November 29, 2021

Billie And Harmony Episode 8 – 9





He look at her face trying to find out if this was a joke.

“Will you be my friend? ”

“I don’t want to be your friend ” he answered.

Harmony was sad with the answer he gave. “Why? ”

“I.. I want to marry you…to make my parents happy. ” Billie couldn’t believe what was happening, is he really doing this.

“Will you marry me and I’ll be your friend? ”
“Yes! “Harmony answered without second thought.

Billie smiled happily. “Thank you. ”

“I’m your wife now. ”

“Yes ” they both smiled at each other and harmony snuggle closer to him making Billie to hug her in a side hug.

They broke the news to their parents, they were happy. Things have finally turned out the way they want it to be. But they insisted they have a proper wedding and the preparation started immediately.

“Are you excited for your wedding Harmony cos I am so excited, this dress is going to fit you perfectly you’re.. ”

Harmony’s ringing tone stopped her from listening to her sister’s rant. Knowing who the caller might be she picked it up without checking.

“Hey. ”

She smiled hearing his voice. “Holla Bill “she joked and he laughed.

“Where are you?”

“I went to shop for the wedding with my sister. ”

“Ah are you done, I want to show you something Pls come around. ”


Mo… “she stopped when Kendall said she got her covered.

“okay “sgs replied instead.

“Don’t be late ”

“I won’t “she end the call.

“You want to show me something? ”

“Huh nothing, I just want you to come. ”

“Bill “Harmony frowned.

“Sorry I just miss you. ”

She blushed.

“There is so much painting here. ” she said looking around his room.

“Is it cool? ”

“It’s wonderful, you made them all?”

“Yup “he replied.

“Wow, they are so.. Magnificent, extraordinary, beautiful, lovely.. ”

“Stop “he blushed.

“I’m serious, I’ve you sold any out? I’m sure people will kill to have them. ”

“No, I’ve never sold my painting before ”

“Why? ”

“I don’t like it, I want to wake up every day to see them, it’s my life. ”

“But.. People won’t recognize how excellent if you keep hiding it”

“I don’t do it for people, I do it for me…and you ”


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can make a lot of money ”

“I don’t need money. ”

“Of course you do” she sat down beside him. “when we get married, which money are we going to use to buy food in the house. ”

“That’s true “he gasp.

“You have to take care of me. “.

“I… I promise I will. ” he place his hand on her cheek and look into her eyes with sincerity.

“I know, I know ” Harmony said removing his hand.

“We can sell some of them ” he closes his eyes, he felt his heart skip as he manage to voice that out.

“Good. “Harmony smile.

“How are we going to sell it”

“Give me your phone, my mom knows someone. ”

“Where did you get this from? “Billie parent stares at the money he had drop in front of them in confusion.

“I sold some of my paintings, use the money for wedding preparations ” he said before walking away.

He entered his room and stare at the space the painting use to be now empty and tear fell from his eyes.

It was five days to the wedding. Harmony was stocked inside a room with her sister and some ladies getting manicure, pedicure and a new hair cut.

“How does Billie like your hair to be? ” Kendall asked.

“I don’t know, I’m just hungry. ” she sighed.

Kendall ignore her and told the Make up artist to give a shoulder length cut.

She was happy when Billie’s call came in, thinking she’s finally got an escape plan until Kendall sized the phone from her.


hours later, Billie had been waiting in her room since for ever, he was getting bored and he looked for something to play with.
He found the photo album of when she was little and start to flip through, laughing at the pic.

Harmony soon entered fuming as she snatched away the photo from him.

“How dare you touch my stuff ”

“Give it back, come on I was just…” his words hangs as she stare at his girlfriend in shock.

“Holy heavens.. Harmony.. ”

“What? ”

“You… You.. I love your new hair cut and erm your look ,and your dress… Everything ….you look amazing. ”

Harmony cheek turn crimson red and she plays with her fingers nervously.

“ should sit. ” he says.

“Yeah thanks. “Harmony sat down beside him shyly under his intense gaze.

Is she that beautiful.

The new look gave Harmony a more matured look, the short blue floral gown exposes her smooth leg as she sat making Billie gaze move there.

“Can you please stop staring ”

Billie awkwardly cleared his throat and look away his cheek flushed red.

“You’re Blushing ” Harmony giggled poking his cheek when her finger.

“You blushed too ”

“Me? ”

“I saw you. Don’t try to deny it ” he poke her nose too and she blushed ‘again’.



“Gosh..I’m so nervous “Harmony cries out.

“Don’t be, it’s just us your family and Billie’s. ” Kendall assures adjusting her wedding dress.

“Yeah, nothing could go wrong. ” she sighed.

“You’re ready, let’s go. ”

They both left the room, since there dad was no more her mom walked her down the aisle where Billie stood waiting patiently.

His eyes beamed with smile as she stands in front of him.

The priest starts. They both exchange the vows and rings.

“You may now kiss the bride. ” the priest said.

Everyone was silent expecting them to kiss. Billie looked around nervously before leaning in a little with his eyes closed. Harmony in fear shift away and everybody stood up to clap.
Only the priest knew they didn’t kiss.

The newly married left to the hotel their parents had booked for them for their honeymoon.

“Bill be fast I need to pee ” Harmony knock on the bathroom door.

“Leave me alone. ”

“Please!” she begs desperately.

Immediately Billie walked out she rush in immediately. After then she took her bath and change her clothes.

She grabbed the red rose on the bed and smell it.
“Smells nice. ”

“Did you put it there? ”

“No ” Billie replied staring into space.

“So what are we going to do? My sister said we will do something. ”

He looked at her “What did she say we will do? ”

“I don’t know she didn’t tell me, she just said you will teach me. ”
(A/N: Kendall is bitch 😂)

“I don’t know” he Start to think.

“You will live with me from now on? Is that it. ” he ask.

“I don’t know ”

“Or maybe, we will make children ”

“How are we going to make children. ”

” s£x ” Billie answered.

Harmony was confused. “I’ve never taken s£x before. ”

“Me too. ”

“So what are we going to do? ”

“I don’t know. ”

“Maybe I should call my mom and ask? “Harmony suggested.

“Okay ”

When her mom saw her call, she was surprised and wonder what she was calling for, but decided not to pick it.


isn’t picking up. ”

“Let’s sleep then, we will ask some other time. ”

“I’m not feeling sleepy yet. ”

“Same here. “Billie sighed.

“Let’s do some exercise, I use to do it before going to sleep everyday. ”

He started moving his leg up and down, and Harmony did the same.

“Does it give us strength? “Harmony ask.

Changing his position and starts to stretch, he answered “It makes me sleep well”

Harmony was the first person to sleep after a while before Billie collapse beside her.

Harmony enjoyed the warm feeling Billie body gives and snuggles in. Billie who was awake continues to watch her sleep until he fell into slumber again.

“Wake up sleepy head. “Harmony whisper in to his hair smiling.
He groans and opens his eyes. “What time is it? ”

“12noon, come and eat. ”

“You should have waken me up earlier.”

“I don’t want to disturb, come on hubby let’s eat I’m hungry ” she grumbled.

“I need wash my teeth, go on and eat I’ll join you. ”

“Okay. ” she answered and rushed to the food.

“You like food “Billie shakes his head and walk to the bathroom.
(A/N:You have not seen anything 🙄)

After taking his bath, Billie grab his pencil to start drawing, Harmony was still eating.

“Won’t you eat? “She finally looked up.

“I’m not hungry”

“Huh? Okay I’ll just eat everything. ”

“Okay ” he simply reply eyes not leaving what he was doing, until Harmony drag him and forced him to eat.

“I hate to eat alone, so you’ll eat with me anytime I eat even if it’s twenty times a day, understood?”

“Yes ma’am ” he replies with mouth full.

“Good ” Harmony still more food into his already filled mouth.

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These two are so 🙉
Doing exercise on your wedding night, well at least they did something 😂

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