Betrothed To A Playboy

Betrothed to a playboy episode 71 – 72

{ Falling For You… }

EPISODE 71πŸ’ž72

Summer Gold R.


“Trip…lets?” Ricardo and Mariana asked again and Mrs Andrew nodded

“So what are you trying to say?” Mariana asked

“I’m saying….He’s your brother” Mrs Andrew said,pointing at Nico

Mariana’s eyes widened

“I think you’re mistaken,I have my own mom” Nico said

“Mom?” Mrs Andrew asked and faced Red back,everyone also turned to hear him

“She’s not your mom” Red spoke up and Nico’s breath seized immediately

He walked closer slowly to Red,uncontrollable tears running down his eyes

“What…….what…are……you talking…about?” He stammered

“I’m sorry son…..”

“Stop calling me your son!!” Nico yelled

“She’s just someone who took Care of you when I left with you” Red said

“Meaning….you took him from mom? How?” Mariana asked

“Wait,please don’t tell me this man is our dad” Ricardo said and Mrs Andrew faced them

“It’s him” She said Ricardo fold his fists

“Then….why did you tell us he’s dead? And why was Nico with him,not you?” Mariana asked

“He took him away from me” Mrs Andrew said in tears and Red looked down

“He took my baby from me….you were barely five months. I was pregnant for him but he denied being the father of my unborn babies,I lived alone,suffered all alone till I gave birth to you. After four months,some gunmen came to attack me in my own house,they took Ronald away,just him. I almost died from the pains,until I received a message from Sammy telling me he has his son,that was how I knew the type of job he was into,he’s nothing but a criminal!!!” Mrs Andrew cried

“I’m sorry” Red said

“Are you saying you’ve been threatening me…….with a woman who is nothing to me?!! Is that it?!” Nico shouted,more tears rolling down

“I’m sorry” Red said and Nico shook his head

“No….no…” He turned and ran out of the station house immediately

“Nico!” Mariana ran after him and Ricardo went after Mariana

“Nico wait!” Mariana called but Nico ignored her calls,he entered his car and sped off roughly

“Nico!!” Mariana screamed

Ricardo got to her and sighed out

“I told you to stop screaming….”

“Get the car,let’s follow him! Hurry!” Mariana said

“And why should I do that?” Ricardo asked

“You heard everything,He’s our brother!” Mariana snapped

“So what?”

“He might do something crazy to himself don’t you get?!!” Mariana yelled

Ricardo sighed and started walking to the car,Mariana ran after him immediately and they both entered the car,Ricardo drove off.



Mrs Briggs walked out of Leonard’s ward and closed the door behind her gently,the moment she turned,she was covered up by numbers of reporters

πŸŽ™ Hello Mrs Briggs!

πŸŽ™ Please can you tell us what’s going on?

πŸŽ™ What state is Leonardo right now?

πŸŽ™ Will he be okay?

πŸŽ™ His fans are dying to know about his condition

πŸŽ™ Please say something!!

πŸŽ™ Can we see him at least for a second?

Mrs Briggs covered her eyes from the flashlights

πŸŽ™ Please say something to us

“My son will be awake soon,I have faith in that. His surgery went well and he will be fine,can you please stop the noises? He doesn’t need it right now please” Mrs Briggs said

πŸŽ™ More information please

Collins rushed in with some bodyguards,he held Mrs Briggs hand,pulling her from the midst of the reporters while the guards ushered the reporters out of the hospital

Mrs Briggs sat down on the bench,her face buried

“Are you okay ma’am?” Collins asked and she nodded

“I’m just glad” She said and raised her head

“I’m glad there are more than thousands of people out there who are worried about my son,I know he’s going to fight more because of that,he won’t disappoint us…right?” She said and Collins nodded

“You’re right,he won’t” He said and Mrs Briggs sighed

“Mariana is not back yet?” She asked

“No” Collins answered

“I hope she’s fine” Mrs Briggs muttered

A guard came in and whispered something into Collin’s ear before leaving

“Ma’am,you should have dinner. I will take you” Collins said

“I’m staying here with my son….”

“But you need to eat,the guards will stay here…..”

“I’m not leaving” Mrs Briggs said

“Then,I’m going to tell them to bring the food here,you haven’t taken anything since yesterday” Collins said and Mrs Briggs nodded

“I will be back” Collins bowed shortly and walked out



Nico was standing on the cliff already,he was crying so bitterly

“I’m a monster,I deserve to die” He said,just thinking about the fact that he’s been killing innocent souls to save his mother only to find out she’s not even related to him.

“Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!” He screamed In agony

He was about jumping

“Nico!!!!!” Mariana screamed,rushing out of the car

“Nico stop!!” She shouted again,running to him

Nico turned his face

“Please,come down please” Mariana said and Nico shook his head

“I deserve to die,I want to die. I can’t f**king live….”

“Everyone deserve to live Nico please…..”

“I’m a murderer! A crazy murderer!” Nico cried

“It’s not your fault,trust me,it’s his…..his fault” Mariana said in tears

“It’s my fault,I shouldn’t have listened. I shouldn’t have….”

“You were only protecting who you thought is your Mom….”

“More reason why I wanna die!!” Nico cried out

“I’ve got numbers of innocent bloods in my hands,I’m dying inwardly already,guilt is eating me up,I just want to make it easy for myself…’s so good to know you’re my sister,I’ve loved you from the start,I even kissed you,I’m such a bastard….”

“None of it is your fault!” Mariana snapped

“You two kissed each other?” Ricardo moved closer and Mariana turned to him In tears

“This isn’t what matters right now Ricardo” Mariana said and turned to Nico again

“If you really love me.. Please come down,please” She said and Nico swallowed

Mariana started trying to climb on

“What are you doing?” Nico asked

“What do you think you’re doing?!” Ricardo said angrily

“I’m going to jump with you if you jump,as you know,I have aquaphobia,even if you survive it,I won’t….”

“Stop” Nico said

“No I don’t want to” Mariana said

Nico immediately jumped down and pulled Mariana down too

“Nico” She broke into tears and hugged him tightly,Nico also hugged her back in tears

They broke the hug after a while

“Stop crying please” Mariana said,wiping his tears

“You too” Nico sniffs,also wiping off Mariana’s tears

Ricardo stood there,glaring at them,they faced him after a while

“Let’s go home” Mariana said,she was holding hands with Nico

“Where?” Ricardo asked

“Your place of course” Mariana said and Ricardo scoffed

“So he’s coming with us?” He asked and Mariana frowned

“He’s our brother…..”

“That doesn’t change the fact that he’s a murderer!” Ricardo snapped and Mariana didn’t think twice before pushing his chest, surprising Ricardo and Nico

“You f**king know how much that word hurts” Mariana said,glaring at Ricardo angrily

“It’s different” Ricardo roll his eyes

“It’s fine,I will just find my way…”

“No,you’re coming with us!” Mariana cut Nico off and glared at Ricardo again

“Fine” Ricardo muttered,getting into the car,he opened the front door for Mariana but instead she entered the back seat with Nico.

Ricardo frowned but didn’t say a word,he started the car and drove off.



“You’re welcome here” Mariana smiled as they entered,She’s still holding Nico’s hand but all of a sudden,Ricardo passed through their middle,disconnecting their hands.

“Ricardo!” Mariana called

“What!” Ricardo snapped and went upstairs

Mariana sighed before turning to Nico

“I will be back” She said and Nico nodded

Mariana went upstairs and met Ricardo in his room

“Hey,what is wrong with you? Why are you acting this way? You should know more than anyone else that he needs our love right now” Mariana said

“You’re saying this because it’s easy for you,you two were friends right? He was even in love with you and you kissed….”

“Skip talking about the kiss,it was just once. That doesn’t matter right now,He’s our brother” Mariana said

“More reason why it’s annoying,I don’t want anyone else,I prefer just the two of us,it’s supper annoying right now,you’re being too touchy touchy and I don’t like it” Ricardo said

Mariana sighed and rough her hair

“Is that the problem right now?” She asked

“No,but part of it” Ricardo scoffed

“I had to do everything I could to change his mind,he always killed himself,you don’t even care about that?” Mariana asked

“I just hate the fact that…that murderer is our dad….”

“He’s not our dad and he’s never going to be,never” Mariana said and moved closer to him

“He needs us right now,more than anything in the world,we are the only one he’s got,so can you please stop acting like a dummy and let’s talk things out?” She said

“Fine” Ricardo muttered

“Good boy” Mariana smiled and held his hand

They both left the room,they got downstairs and met Nico still standing

“Hey,are you okay?” Mariana asked and Nico nodded

“You should freshen up” Mariana said

“Then,I will have to go home…”

“You don’t have to,I’m sure Ricardo’s clothes will fit you perfectly,you both are just the same in stature” Mariana smiled

“Says who? Isn’t it obvious that I’m more manly and muscular than him?” Ricardo asked

“If you said manly,I wouldn’t argue but Muscular?” Mariana asked and Nico chuckled

“It’s obvious Rosalie,you don’t have to pretend you know” Ricardo said

“Shut up,there’s nothing obvious” Mariana scoffed and turned back to Nico

“You can come with me” She smiled

“And why would you speak to me harshly and become soft when talking to him? This is unfair okay? It’s totally not….”

“Gosh!” Mariana groaned

“Fine,you wouldn’t be the one to take him for a bath right? Hey dude come with me” Ricardo said and Nico nodded

“I’m still going back to the hospital tonight so,I’m gonna Take my bath too” Mariana said and ran upstairs

Ricardo faced Nico

“So you think committing suicide is the solution to the problem?” He asked

“I guess” Nico muttered

“Then I guess I should have been dead by now” Ricardo said and Nico looked at him

“Never mind,follow me” Ricardo said and led the way while Nico followed



Delaney sighed sadly as she tried Ricardo’s number for the umpteenth time without getting any answer.

“Is something wrong?” Jace asked as he entered her room

“I’m just worried about Ricardo” Delaney said

“I don’t think anything happened to him” Jace said and sat down beside her

“I know,but I’m still worried” Delaney muttered

“You will see him tomorrow,so stop getting worried for nothing” Jace said

Delaney nodded and placed her head on his shoulder

“You like him right?” Jace asked and Delaney raised her head

“Ricardo?” She asked and Jace nodded

“Is it obvious?” She asked

“F**king obvious” Ricardo said and she blushed

“Stop blushing” Jace scoffed and Delaney hit him

“Go,go talk to your girlfriend,leave!” She snapped and Jace laughed

He got up

“Goodnight” He said and went out of the room



Ricardo and Dior was inside the ward with Mrs Briggs

“I can’t wait for him to open his eyes” Dior muttered,her head on Ricardo’s shoulder

“Me too” Ricardo said

All of a sudden,Leonard shook his hand and Dior got up immediately

“Did you see that? He moved!” Dior said,almost shouting

“I did,I saw it” Mrs Briggs said emotionally and then,Leonard’s eyes opened slowly

“Leonard!!” Dior and Ricardo shouted

“Son!” Mrs Briggs also called and tears rolled down her eyes

The door opened and almost everyone rushed in to see him awake

“Son” Mrs Briggs called again

Leonard stared at her,his eyes moved from Dior to Ricardo and then everyone else in the room as if he was searching for someone,he said nothing

“Leonard,do you remember me?? It’s me Dior,you know me right?” Dior asked,touching her chest but still Leonard said no word

“Son” Mrs Briggs broke into tears

The door opened loudly and Mariana rushed in,panting heavily

“Leonardo!” She called and immediately Leonard looked at her

“Riana” he called,even though it came more like a whisper

Almost everyone sighed out in relief

“Riana” he called again and tears rolled down Mariana’s eyes,she immediately moved to him on the bed

Leonard stretched out his hand to her and she held it,Leonard pulled her to himself immediately and connected their lips,kissing her hungrily,leaving everyone in shock

TB Continued..

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