Betrothed to a playboy episode 75 – 76

{ Falling For You… }

EPISODE 75šŸ’ž76

Summer Gold R.

{ FAN HUG??}


The music was so loud,the whole room was disorganized,everyone in their own worlds,dancing,drinking while some couples already making out crazily.

Alexa and Jeremy already Left the room together when they couldn’t take the heat anymore.

Dior and Jace are also together,kissing every second.

“I feel like sh*t right now” Octavia groaned,gulping down the beer

“Sh*t? Why?” Royce asked

“Just look at them,aren’t you jealous?” Octavia pointed at Dior and Jace

“Why should I be jealous?? When I have you?” Royce asked and Octavia faced him

“What?……” Royce’s lips landed on hers immediately,Octavia’s eyes widened,he released her lips and looked into her eyes.

“I’m available anytime ” He winked and Octavia hit his chest making him laugh

“What” Royce asked

“That was annoying” Octavia replied and scoffed.

“Where’s Mariana and Charlotte anyway?” Royce asked

“Mariana is coming with Leonard,I wonder if they are here yet. And for Charlotte,I dunno what is wrong with her” Octavia said

“Is she sick?” Royce asked

“I just said I don’t know dude” Octavia groaned

Tessa and Delaney are drinking together while dancing too,Delaney was looking so drunk.

“Gosh,the whole room is rotating,I wanna puke” Delaney said,leaving Tessa’s side.

Ricardo who have been watching her also got up

“Where are you going?” Nico asked him

“I will be back” Ricardo tap his shoulder and walked away

Tessa immediately sat down beside Nico

“Hey” She smiled

“Drunk or not” Nico asked and Tessa chuckled

“Do I look drunk?” She asked

“Maybe not” Nico replied


“F**k” Delaney muttered,splashing the water over her Face. She wiped her face with a towel and shook her head,she could feel her head banging with headache already.

The restroom door opened and she saw Ricardo through the mirror,his two hands in his pockets as he stared at her

“Good girl gone bad” Ricardo said and Delaney faced him

“Huh?” She asked

“I’ve never seen you drinking,but now you’re totally drunk” Ricardo replied

“I’m not drunk…..” She almost staggered and Ricardo quickly moved closer to her and her face fell on his chest

“Thought you’re not drunk,so what’s wrong?” He asked in a mocking tone

“I only drank two glasses” Delaney muttered,raising her head up

Ricardo giggles and tuck her hair behind her ears.

“I will take you to your room” he said and Delaney smiled drowsily as he carried her in a bridal style

“Hey,do you like me?” Delaney asked,resting her head on his chest

“Even if I tell you,will you remember tomorrow?” He asked but got no response

He looked down at her,she was already sleeping

“Drunkard” he chuckled

“Did she fainted?” Tessa asked when he got back into the party room

“Sleeping” Ricardo said and went out

He entered the girls mansion

“Dela…Dela” he called and Delaney opened her eyes sleepily

“Where’s your suite?” He asked

“004” Delaney muttered and her eyes went shut again

“Gosh” Ricardo groaned and adjusted her in his arms

Luckily he found it fast,he tried opening the door but it was locked. He pressed the door bot and it was opened by Charlotte.

She almost smiled when she saw his face but then she saw Delaney in his hands,she opened the door widely

“Hey” Ricardo smiled and entered

“Hi” Charlotte muttered

“Where’s her room?” Ricardo asked,looking around

“Here” Charlotte led the way and opened Delaney’s door room. Ricardo entered the room and dropped Delaney on the bed carefully. He covered her up with the duvet and got up,Charlotte was watching by the door.

“You didn’t attend the party” Ricardo said when they walked out of Delaney’s room

“I just want to be alone” she muttered

“Why??” Ricardo asked

“It’s nothing,nobody cares anyway” Charlotte said

“I’m asking because I care…..”

“You’re only asking because you brought her here and you see me,you wouldn’t have thought of coming here to talk to me” Charlotte snapped

“Did something happened,wanna talk about it?” Ricardo asked

“Not with you,close the door behind you when you’re out” Charlotte muttered and went into her room

Ricardo let out a confusing look before going otut.

He brought out his phone and dialed Mariana’s number but got no answer

“Thought they are back” He muttered and almost went to look for her but then changed his mind and returned to the party room.



Loud moans of pleasure covered the whole room,Leonard was really doing a great job that she was almost speaking in tongues


“More more”

Her two legs were stuck on his shoulders,gaining more access to her pu$$y as he kept eating her up.

He raised his head up and Mariana breathe out loudly

“Gosh,Leonard” She called,stroking his head

“You’re so delicious snowflake ” Leonard said and Mariana smiled,she cupped his face and slammed her lips on his own in a deep kiss. Leonard playing with her b**bs like a toddler,he broke the kiss shortly after.

He traced her body with his tongue and lips all over and gently shoved his finger into her pu$$y

“Damn” Mariana whimpered and raised her two legs immediately

He removed his finger and lick it off,he couldn’t control the bulge in his trouser again,he immediately got rid of his belt and his already hard d**k bounced out.

He drove inside her and let out a groan feeling her crazy tightness

“Ouch,Leonard!” Mariana grabbed the bed spread immediately

“Does it hurt?” Leonard asked

“I’m a virgin you jerk!” Mariana screamed and Leonard raised his head in surprise

“What?” He removed his d**k from her instantly

“Yeah,I’m a naughty virgin” Mariana muttered and a smile escaped Leonard’s lips

“Not doing this anymore” He said and put on his trouser back

“What,what do you mean? You don’t like virgins?” Mariana sat up

“No,I’m gonna f**k you hard on our wedding night” Leonard said and Mariana’s eyes widened

“And that’s how many years to come?” She asked

“Seriously? Who’s talking about years?” Leonard smirked and Mariana stared at him unbelievably

“What are you thinking in your head?” She asked

“You will see” Leonard replied and lean closer to face

“You’re making me go crazy,I swear” He muttered

“You just f**king Left me hanging” Mariana scoffed

“You don’t even know what you’re doing to me either,I’m trying so hard right now to control myself,but I’m not gonna do anything” Leonard said and pecked her lips

“You’re unbelievable” Mariana muttered

“You’re so sexy” Leonard said and kissed her neck

“You too” Mariana moaned

“I’m going to take my bath,wanna join me?” He asked and lick her nipple

“Ouch,that feels so good Leonardo” Mariana breathed

Leonard smiled and raised his head up

“I’m good in whatever I do,that’s why I’m called Leonardo” He said and Mariana scoffed

“Wanna bath with me?” He asked and Mariana immediately nodded

Leonard carried her and she chuckled when he squeezed her @ss

“Don’t be naughty,remember your promise!” She yelled,throwing her legs in the air

“That’s not stopping me from touching what’s mine” Leonard said and Mariana smiled



The party is over already and everywhere was silent

Mary was outside,staring at the bright moon as she sat down,she felt so lonely and sad. She had thought things will be different here but it’s all the same,no one is talking to her and nobody cares about her either. She sniffs as tears rolled down her eyes

“Are you crying?” A voice asked beside her and she immediately wiped her tears before turning

“Oh…Louis” She muttered and sniffed in again

Louis sat next to her,staring at her

“Is something wrong?” He asked

“No,I’m fine” Mary muttered

“You don’t have to pretend to be fine you know?” Louis said and immediately she broke into tears

Louis said no word as he watched her cry her eyes out

“I feel so mad,I feel depressed too…” She hiccupped and continued,tears rolling down her eyes

“I don’t know why they are talking to Tessa but not me,am I really that horrible? Am I? I feel like dying……it’s depressing!” She cried and Louis pulled her into a hug

“I guess I should just leave,nobody wants me” She said,crying on his shoulder

“I do,and I’m talking to you right now,I know I’m not enough but can you stop talking about dying?” He said,patting her back

“I don’t know….I don’t know what to do” She said

“Have you tried talking to them?” Louis asked after breaking the hug,he began wiping her tears

Mary shook her head

“It’s scary,they don’t even look at me,I’m afraid they might get more mad if I talk to them” She said

“Can you do that first and see how they react? They are your friends okay?” Louis said and Mary nodded

“Stop crying,please” He said and kissed her eyes

Mary looked at him

“Thank you Louis” she muttered and he wiped the slow ball of tears rolling down again

“Stop crying,it’s not good for your pretty face” He said and Mary let out a sad smile

“Thanks” She said with flushed cheeks

“It’s getting cold,I will walk you to your suite” He said and stood up,he stretched his hand to her and she grabbed it so he pulled her up

“Thank you” Mary said and they started walking toward the girls mansion quietly

“We are here” Mary said when they got to the suite

“Goodnight” Louis said

“Bye” She waved gently and entered the suite

Louis turned back and went out of the mansion,he went straight to the boys mansion and entered their suite. Only Royce was in the living room

“Finally someone who’s single is here” Royce said

“Meaning what?” Louis asked

“Jeremy and Alexa are inside together,Jace is in Dior’s private suite,so I mean you and I are together in this” Royce replied,sipping from his drink

Louis chuckled and walked to the fridge,he brought out a drink and joined Royce in the living room to watch a movie.



“Gosh babe,you look so damn hot” Octavia said when Alexa came out of her room

“Trust me” Alexa smirked and turned around

They are both putting on workout outfits

“Who’s excited about this workout? Haven’t done it in months” Octavia said

“Me too babe,me too. Can’t wait” Alexa smiled and grabbed a bottle water in the fridge

“Is this going to be separate too?” Alexa asked

“Of course not,why? You can’t wait to seduce your boyfriend?” Octavia asked and Alexa smirked

“You got me” She said and they both laughed

“It’s almost eight,let’s go” Octavia said

Just then,Mary came out of her room,she was also dressed up already and she looked really hot in her leggings and bra top

“Awwwn,you look sexy” Alexa said and Mary turned back to see if she was talking to her

“Me?” She asked when she saw no one

“Who else?” Octavia roll her eyes

“It’s eight let’s go girls” Alexa said and grabbed both Octavia and Mary’s hand as they ran out of the suite together.



“Where’s Delaney anyway? Don’t tell me she’s still sleeping” Tessa said while making a video of herself in the gym outfit

She turned on a music and dropped her phone,she started dancing until Charlotte walked pass her from the back,she immediately stopped the video

“Oh gosh Charlotte you spoiled my video!” She groaned,stomping her feet on the floor cutely

“Sorry” Charlotte replied,she sipped from the water in her hand

“It’s eight already,stop the video and let’s go” She said

“But Delaney isn’t ready yet” Tessa said and Charlotte roll her eyes

“I feel so crazy” Delaney muttered as she walked out of her room looking so sexy

She was wearing a tight leggings and a top which she tied at the edge but her hair was so untidy

“Girl,are you a monster?” Tessa laughed

“My head is banging” Delaney muttered

“Come here” Tessa removed one of the bands she tied her hair with,she started packing Delaney’s hair in a ponytail while Charlotte glared at them hatefully

“All done” Tessa said

“Thanks” Delaney smiled and turned to Charlotte

“Hey Charlotte,I was expecting you last night at the……” Before Delaney could finish,Charlotte went out of the suite

Delaney and Tessa exchanged glances

“What’s wrong?” Delaney asked

“Ion know,she actually talked to me this morning,are you two fighting?” Tessa asked and Delaney shook her head

“Not at all” she muttered,trying to remember if they have a fight

“Let’s go” Tessa held her hand and they left the suite together.



Alexa and the girls entered the gym but she immediately ditched them and ran to Jeremy whose arms were widely opened for her already

“Those silly oppressors” Octavia scoffed

“I didn’t know they are dating” Mary said

“Really? Are you even living?” Octavia asked and Mary chuckled

“Girls!” Tessa and Delaney came in together

“Where’s Charlotte?” Octavia asked

“I think something is wrong with her girls,ion know why she’s acting this way” Tessa said as they watched Charlotte sitting alone

“Let her be,we will talk to her after this” Octavia replied

Ricardo and Nico came into the gym together and all eyes fell on them,they are both putting on same outfit. A sleeveless shirt and shorts,they look so f**king hot

“So are we getting the brothers charm already?” Dior asked,crossing her arms

“What do you think? Who’s more handsome?” Ricardo asked

“Nico” Dior smirked

“I hate you” Ricardo said and Nico chuckled

“Thank you Dior” He said

“You’re welcome Nico” Dior winked

Ricardo saw Delaney standing and his eyes scanned her body from her legs,she was busy talking but was looking as hot as always

“You need to take permission from me before checking my sister out” Jace said from the back and Ricardo turned immediately

“Permission?” He asked And Jace nodded

“What if I want to have sĀ£x with her?” Ricardo asked and Jace smack his head

“Jerk” He snapped and Ricardo laughed

“Calm down dude,I’m not going to do that without your permission” he said and Nico laughed

“Permission not granted” Jace scoffed

Leonard and Mariana walked in together

“Finally!!!!!!!” Everyone screamed

Leonard and Mariana exchanged glances

They both look so good together,Mariana was wearing a bum short with bra top and no doubt she’s hot,while Leonard put on a complete set of hoodie and joggers and still looking handsome

Mariana’s friends immediately dragged her away from Leonard

“Dude what’s with the hoodie? Are you cold?” Jeremy asked

“My body is for my girlfriend alone” Leonard said and touched his chest

“Wow,you’re finally going crazy for love” Jace said

“I understand,my sister is really like that” Ricardo said proudly

Almost immediately,two trainers came into the gym

A guy and a girl

The guy was looking hot but most attention was on the girl beside him,she looked so beautiful and sexy

“Hello everyone!” The guy said and everyone turned

“Hi,so good to see you” The girl also waved cutely beside him,her eyes suddenly met with Leonard’s and she gasped

“Omg!!!! Leonard!!!!!!” She screamed all of a sudden and Mariana bashed her lashes with a frown

“I’m a fan!!!” She screamed and started running to hug him but before she got there,Mariana stood in front of Leonard,covering him up and the girl hugged her instead

šŸ—£ What the f**k?

TB Continued..