Bittersweet Love

Bittersweet love episode 9


Bittersweet Love


⏮️Vanessa’s POV⏭️

I can’t believe i meet Dave after a very long time, i couldn’t help but to slapped him at first after he denied that he wasn’t the one who raped me, it make me so angry and hate him the more, he suggest we go to for DNA test and him and Irene did, we were already seated and waiting for the result, Irene was pale while Chris was so much angry and sad, i was already in tears and was so worried if the result showed negative then who could have raped me, i was so worried, worried about everything. The doctor walked in and hand the paper to Irene then to Dave.

“the result shows that Irene isn’t the biological daughter of Mr. Dave,” he said while i almost tremble. Then who could have raped me.

“mom.. mom,” Irene said in tears as she moved closer and hugged me.

“next time you shouldn’t accuse me of that,” Dave said in a warning tone and slapped him.

“it all your fault Dave, stop pretending, who knows if you bribe the doctor,” i yelled at him while he left without saying anything.

“am really sorry about everything ma’am,” Chris said as he came over to us.

“i hate you all, just leave, go away from us cos your dad is a real monster and you might turn out to be the same,” I yelled at him in tears then drag Irene out as we hurried home.

Irene’s POV

I really don’t get all these, i don’t actually know who is my dad again, mom claims that Dave was the one that rape her while the DNA result shows am not his biological daughter, i walked up to my mom who was seated in her bed.

“mom,” I called then sat down next to her.

“am sorry Irene, i guess i wasn’t sure of who raped me but am quite sure it Dave who knows if he still bribe the doctor just because he don’t want to take his responsibility,” she said while i sighed.

‘i understand mom and i hope he’ll not get away with this,” i said while she looked at me.

“it actually time to quit whatever relationship you have with his son, i don’t want you to get involve with that family,” she said while i looked at her, i love Chris but when i confirm he was my brother and his dad was the same dad that raped my mom, i felt so much hatred for their family. Am really confused about who is my own father now, am Mr. Dave must have bribe the doctor to fake the DNA.


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chris and i are just friends for now and we will keep to that, but i have a feeling he’s not my brother, something is wrong somewhere.

⏮️Chris POV⏭️

I really don’t know what type of dad i have, so irresponsible and fake, i tried calling Irene but she wasn’t picking up my calls.

“mom, I said as i walked up to her at the sitting room, i meet her crying, i also saw dad with with a guy just my age and a woman seems she’s his mom.

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“who are those? i asked my dad so furious.

“she will gonna be your step mom and this your brother Jake,” he introduce them to us.

“you should take this slut of yours and her son out of this house dad, can’t you see you’re hurting mom,” i yelled at him.

“hey, am Jake your brother so mind the way you talk, don’t call my mother such names,” he said while i punch him and we began to fight until mom seperated us.

“dad, am tired of this what kind of person are you,” i yelled at him and nearly punch him.

“they will stayed with us, so learn to get use to them,’ he said then hurried to his room upstairs.

“sorry mom,” i said hugging my mom who wasn’t saying anything. I took her back to her room and offered her something to drink.

“what’s wrong with mommy? Tania asked.

“mommy isn’t feeling too well. Tania we have visitors in the house i want you to remain in your room,” i said to her while she sat down next to mom and i hurried out to go and confront my dad.

I just hate him so much and i never wish i and Irene were siblings, i can’t believe i fall deeply fall for her this way even if my heart was badly hurts, only her was able to heal that broken heart after the death of Leah, i know before Leah died we’ve already broke up but even after her death i never wished her death all of a sudden, her mother much be so wicked.



Am all alone and i wished my parents were alive to see the woman they want me to happy runied my life. I can’t believe Juliet could be this wicked to kill her daughter, it all happen when Juliet poison my drink but Leah unexpectedly drank and before she was rushed to the hospital she died, Juliet is now in the prison paying for her crimes, i wonder why Juliet would want to kill me, but she said she needed all the shares her parents once contributed to the company, i can’t believe she did all that all because of business and also of my lack of interest in her just as she said before she was taken to jail, she always accused me of cheating. I looked at Leah’s photo then hugged it, i really miss this family and i wish to see Vanessa, i still haven’t forget her.

⏮️Imelda’s POV⏭️

I can’t believe i succedded in my plans, Dave has always believe Jake as his family but the truth is that Robbie is his real father, we actually plan this with Jake to get rid of his money then kill him and run to Robbie again. Robbie will gonna pay for not accepting Jake at first, when i told him i was pregnant at first he insulted and call me all sort of names and did not even allow me to talk, Jakes knows all about this and Robbie will definitely pay for it.

Chris POV

Living with Jake and his bitch mother was quite difficult, he’s always getting on my nerves and i hate him so much, i was so confused who knows if everyone out their is also related to me, first it was Irene, now Jake, am so confused about dad past life and all these i just hate him with so much passion.

⏮️Irene’s POV⏭️

I and mom were just coming from the mall when i bumped into someone on our way going out.

“Sorry sir,” i said then as i raise my head and saw the man who seems frustrated and sad, i guess he wasn’t even concentrating again. Mom was shocked when she saw him and that makes her dropped her bag to the floor.

‘Robbie,” she called while he seems shocked to see her as well…


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