Billie And Harmony

Billie And Harmony Episode 14 – finale




Three weeks After.

“Ready? ”

Harmony nodded her head, and Billie removed the blindfold from her face.

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He went ahead to remove the clothes the big cloth which covered the huge canvas and she gasped.

“Oh my gosh, this is me? ” she stared at the painting of her in her wedding gown, a bouquet of flowers in her hand as she smiled at the camera. She had taken the picture on their wedding day but hasn’t seen it since it yet.

“There’s one more “Billie said before opening the second one. The one was both of them in their wedding attire.

“This is so beautiful” she beamed “can we hang it up ”

“We can “Billie said and grabbed one of the painting walking into the living room and Harmony followed.

After putting them up, where they want them to be. They sat down on the couch hugging each other in smiles.

“This is great ” Harmony sighed happily.

Billie kissed her forehead and said. “I love you my bunny ”

Harmony blushed. “How do you know I love bunnies? Is that why you call me that”

“I’ve seen you wear that bunny ears hair band many times, that’s why I gave you that pet name ”
“You like? ”

She nods. “Huh.. I love it and I love love love you “she said and kissed him.

Billie returned the kiss passionately as they suck on each other’s lips, there tongue dancing and stroking each other.
Harmony m0aned, deepening the kiss. Before he could realize, She was on his lap grinding her heat with his bulge making him fully arosed.

“Bunny… “He m0aned grabbing her bum pulling her closer.
Harmony buried her face in his neck m0aning softly as her hand found the button of his shirt unbuttoning it slowing before pulling it.

Her hand roamed through his [email protected] chest down to his waist and to start unzip his pants.

“Don’t stop bunny “He panted heavily.

They both start to undress each other, in nanosecond they are [email protected] clothes scattered on the floor.

He gently laid her on the couch, and hovered on her.

“You are so beautiful, my bunny “he groaned as he takes one her pink titttes into his mouth sucking on it. Harmony m0aned arching her back.

“Oh, my God ” she cries out in pleasure as Billie thrust in. “Don’t stop ”

Deeply into the depth of pleasure, they were brought out of it when one of their phones rang. Billie groaned not stopping.

“You have to pick… Oh ” Harmony was about to say but was cut off by a mind blowing orgasm, with her legs shaking under his husband who came undone after her.

He stopped to catch his breath before going to pick up his phone, it was his mother.

“Mom ”

“Billie, Billie your father he stopped breathing. I’m scared you have to come now ” her mom sobbed.

“Oh my God! “he cried. “Oh shit I’m coming right now “he shouted grabbing his clothes in swift, Harmony does the same even without knowing what happened and followed Billie out.

5yrs later.

Harmony dropped on the bed exhausted.

“What is it? my bunny, Tired? ” Billie asked dropping the pencil on the floor and walking towards his wife.

“Those kids are a pain in the ass ” she sighed softly and grab a pillow putting it lap that was crossed on each other.

“I’m sorry ” he leaned in and kiss her hair.

“No, I’m fine. Kendall is back home from the maternity. I’m taking the kids with me to see her. You wanna come, are you busy? ”

“No I’m not and besides it can always wait. Let me get dressed ”

“okay, I’ll go prepare the kids. ”

Kendall got married a year after them and just had her second child. Billie and Harmony had four children both set of twins and had decided to put a stop to it.


two years later after Kayla and Kyle, she mistakenly got pregnant even with all the birth control pills and protection and now she is just four months gone.

Billie prayed that it should be one this time as Six children is much to handle but Harmony didn’t care what it might be, she loved her kids. Even if it’s triplet or quadruplet she’d still love them equally.

During the years, both of them had grown up from their shell and had learn to live their lives as adults that they are. Learning from their mistakes, having each others back, advising and correcting each other when needed, was what kept them going. There were quarrels, misunderstanding and extra ordinary love making.

They lived a happy life, being a good parent and giving their kids the best that they can give.

Few months later, Harmony gave birth to another set of twins making them six.
Riccardo and Edwardo
Kyle and Kayla
Hailey and Kylie.
Three girls, three boys.
They all lived a happy life.


We have come to the end of the crazy Couples, I hope you enjoyed it. Sorry it took me so long to finish it.

Anyways it is done.

See ya soon. Thanks for reading @ toriperi

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