Betrothed To A Playboy

Betrothed to playboy episode 22 – 23

( Falling For You… )


By, Summer Gold R.


There was total silence after he said that,just Mariana staring at him without saying a word. She finally looked away and took the glass,she sipped from the wine

Leonard turned to her

“You won’t reply me?” He asked and Mariana faced him again

“No I won’t” she muttered

“Why?” Leonard asked

“Because,that sounds like… You won’t bring sluts home again but you’re gonna f**k them somewhere else” Mariana said and also faced him

Leonard sighed and began pouring himself another glass

“Your silence,means you can’t stop f**king around” She added

“That’s gonna be hard” Leonard muttered and started drinking again

“Even if you get married?” Mariana asked

“Married?” Leonard scoffed

“You don’t want to get married?” Mariana’s eyes widened

“Why do you think mom forced me to get engaged?” Leonard asked

“Because you don’t want to get married,why?” Mariana asked

Leonard sighed

“It’s complicated”he mumbled

“Hey,it’s not complicated. It’s just because you haven’t fell in love……”

“Says who??” Leonard cut in and she stopped

“So,you once had a girlfriend?” Mariana asked

Leonard was quiet

“Can we just talk about something else?” He said,almost stuttering that Mariana wondered why

‘Did the girl broke his heart and he’s scared of falling in love again?’ She thought,staring into his sad eyes,he didn’t stop drinking

“You will get drunk if you keep drinking in that pace” She said and Leonard faced her

“You don’t have to care,I’m used to it. I drink every time I find it hard to sleep,but tonight seems to be the worst” He said and Mariana raised her brows

“You find it hard to sleep? Why? You have nightmares?” She asked

“A scary one,I deserve it though,like the nickname you gave me,I’m a total Jerk,I guess that’s my punishment for being one. So don’t worry about it either” he smiled handsomely but Mariana was already lost in thought

‘Why does he have so much secrets?? And why is everything so complicated? Did something happened to him in the past?’ She kept thinking

Leonard gulped down the last content in his glass before diving into the pool

“Ouch!” Mariana gasped as the water splashes all over her

“Sorry” Leonard muttered

“It’s okay” Mariana muttered,watching him swim while she played with the water using her legs.

Leonard brought out his head from the water and his hair dropped all over his face,he used his finger to wipe it backward in a sexy way

‘He’s hot’ Mariana said inwardly,staring at his wet red lips down to his bare chest.

Leonard smirked and swam closer

“Mind coming in?” He asked

“No!!” Mariana immediately shifted back

“What is the problem?” Leonard raised his brows

“Actually……I have fears of water” Mariana muttered

“What seriously?? Aquaphobia??” Leonard asked and she nodded slowly

“Wow,it’s been seven years since I see someone who has that” Leonard said

“Really? Who was the first?” Mariana asked

“Just….someone you don’t know.” Leonard muttered and she could sworn she saw how his eyes changed to total sadness again

He forced out a smile

“I think it’s better to overcome the fear than keeping it to yourself” He said

“I’ve tried,but nothing is working. I can’t even use the bathtub,I will feel like I’ve seen death in an unusual way,it’s scary” Mariana said

Leonard stared at her for a while before swimming backward

Mariana kept watching him and she almost felt like joining him but she wouldn’t dare for her own life.


“Thanks for the wine” Mariana said when they finally left the poolside

“I feel better talking to you” Leonard muttered

“Then,anytime you have the nightmares,you can come and we will talk just like this” Mariana said,almost regretting that she said it

‘Am I being too forward?’ She bite her lips

“It happens every night,Will you be able to wake up every night?” Leonard asked

“Every night?” Mariana asked immediately and Leonard nodded

“You must be scared of sleeping” Mariana muttered

“I’m even scared of my own bed” Leonard chuckled and Mariana gave him a worried look

“Don’t worry,I’m fine. Goodnight” He winked before going his own way

Mariana sighed

“It must be so scary for him alone” She mumbled worriedly as she entered her room

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“Wait…..why am I even worried?? What if he changes tomorrow? He sounded drunk to talk to me for such a long time” She said and fell on the bed

“But I don’t want him to change tomorrow” She sighed and groaned thinking about their moments at the pool

‘That jerk is quite fun to be with’ She thought and used her sleep mask,falling asleep immediately



Ricardo was leaning on the car waiting for Dior to come out,they planned to eat breakfast together at a restaurant.

Dior finally showed you and she waved from the entrance

Ricardo checked his wrist watch

“You are fine minutes late” He said when she got to him

“I’m sorry” Dior smiled

“You deserve five kisses… punishment” He added and Dior frowned

“Will you act serious just once?” She scoffed and Ricardo chuckled

“It’s funny how you take everything I say as a joke” he said and opened the door for her

“You can’t possibly kiss me” Dior scoffed

“Says who? I’m dying to taste your lips……..”

“Shut up,it’s not even funny” Dior roll her eyes

“Okay boss” Ricardo chuckled

She entered and he closed the door back before entering through the driver side.

Soon,he was out of the compound.

They got to the restaurant In no time,Dior immediately looked around

“Don’t worry,I booked the whole restaurant so no fans” Ricardo said and Dior faced him

“Whoa,you should be awarded as the best in spending unnecessarily” She said before going out of the car

“Unnecessarily? Seriously? That’s all she have to say? Gosh,this bestie stuff is f**king things up” Ricardo mumbled before getting down

They walked into the restaurant and immediately Dior’s eyes widened when she saw Jace

“Jace!” She called and Jace turned too

Ricardo roll his eyes and went to sit down

“Wow,you work here?” Dior asked Jace

“Welcome to our Restaurant….” The manager was still saying when she gasped

“Dior!!!! Ricardo!! My favorite models!!!” She screamed and immediately brought out a book

“Autograph Please!!!” She gushed happily

“Oh,thanks for being a fan” Dior smiled and immediately signed so she could talk to Jace again

The manager walked to Ricardo who was lost staring at Dior and Jace

“Autograph please” The manager smiled

Ricardo signed it and groaned

“Gosh,seriously Dior! We are here to eat and not discuss!” He yelled

Jace and Dior faced him

“Ricardo,you’re shouting…..”

“I told you I booked all seats and nobody is here” Ricardo said

“Go to him,it’s good to see you here though” Jace smiled

“You won’t get our orders?” Ricardo asked coldly

“I was about to….”

“You should have asked first before you start a conversation” Ricardo snapped and Dior tapped him but he rolled his eyes

“I’m sorry” Jace apologized

“Hey new boy,do your job perfectly! They are important customers as you can see” The manager yelled

“I’m sorry” Jace apologized again

“But….it was my fault” Dior muttered sadly

“Here” Jace gave them both the menu

They ordered for the same food and he walked away

“Ricard,that was mean” Dior said

“Really?Just because you’re crushing on him doesn’t mean you have to neglect the fact that we came here together……”

“Then you should have spoke to me directly,not him. He did nothing wrong,I’m the one at fault here” Dior said

Ricardo fold his fist under the table

“I’m sorry” Dior muttered

“I guess I overreacted” Ricardo muttered and Dior touched his hair

“You really did,but I’m sorry okay?” She said and Ricardo smiled

“Fine” He winked

Jace and another waitress brought their order

“Enjoy” The waitress said excitedly,while touching her hair as she stared at Ricardo

“Thanks” Dior smiled at Jace and Jace smiled back which made Ricardo lost his appetite immediately

He took the wine and gulped everything down

Jace and the waitress already left

“How….did you met him?” He asked

“Oh Jace,I’ve seen him once at school but I couldn’t talk to him” Dior smiled but Ricardo only kept a straight face

“And then,I met him again at a mall. That was how we became friends,He’s cute right?” Dior grinned

Ricardo roll his eyes and poured himself another glass

“Are you okay?” Dior asked

“I was okay before we came here” He replied

“Are you suddenly feeling somehow?” Dior asked and touched his head

Ricardo pulled her hand down

“Eat up,I lost my appetite” He muttered

“Huh?” Dior asked

“Eat up Dior” Ricardo said and continue drinking



Mariana pressed the door bell again and finally the door opened

“Wow,it’s you” Nico smiled

“Expecting someone else?” Mariana raised her brows

“Of course not,I didn’t know you’re gonna be early” Nico replied

Mariana entered

“What’s that aroma?” She inhaled the air

“I’m cooking,wanna see?” Nico asked and her eyes widened

“You cook?!”

“Yeah,that’s why I decided to cook for you and not going to the restaurant” Nico replied

“Wow,I wanna see!!” Mariana gushed and immediately dropped her bag

Nico held her hand and they both entered the kitchen

“Whoa! Are you the only one staying here?” Mariana asked

“Yeah” Nico replied

“And you cook every time?” She asked

“No” Nico said and she looked at him


“I can’t even remember when last I cooked,but you’re special” He said and Mariana blushed

“Thank you Nico,smells good”

“Well,I’m not done. Watch me,don’t do anything” Nico said and Mariana chuckled

She got a drink while watching him finish up the meals,soon it was all done. They both set the table together

“Wait Nico,I thought the deal was to buy you a drink. Why am I getting meals and drink from you again?” Mariana asked as they sat down to eat

“Take this as my payback,I’ve never invited anyone over,you’re the first” Nico said

Mariana smiled and started eating

“Wow!!! Nico!!! You’re the best cook I’ve ever seen!!” She screamed

“Really?? That kind of melt my heart” Nico muttered

“I’m serious!! You deserve a medal,for real,it’s delicious” Mariana said

They continue eating and talking

Soon,they finished up and decided to wash the dishes together.

“I will wash while you rinse” Nico said

“No,I will wash and you will rinse” Mariana said

“Let me wash……”

“Fine fine,we might just argue forever. Just wash” Mariana said

“I won” Nico said

“Wait,you didn’t tell me there’s a win in that,I take back my word. I will wash” Mariana scoffed

“I’m washing” Nico replied

“I got the sponge first!” Mariana immediately grabbed the sponge but Nico hijacked it from her

“Nico,that’s cheating,you cheated” Mariana said and tried taking it from him

He immediately raised his hand up

“Wow,you really got some tricks Nico,,seriously? Just because you’re taller?” Mariana scoffed

“So you’re giving up?” Nico asked and looked down,Mariana was still staring but and when she looked at him,their faces were just opposite each other,and close.

Nico’s eyes shifted to her lips immediately,Mariana’s eyes followed his eyes and she knew what might follow.

She immediately moved away from him

“I will rinse” She muttered nervously

“Okay then” Nico smiled and started washing



The music was blooming already in the mansion,few students already arrived and having fun already

“Alexa!!!” Dior screamed immediately she came in with Winter

“Baby face!!” Alexa screamed too and they hugged each other tightly

“I missed you so much!” Dior pouted

“Me too baby face,well I’m back finally now,no going back” Alexa said and Dior hugged her again before she hugged Winter

“What’s up sis” Alexa grinned

“Good to see you” Winter smiled

“Okay,so….Our beauty goddess,Dior just arrived with Winter. They look so adorable and I think I just fell for Dior,and I’m sure she’s single. Congratulate me guys” Jeremy said loudly and everyone laughed

“Seriously,Jeremy,you wouldn’t stop?? I never said you should introduce the guest” Alexa groaned.

“I’m just doing my job” He winked and grabbed the wine glass from Alexa

“Jeremy!” Alexa snapped but he only smirked at her

Tessa and her friends came in

“Oh,,wow wow….that’s T for Tessa we have right there! D for Daisy and B for Bella,together they make….TDB,,,also known as The Dumb Bells,,,sorry did I just said that?” He touched his chest with a sad look

Everyone started laughing

“Jerk” Tessa roll her eyes

“You can’t insult my guests Jeremy” Alexa grabbed his hair

“That hurts Alexa come on” Jeremy groaned

Mariana and her friends came in

“Ohhhhhh!!!! It’s Mari J!!! Best dancer in the whole world” Jeremy rant

👥 Wow,she’s so hot

“Awwwn,Mariana I love you with all my heart….”

“How many girls are you in love with?” Dior laughed

“You don’t have to be jealous baby,I gat you” Jeremy said

“Mariana,you’re welcome” Jeremy waved

Mariana immediately started dancing slowly as she walked

👥 Wow

👥 Awwwn,I just love her

“Octavia,,Welcome,and then….the only tomboy in Diamonds” Jeremy smirked at Charlotte who raised her middle finger up

Nico and Royce came in together

“It’s mr handsome and another guy I don’t know” Jeremy said

Nico and Royce glared at each other before walking away

Jace walked in with Delaney hand in hand

“The latest couples in the school,you’re loved. Do you need a separate room,I gat you”

“Jeremy,this is my house not yours!!” Alexa grabbed his ear and started dragging him away

“She’s going to rape me!! Help everyone!!” Jeremy screamed while everyone laughed

“Seriously,that dude is something else” Mariana laughed

“I like him” Octavia chuckled

Mariana and Charlotte cleared their throats and looked away,Octavia laughed

“Guys!! Enjoy the first minutes ,let’s dance!!!” Alexa shouted and the music volume was increased immediately

Loud screams of fun filled the house as everyone started getting up to dance

“Don’t tell me Leonard and Ricardo aren’t coming tonight,I might die!!!” A girl screamed and murmurs started as everyone agreed

Octavia and Charlotte left Mariana to dance together

“Hey Mari” Nico sat beside Mariana and she immediately smiled

“Wanna dance with me?” He asked

Mariana took his hand without thinking twice and they also moved closer to others

Tessa started fuming angrily from where she was drinking

“You’re dead Mariana” She mumbled and started walking toward them

As she got closer,she pretended to stumble and poured all her drunk on Mariana’s white top

“What the f**k!!” Mariana screamed

“Oh,sorry my mistake” Tessa said

“Shut the h*ll up b*tch!!” Mariana yelled angrily

“Are you okay?” Nico asked

“No I’m not!” Mariana snapped

At that moment,Leonard and Ricardo came in and the whole house was filled with screams

👥 They are here

👥 They look f**king hot right now

👥 I wanna taste Leonard’s lips so badly

👥 Ricardo is too hot to be real

Leonard was putting on a hoodie but still look as sexy as always

Some girls covered Ricardo up immediately but he was only eye searching for Dior and when he finally saw her,she was talking with Jace

He quickly looked away and turned to the girls surrounding him

Leonard watched as Mariana left angrily

‘What’s wrong?’ he thought


“F**k you Tessa!” Mariana screamed,she was in the bathroom trying hard to clean her top but the stain wouldn’t leave

The soft fabric is now wet and sticking to her body,it even became transparent.

“Sh*t” She mumbled and left the bathroom

She was planning to call Alexa maybe she could at least get something to put on

“Mari?” She heard Nico’s voice from afar,He’s obviously looking for her

She almost turned but an unknown hand grabbed her and pulled her into a room

She almost screamed but was shocked to see Leonard

“Leonardo” She called

“You are not seriously going to let him see you in this right?” He said and Mariana immediately covered her chest,the top already stuck in her body and her upper b**bs could be seen

Leonard scoffed

“Now you’re covering up,but you were gonna wait and talk to him” he said

Mariana bite her bottom lip and slowly drop her hands,Leonard didn’t look down from her face

He gently removed his hoodie

“It’s quite big,but it’s better than this” he muttered and started wearing it for her

“Thanks” Mariana managed to find her voice

Leonard smiled and kissed her forehead before going out of the room.

Mariana’s heart started racing in an unusual way,so crazy

“Wait…..what the f**k just happened?” She muttered unbelievably


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