Bitch – Batch 7

In life, there are certain inevitable things.
Things like falling in love or hating someone,
things like having friends and enemies, things
like having a heartbreak and being betrayed.
Sometimes, we get to experience this things
once in a life time, other times we don’t, but
the major point is they must happen to all of

* * * * *
The ridiculously loud sound of the bed-side
alarm, blaring like a hysterical police siren
woke Jummy up the next morning.
Without opening her eyes, she stretched hands
to the bed-side table and pushed the alarm of
the table so vigorously that it flew an
incredible distance away from from its initial
position. It immediately went quiet and it was
certain that it had broken into pieces.
Jummy sighed, that was the third alarm she
was buying this month and the previous two
had all spoilt in the same pattern. She knew
she needed to wake up early and her idea of
early was 6 – 7AM, not the usual 5AM she
seemed to be waking up more often nowadays,
thus the alarm.
She stretched her arms and rolled on the bed
only for her body to collide with someone else,
then she recalled the wh0le event of the
previous night with John, she smiled. They
hadn’t had s€× persay, but what they did gave
almost the same pleasure, John sure knew
how to ‘work’ her.
She sat upright and picked up her white
Blackberry 9780 in which the led was already
blinking which only meant she had a message,
she unlocked it and saw she had over six
messages from BBM, thirty two from
whatsapp, three from wechat and four emails,
all in one night.
What’s wrong with all this whatsapp people?
Don’t they sleep at night? Jummy lamented in
frustration, there was no way she was going to
read all those messages now, she went to her
mail instead.
One of the mails was from Zainab who just
wanted to check on her, Jummy guess Zainab
must have pinged her and when she got no
reply, she sent a mail, she quickly replied the
mail telling Zainab a summary of everything
that has been happening in her life, work had
been tedious for both of them and they didn’t
have much time to hang out as often as
The next two were from a certain Bridget
Handson, with the topic “Donations.” Jummy
smirked, she knew it was a scam message
from all those hungry scammers who lacked
new ideas. She read it anyway and noticed she
was right as the message contained
something about giving Jummy six million US
dollars to donate to churches and orphanage
because the supposed owner, Bridget Handson
was about to pass on and wants to help
people with her money before she died,
Jummy deleted the message immediately.
The last mail was from Stephen, and it
contained all the details of their trip that was
that morning, Jummy quickly scanned the
message and ran to the bathroom, she had
almost forgotten she had to be at the airport
by 6:30AM.
In less that thirty minutes, she was dressed
and set to go, she dropped a note telling John
where she was going and how sorry she was.
She went out of the house, entered her car and
zoomed off to the airport.

* * * * * *
They both stared at each other in silence for a
long minute in silence, they seemed to both be
people of very few words as just the other day
they did a similar thing over the phone. The
competition of who would talk first. But this
was a slightly different case.
“That question wasn’t rhetorical,” Zainab said
as she noticed Henry obviously wasn’t
planning on answering her anytime soon.
“Err.. What question?” Henry asked, looking
Zainab sighed. “are you stalking me?” She
rephrased and summarised the previous
Henry bursted out loud into an uncontrollable
laughter, his laughter was infectious and
Zainab found herself laughing too even though
she didn’t really get what was so hilarious.
“Me? Stalking you?” Henry asked in a mocking
tone. “I told you I was a writer the last time
we saw, didn’t I?”
“Yes you did, and you also said you were an
hairdresser, you never said you were and actor
too, so are you stalking me?”
“Well, apparently, I wrote this screenplay and
Mr Tunde instructed that I directed the movie
myself since no one else would understand the
plot as the person who wrote it.” Henry gave a
proud grin that reminded Zainab about
Barrister Boniface. “Just so you know, I’m not
really acting any important role… Hell!” He
exclaimed, “I’m not even going to say a word.”
Zainab wasn’t convinced yet, “so why are you
wearing an armour costume and I recall that
you were swinging a sword when I walked into
the studio.”
“Its a war movie, and war movies need
warriors and warrior are made up of people.
I’m not taking any serious role, I’ll just fight in
the supposed war and I’ll probably be one of
those that would be killed.” His tone was low,
he didn’t seem to excited about dying in his
own movie.
Zainab smiled and gave a sigh of relief, she
had been convinced, “so how long is this
movie going to be shot?”
“Its meant to take three months, but
considering the fact that we have been acting
this movie since nine weeks before you came, I
guess we have just three more weeks before
we would be done with the blockbuster.”
Henry grinned.
Zainab went mute for a minute, thinking about
Just as if Henry had read her mind, he said,
“so I guess this means we would be seeing a
lot of each other for the next three weeks?”
Zainab didn’t reply and looked away as Henry
grinned in excitement.
“Ma’am, If that would be all, I’ll like to return
back to duty.” He said in a mocking tone.
“You don’t have to call me ma’am.” Zainab
Henry just winked and walked away leaving
Zainab standing there, probably perplexed.
“Step two accomplished.” Henry murmured
inaudibly as he picked up his sword and
continued swinging it.

* * * * *
John finally woke up around 9AM. He let out
a record breaking yawn which lasted for
almost two minutes then just as he closed his
mouth, her farted and quickly grinned at the
thought of Jummy hearing that or at worst,
perceiving it.
He had expected a punch or instant reaction
from Jummy who he thought was still by his
side so he braced himself for whatever she had
under her sleeves, but after a few seconds of
waiting and nothing happened, he stretched
his hands to Jummy’s side of the bed and
tapped it but felt no one, he quickly opened
his eyes and looked at the bed side only to
find out that he was the only one in the room.
“Jumoke!” He yelled, thinking she was
somewhere in the house.
Getting no reply, he stood up and walked
round the house in search of her, convinced
she was definitely not in the house, he walked
back to the room wondering where Jummy had
gone so early.
He decided to call her and that was when he
saw it. Lying comfortably on the table, with
his phone placed on top to make sure it isn’t
blown away, was the note Jummy wrote.
Jummy wrote:
Hi J,
I don’t know exactly how to say this that I
won’t sound unfair so I’ll just be very blunt
and direct.
I’m off to China for an important official
meeting, recall the one I told you of yesterday
on phone? Well the date was changed to
today. I’m so sorry for leaving so early without
even telling you about it. I wanted to tell you
last night but we were having such a good
time that I didn’t want to spoil the moment.
I’m really sorry and I hope you forgive me. I’ll
try and call you when my flight land, please
don’t be mad at me, with love – J. (Isn’t it
funny how our names both start with J?)

He read it and with a great sigh of
disappointment, he tore the letter and leaned
back on the bed.

* * * * *
Jummy got to the airport on time and met
with Stephen who was already there waiting.
Unfortunately for them, there was a delay due
to bad weather conditions so they had to wait
till the weather got better and became plane
The airport was cool due to the massive
airconditorners that were placed at strategic
places all over the airport and Jummy was
feeling cold and felt the need of being cuddled,
she kept her distance from Stephen to make
sure she didn’t even give him a hint.
Stephen noticed this weird behaviour of
Jummy and decided to tease her a little.
He turned to his right and s₱0tted a lady
sitted all alone just two chairs away from his,
he waved at her and she smiled back. She was
obviously cold as she wrapped her arm round
herself while wearing a thick fur coat.
“You cold?” Stephen asked her loudly, making
sure Jummy could hear everything he was
She nodded in approval.
“Do you believe in magic?”. Stephen asked.
The lady was confused, she wondered what
that question had got to do with her being
cold, she shook her head in disapproval
“Well you should because I’m a magician. I
can make you feel warm instantly if you want.”
He said with a grin.
She looked at him interested, and gave
Stephen the go ahead nod, merely out of
curiosity, she knew there was no way Stephen
was a magician. She also needed the
“You have to do two thing for me first for the
magic to work.”
“What’s that?” She finally asked, she had a
nice voice and Stephen noticed this.
“Well, one is, I can’t do magic without the
person being close to me and two, I’ll need
your name.” Stephen grinned widely.
Jummy who had been eavesdropping sighed in
disgust, what a lame pickup line she thought.
The lady smiled and asked him to come over
which he did, she turned to him and said, “You
aren’t really a magician, are you?”
Stephen shook his head to signify “NO,” he
was still grinning.
The lady giggled, “you men sure have your
ways, I’m Amaka anyway.”
“Hmmm, Amaka, that’s my junior sister’s
name.” Stephen lied, he had not sister at all,
let alone a junior one.
“Really?” The lady asked sarcastically, she had
heard that line before.
“Yea, and I’m Stephen. What are you doing
here at the airport anyway?”
“I’m waiting for my flight.”
“Where are you heading too?”
“That’s too much info.” She replied and
winked at Stephen.
The conversation seemed to be getting more
interesting and it annoyed Jummy, she
stopped eavesdropping and picked her phone.
Zainab had replied her mail and Zainab also
told her about Henry and their plans this
weekend, she asked if Jummy could come with
her to the date with Henry, bringing John of
Jummy loved the idea, a double date was
something she had fantasised about severally
but it seemed far-fetched as they never really
had the time or the perfect guys… Now they
did, or so she thought.
She knew her trip to China would make it
impossible this weekend but there would be
other times.
Stephen phone suddenly rang as he spoke to
Amaka and after a few ‘yes sir’ and ‘no sir,’
he hung up and turned to Jummy, “the trip
has been postponed till next week. I’ve just
been told the Chinese investors are trying to
concluded a project before embarking on
“So what would have happened if we were on
the plane already?”
“Well, we aren’t on the plane. You can take
the day off and resume work tomorrow, when I
get more info about the trip, I’ll let you know.”
Stephen said and turned back to Amaka, “so
where are you from?” He asked.
Jummy picked her trolley and happily went
out of the airport, she was going straight to
John’s house to apologise.

* * *
Jummy had considered calling John first but
she knew he would probably not pick, so she
decided to surprise him. Besides, what’s the
use of him giving her a spare key to his house
if he didn’t want her to pop in any time she
felt like.
As she parked her car at the front of his house
she smiled at the thought of eventually having
that double date with John, alongside Zainab
and Henry, she felt it would be nice.
She quickly stepped out of the car and walked
straight into the compound, the gate man
already knew her so he let her through without
any complains.
She walked into the apartment and saw the
sitting room was empty, she called John’s
name out twice and got no response so she
assumed he wasn’t home, she decided to go
and freshen up at the bathroom in his
She removed her jacket and threw it on the
chair, she headed to the bedroom.
She heard weird sounds but the sound was
too low for her to predict what was going on,
she opened the door and  got the shocker of
her life.
John and Samuel were doing what made God
destroy Sodom and Gomorah with brimstone
and fire. Standing stark unclad, Samuel bent
over on all four while John slowly ins**ted and
withdrew his private org-n from Samuel’s rare
They were both sweating and seemed to be
enjoying every bit of it.


The day was over and the TOP building was
getting more scanty by the second and people
left for their homes in their numbers.
Zainab was done directing the last show of the
day, it was a fashion show so she actually did
more of the directing than just standing back
and watch as the director in charge of fashion
shows did his work.
Zainab had always been a survivor and a
“strong” lady who never let anyone push her
around and thus her parents and siblings had
long stopped worrying about her well being
because they knew she was always just fine by
herself. As she wrote a report on how the day
went, thoughts of her family crossed her mind
and she instantly made a mental note on that
s₱0t to travel to Canada and see her family
the first chance she got, she had no idea why
she they crossed her mind but she sure liked
the fact that it did.
Finally, after thirty long minutes of
transferring excerpts from her notes into the
report sheet, she finally gave a sigh of relief as
she tapped on the send button on her
computer screen and waited for the “YOUR
EMAIL HAS BEEN SENT” alert that came up
immediately after the message had been
delivered. Zainab wondered why she couldn’t
just write the report down and on her way out,
drop it at the management office rather than
email it to them, but rules were rules and TOP
sure had their ways of doing things.
Zainab stood up from her chair and with the
speed of light, she picked up her handbag and
stormed out of the building heading straight
to the car park, by this time, the building was
so empty that the little drops of water which
came from the water dispenser which hadn’t
been locked properly could be heard from
someone like Zainab who was at a really
considerable distance from it.
She had gotten to the car park and was about
to enter her car when she was startled by a
“hey! Zain,” she turned back, expecting to see
E.A who was the only person who used to call
her that but to her greatest surprise it wasn’t
E.A but Henry.
“Henry!” She exclaimed in surprise, “what are
you still doing here by this time of the day?”
Henry grinned, “I’m a grown man, I don’t have
a curfew anymore and besides, I wanted to see
the most beautiful lady on earth before she
Zainab sighed, “let me give you a tip, flattery
annoys me, so please stop it.”
“Do you have a mirror?” Henry asked.
“What does that have to with what we are
talking about now?” Zainab asked looking
“Everything. I doubt you have a mirror
because if you did, you would have seen
yourself and know I’m not flattering you.”
Zainab hated flattery but that line got to her
and she could feeling her cheeks get red,
“aren’t you going home?” She quickly asked in
an attempt to change the topic.
“Oh! Yea, that brings me to the second reason
why I was waiting for you. I was hoping you
would give me a lift?” Henry asked.
Zainab smiled, “sure, no problem. Hop in!”
Henry gave her a charming smile and went
round the car to the seat beside the driver’s
seat to seat down, she entered the car and
switched it on, before she zoomed off, she
asked, “where do you stay?”
“Don’t worry, when we get to where I’ll stop,
I’ll let you know.” Henry said, he still had the
proud grin on his face and he was starting to
look more like Boniface, or so Zainab thought.
She drove out of the car park.
* * * * *
There is usually this period just before
someone faints where he or she sees two stars
and a red comical devil with horns and a
garden fork.
As Jummy saw this abomination, she started
seeing the stars and the Devil but before she
could actually faint, the voice of John
snapped her back to reality.
“Jummy! What are you doing here?!” He ask
frantically. “I thought you are on your way to
A thousand possible responses ran through
Jummy’s head but non of them seemed
suitable for the occasion so she just stared at
John and Samuel who had sat down on the
bed still unclad in silence.
“I… I… Didn’t want you to find out like this.”
John added as he saw Jummy had no plans of
saying anything.
Jummy was startled by that statement, “what
do you mean?!” She asked. She knew what it
meant but just had to ask.
John stared at Jummy for a few seconds
before walking to the bed side table where a
bottle of brandy and two glasses were, he
filled one cup and turned to Samuel, “do you
care for a drink?” Samuel shook his head to
signify no so John took a sip from the glass
cup. With the glass cup in his hand, he walked
to the other side of the bed and picked up two
boxers, he threw one to Samuel and wore the
other, Samuel did the same and wore his
boxers too.
John then went to sit beside Samuel and
pecked him right in the presence of Jummy
who was boiling with rage now.
“Well, as you can see, I’m bis€×ual.” John
started. “I was born this way and I’ve gotten
used to it, Samuel is purely homos€×ual
though and he doesn’t mind me dating and
s——g the opposite s€×.”
Jummy stared at him with rage and if her eyes
were guns, John would have been long dead.
She couldn’t believe her eyes and ears. She
had expected a lot of of apologizes and John
chasing her, literally rolling on the floor and
begging her with a good explanation but here
he was, speaking calmly like two guys being
unclad in a room is a normal thing.
“Please, don’t get it all twisted. I love you, I
really do and would love to marry you
someday, what I and John have is just a
beneficial s€×ual relationsh¡p, I have urges
that needs to be satisfied you know?”
“John, what’s wrong with you?” Jummy said
sympathetically, something told her John was
either high or possessed by some very
powerful marine spirits.
“See, don’t take this to another level oh,” John
said slightly raising his voice, “my mum is
disturbing me over marriage and grand
children issues and I plan on giving her what
she want, I could have picked any girl on the
street to marry but I didn’t want to live with
someone I didn’t have anything for. So when
you came around and l fell in love with you, I
knew you were the one for me.” John stood up
and poured some of the brandy into the
second cup, he picked it up and went towards
Jummy and offered it to her, she took it but
didn’t drink it. “Jummy, I know you love me
and I love you too, we can have a happy
marriage, you won’t even have to work again
because I’ll give you a weekly allowance
that’s more than twice your monthly salary at
GNP, and also I’ll be the best husband you’ve
ever had, I was even going to propose to you
when you came back from your trip.”
Jummy could hear the voice of her mum in her
head, her mum was as usual, asking her for
grand kids.
Jummy took a sip of the drink, “you have to
promise to end whatever you have with
Samuel or any other guy right now!” She said,
she couldn’t believe she just said that but
what other option did she have.
John suddenly started laughing, “that’s where
we might have a problem. I can’t stop even if
I wanted to. You’ll have to take me like this,
as you might have seen, I’m pretty good in
bed so you won’t even notice and difference
between me and a straight guy. The only thing
I can promise is, Samuel would be the only
guy and just so you know, you can go ahead
and date other guys even while we are
married, I wouldn’t mind as long as you still
remain my wife.”
Jummy took another sip of the drink and
wanted to say something but instead, she felt
her eyes get suddenly moist and she knew she
was about to start crying.
* * B * *
She tried to hold back the tears at first but
couldn’t anymore as she bursted out wailing.
Her feet felt so weak and couldn’t carry the
weight of her body any longer so she slumped
with a loud thud and cried so violently with
all her soul that if tears could change
everything back to normal, her tears would
She was crying because she had just watched
the best thing in her life turn into her worst
nightmare all in a few minutes, she was crying
because she had been fooled by John so
easily, she was crying because no one had
warned her, she was crying because she had
been so blinded that she didn’t think of
anything fishy when John said no to s€×, she
was crying because she saw nothing wrong
with two fully grown men living in one house
and only one did all the hustling, but most of
all she was crying because she was ashamed
of herself that she was even considering
John’s offer.
It seemed like a good deal. She would finally
give her nagging mum the grand child she
wanted, she would be called a “MRS” and no
longer “MISS,” she won’t have to keep up with
the who GNP drama anymore with Stephen
and Mrs Ogbanaya playing with her like a toy.
And to top it all, she would have more money
than she could spend, it was indeed a great
deal that most ladies would jump into without
any hesitation.
John squatted close to her and said, “you
don’t have to give me a reply now, go home
and think about it but you have to reply me
before the week runs out so I’ll know if I
should still buy the engagement ring.” With
that, John stood up and walked out of the
Samuel stood up and walked to the door,
before he walked out of he room, he turned to
Jummy, “you might have noticed I don’t really
like you, I even told John to go after that your
friend but he was more attracted to you,
should I give you an advice?”
With her eyes clouded with tears, Jummy
looked up at Samuel inquisitively, “take the
deal, John can have the present Miss Nigeria
if he want with the snap of a finger, but he
chose you which means you are truly special
to him. As he said, what we both have is just
a beneficial s€×ual relationsh¡p, nothing
Samuel walked out of the room too leaving
Jummy all alone, the deal seemed more
attractive now.
She cried for an extra hour and with a huge
effort, she called for a cab, she could risk
driving in her situation.
The cab came some minutes later and she
gave the driver Zainab’s address. She needed
to talk to someone and Zainab was the only
one that crossed her mind.
* * * * *
As Zainab cruised pass the huge platform the
which had “WELCOME TO FESTAC” written
above it, she began to wonder why Henry
hadn’t dropped yet.
The journey hadn’t been so much fun as Henry
hadn’t spoken much and Zainab wasn’t much
of a talker neither, that was why she and
Jummy made a good team because Jummy
did all the talking for her.
She looked at Henry and then turned back to
face the road, but then she glanced at Henry
again and back at the road, she wasn’t to ask
him why he hadn’t dropped but just didn’t.
Henry who had been silently observing her
finally asked, “am I that cute?” He smiled.
“Huh?” Zainab exclaimed, who is deceiving
this one? She thought.
“You have been staring at me for quite a long
while now, am I that attractive to look at?”
Zainab laughed, “you don’t really want me to
answer that.”
Henry joined her laughing, “you are a case.
Anyway, how your day by the way?”
“Hectic as usual, but I survived. How about
yours, I read the report you wrote and I guess
you day went pretty smooth, right?”
“Yes, but not entirely though,” Henry replied
and switched on a sober look.
“What went wrong?” Zainab asked.
“I was kinda hoping you would hang around
all through the day, but you barely spent a
“Oh! My work is basically to supervise and
take notes. I still wonder why they call me a
director since all sections has a sub-director
already. So when I saw you had it all covered,
I didn’t thing it was necessary I hanged
“And at the end of the day, you take all the
glory,” Henry sighed and added, “a typical
case of Monkey work baboon chop.”
Zainab giggled, “and if things don’t go well, I
take all the blame.”
Henry just smiled and kept quiet.
Zainab sighted her bus stop just at the end of
the road and became worried once more,
“aren’t you going to drop? I’ve almost gotten
“Yes, I am, don’t worry about me, I’ve got it
all covered.” He grinned.
“Okay oh, Mr I’ve-got-it-all-covered,” she
teased and the both laughed.
As Zainab cruised into the road her house was
on, her head lamp caught a glimpse of a
figure at her gate, she had long fired the
former security guard so she wondered who
that could possibly be. She kept her thoughts
to herself and cruised closer to the her gate.
Just as she was about to drive pass the house
before hers, Henry spoke, “I’ll drop here.”
“Sorry?” She asked like she didn’t hear what
he said.
“I said you should stop here.”
“Why? Do you live here?” She asked looking
“Yea, for now though. This is a TOP official
house and since I’m now on their payroll, the
gave it to me to live in. Its a coincidence that
we are now neighbors.” Henry winked.
Zainab just smiled and parked the car, she
knew it was more than a mere coincidence,
but she couldn’t complain, she knew all of this
was just Henry’s way of getting her attention
and she liked his method… Creative.
She drove to her gate and stepped out of her
car to go and open the gate when she saw
who had been standing at her gate all along,
it was someone who she least expected,
“Toafeek!” She exclaimed, “what are you doing
Toafeek grinned, “is that how you greet your
elder brother you haven’t seen in years?”
Zainab felt something was wrong because
experience had taught her that august visitors
never really brought good news with them.
Before Zainab could reply a cab pulled up
beside her car at the front of her house and
Jummy stepped out of it. Her eyes were
swollen and she looked like a mess. Zainab
knew something was  wrong somewhere.
“Any problem here?” Henry asked as he had
gotten closer to Zainab, he s₱0tted Toafeek
before he walked into his house and thought it
might be trouble, so he decided to come and
be Zainab’s knight in a shining armor.
Zainab looked at Jummy, then back at Toafeek
before staring at Henry, she could sense a
long night ahead.

10:00 PM. Thursday.

With all the energy she could gather, Zainab
gave Jummy a deafening slap. It was so loud
that the neighbors at the extreme end of the
street heard it and became scared, hoping it
wasn’t what they thought it was.
“Are you high on cheap drugs?!” Zainab yelled
at Jummy who was totally confused and now
counting the stars only her could see.
“Jumoke, what’s wrong with you? Are you that
desperate?” Zainab asked.
Jummy couldn’t find the right words to reply
Zainab with so she kept quiet, glaring at
Zainab, the slap had been surprisingly very
“Jummy, I rushed into marriage with Richærd
and you saw where we ended up. Your case is
even worse, not only do you want to rush it,
you want to get into it for the wrong reasons.”
Zainab moved closer to Jummy, held her
hands and looked into her eyes.
“Jummy, don’t do this,” she said

* * * * *

“Any problem here?” Henry asked as he had
gotten closer to Zainab, he s₱0tted Taofeek
before he walked into his house and thought it
might be trouble, so he decided to come and
be Zainab’s knight in a shining armor.
Zainab turned to Henry and with a fake smile
she said, “non at all, I’m sure you’ve met
Jummy, this is my brother, Taofeek. Taofeek
this is my friend, Henry.”
Both men stretched forwards their hands and
shook it, “nice meeting you.” They both said in
unison and just smiled back at each other in
response. Taofeek had a warm smile on his
face but Henry gave him a cold stare which
some how said: “Nigga, you ain’t welcome
By the time they retracted their hands, Henry
turned to Zainab and asked in a low tone, so
low only Zainab could hear, “You never told
me you have any siblings.”
“You never asked,” Zainab replied.
Henry shrugged, she had a good point and he
had no reply to fire back so he turned to the
small pack of people and literally scre-med,
“okay, I think I’ll be going to my house now,”
he paused and turned to Taofeek, “nice to
meet you, hope you going to stay long,
because I wouldn’t mind knowing some of
those secrets Zainab would never tell me.” A
warm laughter followed and even Jummy who
hadn’t really been in a good mood smiled a
“I really don’t know, but let’s see how it goes,”
Taofeek replied with a grin and watched Henry
walk back to his gate and enter his house.
As soon as Henry was gone, Taofeek started
grinning at Zainab so hærd it made her
“What?!” Zainab asked.
“Nothing, you didn’t tell me you now have a
personal security guard or is he the new
boyfriend?” Taofeek replied and his grin grew
Zainab smiled and changed the topic, “okay
then, let’s go in, I hope you are spending the
night here? Its already too late to go to an
hotel and its rather stupid considering I have
a free guest room.”
“Okay, if you say so.” Taofeek replied, he knew
Zainab just avoided the question.
Zainab looked at Jummy and saw the swollen
eyes once again, and concluded Jummy
obviously had some gists for her. She opened
the gate and let Jummy and Taofeek walk into
the house while she drove her car into the
By the time she had successfully parked the
car and walked into the house, Jummy and
Taofeek were already sitting in the palor in
total silence. For her brother, it was a normal
thing since he wasn’t much of a talker just like
Zainab but It was really unusual for Jummy to
keep quiet for so long and Zainab noticed it.
“Errr… The guest room is over there… The
second door by your left,” Zainab said to her
brother trying to take things easy and be in
charge of the situation.
Her brother smiled and walked to the room as
Zainab directed, pulling a small trolley bag
along with him.
As soon as the brother was out of sight, she
walked to the couch where Jummy was sitted
and dropped her handbag on the floor.
“So what’s up?” Zainab asked.
“Nothing much,” Jummy replied, “how was
work today?”
“Apart from discovering Henry now worked at
TOP, my day was just casual. Enhen, that
reminds me, aren’t you meant to be at China
now or something like that?” Zainab asked.
“Yes, I am but the trip got cancelled.”
“Is that why your eyes are swollen? Don’t tell
me you cried over it.” Zainab said in a
mocking tone, “let me guess, you were hoping
to travel to Dubai afterwards to shop right?”
Jummy smiled, “you think everyone is like
you? Shopping at every opportunity you get.”
“So why is your eyes swollen?” Zainab asked
grinning, “did you finally fight with that Mrs
Ogbonaya at your work place and she ended
up beating you up?”
Jummy looked at Zainab and she was sure
Zainab grin would fade once she told her what
was troubling her.
“You are killing me with suspense, what’s
wrong with you na?” Zainab replied sounding
“Its John.” Jummy finally said.
“John? What about him?”
“Its a long story…” Jummy replied, still trying
to decide if it was such a good idea to tell
Zainab about it.
“Well, you had better start gisting me now
before it gets to my bed time.” Zainab replied
and braced herself for the ‘long story’.
* * * *
Jummy sighed and stared at her feet, “well,
John and I spent yesternight together at my
place.” Jummy started.
“Hmmm, so you guys finally did it?” Zainab
said with a mischievous grin, “I was starting
to think he was g-y self, which normal guy has
a girlfriend with your type of curves and
doesn’t make a move?”
Jummy rose an eyebrow in surprise, she
mentally gave herself a knock for being so
blind, even Zainab who wasn’t in the
relationsh¡p noticed. “Sorry to burst your
bubbles but nothing happened.”
“Nothing? As in nothing nothing?” Zainab
asked, emphasizing on the nothing.
“Err.. Not entirely, we cuddled and did some
really naughty things but didn’t do the koko.”
“Oh! You were forming and playing the hærd-
to-get card on him?” Zainab asked and tapped
Jummy on the shoulder jokingly, “you are one
naughty lady.”
Jummy didn’t smile. “Actually, I wanted him
but he was the one who refused, he said he
wanted us to get married first.”
“Awwww… A nice guy. So rom-ntic.” Zainab
replied and blushed for reasons she didn’t
even know.
“Would you just let me land!” Jummy yelled,
she was getting irritated as Zainab cut in after
each statement, it was hærd enough that she
was literally reliving the wh0le incidence by
telling the story and Zainab wasn’t making it
any easier as she made the story seem longer.
Zainab was taken aback by Jummy sudden
outburst, but she knew Jummy only acted that
way when she was d–n serious, “okay, I am
sorry oh, I won’t say anything again.”
“Better!” Jummy replied and with a really low
tone, she went ahead to tell Zainab almost
everything, from when she got to John’s house
to the deal and just as she was about to tell
Zainab about the statements Samuel made
before leaving the room… Kpa!!! Zainab
slapped her.

* * * * *
9:45PM, Same night.

At the other side of Lagos.
As John undressed in other to have a shower,
thoughts of earlier that day crossed his mind.
He was now wondering if he handled the
situation properly or was just being a moron.
He had discovered he was bis€×ual in high
school when a certain friend of his who was
purely g-y made a move at him.
It so happens that the friend and him used to
sleep on the same ‘six inches boarding school
sized bed’ because John bed has been stolen.
He was new to the school and didn’t even
know it was possible for beds to be stolen, but
after his was stolen… He obviously now knew.
So the friend had been so nice to let him share
his bed with him until the new bed which he
called his parents to send arrived.
They were both lying on the bed one faithful
night when John’s friend started. The friend
placed his hand on John’s shoulder then
slowly started to car-ss it, slowly moving up
and down. Due to John’s tender age and
ignorance, he didn’t find anything wrong with
this so he let the friend continue and to the
best of his knowledge he assumed his friend
was just being nice since it was a cold night
and the feeling he got from his friend made
him slightly warm.
The friend took the risk and slided his hands
all the way down and grabbed John’s butt.
John was startled, and was convinced beyond
any reasonable doubt that squeezing the butt
had nothing with keeping someone warm,
“what are you doing?” He asked.
“Nothing, just playing with you.” The friend
replied, “or don’t you want to play with me?”
John considered the fact that the friend may
throw him out of his bed if he said no and
besides he knew it was a weird kind of “play”
but he ignorantly said yes since he didn’t see
anything wrong with it and that was how it
started, the friend advance to car-ssing
John’s wh0le body and even k-ssed him, they
went ahead to do it the next night and the
night after… Well, the rest is now history.
Back to the present, John walked into the
bathroom stark unclad and as the warmth of
the water hit his skin, he started thinking once
again about the earlier incidence.
He knew he at least had strong feelings for
Jummy even though he didn’t really love her
and he had really planned on telling her about
his s€×uality situation before asking for her
hands in marriage.
He had it all figured out in his head. A
rom-ntic dinner on the roof of one extravagant
building in Paris, he was sure there was no
way she could say no in such situation but
now things had taken a different turn.
He dried his body and walked out of the
bathroom, “I can’t loose her just like this.” He
said to himself.


Taofeek, the ideal model. Average height, that
kind of height that makes one not to be able
to say for sure if the person in question is tall
or short. He was originally fair in complexion
but due to excessive tanning he now had a
mexican light brown skin. His accent was
purely American, the only thing Nigerian about
him was his name and probably he way of
thinking, apart from that, one would easily
guess he was a foreigner.
When Zainab had decided to migrate to
Nigeria, he had been the only one who had
supported her, all her friends had begged she
stayed, get a good job, husband and start a
family of hers in Canada, even her parent had
once suggested she went to do a sanity test
to know if she was okay mentally.
“Zainab, you want to leave all off these?” Her
father said to her on the last day of her stay
in Canada, spreading his hands out wide and
moving it round to signify the magnitude of
his house and Canada as a wh0le. “You really
want to leave all off these for a country where
there isn’t even stable power supply?”
“Daddy, I’ve made up my mind. I’m Nigerian,
and not can change that no matter how many
years I stay here in Canada.” Zainab replied
with a tone of finality and watched as her
father left her room disappointed. The truth
behind the wh0le migration was the fact that
Zainab wanted to be taste independence and
see how far she can go all by herself, staying
in Canada meant that she would end up in one
of family’s company as a Manager, in her
words, “that was too easy.”
Her dad instructed the drivers not to take her
to the airport, so she had wanted to call a cab
when Taofeek stepped in and offered to drive
her to the airport, through out the journey, he
had asked her just one question. “Zainab, are
you sure about this?” And of course, Zainab
had replied in the affirmative, that ended their
Zainab had gotten to the airport fifteen
minutes later and after thirty long minutes of
queuing, she was on the plane.
Looking back all of these, Taofeek smiled at
how well his junior sister had progressed, she
had become such a popular actress and tv
personality that her shows and movies were
aired all over the world, Canada included.
A sudden, but continuous knock at his room
door snapped him back to reality.
“Come on in,” he said directly since he was
more than certain it was Zainab and he was
“T-Maze, what’s up na?” Zainab said with a
wide grin, T-Maze was a nickname she coined
for her brother with the “T” meaning for
Taofeek and the “Maze” meaning how
complicated and never straightforward her
brother could be.
“I’m fine, how your life dey?” Taofeek said in
his admirable American accent, Zainab
chuckled at how funny he sounded, mixing
pidgin and queen’s english in one sentence, he
joined her in laughter.
Zainab then walked closer to him and sat by
the bedside. “So, seriously, what’s up?” She
asked with a straight face.
“I’ve answered you before, I said I’m fine,”
Taofeek replied, still smiling.
Zainab wasn’t surprised by his reply, she knew
he was never straightforward, “okay, so to
what do I owe this august visit?”
“Actually its October, not August and do I
really have to have a reason to stop by my
sister’s house?”
“I don’t know what you people at Canada call
‘stop by’ but here in Nigeria, you don’t call
traveling from Canada to Nigeria a stop by, its
called a journey.”
“Yea yea, whatever.” Taofeek replied and laid
on his bed.
“Taofeek, I’m serious here. I’m elated to see
you here but what exactly are you doing here,
don’t you have a company to run or
something like that?”
Taofeek kept quiet.
“Taofeek na! You are killing me with suspense
here, how can you just show up at my house
by this time of the night without informing me
and with such a small suit case like that,”
Zainab said, pointing to the trolley bag which
leaned on the wall comfortably, “I deserve to
know.” She concluded.
Taofeek turned to face Zainab and replied,
“nothing is wrong Zainab, just like you, I want
to taste independence, I’m tired of father
looking over my shoulder and patiently waiting
for me to do something wrong so he can scold
me. For crying out loud! I’m a man! A fully
grown man and dad still treats me like a
twelve years old all because I’m solely
dependent on him.”
Zainab sighed, she now knew her decision of
leaving Canada few years back was the right
decision, “so you just packed up your things
and left?” She asked.
“Not really, I told a few friends, and I’ll call
mum later on, to tell her about my
whereabouts because I’m sure she would be
dead worried by now.”
Zainab didn’t know what exactly to say, she
knew her brother was complicated but this his
action had given ‘complicated’ a new
meaning. She started weighing all her options
mentally, checking the loose ends and
precacautions, after a long period of silence,
she finally broke the silence, “so what do you
plan on doing now?”
Taofeek sighed, “I guess I’ll look for a job, I
have a really heavy and hærd to resist C.V so I
don’t think that would be a problem and I’ll
be out of you hair in no time,” he said with a
warm smile.
“Nah, I don’t mind you staying,” Zainab said
and her brother gave her an inquisitive look,
“as long as you do some little chores of
course.” She added and they both laughed out
loud, Taofeek had expected her to say
something like that, they sure knew their
selves well, if they weren’t siblings, they would
have made the perfect couple.
“So what’s up with that your friend, Jumoke?”
Taofeek asked, “she looked like a kid who her
mum had just seized her favorite toy.” He
“Oh! That? She just had some men issues, she
has gone now anyway.”
“Okay.” Taofeek started grinning widely and
winking at Zainab.
Zainab smiled back, “what is it now?”
“So who is Henry to you?” He asked in a
mocking tone grinning widely than before.
Zainab giggled and stood up from his bed,
“I’ve got to rest, I’ll need to wake up early
tomorrow morning.” She said avoiding the
question and walked out of the room as
Taofeek laughed out his a-s, and rolling on
the floor.

* * * * *

It took Jummy several tossing and turning
before she finally decided to stand up from her
bed. With one glance at the wall clock, she
knew she was late for work already and no
charm can change that so she mentally
decided not to rush, after all, what was the
point of being an assistant manager if she
can’t go late to work at times?
She went straight to the sink at the bathroom
and pasted her toothbrush, she looked at the
mirror at the front of her and saw her eyes
were both swollen already due to excessive
crying the previous day, she paused for a bit
but almost immediately continued with
brushing her teeth..
When she was done, she removed her pajamas
and dropped it on the floor before sliding
under the shower. In no time she was done
with freshening up and here came the trick
part, she realized she was hungry.
She put on a black jean and red top, then
picked up her car keys and walked out of the
house, she need to go and get her breakfast
since there was nothing cooked in the kitchen
and cooking that morning wasn’t even an
option considering her current emotional
She drove to the third avenue from hers and
cruised into the road, she stopped at the front
of an ‘akara and bread joint’. They air in the
environment was distinctively different thanks
to the appetizing aroma of Iya Uche wonderful
Jummy stepped out of her car and wasn’t
really surprised by the small crowd that
seemed to be increasing by the second.
She walked past the people who were already
there straight to Iya Uche and leaned closer to
her, “abeg give me two hundred naira akara
and eighty naira bread.” Iya Uche turned to
see who was talking and saw it was her long
time customer, she smiled and nodded as
Jummy went back to her car to wait for the
akara to fry well. She had sliced bread at
home, but there was something about the
agege bread Iya Uche sold, it was as if it was
baked specifically for the akara she fried and
until you eat the two together, you won’t get
the complete satisfaction it gave.
As Jummy waited, an unexpected but familiar
figure jogged passed her car. She opened her
door immediately to make sure it was who it
Wearing a short and arm less top with an
electronic device that was probably meant to
calculate the distance he jogged strapped to
his wa-ist, Taofeek looked more like the ideal
kind of model sugar mommies would pay
anything for.
“Taofeek!” Jummy called out to him as he
passed by.
He didn’t reply until the third call, he stopped
abruptly and turned back to see Jummy
waving furiously at him.
He smiled and jogged back to the car, “hi,
what are you doing here?” He asked.
Jummy just pointed at the Iya Uche’s joint
across the road in response and smiled, “I’m
sure Zainab didn’t cook before she left for
work so I insist you join me.” Jummy said.
“Errr… You don’t have to worry, there are some
eggs and more than enough bread at home,”
he replied.
“Did you miss the part I said I insist?” Jummy
smiled, “you are my friend’s brother and I
think it would be only right to host you
properly, and trust me when I say this bread
and akara is more that proper. Wait a
minute.” Jummy said and walked to Iya Uche,
she instructed the woman to double the order
and Iya Uche did as instructed, she packaged
it and gave it to Jummy. Jummy handed over
a thousand naira note to Iya Uche and asked
she kept the change, Iya Uche was more than
excited, the change was more than twice the
original price.
Jummy just smiled and walked back to her
car, “hop in, we are going to my place to eat. I
think you’ve had more than enough exercise
this morning.”
Taofeek just smiled and hopped into the car,
he needed the company and from Jummy’s
description of the meal, he was curious to
taste it.
In less that five minutes, they were in
Jummy’s house and ready to eat, Jummy had
brought a full pack of an orange juice and two
glass cups.
The both sat on the dining table and went
down to business, devouring the meal. Taofeek
was more than impressed with the akara, he
hadn’t tasted akara in years and for a first
time in a long while, this was surely nice.
“So how long are you staying?” Jummy asked,
trying to start some petite conversation.
“Errr… I’m based here now.” He replied.
“Oh! You are tired of Canada too just like
“Not that, I just want to try other options,” he
replied, for some strange reason, he was free
while talking to Jummy.
“Hmmm.. All this ajebor children, you people
left yanky to come and suffer with us in Naija,
so stupid.” Jummy replied with a grin.
Taofeek was sure about what to say next so
he just smiled and changed the topic, “how
about you, do you have to go to work this
Jummy became alarmed, she had forgotten
she still had to go to work that morning, “oh
shoot!” She exclaimed and ran to the bedroom
to prepare, “when you done eating you can
leave, don’t worry about the mess, I’ll take
care of that.” She scre-med from the room.
Taofeek laughed at how weird Jummy was,
how was it possible she forgot about work?
He thought and just sighed. He packed half of
the remaining akara and poured it into the
bread nylon. He intended on continuing his
meal when he got home.
“I’m going!” He scre-med before he left the
house and boarded a bike to his house.
One thing was sure, he definitely like Jummy’s

* * * * *
Jummy finally got to work by 10:00AM, which
was earlier than she had imagined, she had
thought it would be around 12 or maybe 11 at
She walked straight to her office grinning for
no reason, the day had started quite well and
she was optimistic about the rest of the day,
but that was all about to change as she
walked into her office.
She was confronted with the one person she
didn’t want to see.
He sat on her seat crossed his legs, he had a
wide smile on his face and Jummy could
believe she had once thought that smile was
warm and nice.
“What are you doing here?!” She literally
“Hello sweety,” he replied sounding
threatening calm.
It was John.

Love is like a very large circle. We can run
away from the s₱0t where our “special one” is
but at the end of the day, we would definitely
go round the circle and come back to that
s₱0t where our “special one” is.
* * * * *
Zainab walked straight to her office as soon
as she arrived at TOP. Her to-do list was
already on her table and she couldn’t help but
nod in approval with the thought of how
efficient Michael, the intern was. She had been
at TOP for more than a week now and so far,
she hadn’t any cause to question his ability
and efficiency.
She dropped her had bag on her table and
brought out her phone from it before sitting
down. She quickly launched her phone browser
and did some random browsing, checking out
sochistar’s blog and some gossip sites, before
checking her email. It was filled with spam
messages as usual so she sighed as she
scrolled through it looking for anyone of the
messages that didn’t have a spam-like
subject of sender’s email address and then
she saw one with the simple topic: “Hello”,
obviously a spam message wouldn’t have
such subject so she clicked on it and patiently
waited for it to load.
At first, it didn’t seem like it was going to load
due to the bad network, so she quickly
switched on her 3G on the phone and within
seconds the message opened and it was from
the least person she had expected.
The email was short and precise: “Hi Zainab,
been a while I heard from you and I could
have called but I somehow lost your phone
number. Anyway, I just wanted to check on
you and how you have been faring since the
case with your ex-husband ended. Kindly reply
back. Boniface.”
As soon as Zainab read the message she
check the date it was sent and saw it was
sent just that morning so she knew she didn’t
need to apologize for replying late.
She clicked on the reply button and typed: “Hi
Boniface, I never really got to thank you
properly for your services during the case and
I’m sorry about that, I just couldn’t wait to
get over Richærd and move on to other things
that are more important. Anyway, I’m faring
really well and thanks for your concern. I hope
all is well with you too.”
With that, she dropped her phone and picked
up the to-do list to examine it. And just as
she was going through it, a knock at her door
startled her and without her replying, the
person walked in to the office. It was Henry.
“Hey!” He said in an excited tone.
“Hey you!” Zainab replied, not exactly sure
about what she was supposed to reply.
Henry walked towards her desk and asked
“can I sit?” But before she could actually reply
he planted his a-s on the sit and smiled at
Zainab. He seemed to have something
mischievous in his mind, but Zainab couldn’t
pinpoint it.
“What’s so exciting about my face this
morning?” Zainab asked looking confused.
Henry giggled, “nothing, you look great. Good
morning by the way.”
“Morning.” Zainab replied coldly, anxiously
waiting to know what was in his mind.
“How was your night?”
“Fine.” Zainab paused for a second as if she
was thinking of a continuation, “I would have
asked you how your night was but that would
only waste more time, can you tell me why
you are grinning this way? I’m not really
comfortable with it.”
“You like to cut to the chase right? Alright, let
me play it your way. Do you know what today
is?” He asked.
“Errr… Friday?”
“Yes! Exactly. And do you know what
tomorrow is?”
“If you want me to teach you the days of the
week just say so instead of using this weird
style,” Zainab replied irritably.
“Okay okay! Calm down. Well tomorrow is
saturday and its a weekend…” Henry replied
and grinned more widely than before, he
expected Zainab to get his point by now but
the look on her face told him other wise.
He sighed. “Tomorrow is our date! Remember?
You and I… Go out? You even suggested you
brought your friend, Jumoke along.”
And that was when Zainab got the wh0le joke.
“Oh! So that’s what making you so excited?”
“If you were in my shoes and had the
opportunity to go out with the s€×iest female
celebrity in the country, won’t you be excited?”
He asked.
Zainab hated flattery, but this somehow got to
her and she felt her cheek grow red. “I’m not
sure Jummy would be able to make it
anymore,” she finally replied.
“I would loved to asked why but I’m not really
sure I want to know.”
Zainab smiled, he just literally replied the
same way she had replied him earlier. He sure
had a good sense of humor and that was a
pluse on his part, Zainab thought.
“So where are taking me to? I need to know
what to wear.”
“Don’t even bother asking me because I won’t
tell. I initially planned on taking you to the
movies since Jumoke was coming along but
now that its just you and I… I have a more
special place in mind.”
“So how am I to know what to wear?” Zainab
asked alarmed.
“Zain, even if you wear a p-nt and b-ra to a
dinner party, you would look s€×y and really
attractive in it so just dress simple and try
your best not to out dress me too much,”
Henry said with a wink and before she could
think of a reply, he left her office leaving her
The led on her phone, blinking a red light
snapped her back to reality as it flashed on
her eyes. She picked up her phone and saw it
was email alert. She opened the message and
saw it was a reply from Boniface which said:
“I’m glad to know that you are faring well, and
about my well being, I’m fine or that’s what
I’ll like to believe. You are on BBM right? Add
me up @ 7*******, maybe we could chat
better. That is if you don’t mind though.”
Zainab contemplated adding him up but after
weighing her options and coming to the
conclusion that she had nothing to loose, she
went ahead to add him and he accepted the
invite almost immediately, as though he was
waiting for it.
“Hi ,” he sent her immediately.
Zainab saw the message and ignored it at
first, then looked through her schedule for the
day. She observed she had nothing important
to do that morning so she picked up her
phone and replied: “hi, how are you?”
Somehow, she was certain she was in for an
interesting chat.
* * * * *
Jummy stood there for a while, starring at
John with hate in her eyes. After talking to
Zainab, she had come back to to her senses
and was even disappointed at herself for even
considering John’s offer in the first place.
Who knowing venture into such a situation
knowingly? She asked herself in silence.
“Hello! Are you still here?” John asked as he
observed Jummy had no plan of replying him
anytime soon.
“John, what are you doing here? How did you
even get in here?”
“Hey! Calm down now. One question at a
time.” John said smiling. “Firstly, I’m here
because I wanted to see my girlfriend and
hopefully wife to be. And secondly I got in here
through the door obviously, I told the security
guard I’m your brother and I just came back
from the states and wanted to surprise you. Of
course he wasn’t interested if I came from the
moon or the sun at first, but after I gave him a
few thousand naira notes, he directed me to
your office and even offered to serve me coffee
or tea.” John concluded and smiled that kind
of smile someone smile when he or she has
achieved a great thing.
Jummy wasn’t impressed. “John, stop playing
games with me and tell me what you are
doing here,” she said, trying her possible best
not to raise her voice above average.
“Hmmm… You seem really tensed up. I’m I
making you feel uncomfortable?” John asked.
“Yes you are actually. And I’ll appreciate if
you leave my office right away.”
“Why are you acting so cold towards me? I
thought you love me and…”
“You though wrong!!!” Jummy cut in suddenly
raising her voice, “now if you don’t mind, I’ve
got some work to do and would really
appreciate if you use the door now!”
John was speechless, he didn’t need to ask
her if she had made a decision about the deal
he proposed as her actions said it all. He
reluctantly stood up from the seat and from
the inner pocket of his suit, he brought out a
small case and dropped it on Jummy’s table.
He walked past Jummy and whispered in her
ears, “that’s for you, just a small gift and I’ll
call you later on to hook up and talk like old
friends… I guess I was unreasonable and have
been quite unfair to you.”
Jummy wanted to tell him to pick his gift but
for some reasons, she couldn’t say anything.
John walked out of the office and Jummy
walked to her table. She used the intercom to
call the chief of security office and within
minutes he was in her office. She sternly
warned him never to let John into the
company again.
She pushed the small box into the waste bin
beside her table and went straight to work.
She worked for thirty minutes straight. Settling
accounts and rating progress of GNP over
other network providers in various zones. But
then curiosity wouldn’t let her be and she
found herself searching the waste bin for the
She found out and with a deep breath she
opened the box only to see the most beautiful
stone she had ever seen in her life.
It was a ring with a huge piece of diamond
which glittered like the stars at night. The ring
was without any doubt really expensive and
would have cost even John a great fortune to
Jummy wasn’t going to be swayed by just a
ring so she made a mental note to return it to
him before he started to get mixed signals.
She hated that she had to return it though.
Suddenly, her phone went alive and started
ringing as someone called, she glanced at her
phone screen and speaking about the devil… It
was John once again.


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