November 29, 2021

Billie And Harmony Episode 3 – 4




Harmony stares at her mother, mouth hung open. She wondered if everything was okay with her mom.
Then her gaze fell on the table before her that contains lots of mouth watering food that she can’t wait to pounce on.

She close her mouth and gulp in the spit that almost fell down from her mouth then looked up to her mom who was smiling at her. The way she looked at her lovingly like she was the best daughter ever, she knew she wasn’t the best daughter at all she has caused her nothing but trouble.
Kendall can be referred as the perfect child.

“Mom what’s going on? ” she asked.

“What do you mean sweetheart ” her mother replied and gave her the warmest smile ever.

“Why all this food? Are we throwing a party? ”

“No ”

“Then is today my birthday? Did you change my birth date to today? ”

“No sweetie” she laughed.

“Then tell me” she pressed on.

“I will, eat first. ”

She sighed and picked up a fork and dig it in the pasta then swallow it. She then add different food into one plate mix it together and starts eating.

“What are you doing?” her mother said looking at the food disgustingly.

She almost puked looking at it, so she tore her gaze away.

“Do you enjoy that?”

“Mom, you shoul ry it. It’s the bres. ” Harmony said with mouth full.
(Mom you should try it it’s the best.)


“she added remembering that her mom hated her talking with her mouth full.

“Harmony.. I want to ask you something. ”

“Okay. ”

“Do you have a boyfriend? ”

The question made her choke on her food as she coughed.
Her face was flushed red as she drank in water given to her by her mom.

“Are you okay? ”

She nod her head. “Why will you ask me that? “she frowned.

“What? Is it a crime that I want to know something about my daughter? ”

“I…I’m I don’t ”

“You don’t? Don’t lie to me. ”

“Mooomm, I’m serious. I’ve never had a boyfriend. ”

“What? ” she shouted. “At this age harmony, you don’t have a boyfriend.. Omg Harmony you won’t be the death of me. ”

“But Mom, you said I should stay away from boy when I was in highschool, why are you suddenly interested in this now. ”


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to yourself, I told you to stay away from boys in highschool because you were young then but now you’re grown up and you can. How will you get married and have children if you are not in a relationship. ”

Harmony cringe at the mention of children.

“Children? ”

“Yes children.”

“But I don’t wanna have children, I hate children. ”

“You can’t hate children, you have to love them cos you must have one someday even more. ”

Harmony pouted and frown. “I don’t want to, children are troublesome. Especially the female ones they are witch ”

“That’s why exactly what you are, even still I love you and cared for you. ” she said and rolled her eyes.

Harmony with a frown on her face continued eating.

“You are getting married. “she heard her mother say making her look up.

“Who? Me? ”

“Yes. ”

“Kendall? ”

“No, I’m talking about you Harmony.”

“Why, but Kendall hasn’t gotten married yet she’s the first born ”

“It doesn’t matter, at least she has a boyfriend. ”

“Mom…. I can’t get married. ”

“Why? “she questioned.

“I don’t wanna leave you, I don’t wanna leave this house. ”

“You won’t. ”

“really? ” Harmony smiled.

“Or maybe you will ”

Her smile fade and she sunk in her chair.

“Mom I really don’t want to get married, why are you forcing me. ”

“Ah…. Listen Harmony, I won’t force you at all. It’s just what I think it’s best for you. It’s okay if you don’t want. ”


is my husband? ” Harmony ask.

“Do you want to meet him? ”

Harmony nods her head, her mother couldn’t believe her eyes.

She agreed so quickly.

She look at the almost empty table that was full with food before but the glutton in her house had done justice to them.

“Do you want more? ”

“Not really.. Uhm I think I need more chicken. ”

“Okay I’ll bring it. ” she said and walk away.



“Billie, come downstairs, I need to show you something ”

“Seriously, mom I’m busy. ”

“Just a minute sweetie, I promise it won’t take long. I just want you to meet someone.”

“Who? “Billie questioned.

“Erm. A very beautiful girl, she’s going to be your wife…..”

“What wife? ”

“….i promise you will like her, just come downstairs and see and if you don’t like her I won’t disturb you again. ”

She grabbed his hand and pull him along with him.

At their living room.
Harmony sat quietly beside her mother in the big living room. She suddenly regretted following her mother.

“What am I doing here? ” the question she kept asking herself.

She looked up when she heard footsteps. There she saw the woman holding someone’s hand as they walk towards them.

She couldn’t see the person until they both stood in front of her mother and her.

“Ahm, this is my son Billie. Billie this is Harmony “Billie mother smiled as she pushes Billie to her front.

Her eyes widened when he finally saw the face of the guy and her heart flipped. She gets nervous around cute guys, ever since she was a kid.

Suddenly she started breathing hard and fainted.
No fake fainted.

She heard her mom and other voices as they call her name and kept tapping her trying to get her to wake up.

It was when she heard “I think she lost her breath, she needs oxygen Billie can you do CPR for her? ” that she realized that fainting was a very bad idea.

“What? I can’t. “she heard Billie protest.

“You have to, she’s going to die.”

“Please Billie, don’t let my daughter die.”

“Okay, fine I’ll do it ”

She almost fainted real when Billie agreed. Oh God what’s she going to do.

But it’s not bad if an handsome guy kiss her.

Oh no, her first kiss. She’s never gonna accept that.

She felt someone breathing on her nose and she quickly grab that Billie was closer. Her eyes instinctively shot open and she push Billie away fromher that he fell with a very big thud.

“I’m fine.. I’m fine.. I’m okay nothing is wrong with me.” she rasped out quickly.

Billie’s mother looked confused, but her mom knew the type of daughter she had so she was not Suprise she could do something as stupid as that.

Billie glared at Harmony fuming with anger. She has the nerve to push him when he was only trying to help. Is this the woman his mom wants him to marry.

He scoffed, shaking his head he stood up and went back to his room.

Harmony and her mother left not long. Her mom was angry she wouldn’t stop talking that Harmony had to close her ears with her hands sighing frustratedly.

Billie’s mother sighed as she stands in front of his son’s room. She couldn’t think of a way to make his son agree to this.


let out a deep breath before knocking and then opened the door and walk in to see Billie back to painting.

“Billie… ”

“Mom is that the girl you want me to marry?”

“Yes. ”

“Really that weirdo? Gosh mom she pushed me, she pretended to faint imagine. “he scoffed angrily.

“I… ”

“You know what? I agree, I’ll marry her and this conversation is over. ”

She couldn’t believe it, did he just agree?.

“What? ” she almost yelled.

Billie bites his lip and turned to his mom.
“She has to pay mom, I’m taking my revenge but don’t be surprised if I divorce her the second day. ”

“What? No no you can’t do that.”

“Okay, now I’m doing neither of that…. ” he paused. “I don’t have to be married to her to take my revenge, don’t you think? Mom? ” he smirks.

“Okay fine you can divorce her whenever you want.”

“No I changed my mind already. “he said with a shrug and turn back to continue what he was doing.

“You can go now…” he talked sang his eyes focused on the canvas.

“Harmony!!!! ” Kendall squeaked jumping on her sister’s bed.

Harmony cringed and close off her ears due to her loud voice.

“What is wrong with you! ”

“Come on baby, give me all the gist. How is he like? Is he handsome? ”

“Who? ”

“Don’t pretend you are clueless of what I’m talking about. ”

“I seriously have no idea what you are talking about.”

“You’re so dumb. I mean your fiance or husband or whatever ”

“I don’t have a husband, I’m single. ”

“Harmony do you really wanna keep me waiting. ” she frowned.

“Fine! He’s cute or handsome or whatever. ”

“OMG!!!! What’s his name, did he touch you? On a scale of ten how hot is he? Did you guys kiss? “she bombarded her with questions.

“Are you on weed or something? You are so not acting like my sister right now. ”

“What do you mean? “.

“You are always acting mature but right now, it’s the opposite. Goodness how do you expect me to kiss someone that I didn’t even talk to ”

“What do you mean? ”

“I’m scared… I.. I’m scared of…”

“Wait do you still have this phobia for good looking people? ”

“Yes. ”

“Oh my God…Harmony you disappoint me sometimes. ”

“Everytime.” she corrected. ”

“At least you saw him tell how he looks like.” Kendall said.

“Hmm..he’s handsome, he has brown-reddish hair, deep blue eyes? No I’m not sure I think it’s black or maybe it just looks like black, it should be blue -black? No no I think it’s deep blue it just looks like black. ”

Kendall watched her sister as she argued with herself which made her burst into laughter.


“Don’t worry, I’ll meet him soon since you guys are getting married. “she smiled.

“No, we are not getting married… I’m not marrying him. ”

“Yes you are. ”

“No I’m not. “harmony glared at Kendall.

“Yes you are, I’m gonna go tell mom now that you said yes. “she said standing up from the bed and ran out of the room.

“No way!!!!” Harmony fled after her immediately yelling her name.

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