November 29, 2021

Billie And Harmony Episode 2




“Billie my dear, come and have your breakfast ” my mom said as she entered my room with my food.

“Okay, you can put it down ” I replied my eyes not leaving what I was drawing.

“You didn’t touch your food last night ” I heard her sigh.

“That’s because I’m not hungry. ”

“Billie as your mother, I want you to stand up and go inside that bathroom and have your bath then come back here to eat.”

“No mom, I must finish this ”

“Billie I said… ”

“No mom, I said no capital No. Don’t you get it, why do you always like to disturb me. Since you came here I’ve been making mistakes I couldn’t even concentrate. ”

“My dear ” her voice became calm.

“I’ve always told you, that there’s more to life than sitting here every day and drawing. Sweetheart, your father and I are getting old. Look at us, I’m 65 and your father is 70 soon.. ”

“Wait you’re 65? And dad will be 70 soon? ”

“You didn’t even know your parents age, this is bad Billie you have to stop. We should be the ones sitting down and you should bring food to us, make money. When are we ever going to reap from what we sowed. We struggled so much for you to be great, but look at you. Like a no future child, Billie I’m getting old and I need to see my beautiful wife and grandchildren before I die ”


Bursted into laughter, cos you know what. It’s funny.

“Children, wife? Mom! goodness you are hilarious. ”

“It’s not funny Billie, I meant everything I said and I want you to do it cuz I’m sick and tired of this ” she yelled a little too much that made me wonder why she’s yelling.

Dad was quick to come in and I mentally thanked him. cos I really don’t know what to do with her.

“Aurora please calm down, I’ll talk to him. Go and rest ” Dad lead mom out and I sighed in relief.

I rolled my eyes when he came in again.
“Fine I will eat, I don’t need your drama too “I said and stand up.

{Writer’s pov }
He stared at his son and shake his head, he wondered where he got this stubborn attitude of his.


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know, you’re a great artist “he started.

Billie smiled and also stares at his room full of his paintings. He had started painting when he was five. Painting has been his only companion, the only thing he could give his life for, no that’s his life.

“I know “he replied wondering what his father was driving at. He never compliments his works, he never liked it that’s why he forced him to study law in the University against his own desire.

Billie’s father sighed.

“Do you know, you can make money from this? “he asked.

“How? ”

“Your paintings are nice and people will kill to have them. Many people are ready to pay any amount for a painting. If this is what you love doing then why not make money out of it. You can make a lot ” he suggested.

Billie stared at his father in disbelief.

Why does he have parents who are obsessed with money? His mother was talking about making money and getting married, his father now is telling him to sell his hard works for money.
What he had spent his whole life doing, what he cannot function a day without seeing. He wanted him to sell them?.

Seeing that Billie wasn’t giving him an answer, he turned around and left the room. Getting to their room. He met his wife crying.

He sat beside her on the bed and wrap his arms around her shoulder comforting.


okay Aurora, Billie will grow up and will one day realize we meant well for him ”

His wife looked at him and shake her head. “Till when, till we die and their will be no one he will turn to. No one to take care of him again. Is that when he will learn his lesson and all our effort on him will start to yield when we are no more alive. No I won’t let it happen! ” she stated.

“Then what do you suggest will do, because I can’t figure out anything right now. “.

“If Billie can’t find a wife, we will find him one, if Billie can’t get a job we will get him one. if we can’t change him, his wife may.”

“Then how are we going to find a wife for him? What girl will wants to marry someone that all his attention is with painting. He wouldn’t even give her any attention. ”

“Let’s just give it a try, i will talk to my friends and find out if anyone is interested ”

He nods trusting his wife’s decision and hoping it will work.

Aurora talked with many of her friends and none of them were ready to give their daughter to an idle man or force their daughter to get married.

But Rosa, harmony’s mom hasn’t fully agreed but she was willing to get the troublesome daughter of hers away. She had given her many trouble and she was tired but then she wasn’t going to force her into marriage. She had to agree on her own will.

T. B. C
Billie is Dumb. Fuvk!

I hope harmony agrees sha, but dumb and weird is a bad combination o.

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