November 29, 2021

Billie And Harmony Episode 6 – 7





After dinner, which they had in silence and left in silence cos Harmony had refused to talk with anyone.

Kendall knocked on her door but there was no response, then she opened it when she find it unlocked.

She found Harmony curled up on her bed.

With a worried look she rushed to her side. “Harmony are you okay?”

There she found Harmony shivering under the duvet which made her panic.

“What the… Harmony are you okay? ” she shouted.

“Mooomm! ”

Few hours, Harmony was sleeping peacefully in her room after being attended to by a doctor, when Billie and her Mom arrived.

“Is she okay now? ” Billie’s mother asked.

“Yes she’s fine, she just had fever.” harmony’s mom replied.

“Thank God.”

She smiled at Billie. “Hi son, thanks for coming. ”

Billie just smiled in reply, he wouldn’t have been here if her mother hasn’t blackmailed her.

“She’s sleeping, I would have take you to her room. ” Harmony’s mom explained.

“It’s okay, don’t disturb her just tell her we were here. ” Billie replied politely.

Like he wanted to see her anyway.

“Aww that’s so sweet of you.” she cooed and Billie mother smiled proudly.

Speaking of the devil, Harmony walked down the stairs looking horrible as ever. Hair disheveled, and face stained with mascara, not aware of people’s presence in the living room she walked in to the kitchen and came back few minutes later with a pot hugged to her chest and hand dipped inside of it as she ate and lick her hand.


mother face turned red, she couldn’t look at Billie and her mother.
Billie’s mother look disgusted and Billie loud laughter made Harmony aware that she was being watched.

She looked up and she saw three people staring at her. She dropped the pot on the floor and ran until she reached her room, slam the door and ran into the bathroom and slam the door locking it up.

She walked in front of the mirror and screamed again louder this time, that made Kendall to curse her from her room.

She turn on the tap and washed her hand then her face. She had a quick shower and change into a new clothes. Still in the bathroom, she contemplate if she should still go downstairs or not.


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doesn’t want to see the jerk face again so she decided to stay in her room instead.

Opening the bathroom door, she saw someone standing in front of her toy shelf.

“How do you get in?”

“Really? You still play with toys. ”

“I asked you a question. How did you get inside my room? ” she glare at him.

“Your door was wide open. ”

“I remember closing the door when I came in. ”

“Well maybe a ghost entered your room and forgot to close the door. ”

“Fool, I don’t believe in ghosts. ” Harmony scoffed.

“Duh.. But you still play with toys and damn your room look like a two year old’s.” Billie shake his head.

“Listen Blake, I don’t want any trouble so get out. ”

“I’m sure you meant Billie right? ”

“Whatever, just…” she stopped when Billie grab one of her dolls and destroy it.

“You….”she gritted her teeth angrily as she bend down to pick them up.

“The doll looks just like you. ”

“Jerk. “Harmony hit him on the face angrily unknowingly to her, the doll she was holding has entered his eyes.

Billie grunt in pain holding the eyes.

Few minutes later, they both sat down on the bed in silence. Billie had a bag of ice pressed against the injured eyes.

“You’re a psycho, you know that right? ” Billie spoke up first.

“So are you.” Harmony replied.

Silence took over again.

“Do you really wanna marry me. “Harmony asked.


way! ”

“But mom said you have agreed, that’s why I agreed too. ”

“Mom told me the same thing also. ”

“Why are they forcing us to get married. ”

“Listen, just tell your mom you don’t want to get married to me. Remember I’m a psycho. ”

Harmony smiled. “So you admit you’re a psychopath ”

She grinned and giggled, Billie just stared at her, he thought she looks adorable. Of course Harmony didn’t notice.

Billie couldn’t help but smile also.
“Told ya, you look like your doll. “Billie teased and laughed.

Harmony move to grab the pillow, Billie ran out of the room immediately.

He got downstairs and couldn’t find his mother.

“Your mother left, she said you should stay here cos it’s already late. It’s almost midnight. ” Harmony’s mother said.
Billie frowned upon hearing that, he hates sleeping outside his home.

He was about replying when someone grabbed his wrist, he looked at Harmony beside her.

“Let me take you to your room. “Harmony smiled staring at him.

How can someone smile be this beautiful.” he thought lost staring at her again.



They continued staring at each other, there hand still connected and their heart beating faster than it should be. The feeling was strange to both of them, but they refuse to let each other go because they enjoy it.

The sparks they felt where their body connected, Billie wonder what it was all about.

Harmony spoke up. “Oh shit! It’s almost time for my favorite show, let’s go watch it together. ”

Before Billie could protest she had dragged him to the living room and made him sit down. He felt helpless as he stares at her, still having that weird feeling.
“I like her “he heard his inner voice say and his brow furrowed in a confused manner.

He frowned when Harmony’s petite body landed beside him her arm around his.

“What are you doing? ”

Harmony smiled and shift closer to him as she rest her head on Billie’s shoulder. “Hey! “Billie yelled trying to push her away.

Harmony whined dragging and pushing him back to herself.
Billie gave up after so many trial taking in a deep breath, Harmony smiled in victory.

“Why are you doing this, you are making me uncomfortable sitting with you and watching some lame children show”

“We are friends and friends do this things together. ” Harmony stated.

“I’m not your friend! ”

“You are. ”

“I’m not, I can’t be your friend. ”

“You are, stop saying that. You are my friend and very soon you’re gonna be my bestfriend forever. Right? ”

Billie gave no answer. She pouted at him “Right? “she ask again.

“Fine!”he gave up again, he was defeated by that puppy eyes, she was so cute and adorable, he could adore her as he adores his paint brush.
He felt like he should never let go of her, he suddenly want to see her everyday and touch her, play with her cos she makes him happy.
“I like you. “he heard her say making his eyes widened as he turn to her.

Harmony was focused on the TV, it was just his mind playing tricks on him.

“I can’t believe what I’m seeing, just few hours they started talking they are already in love. Aww I’m so jealous of my little sister right now. “Kendall cooed watching the formers from upstairs with her mom.


up and go to your room. ” her Mom whisper yelled at her before she lveft. She smiled satisfied with what she saw, she left for her room too.

During the night, Billie couldn’t sleep until he found a pencil and sheets of paper, he drew a lot of things but most importantly drew that person on his mind all night.

Harmony entered Billie’s room in the morning, the first thing she saw was paper lying on the floor.

“Hey! “Billie stood up abruptly snatched the paper from her.
“Is that not me? Did you draw me. ” Harmony smiled excitedly.

“No “he denied hiding them in his pocket.

“Can I keep it? ” she held out another paper smiling sheepishly.

“Watev’s” he rolled his eyes and walked out of the room.

Three days later.
Billie sighed for umpteenth not able to draw any reasonable, the only thing coming up in his head was the face of a Ginger hair girl.

“Argh!! “he screamed kicking the wall in annoyance.

“Are you okay? ” Worried Harmony ask as she enters the room, she was downstairs talking to his parents when he heard his voice.

Billie was surprised to see her, but deep down he was happy. “What are you doing here? ”

Harmony rushed to his side and grab his arm. “So I was thinking, we should go to the park together let’s go have some fun. ”

Billie frowned. “I don’t go out ”

“But, you will go with me, we are friends. ”

“I haven’t agreed to be your friend. ”

Harmony kept quiet thinking before she spoke up. “Fine, if you don’t want to go to the park let’s go to my favorite ice cream shop and grab some? ”

“I don’t like ice cream “he lied.

“Really?okay ” she replied staring at the floor sadly. She sat on his bed seriously thinking of another.

“I lied, I like ice cream ” Billie sighed.

Her face light up immediately and she stood up grabbing his hand. “Okay then let’s go ”
Her reaction made him smile unconsciously.

Both of them got their fav flavor, vanilla. and sat down on the chair that was beside the ice cream shop.

Harmony finished hers before Billie starts, he had no choice than to surrender his. He just kept laughing watching her, but she didn’t seem to care. After Harmony has finished the second one, she look at Billie and smile.

“Sorry I ate your ice cream it was just too sweet. ”

Billie gave no reply, as he stares at the space. He hasn’t come out like this in years, it was weird to him but somehow refreshing. He silently thanked Harmony in his heart.

“Blake. ” Harmony called.

“My name is Billie ”

“Sorry Bill ”

“Billy” he corrected getting annoyed.

“I know, I just gave you a nickname ”

“I don’t want a nickname Harmony. ”

“Yeah you can call me Harmy and I’ll call you Bill”

Billie sighed muttering inaudible words to himself, complaining how annoying Harmony is.

“I really like you Bill, I want to be your. Friend ” Harmony blurted out.

His face become calm as he register what he just heard.
She likes him, just like he does.

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