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Billie And Harmony Episode 10





Their honeymoon ends and they went back home, Billie’s parents house I mean since they haven’t gotten there own place yet.

“Finally, you pick my call. “Harmony sighed.

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“Why were you calling me in the first place, you were on honeymoon your phones should be off. Anyways how was it, hope you enjoyed yourselves? ”

“Yes, we did a lot of things like.. ”

“Wow that’s good. “her mom’s face flush red thinking that her daughter is no longer a virgin.

Harmony was just about saying then went to swim and also snow skating which she had always wanted and Billie almost broke his arm when they went to the park while trying to save someone’s dog from crossing the road, and he had been such an obedient and caring boy.

“Okay I’ll talk to you later. ” her mom hangs up when she was about to ask the question she has been calling her for.

She sighed angrily as she back to the bed where Billie is painting as usual. He stopped when he saw her angry face.

“What’s wrong? ”

“Mom hung up on me before I could ask her what s£x is. ”

He pull her closer hugging her.

“I guess it’s just cuddling and you will get pregnant. ”

“But we cuddle all the time and I don’t get pregnant. ”

“It takes time, don’t worry you’ll get pregnant soon. ” he assures.

“Okay, I believe you. ”

“Why do you want a baby so bad? ” he asked.

“I don’t know, I think I just want to see the younger version of me. ”

Billie nods. “Don’t be sad, I promise to do something, I’ll ask Dad. ”

“Okay ” she nods.

“If you’re not sad, look at me and smile. ”

She did as he said making him smile also. Still staring at each other with smiles Billie decided to ask.

“Why didn’t you let me kiss you on our wedding day? ”

“I didn’t know that’s what you want to do. ”

“Sorry, will you do it now? “she asked.

“Really?” his eyes widened.

She nods biting her lip nervously.

“Close your eyes. “he says and she did. Then he starts to lean in but got pushed away.

“I’m sorry I’m just nervous ” Harmony apologized.

He nods. “Let’s do it again. ”

Harmony nods in approval and lean in with her eyes close, their lips met. Harmony let out a deep breath and leaned in the more lips pouted, they stayed the same way until someone muttered inaudible words.

Billie turn to see his mother running out of the room muttering how stupid she is to burst in like that.

He looked back at Harmony and smiled.” I think dinner is ready, let’s go and eat”

“How can you ask me that type of questions.” Billie Dad looked embarrassed. Even the person that ask the question isn’t red like he is now.

“Will teach me or not, Harmony wants babies and I don’t know what to do. ”

“I can’t, but I think there’s someone who can. ”

“Who? ”

“I’ll send you the address you will meet the person. ”

“Okay. ” he replies and left.
“He just made me feel like I was a bad father, I can’t believe this “His dad sighed

When he went back to his room, Harmony was fast asleep, he kiss her lip and lay down beside her.

*Welcome Mr your father told me you were coming. ”

“Yes ” replied the woman.

“Have your sit. “the marriage counselor offered.

“Thank you “Billie replied and sat down.

“So I heard you were having problems in your new marriage, please tell me in details what the problem is. ”

“I don’t know how to have s£x. ” he blurt out comfortably.


“I don’t know how to have s£x. ” he repeats himself.

The woman’s cheek was flushed red. She was marvelled by his bluntness.

“Okay so you’ve never had s£x or make love to anyone before?”

“What’s make love? ” Billie innocently ask.

“It’s the same thing, it’s just you having s£x with someone you love. ”

“Oh.. No I haven’t. ”

“Wow.. Well I’m gonna give you something to watch when you get home. And make sure you watch it alone in your private might want to watch with your wife it’s fine but I suggest you watch it first and….. Erm use a ear phones yeah ”

He collects the CD from her, thanked her and left.

Billie stares into space not able to get the images in the video he watched out of his head. It was crazy, they do crazy things to each other. Is that what he’s going to do to Harmy, is she going to enjoy it.

“I can’t do this. “he said to his self before staring down at his er£cted p****s. He let out a groan when his hand brush against it.

He close his laptop, remove the CD and kept it in his private save.

Before walking slowly to bed covering his er£ction with a duvet. He’s had er£ction before but this is more paining and demanding than ever. He just wants to let something out and it hurts like hell.

He didn’t know when he slept off, and waking up in a w€t dream he saw him self doing the things he saw in the porn videos to Harmony and he was clearly enjoying it.

He felt a hand touch his D*** then try to pull it down causing it to bounce back up. He m0an reacting to the touch. It was repeated two more time until he realized he wasn’t dreaming anymore.


opened his eyes to see Harmony giggling. Okay she found this fun?

“Harmony stop!! “he yelled angrily making harmony flinch wandering what she did wrong.

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