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Billie And Harmony Episode 5




“Mom I never agreed, it was Kendall.”

“You didn’t? But I already called Billie mother, she told me Billie has agreed too” she lied.

“He has? ”

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“Yes. ”

“Wow, I didn’t expect him to agree. “she muttered.

“So are you still changing your mind? ”

“Momma… I’m scared.” she pouted as she hug her mother.

“Scared of what? ”

“Scared of him. ”

“Don’t be darling, Billie is harmless. He will take care of you even more than I ” she pats harmony’s hair.

“No one can take care of me like you do mom. ”

“I know, just trust me on this okay? ”

“Okay mommy ”

She yawned. “I think I’m hungry ”

“Or you’re sleepy”

“No, I’ll sleep after I eat. I need food first ” she let out a small smile.

“Okay, you know your way to the kitchen. ”

“I hope food is there? ”

“Find out yourself. ”

“Mooomm ” she whined like a baby.

“There is food, gosh Harmony stop. “she hissed and left to her room.

Harmony jumped up from her sit and make her way to the kitchen excitedly.

“Billie I brought a new girl and I hope you will like this one better.”

“Mom why are you and dad hell bent on getting me married. This is the fourth girl I’ve rejected, aren’t you tired. ” Billie blowed off angrily.

“I’m sorry but I have to I have no choice and you have none too, I’ll keep them coming until you pick one. ” she said sternly.

“How do I even know they are good girls. ”

“They are, I know them and I did a background check on them, I will never give you something bad because you are my son whatever happens to you happen to me too. You’re part of me and I’m part of you of course. ”

“Fine! I’ll come downstairs but…..” he sighed. “You have to promise me that this is the last person, no other one. ”

“As far as you like her, there will be no other one. ”

“And please be respectful to her and her parents this time “she added and began walking out.

“And yes can you please use a good perfume, smell good. ” she added again and finally left.

Billie sighed and did as he was told. He went downstairs.

“Hi, I’m Billie it’s nice to meet you. ” he stood in front of the girl with his hand stretched.

The girl stood up immediately and took his hand. “My name Lara, it’s nice to meet you too. ” she smiled.

Their parents excused them as they talked along. Even though Lara found Billy boring but she careless as far as he was Handsome, that she couldn’t just stop staring and his smile is so beautiful.

Billy on the other hand find her very cool and well mannered, unlike the weirdo, he still couldn’t forget about her surprisingly. Remembering that, he smiled unconsciously.

“What are you smiling at, I didn’t say anything funny. ” Lara said making Billy flinch.

“What? ”

“Were you even listening to me at all. “she fumed.

“Ahm sorry what did you say? ”

She stood up beside Billy angrily. “Stupid stupid, fvck you… “she screamed at him throwing her phone at him then later pick it up and storm off to find her parents.

Billy sat still, struck with confusion.

“I can never understand girls. “he thought shaking his head, and stood up walking to the same direction Lara took.

He met Lara and her mom at the door and the glare Lara gave him made him shake in fear.
She released a huge sigh after they left.

“What’s going on? “her mother asked.

“What? ”

“She looked like she was angry at something, did you do something to her? ”


I don’t know mom, you see girls are really really…, I thought the other girl is weird but this one is more weird.”

“Why do you keep talking about Harmony, do you like her? ”

“Woah Woah mom, there is no way in hell, I can like her.”

“Okay, but I know what to do. ” she said and left.

“What are we doing in a mall Kendall. ”

“To worship God. ”

“But this isn’t a church. ”

“Harmony seriously, do you even know what Sacarsm is.”

“Of course, I went to School. ”

“Thought as much. ” Kendall muttered.

She stopped in front of the sales girl and flash her a smile.

“Hi, erm can you show me where to get some good clothes for my little sister here ” he points at Harmony who was busy looking around.

“Sure, please follow me. “the girl replied.

Kendall drag Harmony as they follow the girl.

Few minutes later, Harmony was already tired after trying dozens of clothes but Kendall won’t let her rest.

“What’s your favorite color again? ” Kendall asked.

“Pink. “Harmony sighed.

“No the one I gave to you, I told you pink make you look like a kid.”

“Red. ”

“Yes, I’m sure you will look hot in red. “she pick up a red dress and throw it to her.

“Now go try that, let’s see how it looks. ”

Reluctantly, she stripped off her formal dress and put on the red dress with a silver coloured hill.

“Oh my gosh, this is it! This is.. Oh my.. “Kendall screamed when Harmony walked out in the dress.

“You look hot baby, now we are talking. ”

“Yes I feel hot… How do you know. ”

“I said you look hot, dummy. ” Kendall rolled her eyes, turning to the sales girl. “We are taking this. ”


100 bucks ma’am. ”

She took out a card and gave it to her. The girl left.

“Isn’t that mom’s. ”

“Yeah, she gave me. ”

“so it was all her idea to take me shopping? ”

“Kinda, plus you are visiting your husband tomorrow.. Oh my gosh you aren’t supposed to know. “she close her mouth but it was too late, harmony already heard it.

“I told you not to tell her as if I know this will happen. ”

“Don’t worry Mom I will get her out, Harmony open this fvcking door!! ”

“Language Kendall. ”

“Sorry mom, I was just… Harmony!!! ”

“Get away from my door. “Harmony yell from the room.

“Come out now or I’m going to destroy this door, come inside that room and kill you!!”

“Kendallllll” her mom glares at her.

“Mom I didn’t mean that. ”

“Go, let me talk to her alone. ”

“Okay mom. “she said and left.

“Harmony sweetheart come out.”

“Mom I’m not going. ”

“We are not going anywhere Harmy, just come out and have dinner, that’s all I’m asking for. ”

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