook her head

“No,his dad” Jeremy replied

“Are you saying his father have been threatening him to kill?? And he’s been doing that?” Ricardo asked

“He have his mother in his captivity” Jeremy said and Mariana gasped

The door opened and Dior came in

“It’s time for Leonard’s surgery” She said

Mariana immediately jumped down from the bed,she rushed out of the ward immediately

They all followed and they bumped into the nurses taking Leonard out of the recent ward,his whole face was covered up with bandage

Mrs Briggs was in tears

“Son” She whispers,her word breaking,tears rolling down her eyes as she watched them take Leonard into the surgery room.

“He will be fine mom” Mariana said and pulled her into a hug

“I hope his love for you bring her back,I hope so” Mrs Briggs cried on Mariana’s shoulder

Ricardo moved closer to Collins and two directors from Leonard’s company

“So,any news from the cops?” Ricardo asked

“I don’t think so,but they said they will keep trying” One of the directors said

“I think he will be found soon” Ricardo said

“Really? How?” Collins asked immediately

“I don’t want to talk about it” Ricardo said

Collins sighed out and roughed his hair



“What do you mean by you can’t find any trace?!! How!!” The general yelled at the two cops standing

“We are sorry sir….”

“Stop the apology and do the right job!” The general yelled angrily

A sergeant entered the office

“You have a visitor sir” He said

“You two,get out” The general said to the two cops standing and they went out

“Bring them in” He said and sat down

The sergeant left the office and minutes later,Tessa and Alexa walked into the office

The general moved closer from his seat

“Hello ladies” He said and they bowed

“Have your seats” He smiled

Tessa and Alexa sat down immediately

“How may I help you?” The general asked

“We are here to give a report” Tessa said and the general sat down properly


“It’s about the popular mystic assassin” Tessa said

“Really? You know who he is?” The general asked

“No,one of our mates is a victim and he knows where the killer lives” Tessa said

“What are we waiting for then?” The general stood up immediately

“We are going to give you the address,but please our friend is a victim,we don’t want him to get hurt,please” Alexa said

“You can trust us” The general said

Tessa and Alexa exchanged glances,they nodded

Tessa immediately brought out her phone and showed him the supposed address.



A meeting was going on among the other gangs,Red in their middle. They are all preparing for another mission when suddenly the door opened and Nico came in

“Finally you decided to come back” Red let out a smirk

“I’m sorry for declining your calls” Nico muttered

“Really? Are you here because I threatened to kill your crush?” Red asked and Nico nodded

“I promise to do whatever you want from now on” Nico said and Red grinned wickedly

“Good,move closer” He said and Nico nodded

He was checking the time frequently as the meeting was going on

After about thirty minutes,the door suddenly opened

“Freeze!!!!” The cops shouted,all pointing their guns at the gang members

They all trembled and Red looked at Nico angrily

“You son of a b*tch!!!” He yelled and almost hit Nico but immediately one of the cops shot his right leg

“Ahh!” Red groaned and grabbed his leg

“You all!! Your hands on your head and move!!!”

Slowly they all started walking out while a cop pushed Red forward even with his bloody leg.



Everyone was in the waiting room,Mrs Briggs and Mariana are both in the hospital chapel since the surgery started,they’ve been praying.

Mrs Briggs was crying so hard while praying,Mariana was also praying silently,slow tears rolling down her eyes.

The chapel door opened gently and Dior came in with Octavia

Mariana opened her eyes

“The surgery is over” Dior said and Mrs Briggs opened her eyes

“How….how…how was it?” She stammered

“The Doctor said the surgery went well” Octavia said

“Thank you lord” Mrs Briggs said in a whisper before getting up

They all ran out of the chapel,Leonard was being pushed on the stretcher back into the ward

Mrs Briggs grabbed the Doctor’s hand

“How’s my son? Please” She asked

“The surgery went well,and we hope he wakes up soon enough” The doctor replied and she sighed out

“He will,my son will wake up” she said

“Can I see him?” She asked

“Yes you can go into the ward,but silence please” The doctor said

“Thank you” Mrs Briggs said

The Doctor bowed shortly and walked away

Mariana moved closer

“He said we can go in?” She asked

“Yes we can” Mrs Briggs smiled sadly and Mariana hugged her

“It’s okay mom” She said and Mrs Briggs rub her back

“You should be resting,I was informed about your illness,you shouldn’t stress yourself….”

“No….he’s in that condition because of me..I’m not going to rest until he’s awake” Mariana said

“let’s go see him together” Mrs Briggs said and they both walked into ward together.

The life support machine was beeping and the oxygen mask was used on him also.

Mrs Briggs immediately moved closer to him and took his hand

“Son” She called in a whisper and sniffed in her tears

Mariana also touched him

‘Please wake up soon’ she said inwardly

They were there for about ten minutes already when the door opened and Ricardo came in

Mrs Briggs and Mariana turned

“They caught them” Ricardo said

“Who?” Mariana asked

“Nico’s dad and his gangs” Ricardo said and Mariana immediately got up

“The person who want Mariana dead?” Mrs Briggs asked and Ricardo nodded

“We should go to the station” Mariana said

“Yeah,we are on our way already. Wanna come along?” He asked

Mariana turned to Mrs Briggs and she nodded

“Go,I will stay here. Collins is outside too so don’t worry about me and my son,go figure things out” Mrs Briggs said

Mariana smiled and hugged her before going out with Ricardo

“Is everyone going?” Mariana asked

“Tessa and Alexa are there,so we are going too” Jeremy said and Octavia hold Mariana’s hand as they walked out of the hospital together

Collins was still in the waiting room

Jace,Octavia and Dior entered Jeremy’s car while Mariana,Delaney and Charlotte entered Ricardo’s car.

Ricardo was almost starting the car when Mrs Andrew showed up

“Mom” Mariana immediately called and opened the door,she came down of the car

“I’m coming with you” Mrs Andrew said

“But mom,you should take a rest…..”

“No,I need to see the murderer who want my daughter dead,I need to see his face” Mrs Andrew said and Mariana looked at Ricardo

“She has a car” Ricardo muttered and drove off without saying more

Mariana sighed and turned to her

“Let’s go in your car” She said and Mrs Andrew nodded



Tessa turned to Nico beside her,he was looking so nervous and scared that his hands were shaking

She hold his hand and Nico faced her

“You don’t have to be nervous,trust me everything will be fine” She said

“I’m scared,I’m a murderer anyway,I don’t deserve any mercy…..”

“Don’t say that please,I know you wouldn’t have done that without any reason” she said

“You don’t even know how many people I’ve killed,you don’t know” Nico muttered,tears rolling down his eyes

Alexa sighed

“Hey Nico,stop tearing up. I love your cold face more than this” She said


Everyone was present already,including Mrs Andrew and Mariana

All waiting to see Red

Seconds later,two cops dragged Red out of the cell like a criminal he is

His eyes met with Nico’s own

“Hello son” He let out his usual weird smile and Nico took his lip in

Meanwhile,Mrs Andrew couldn’t take her eyes off Red and suddenly….

“Sammy?” She called and everyone turned to her in confusion

Red also turned and his eyes met with hers

“Olivier?” He called

“What’s going on? Don’t tell me you know him mom” Mariana immediately said while everyone was quietly waiting for Mrs Andrew’s response

“It’s you….Obviously you can never change from being a criminal” Mrs Andrew said

“Do you know my dad?” Nico asked and Mrs Andrew faced him

“Your dad?” She asked and Nico nodded

Mrs Andrew immediately faced Red with wide eyes while he tried to avoid her gaze

“Don’t tell me it’s what I’m thinking” She said with an angry glare

Red kept quiet but Mrs Andrew grabbed him immediately

“Tell me!!!” She yelled

Everyone exchanged glances

“Tell me that’s not Ronald” She said

“It’s him” Red said and Mrs Andrew staggered

Mariana and Nico hold her immediately

“Mom what’s going on? Why are you having a conversation with that murderer? He almost killed me” Mariana said and Mrs Andrew turned to Nico

Tears started rolling down her eyes and she touched Nico’s face

“Ronald” she called while Nico stared at her in confusion

“My son” Mrs Andrew cried and everyone gasped

“What do you mean by your son?” Ricardo and Mariana asked at the same time

Mrs Andrew faced them with teary eyes

“Actually……I gave birth….to triplets” She said

πŸ—£ What the f**k?!!!

TB Continued..

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