Bitch -Batch 4


TIME: 6:45PM .

So there Zainab was, sitting on the sofa and wondering was was possibly going through E.A’s mind as he called her name out loud.

“Yea, any problem?” she replied as casually as she could.

“No, not really. You are doing an awesome job even though am fully aware the questions you have asked so far isn’t from the script we gave you…” E.A replied sounding kind of sarcastic.

Zainab shrugged, “Those questions were to vague na, just check this one out,” she picked up the script which was on a table close by and scanned through it in search of something, then suddenly her eyes went bright in excitement, “Enhen, look at this question, “what is your favourite colour?”, who wants to know what 3face favourite colour is on a relationsh¡p talk show? That’s why I decided to go deep.”

“Yea yea, I know and I agree with you, I’ll have a talk with my script writers after today’s shoot. But that’s by the way, and not why I came her,” E.A said.

“Oh!” She exclaimed, “so why are you here?” She asked with a raised eyebrow.

“I know this is probably the wrong time to say this but, I’ve been staring at you all day through that camera, “he turned and pointed at the camera,”and I’ve come to the conclusion that no one on this earth is more beautiful than you, Zainab, am really attracted to you and you know this, so why do you keep pushing me away?”

Zainab was speechless, she had a lot of things in her mind and adding E.A wahala to the list wasn’t part of it.

“E.A am sorry but I…”

“Don’t reply now, you might say what I don’t want to here, how about I take you out for dinner after this shoot so we can talk better, I’ll take you anywhere! Just name it,” E.A cut in.

“E.A its not like I’m pushing you away, its just that …”

“Please don’t say no,” E.A cut in again, this time with the best puppy face he could conjure.

Zainab shrugged, sighed and closed her eyes for a second. Going out with this guy can’t cause any harm na, its even a guarantee of free good food, she thought, “Okay then, but I don’t want anywhere too fancy, you don’t have to try and impress me, okay?” She replied trying to sound modest.

“Yes!” He then leaned to hug Zainab, then walked out of the stage smiling.

“Okay time up people, we roll in 5… 4…3…2…1… Action!!”

* * * * *

John wasn’t sure about how exactly he was expected to react to what Jummy had just told him, he didn’t know either he should be sad and say sorry, or be angry and actually do something about it, he took a deep breath and went for the easier option, “Jummy am so sorry,” he paused and then continued, “why were you sacked anyway?”

Jummy had already dried her eyes, if she had lost her job, at least, she still had John, or so she thought.

“I dunno, I think it has something to do with me about not being available for some days and not calling the company to let them know, or me scre-ming at a customer today at work, I don’t know which one warranted the sack”

John was disappointed, he couldn’t believe someone can be so evil as to fire a staff for being absent even though the staff had a reason as genuine as a serious motor accident.

“Who exactly sacked you an how did he do it? I mean, what were his words?” John asked in annoyance, he just couldn’t picture the scene and wanted to know more details, he wasn’t really bothered about Jummy loosing her job because with just one call from him, Jummy would be employed in a better company, he was that influential.

“I dunno yet, all I got was a sack letter, let me even read the content directly to you,” she quickly opened the letter and after scanning through the address and all those plenty stories at the first paragraph of letters then she read out loud over the phone,

“This is to certify that you, Miss Jumoke Olukoya, for you diligent and consistent hærd work have just been promoted from a low level customer care agent to the post of assistant branch manager, please see the personnel officer for further instructions! Congratulation,” Jummy was confused at first, she didn’t understand a sh1t from what she just read, with a straight face, she dropped the phone, even though John was already scre-ming “congratulations” over the line since he understood what just happened.

Jummy read the letter three consecutive times, thinking she had read it wrongly the former time, and the letter still remained the same, Jummy dropped the letter and jumped on her table scre-ming

“Yes!!! Finally! Oh my gosh!” And other things, the sudden stare of the other employees made her realise she was over reacting, she murmured a sorry and sank back into her chair still excited, she picked up the phone and said,

“John, I’ll call you later on, I have something I need to do now!”

John replied, “Yea, I know you do, I’ll be expecting your call, bye” he hung up.

Jummy looked around and stared at her fellow employees, busy talking to annoying customers over the phone in their tiny cubicle, she then stood up and headed to Mrs Ogbonaya office, they had some scores to settle.

* * * * *

After a rough journey, Richærd finally got back to the hotel. He had to board a bike to the nearest ATM and beg the bike man to wait while he queued and after an hour, it finally got to his turn, only for the ATM machine to seize his card, with annoyance he stormed out of the line and into the bank.

“Where is the manager of this useless bank!” He scre-med to no one in particular, everybody just stared at him and was hoping the security guards would hold him before a bit someone.

Richærd saw a sign board which had “Customer services” written on it, he walked towards it and slammed his hands on the table, “I want to see you bank manager now!” He yelled at the lady.

“Sir please calm down and have a sit, what is the problem?” She asked politely, but Richærd was too angry.

“I didn’t say ‘where is the chair’ or ‘I want to sit down’, I said WHERE IS THE BANK MANAGER OF THIS USELESS BANK?!!!” Richærd replied, laying emphasis on every single word.

“Sir, if you would just tell me your problem, maybe I’ll be able to help, the manager is in a meeting and wouldn’t want to be disturbed,” she replied calmly once again.

It became obvious to Richærd that nothing he could say or do would make this lady to take him to the manager, so he calmed down a little, “my ATM card just got withheld by one of your machines,” he finally said.

“Was the card issued by Diamond bank plc?”

“Yes, it was. See, I don’t have time for all this your who wants to be a millionaire questions, I just need my card now and some money, that’s all”

“Sir, we can’t open the machine now and bring out your card, you have to come tomorrow for that, if you really need some money now, you can withdraw through the counter”

Richærd looked at the counter and saw the long queue, he couldn’t bear another round,

“I can’t go there and stand for another one hour, a bike man is waiting for me outside and I need to get somewhere tonight, so if you aren’t going to do something about it now, better get me your bank manager,” Richærd threatened.

“I understand sir, just fill the teller, I’ll hand it over to the cashier myself now,” the lady replied and handed Richærd a blank teller and 10 minutes later, he walked out of the bank with more money than he had ever held at once, he had a feeling he might be needing to spend a lot soon, really soon.

Well, all of that was hours ago. As he walked into his room, he jumped on his bed, while lying down, he made a call,

“Hello, this is barrister Anthony” the recipient said as he picked the call.

“Hey Tony, this is Richærd, I’ll be needing your services, can we see tomorrow and talk?” Richærd asked.

“Yea, sure nah, just come to the office by 1pm, we would talk over lunch,” Tony replied.

“Okay then, see you later, thanks,” Richærd replied and hung up, he wasn’t going down without a fight too.

* * * * *


“Welcome back from the short commercial break, if you just joining us, then you aren’t too late, we just asked our celebrity guests some question, and now the phone lines are opened to you guys, you can call in and ask your questions.

Since the show wasn’t a Live Show, E.A had to make some of his employees who obviously had some questions to call, over the intercom of course.

“Okay, we have our first caller.” Zainab pressed a button and picked the call, putting it on loud speaker.

“Hello, you on to Single and Married and I’m Zainab, what’s your name and where are you calling from?”

“Hello Zainab, my name is Maurice, and I’m calling from Oshodi,” the caller replied.

“Hi Maurice, we have two celebrity guests in the studio here with us, 3face and P-cube, do you have any questions to ask them?”

“Yes, I do”

“Okay, go ahead then, am sure they are listening.”

“Okay, thanks, err.. Hi P-cube…”

“Hey! Hello Maurice, how you doing?” Prosper replied.

“Am good, okay, this question is directed to you guys collectively. Rumours going all around is that the most cute bachelors, that is you guys, are off the market, how true is that?”

prosper laughed, “I you are trying to ask if we are engaged then you are quite right, Philip is engaged but am not engaged yet…”

“Wow! So you mean you are still in the market?” Maurice asked mischievously.

Prosper chuckled, “Not exactly,” he replied, trying to kill two birds with one stone.

Maurice was about to push further “But.. I was wondering..” When Zainab intervened.

“Okay, thanks for calling maurice,” and she hung up.

“We have a new caller, hello you on to single and married…what’s your name and where are you calling from?”

“Hello, am Eric and I’m calling from Ijegun, Lagos,” it was E.A calling.

“Okay, Eric, you know the drills right? So just go ahead,” Zainab replied.

“Okay, this question is directed to 3face… So 3face, you can have almost any Nigerian girl you want but still ain’t married, why if I may ask?”

3face forces a smile to hide his frown, he was  already regretting accepting Zainab’s Invitation.

“Cut!” He suddenly yelled without even thinking, to the surprise of everyone in the studio.


Unlike the first time she walked into the office of Mrs Ogbonaya anxious and scared, this time, she felt the exact opposite of how she felt the first time.

As Jummy approached the office, she started hearing voices from Mrs Ogbonaya office and thought it would better for her to wait before she knocked or walked it, so she stood at the door waiting, and unintentionally eaves dropping.

“I thought I told you to sack the girl?” She heard a male voice say.

“Sack her? Why would I do that? She’s arguably the best employee in this company!!!” A female voice said.

“Cynthia! You have been daring me for too long in this company, just so you know, you are just a co-acting branch manager, I am an acting manager too and I can choose to file a report of incompetence to the board in a minute and you’ll be out!” The male voice replied.

“Stephen, I really don’t have time for this you chit chat! You can go ahead and file the report as a matter of fact,
I’m curious about what you would write in it. That I promoted our best staff to a position she merited? Yea! Good luck with that!”

Stephen seemed to have calmed down a little, “You didn’t even consult me before promoting her, is that how it is now? We don’t tell each other things anymore?”

“Hey! Don’t even go there oh! You didn’t tell me that you had a wife and two kids when we were dating did you?”

“For crying out loud! Look at the luxurious name tag on your table! It says ‘MRS OGBONAYA,’ You are now happily married, why can’t you just let the past be the past.” Stephen paused and watched Cynthia facial impression change for the angry one to a sober one,

“That was personal and this is business, you letting your personal feelings get ahead of your professional feeling. Don’t worry, I assure you that this won’t go like that!” Stephen replied.

“Whatever! I’ll be here waiting for you to do your worst!” Cynthia fired back.
Stephen stormed out of the office, he suddenly walked into Jummy at the door, and nearly ran her over, he adjusted his suit and added,

“Oh! Great! She has even heard everything, now the wh0le company would know about us! Thanks a lot Cynthia, thanks!” And he walked away.

Cynthia walked to her door and gave Jummy a deadly stare, “if you speak just one word about what you just heard to another person, I’ll make sure you’ll be sweeping the office and cleaning the windows by monday!” Cynthia said and slammed the door on Jummy’s face.

Jummy was speechless, “funny to think that this so called co-acting manager, Stephen, was hitting on me when I first resumed work at GNP,” she thought and walked to the personnel office, she knew better than to knock at the door.

* * * * *

Everyone in the studio seemed to be in a trance, even the camera had stopped rolling in surprise, the question in everybody’s mind was, “did 3face just yell cut? Or are we hearing double?” Their question was answered soon enough as 3face broke the silence.

“What’s all this JAMB questions on my personal life? Zainab, what you told me was that this show was just a casual interview on relationsh¡p talks. In fact am out of here,” he stood up and walked out of the studio, leaving everyone still in shock.

It took the question of Prosper to bring back every one to life, “Are we still shooting this or what?” He asked.

E.A saw the opportunity slipping from his fingers so he replied, “Yes, we definitely are, we just have to start all over again since we can’t feature 3face on the show again, thank God it was a live show,” he replied.

“We have a show at UNILAG by 8pm, so I’m not sure starting all over would be possible since we’ve got to consider traffic, Akoka isn’t exactly at the back yard of the Island, you know?” Philip replied.

“So what’s going to happen now?” E.A answered.

“I dunno, maybe we would come over some other time, Prosper, let’s go now, the time is almost 7PM and we would need to head home to prepare before going,” Philip said and stood up.

“Going home isn’t such a good idea, let’s just drop by any good boutique and buy something nice to wear, you know as UNILAG students are na?”

“Sure sure.. That’s a better idea, good thing I brought enough cash with me, let’s go then…” Prosper stood up and they both walked out of the studio without saying any word to anyone else.

E.A glared at Zainab and felt like shooting her, he looked away and scre-med, “Okay, we are done for today, everyone pack up! I guess there won’t be any special edition anymore thanks to someone here,” he was glaring at Zainab now.

Zainab was transfixed on her chair and couldn’t move, she just looked down at her feet and waited for everyone to pack up and leave before going to talk to E.A, she knew he was really pissed at her.

After 20 minutes of continuous noise of pissed staffs, the studio was empty with just Zainab and E.A in it, E.A picked up his bag and walked to the door, he looked at Zainab and said, “lock up when you are done, we wouldn’t want to find our gadgets next time we are here, good night”

Zainab wanted to say something but couldn’t find the nerve to, she just looked at E.A walk away.

It took her a minute for her to gather enough courage to run after E.A, she was lucky to have caught him just as he entered his car.

The first thing that came out of her mouth was rather silly, “aren’t you taking me out to dinner again?”

E.A looked at her and if his eyes had guns, then Zainab would have been shot, luckily for her, it didn’t, he didn’t reply her but ins**ted the key in the ignition and zoomed off, leaving Zainab standing in the middle of the road looking “stewpeed”.

She walked back in to the studio, picked up her stuffs, locked the studio and drove home.

* * * * *

After an hour that seemed like it didn’t want to end, work hours was finally over and Jummy walked out of company excited, she had just been instructed by the personnel manager that she would resume ASAP, and ASAP for Jummy meant the next day, she was dying to tell Zainab the good new so as she waited for a cab to take her home, she called Zainab on her cell.

It took Zainab four rings before she finally picked up, she had been on her bed sulking, she still couldn’t believe how bad her day went.

“Hello,” Zainab said in a low tone.

“Hey babe, how far na.. Or wait, that’s not important. You won’t believe what happened today at work!!” Jummy yelled.

Zainab assumed it was one of Zainab boring gist about some guy she was crushing on and hoped would talk to her one day, “what?” She asked reluctantly.

“Guess!” Jummy replied excited.

“I hate guessing, I know you have been dying to tell me so just go ahead and tell me before you explode!”

“Ohhh.. Just try and guess na, please”

Jummy just said please? Okay, that’s a first, Zainab thought, “okay, if you insist, errr… Obama proposed to you?” Zainab replied mischievously.

“Be serious jhur! Try and guess!”

“Ohhh, Jummy now you have made me curious, you know am a horrible guess, just tell me,” Zainab replied calmly, Jummy surely made her calm or laugh without even trying.

“Okay okay! I just got promoted to assistant branch manager!!!” Jummy yelled.

“Wow! Go girl!!! Yea!!!!” Zainab yelled.

“Yea!!!” Jummy joined her and they kept on scre-m “yea” over the phone for the next five minutes.

“Hope you coming to pick up in my house now? No sleeping tonight oh!!!”

“Ahh.. Am coming girl, but I’ll have to sleep oh, I resume duty tomorrow and wouldn’t want to be late on my first day as assistant branch manager!!” Jummy replied, they both seemed to be scre-ming at each other over the phone.

“Who sleeps on her night of promotion? Jummy don’t dull me oh!” Zainab replied.

“Taxi!!” Jummy suddenly yelled at a taxi that was zooming by, it stopped and she quickly hopped in.

“Hello! Are you still there?” Zainab asked.

“Yes yes, I am, am heading to your house now, just go and put on something hot!!! I have a feeling I might reconsider sleeping tonight.”

“Confirmed girl!! Okay! Just holla when you around, I need to go and dig out that my mini skirt that I haven’t worn for ages,” Zainab replied and hung up. She went to her wardrobe and started throwing stuffs out of it all around the room in search of the miniskirt, she had already forgotten about all that happened in work.

* * * * *

TIME: 9:42PM.

About an hour later, Jummy got to Zainab house and ran in,side, she quick grabbed the pair of clothing she left in Zainab house for emergency partying situations like this.

In another twenty minutes, both ladies were packed in Zainab’s car as they drove to the island in search of any nice club the could spend the night in, little did they know that things don’t always go the way we planned.


“Caro your body necessary… Caro carry leave story… Caro they make my head they turn… Caro they make want to loose am… Caro they make my head they bang… Caro they make my head they scatter… I’m looking for Caro…” Those were lyrics from L.A.X and Wizkid hit track, which blared from the speakers which were strategically placed round the “Club Underground, Lagos Island”.

*** (I’m still wondering what tha fucck L.A.X was doing on that track. I don’t mean to beef but wasn’t obviously the first track which would have brought him to the limelight but he sang just one verse and left wizkid to do the rest).

Anyway, as Zainab and Jummy stormed into the club, it seemed like time froze for a split second as everyone turned to stare at them in total silence, a waiter who was passing by with a tray filled with drinks collided into a couple who were dancing like their lives depended on it and BOOM!!!…

Well, I’ll leave you to imagine what happened to the waiter afterwards, just know that he spent the next 6 months in a hospital.

Jummy and Zainab were both aware of what their presence in the club was doing to all the men and they both smiled as the waved their h¡ps while heading to the bar.

They got there, sat down and the bar tender finally came to attend to them.

“Can I take your orders please?” He asked in the most polite way he could, he wanted to give a good impression.

“Err.. I’ll have the usual,” Jummy replied.

Zainab was shocked, “the usual? You mean you’ve been here before?”

“You no think say I go just carry anyhow club na…” Jummy replied.

The waiter was getting impatient, couldn’t they place their orders and talk later? He wondered, “do you need anything ma’am?” He asked Zainab.

“Oh! Am sorry, just bring two of anything my friend her says is the “Usual,” thanks.”

“Are you sure you want to drink what I ordered too?” Jummy asked, not exactly because she cared though.

“If you can drink it and make it the usual, then I can drink it too na! After all it can be as bad as that drink I drank some days ago at ‘s₱0t One’,” Zainab replied, reminding Jummy of that drink she drank on the night she and a certain Clement got intimate.

“Okay oh, its your problem, so where are the cute guys na, or aren’t we attractive enough? This one no guy has approached us yet…” Jummy asked.

“Don’t worry, just give it a little time… Time my friend,” Zainab replied with grin, she sounded convincing and sure.

* * * * *

Meanwhile, at the other end of the same club sat three guys: Henry, Mathew and Oscar, they were talking and of course, drinking.

Amongst the three, only Henry wore sunshades – its funny how people where sunshades to a night club, what an Irony?.
Anyway, Henry was a fairly tall and hadsome guy of 29, “beans” brown in complexion and he had that kind of l-ips that would make you want to k-ss him. Below his left ear, on his neck, was a tattoo; the tattoo looked like a cross if viewed from the front and like a star if view from the rare, the artist who drew it definitely did a swell job.

Mathew on the other hand, was almost as tall as Henry and of the same age grade, but was “M.T.N” yellow in complexion, he had already lost count of the amount of times people mistook him for an albino, and yes, he wasn’t bad looking atall.

Thirdly, Oscar was sorta like the exact opposite, he was roughly the same height with a maltina bottle – okay, I agree that am just exagerrating but you get the idea, don’t you? He also a swollen lip which looked like he had hit the lip on something hærd, or maybe he was involed in a fight, who knows?

They were among the host of guys who were spell bound by the appearance of Jummy and Zainab.

Oscar was the one who broke the spell as he spoke first, “buts guys, did you see those two hot chicks that just walked into the club few minutes ago?” He asked the others.

“Oh boy, I see them oh, chai! That fat one yansh na die!!! E be like Julius Berger trailer,” Mathew responded almost immediately, he seemed to be anxious.

“I they tell you!!! That “lepa” one come fine die and her b0obs no be here!!!” Oscar added.

“The bad thing be say, them pass our level, if we go follow them talk now, them fit slap us oh,” Mathew said.

“Abi oh, I no know why we even come this kind club self, the girls wey get levels, get levels scatter. The girls wey no get levels, be like ashewo!” Oscar said with remorse.

“You just talk my mind now now, see that ashewo for that corner self,” Mathew said, pointing towards the direction.

“No mind the mumu girl, she just they allow that bad guy press hin br3ast because of hin buy malt for am…” Oscar added, “forget that girl first, I for like follow those two hot chick talk na,” he said, trying not to change the topic.

Mathew suddenly bursted out in an uncontrollable laughter, “Guy no think am! Ordinary ‘hi’, you no fit talk.”

“Wetin be your own na, I just they talk my mind, who talk say I wan actually do am?” Oscar asked, already frustrated.

Oscar suddenly starred at Henry who had been quite all through their discussion and just sipping his red label wine in peace. Judging from his calm behaviour and choice of drink, he seemed to be a lot different from the other two. The other two guys were busy drinking beer.

“Guy, why you they quiet na? Abi the girls yansh don make you deaf and dumb?” Mathew asked.

“Eh? Wetin you just talk?” Henry asked.

“Hin say, your mama don born new pikin,” Oscar replied sarcastically.

Henry mind seemed to be somewhere else, he just mumbled what Oscar just said in confusion, “mama? Pikin? Born? Wetin you they talk self?”

Oscar and Mathew both started laughing at Henry, while he just starred at them in confusion.

“Guy, you no see those chicks wey just enter club now now?” Oscar finally asked, when the were done with laughing.

“Oh! Na those girls they make una piss for una p-nt?” Henry asked and started his own round of laughter.

“Make we set 100k say you no fit follow them talk now!” Oscar replied in annoyance.

“Oya na! Set am! I go carry that slim one number come now now self as a bonus,” Henry boasted.

“God save you say I no hold cash here, I for chop your money,” Henry replied, genuinely sad.

“I no hold cash here self, I go drop my Iphone! Since na useless phone you they use, just drop your car keys! You go use the 50k bail am when I win!” Henry urged on, he seemed sure of himself.

“Oya na! I no wan hear abeg oh or biko when I chop your money oh, if you never bail am in 3 days time, I go enter computer village, sell the phone oh! You agree?” Oscar added.

“Deal! I agree,” Henry replied and then handed over his phone to Mathew, Oscar did the same to his car keys. Mathew was expected to act as the “boardman.”

NB: boardman in this context simply means a refere and judge.

As soon as Mathew had made sure both Oscar and Henry knew the predicament of what they were about to do and let them know about the rules, he gave Henry the go ahead, Henry stood up and headed to the bar where Zainab and Jummy, who were the “hot chicks,” were sitted.

* * * * *

Meanwhile, AT THE BAR.

“So how was your day by the way na? I’m sure you and that Prosper guy of P-cube would have at the very lease exchanged numbers.. I trust you na…” Jummy said to Zainab.

“Collect number ke? Abeg change the topic, I don’t want to talk about it…”

“Hmmm, you would gist me later on sha, that’s all I know,” Jummy replied.

“Whatever, enhen, I’ve spoken with that lawyer oh, that Boniface guy, funny to think that I was expecting one old man that would probably be ugly too…”

“Isn’t Boniface an old man?” Jummy asked, she had picture Boniface in the same manner as Zainab.

“Tah! He is far from old oh, the man is H.A.N.D.S.O.M.E! To the core!” Zainab took her time to spell out the word, “to be frank with you, I even undresses him with my eye.”

“E be like say I go follow you go your next meeting oh, how did the meting go anyway?”

“It was annoying at the beginning but it got better and I guess everything is now in order, he is working of getting an arrest warrant presently,” Zainab replied.

“Oh! Arrest ke? Arrest who? Richærd?” Jummy was alarmed.

Zainab was about to say; “Yes na! Don’t you know…” When the waiter arrived with their drinks, she was cut short.

Henry who was already close enough to Zainab by now, slipped on the seat beside Zainab and grinned at her even though she wasn’t even looking at him.

“And I thought I was the only one who drank ‘Ice on the block’ in here,” Henry said to Zainab referring to the drink she held.

Zainab was startled, “Were you talking to me? What did you say?” She asked as she turned to him.

“I’m talking about your drink, ‘Ice on the block,’ its my favourite, I didn’t know beautiful ladies drink it too,” he rephrased.

“Hmmm, so this drink has got a name?” Zainab replied indifferently.

“Yea, it does, its just a mixture of about four different drinks and its exclusive to just this club, or maybe I just haven’t seen it anywhere else…” He explained.

“Oh, seems you know quiet a lot, that’s good to know,” Zainab replied, still indifferently, she hadn’t even looked at him properly.

“Just taste it first and then you would understand better,” he pushed, and was amazingly still grinning.

“Okay, if you say so,” Zainab replied and took a sip of the drink, it’s taste was superb! Confusing though, but still superb, she turned to Henry and smiled, “it tastes err errr…” She couldn’t find the right word to describe it.

“Don’t bother, I know how you feel. Am Henry by the way,” he replied and stretched his hand for Zainab to shake him.

Zainab leaned back a little and gave him the “body check,” the body check is just something girls do to guys who approach them, they take a quick picture of the guy’s complete appearance and let their brain process the shoes, belt, hair style, clothes and even wrist watch, then if the guy meets up to their standard, they might consider the guy but if not, they just ignore the guy.

In Henry’s situation, Zainab gave him a pass mark of seventy out of a total of hundred. She took his hand and shook him, “and am Zainab”.

“Yes!” He said to himself, “all that remains now Is to get your number, I might as well have some fun while am at it,” he thought.

Jummy was already tickling Zainab leg to remind her she was still by her side, Zainab got the message.

“Oh, I forgot my manners, meet my friend, Jummy…” She pointed to Jummy, Henry stretched his hand towards Jummy, she took it and he introduced himself to her, afterwards he turned back to Zainab and tried to start a conversation.

“So what are two beautiful ladies like you guys doing here on a monday night? I thought cute girls only visit clubs on fridays?” Henry asked, hoping Zainab would get he was trying to complement her.

“Errr… We just celebrating something,” she replied, she didn’t think it would be right to give him the full gist.

Henry saw an opportunity and he jumped into it, “Oh! Then you are very lucky,” he replied

“Why?” Jummy replied looking confused.

“Am the party rocker! You both came here to celebrate, so why are you sitting down?” Henry asked and without waiting for a response, he stood up and held Zainab’s hand.

In a mocking tone, he asked, “would you dance with me?”

Zainab was about to refuse out of courtesy when Jummy jumped in and said, “go jhur, I’ll be fine, trust me”

“Okay then, if you say so!” She then turned to Henry and said, “hope you know how to dance?”

Henry laughed, “I’ll let you find out yourself.”

They both walked to the dance floor to the amazement of both Henry’s friends who were watching from a distance and other guys in the club who were still staring at the

“hot chicks.”

Just like clock work, the D.J instantly changed the song to Davido’s Skelewu and the wh0le club went wild. People who were sitting stood up and started dancing, those on the dance floor went all haywire on the track.

Jummy wasn’t left in the dark, minutes later, a certain Clinton guy walked up to her and another few minutes later, they joined Zainab and Henry on the dance floor.

Henry did a good job and soon enough, Zainab was tired soon enough so they went back to the bar and talked a for a longer time. Clinton and Jummy later joined them and they all got talking.

* * * * *


They were all having so much fun that didn’t even notice how far time had flown. Jummy eventually got tired and needed to go home so she could catch some sleep, after literally begging Zainab for about thirty minutes, Zainab finally accepted, so she, Jummy, Clinton and Henry all walked out of the club staggering like drunk people.

They got to the car park and walked to the exact s₱0t they had parked the car  but the car was no more, they magically became sober immediately.

“Jummy, was it not here we parked the car?” Zainab asked looking confused.

“Err.. Ye.. I think so..” Jummy stuttered.


You know that period in life when you loose something so valuable that you keep on telling yourself it isn’t true and no matter how much you are convinced it is, you refuse believe it? Well that was the case of Zainab and Jummy as they found out their car was missing.

* * *

They got to the car park and walked to the exact s₱0t they had parked the car but the car was no more, they magically became sober immediately.

“Jummy, was it not here we parked the car?” Zainab asked looking confused.

“Err.. Ye.. I think so..” Jummy stuttered.

“So where is it now?!” Zainab asked with her voice raised.
Jummy just stared blankly at the s₱0t where the car was supposed to be.

“Are you sure you parked the car here?” Henry asked no one in particular, but the question was directed at either Jummy or Zainab.

“Of course! I’m dead sure… I came in through that entrance,” Zainab pointed at the eastern entrance, “and I even remember contemplation on either I should park here or at that s₱0t that currently occupied by that ‘Land Cruiser’,” Zainab concluded.

“Okay then, what brand of car are we looking for exactly?” Clinton asked.

“A red Honda Accord!” Zainab replied, Jummy was still staring at the s₱0t on silence, trying to remember if they had actually driven the car or had taken a cab.

“I’ll look around for it or any signs, and while I do that, you guys should go and ask the bouncers if they have any idea concerning the where about,” Clinton replied, he was trying his best to stay calm and manage the situation properly.

“Okay, fine, here is my number,” Henry handed him his card, “if you find anything, call us.”

“Okay, I don’t have a card, but I’ve give Jummy here my number, if the bouncers have any useful info, just give me a beep,” Clinton replied and walked away, he had no idea about where he was going but went ahead anyway.

The three of them: Henry, Jummy and Zainab, walked to the front of the club where two well built bouncers stood er-ct, and had probably been standing that way all day, they both wore all black body hug T-shirts and jeans- they looked like they really meant business.

Henry was the first to speak, “chairmen how far na?” He said, trying to act as casual as possible.

“I they oh, wetin they happen na?” One of the bouncers replied, while the other kept a


“Nothing much oh, how work na?” Henry asked as he shook them and stylishly dropped a thousand naira note with each of them as he shook them.

They took the money and without check the amount, they both deep their hands into their pocket and responded with a wide smile, “work slow today oh.”

Zainab and Jummy had no idea what was really going on, they were wondering why Henry was asking them about work when he was meant to be asking about the stolen car – if only they knew how things work in Nigeria.

“Enhen, abeg, I get one small problem oh,” Henry said.

“Ah! Oga! Which kain problem? Shey person they fucck up? Just point am and we go help you treat hin fucck ups!” One of the bouncer replied in an excited tone- the power of one thousand naira.

“No be that kain problem oh.
Abeg, my babe park hin motor for backyard before she enter but the motor don grow leg o,” Henry replied and stared at Zainab, he could only imagine her thinking: when did I become your babe?
“Ah! Them don thief am be that! Na the second motor them don thief this week be that. Na why we put that sign board for there,” one of the bouncers replied and pointed at sign board at the front of the garage which said: “ALL CARS ARE PARK AT OWNERS RISK.”

Henry read the sign board and the stared at the ladies, his looks said it all: NO HOPE, and although Zainab didn’t want to accept it, she had no other option.

They thanked the bouncers for the “no help” the rendered and walked back to the garage to wait for Clinton, hoping he would have some sort of good news.

Clinton came back few minutes later looking indifferent, his search has been fruitless.

By this time, Oscar and Mathew were both outside the club to see if their friend, Henry would go home with Zainab.

Henry saw them and he instantly remembered his bet, he smiled.

He turned to Zainab who was awfully quiet and regretting why she had gone clubbing today, she just couldn’t help but wonder why of all the cars in the garage, hers was stolen?

“Zainab, I can give you a ride home,” Henry started, “but, I’ll need you to give me your phone number,” as he concluded, he noticed how sill he was and how that came out wrong.

“Sorry?” Zainab asked in disappointment, her car was missing and this guy wanted to blackmail her for her phone number, or she thought.

“Oh! I don’t mean it that way, I promise to delete the number after I used it to do something,” Henry replied, trying to look as serious as he could.

“Yea right!” Zainab replied sarcastically, “Jummy let’s go and board a cab jhur,” she added and started walking towards the express way. She had taken about four steps when she noticed Jummy wasn’t following her. “What are you still doing there,” she asked, “let’s go na.”

Without looking at Zainab, she replied, “my handbag and money was in the car.”

“What! How then were we to pay for those drinks?” Zainab asked.

“I just took a few thousand notes and I knew some generous guys would join us,” Jummy replied, and realised how dumb she sounded.

Zainab wanted to shout at Jummy for being so unreasonable and careless but she remembered she just lost her car, she sighed and reluctantly walked back to Henry.

“I’ll give your the number on two conditions,” she said
“Am all ears,” Henry replied with a grin.

“One, you tell me exactly what you need it for and you agree to drop I and my friend at our door step, deal or no deal?”

Henry weighted his options and after considering having 100k in his account was worth it, he told Zainab everything from the scratch.

Zainab was of course disappointed in Henry for treating her like a trophy but was more disappointed in herself for falling for such trap, funny to think she was already liking him and considering taking him home after everything for round two.

She gave him the number anyway, and Henry went with his phone to join Oscar and Mathew who were staring from a distance. He called Zainab from there and gave the phone to Mathew to confirm, when it was confirmed, Mathew handed over the Iphone and car keys to Henry and grunted at Oscar, “Now, we go trek go house shey?”

Henry left with a smile, he had a bigger fish to fry.

* * * * *
They say in Jos, you don’t keep a bucket of warm water outside and run in,side your house to paste your tooth brush unless you don’t mind bathing with cold water.

Well, I say you don’t leave your car, or any valuables parked outside in certain areas in Lagos without any form of security if you still like the car.* * * * *

Its amazing how the roads of Lagos are free early in the morning and before one can blink his eye twice, the roads suddenly becomes blocked with traffic.

Jummy still hadn’t said much through out the journey and someone who didn’t really know what has happened would have thought she was the owner of the stolen car.

Clinton he knew following Jummy home would be a waste of time as nothing would have “happened,” so after he took her contact details, he went his way.

Zainab knew she was supposed to be thinking about something but didn’t know which one in particular she was to think about. There was the case of Richærd, Boniface the lawyer, E.A at work and now she was car-less. She just stared blankly at the road side as Henry drove them home.

Henry attention was divided into two parts. While one part was focused on the road, the other was weighting his options in terms of “bedding” Zainab. He was the player type and didn’t think it would be cool on his part if after all his effort all he gets was a “thank you and bye bye.”

He turned to look at Zainab who sat by his side and thought it would be nice to try and start a conversation.

“You know thinking too much won’t bring the car back right?” He asked her, but she wasn’t even listening, so he tried again, “Hey! Zain!!” He said.

Zainab was startled, she knew only one person called her “Zain” and she also knew that one person wasn’t around, that made her scared at first because she thought she was now hearing voices.

“Thinking too much don’t bring back cars anymore,” Henry said with a tone of sarcasm.

She heard him this time but didn’t quite understand, “I don’t get you,” she said.

“I noticed you’ve been quite all through the journey and counting all the cars we passed, thinking too much won’t bring back the car, you just have to let it go!” Henry exp-ntiated.

“Oh! I know jhur, it just kind of annoying,” Zainab hissed.

“Yea! I know exactly how you feel, but come on! Its just a car and judging from you looks, you can get a better one with the snap of a finger,” Henry flattered indirectly.

Zainab smiled, “I know what you are trying to say and am not that kind of girl so don’t even go there.”

“So which kind of girl is Zain?” He asked, pushing forward with a grin.

“Err.. I don’t know much about Zain, when you see her, ask her,” Zainab replied grinning. It seemed she had somehow forgotten about the stolen car.

Henry laughed, “you seem like a very smart lady, where do you work anyway?”

“Smart? Yes I am!” Zainab tossed her her back over her shoulder in a mocking way, “I’m an actress and TV personality,” she added.

A bell rang in Henry’s head, “Oh! Yes!!! I should have sworn I’ve seen your face somewhere but didn’t want to jump into conclusion. You the host of singles and married right?”

Zainab’s eye suddenly shone bright, “am a co-host actually, but yes I am anyway, you watch the show?”
“Watch?” Henry asked sarcastically, “I adore it! The issues you guys talk about is just so so on point, at times I feel you guys are talking directly to me,” he added.

Zainab blushed, “Hmmm.. Thanks, so how about you, where do you work?”

“Me? Nah!! I can’t tell you… You going to laugh at me,” Henry replied.

“Why would I laugh? Just tell me na,” Zainab pushed, suddenly interested.

“That’s what you would say, but when I tell you, you would definitely laugh, all girls laugh,” Henry replied.

“Are you an truck pusher?” Jummy who had been eaves dropping chirped in sarcastically.

Henry paused for a bit and busted out in an uncontrollable laughter, “Truck pusher ke? Me? Hell no!!!” He literally scre-med.

“So what are you then, tell us na. Okay, we promise not to laugh,” Zainab replied.

“Yes, we promise,” Jummy added.

Henry turned and looked at both of them, “Okay, I’ll tell you guys but remember! You promised not to laugh oh!” He said.

“Yes! We promise,” they both replied in unison.

“Alright then, well, am a part time writer and blogger…” He replied.

“That’s cool, so you are a full time what then?” Jummy asked, she seemed to have gotten back her speech.

“Am a hairdresser,” Henry replied and looked at the road.

Zainab and Jummy forgot their promise as they both bursted out in laughter, that was the last thing on their mind.

“You see, you both promised not to laugh,” he lamented.

“Am sorry.. Am really sorry,” Zainab then made a mocking zip sound, “my mouth is zipped, no more laughing from me,” Jummy on the other hand didn’t seem to give a fucck, she literally rolled on the floor as she kept on laughing for over ten minutes, Henry thought she had ran mad.

“That’s how she is!” Zainab replied in Jummy’s defence.

“Okay, so where exactly do you stay in Festac?” Henry asked as he drove passed a platform which said: “Welcome to the Festival of Art and Culture (FESTAC).”

“Just drive, I’ll tell you where to turn and where to stop,” she replied.

Few minutes later, they arrived at the front of Zainab’s house.

As Jummy and Zainab jumped out of the car Henry asked Zainab, “should I still delete your number?”.

Zainab looked at Jummy and Jummy shook her head in disagreement, Zainab then turned to Henry and replied, “your choice.”

“Okay, I’ll call you later on, maybe to make your hair,” Henry replied in a sarcastic tone and drove off before Zainab could think of a suitable reply.

Jummy boarded a bike to her own house.

* * * * *

It all seemed to be a very cool day for Richærd, after Tony (the lawyer) had postponed their meeting twice, he finally booked an appointment and promised not to fail Richærd this time.
Richærd walked out of his hotel room by 2:24PM and headed to the bar to chill till 4:00PM which was his scheduled time for his meeting with Tony.

He sat down at the seat close to the air conditioner and signalled the waiter to come over. He ordered for bottle of red wine and leaned back to survey his environment in search of any single lady to spend time with, and he s₱0tted one.

She dressed and looked like a hooker and Richærd noticed this, he knew he could just go straight to the point, pay her and drag her up to his room but that wouldn’t be fun so he decided to just play around.

He walked up to her table, “is this the latest trend?” He asked.

She slowly looked up at Richærd with an obvious look of confusion, “pardon?” She replied.

“Oh! I was just wondering if its now a trend for beautiful ladies to sit alone in a bar,” Richærd replied grinning.

The lady blushed, “I don’t know, maybe you should ask any beautiful lady,” she replied.

“Oh! But I’m already talking to the most beautiful lady in this club,” Richærd flattered, he definitely had a sugar coated tongue.

She just smiled in silence.

“Is this seat taken?” He asked, referring to the seat beside hers.

“No, not at all, please seat,” she replied.

“Thanks, am Richærd by the way,” he said as he sat down.
“Am Bukky,” she replied with a smile.

“Nice name, so where is Bukky fro…” He suddenly felt his phone vibrate in his pocket so he brought it out and picked the call.

“Boss,” he heard the caller say over the call.

“Yes? How did it go?” Richærd asked.

“Smooth boss, we ditched the car along Lagos Ibadan express way as you ordered,” the caller replied.

“Good job! I’ll send you your balance later on,” Richærd replied and hung up. That would teach her a lesson, since she wants to play rough then I’ll show her what “rough” is, he thought.

With a wide grin on his face, he turned back to Bukky, “Okay, enough chit-chat, why don’t you follow me up to my room and let’s get down to business?” He asked.

Bukky smiled, “I was wondering when you would say that.”

They both stood up and went to Richærd room.

As they got to the room, Richærd laid on the bed and watched her admire the room.

“Where is your bathroom? I need to freshen up first,” she said sed-ctively.

“First door on your left,” Richærd replied, pointing to the corridor.

“Okay, I’ll be back in a giffy,” she winked and shaked her huge arse as she walked away.

Richærd looked down at the bulge on his trousers and smiled.

But once again, he too forgot that things don’t always go as planed.


The alarm which blared like a hysterical police siren truck woke Jummy up at exactly 7:30AM the next morning. For the first time ever, since Jummy bought the alarm, she actually regretted buying it because of the headache it gave her that morning.

She recalled buying the alarm. She had walked into the market in search for a normal alarm but after the salesman had some how manipulated her, she left with a made in China alarm, and just like our everyday made in China mobile phones, the alarm was so loud that it woke up the neighbours who lived at the next block.

Jummy was certain the salesman used juju on her.

NB: juju means charm.

She slammed her hand on the alarm and it abruptly stopped it’s noise.

She was expected to be at work by 8:00AM and usually set her alarm at 6:45AM but after the events of the previous night, she thought it would be wise to add a few more minutes to her nights rest. After all, it was her first day as the assistant branch manager and wouldn’t want to sleep all day in her office, come to think of it, she hadn’t seen her new office yet, she thought.

The thought of her actually having an office of hers and not just a small cubicle excited her and she suddenly sprung out of her bed and stripped. She literally flew into the bedroom and showered, the splash of the water echoed round her two bedroom apartment. Zainab had told her times without number to rent a cheaper one bedroom apartment since she almost never uses the spare room but for some strange reasons, Jummy just never obliged.

In a total of ten minutes, Jummy stepped out of the bedroom with just a towel wrapped round her body. She walked to the dressing table and applied all the things every casual lady applies on her body and face. Satisfied, she walked to her wardrobe and that was the tricky part.

She looked at all her clothes in the wardrobe and felt irritated, she just didn’t think it would be nice for an assistant branch manager of GNP to wear such old clothes, she made a mental note to go shopping during the weekends, after all, “she had to look what’s she was worth.”

She picked wine coloured plain t-shirt and a milk coloured plain trousers to match. When she done dressing, she looked at herself and she nodded in approval. She might not have new clothes, but the old ones weren’t bad at all.

In her attempt not to rush to much and not to be two slow, Jummy was ready to leave her house at exactly 8:00AM.,
unlike most ladies who spend days and months just to prepare for work or any outing, Jummy didn’t spend much time at all, as a matter of fact, she wondered why her fellow ladies spend so much time to prepare, she just didn’t get it.

Luck seemed to be on Jummy’s side because as she stepped out of her house, and empty cab cruised by and all she had to do was wave it down, in another thirty minutes, she was at the front of the GNP building. She settled the bills with the cab driver and watched the cab zoom away.

She took a deep breath, puffed her chest upward and held her hand bag firmly. Nothing can possibly go wrong today, she sighed to herself as she walked into the building.

The security guard was the first to greet her,”good morning ma, welcome,” and it surprised Jummy because in her five years of service at GNP, he never looked at her more than once and here he was, greeting her, Jummy smiled at him in response and kept on walking with swagger.

But then, the cleaners started greeting her too, one by one and Jummy started wondering whether it was “world greeting day.” She smiled at them in response and doubled up, trying to quickly walk into the office so that the strange greetings would stop, she was getting uncomfortable with it.

In no time, she was in,side the office: a vast hall with thousands of cubicles perfectly arranged and few offices at the extreme end, opposite the main entrance.

She walked past the first cubicle and it was empty, as the new assistant branch manager, she knew it was her duty to ask where the supposed occup-nt was, but she felt there would be enough time to torture the employees later, as for now, she just want to clear her desk and move everything into her office… Her brand new and well furnished office with a TV set, she smiled at this thought. Nothing can possibly go wrong, she murmured.

She got to her cubicle… Her former cubicle and sat on the chair. She switched on her computer and ins**ted a flash drive into it, she tapped some buttons and tampered with the mouse, in a few minutes, a box showing: “copying files… 5 minutes remaining” appeared on the screen, Jummy once again, smiled in approval, she hadn’t smiled so much for a very long time and it sure felt good… Nothing can go wrong, she sighed once again.
While the files copied, her phone rang and one look at the screen told her how bad a friend she was, she gave her self a mental knock for not remembering to call him back before picking up the call.

“Hey John.. Am so sorry for not calling you back as promised. I was so occupied that I forgot, I went to celebrate my promotion yesterday and can you believe Zainab’s car was stolen?”

Jummy said immediately as she picked the call hoping that would soften John’s heart towards her.

John initially had the intention of complaining but after hearing that, he calmed down, “oh! I’m so sorry about that… So you and Zainab have no car now?” He asked.

“Yea, but don’t worry. Once I receive my first pay, am going to get one, I don’t like this taxi idea,” she complained.

“Anyway, am kind of on the road now and just wanted to check on you since you’ve been quite scarce… Maybe we could go out tomorrow night, its friday night you know?”

“Yea! Sure… I’ll call you later on after work today so we can talk better,” Jummy replied excitedly, she just couldn’t believe how everything was going in her life. The promotion and now a handsome, rich guy who is interested in her, wow! She mentally exclaimed.

“Okay.. Got to go now, I’ll be expecting your call,” John replied and hung up.
By the time this call was ended, the files Jummy was copying had be completed, so she removed the flash and stood up from the chair. She picked up the picture frame of her and Zainab which was the only property of hers on the desk, and walked down to the extreme end of the building, towards a door which had:


boldly written on it.

She stared and the writings on the door for a few seconds smiling, before she walked into the office.

Immediately, she she walked in, she saw something on the desk which caught her attention and the smile she had on her face w¡dened. It was a bouquet of flower.

Naturally, she assumed it was from John, and she just couldn’t help but feel excited about how lucky she was to have a guy like him, even though it wasn’t confirmed yet.

She picked up the flower and perceived it, she had no idea what type of scent it had but it sure had a nice scent… What can possibly go wrong? She asked herself rhetorically.

Just then, someone knocked at her door and she instructed the person to enter, it was the least person she expected to see, Stephen- co – acting manager of GNP.

“Stephen!” Jummy exclaimed in surprise. Was he here to tell her she has be fired like he has wanted, she thought to herself.

“Oh! I see you’ve already gotten my flowers?” He grinned.

* * * * *

After laying on his bed for close to five minutes waiting for Bukky to come out of the bathroom, Richærd finally stood up from the bed and walked towards the music player. He switched it on and played “Motivation” by Kelly Rowland featuring Lil wayne, he put the song on repeat. What an ideal song for what he was about to do, he thought.

The provocating lyrics from Kelly only made Richærd more h—y: “Go, go, go, go/ Oh lover, don’t you dare slow down/ Go longer, you can last more rounds/ Push h-rder, you’re almost there now/ So go lover, make mama proud/ And when we’re done, I don’t wanna feel my legs…”

The bulge in Richærd’s trousers only grew bigger and at long last, Bukky finally came out of the bathroom wearing just her p-nties and b-ra.

Richærd smiled and he stood up from the bed and walk towards her, he admired he perfect curves for some seconds, she had the perfect size of curves Richærd loved, not to small and yet, not to big… Just perfect.

*CLOSE YOUR EYES. 18+ only.

As he stood at her front, Richærd let his hands wander on her stomach and he playfully used a finger to tickle her left bosoms right above the b-ra and Bukky mo-ned in approval, she loved when guys played with her bosoms.

She didn’t think it was fair for her to have all the fun so she placed her hands on the bulge on Richærd’s trousers and Richærd mo-ned in approval. He became more Hot… He slowly allowed his hand to wander to the back hook of Bukky’s b-ra and unhooked it in one swift move.

“Where did you learn how to unhook a b-ra so fast?” Bukky asked sed-ctively as she applied more pressure on Richærd’s dicck.

“That not really important? Is it?” Richærd replied and smiled. He slowly removed the b-ra from Bukky’s shoulder and behold! The twin towers were let loose.

Bukky’s bosoms were as big as a #100 agege bread and as soft and firm as a ballon filled with air, *wink*. Her Tips were already hærd and stretched fully.

Richærd took a deep breath as he grabbed the both of the at once, he squeezed them so hærd that they hurt.. Just like clock work, the kelly Rowland track that was playing in the back ground was at the part where Kelly said: And when we’re done/ I just wanna feel your hands all over me/ baby but you can’t stop there, music still playing in the background/ And you’re almost there/ You can do it, I believe in you, baby/ So close from here.

Bukky suddenly held Richærd’s hand and pushed him to the bed. She bent down and undid his belt, slowly she removed his trousers and boxers… His dicck was already er-ct and at full length, Bukky sighed in approval, the thought of his dicck in her excited her.

Bukky held the dicck firmly and leaned on it, it slipped perfectly into her mouth and the warmth of her tongue on his dicck made Richærd mo-n out loud: “ahhh!!” He exclaimed.

Slowly, she started moving up and down, increasing her pace and her grip on the dicck, the s-nsation was overwhelming on Richærd and in no time, he felt the urge to release…

“Stop! Am about to c-mm!” He exclaimed as he just didn’t want to release before the main fun started, she smiled and stopped immediately.

She crawled up to his l-ips and k-ssed him hærd. Bukky definitely knew what she was doing and Richærd knew he made the right choice.

Richærd slipped his mouth into one her bosoms and stared s-cking it hærd. He used his free hand to remove her her p-nties and she gladly let him.

Once the p-nties was removed, she turned over and bent on all four like a dog, Richærd knew what he was supposed to do.

He bent down after admiring her perfect Bottom for a while he navigated his dicck into her pusssy and started slowly.. Slowly.. And slowly…

Then slowly.. He started going faster… Faster..

The scre-m of Bukky, “Ah!! Fucck me h-rder! Faster! Fucck me!! Faster!!” Gingered Richærd and he started pumping in and out of her like his life depended on it.

He did the canine style for quite a while before he somehow carried her from the bed to the wall and turned her.. He pushed her Bottom and back to the wall and raised on of her legs for easy entry, he slotted his dicck once again and started pounding her..

“Yes! Yea.. Awww… Ahh.. O my gosh! Faster babes..h-rder.. Fucck me!” She mo-ned.
Richærd went h-rder and soon enough Bukky was about to c—-x, “am about to c-m,” she yelled. “Me too!” Richærd replied. “C-m in me,” she replied.

In a few seconds… Paw paw paw!!! They both climaxed and came on each other.

Richærd brought out his dicck from Bukky’s pusssy and slumped to the floor week, she slumped right on him and let her b—m land directly on his face.

The rested for a few minutes before Bukky the s€× machine slipped her hand on Richærd dicck and started car-ssing it. In response, Richærd slipped his index finger into Bukky’s pusssy and watched as her l-ips curved into a smile.
“You don’t get tired, right?” Bukky asked.

“I’ll get tired when you get tired,” he replied.

“I don’t ever get tired,” she replied.

“Let’s watch and see,” Richærd replied and he dragged her to the bed and without any warning he ins**ted his dicck into her pusssy roughly and Bukky scre-med… Richærd smiled.

He started pounding on her for round two and the bed was already shaking, at the rate the went, the bed legs would have broken soon but a knock at the door saved the bed.

Richærd ignored the knock the first time and kept on banging Bukky, until a second knock came, he reluctantly stood up from the bed and walked to the door.

He opened the door and saw two hefty looking men at the door, they could pass for bouncers.

“Can I help you?” Richærd asked irritated.

“Are you Mr Richærd Anderson?” One of the hefty men asked without even smiling.

“Yes I am, who are you?” Richærd asked.

“Good, am Agent Ambrose and my friend here is agent Emeka, we are both from the new Lagos state investigation agency, and we have a court order to arrest you,” Agent Ambrose flashed his I.D card to Richærd and showed him a piece of paper which showed contained the court order.

Richærd was confused.

“Arrest? What did I do?” He asked.

“All your questions would be answered when you get to our station, you have the right to remain silent because everything you say now can and will be used against you in the court of law,”  Agent Emeka replied as he brandish his hand cuffs.

“I don die!!” Richærd murmured as he stared at the two hefty men and the hand cuffs


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