Black Angel

Black Angel episode 12 – 13

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Black Angel👺

Writer: Anonymous❤️

Sequence 12

Th£ spoon dropped off my [email protected]….
“What “!!! I said feel!ng terrified…
Meggie looked so sad and bad
“h£ has my parents kidnapped and h£ has promised to kill th£m if I don’t cooperate…. h£ said once you’re 18,…all th£ companies shall be yours and h£’s not ready to give th£m up, th£ only way to save my parents is if I agree to kill you….”
I stood up and ran to th£ corner of th£ d!nn!ng obviously shak!ng
“So what will you do now…. Will you kill me? ” I asked feel!ng s¢ar£d
m©r£ tears flowed from Meggie’s eyes as $h£ shaked h£r h£ad left and right….
“No darl!ng.. I don’t th!nk I can… I’m sorry for be!ng a coward…
If you die… Nob©dy will stop that animal and h£ would do m©r£ evil…Now run to you room and pack all your valuable stuffs and come [email protected]¢k h£re”
I did as $h£ told me and da$h£d !nto my room,packed some of my cloth£s and my diary and th£n I picked up a family album of My dead parents and I th£n came [email protected]¢k to meet h£r still stand!ng at th£ table …
$h£ smiled and gave me a picture that both of us took togeth£r and gave Me h£r favorite pendant necklace…
$h£ opened h£r purse and rem©v£d h£r two Atm cards and gave th£m to me
“I have five hundred thousand !n each card… Withdraw it all before it gets blocked ”
$h£ gave me h£r car keys s!nce I already learnt how to drive and th£n $h£ placed 350k cash !nto my palm… It was a h*g£ money
I was astoni$h£d… Th£n we hugged one last time… It was a t!ght hug….
We both started cry!ng at th£ pa!nful departure…..
After th£ hug…Meggie klzzed my foreh£ad and said
“I love you Sandra”
“I love you Meggie…” I replied
“What ab©vt your parents…? ” I asked gett!ng worried…
$h£ smiled and said
“I’m a coward… I can’t fight for th£m ”
Th£n before I knew what was happen!ng… Meggie carried th£ food I was supposed to eat and ate over 8 spoons
I s¢r**med “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! ”
But I couldn’t stop h£r…. Meggie had already swallowed th£ poisoned food…!n 30 seconds.. Th£ poison started react!ng… I tried carry!ng h£r to th£ hospital but Meggie shaked h£r h£ad smil!ng…
$h£ was already cough!ng and was f!nd!ng it difficult to breath£
$h£ was already on th£ floor kneel!ng…
I tried ₱v||!ng h£r up but $h£ grabb£d my [email protected] weakly and said
“Sandra…. Th¡s… Th¡s… Th¡s isn’t your fault….
It’s.. It’s th£ only way to pro… Pro…protect you
Throw away your phone and start all over aga!n….
Run away from h£re and return only wh£n you’re strong enough to face that beast…. ” $h£ started cough!ng blood
“Even if you take me to th£ hospital… I won’t survive th¡s because it’s a very deadly poison…it has no cure…. Soon I will be dead…
Now escape before h£ returns home… I’ve written a suicide note and I’ve done a short video on how I killed myself… I did it to protect you because I know that h£ can frame you up for my death… I lied !n my video that I was go!ng to kill myself due to depression….only you and I know th£ real truth….
Wh£n you went upstairs to pack your bags… I posted it… Soon… Your uncle will be rush!ng h£re so you need to escape Sandra…
But remember….it was your uncle that did all th¡s….
h£ killed your parents
Abused you…Kidnapped my parents and h£’s th£ cause of my death….Make… Make h¡m pay Sandra… Make h¡m pay” $h£ said and died !n my arms… Smil!ng
Meggie died smil!ng.

Would Sandra also fight for Meggie?

Black Angel👺

Writer: Anonymous❤️

Sequence 13

I couldn’t believe it…. Meggie died to save me… I started shak!ng h£r vigorously…
“Meggie… No… No.. No… Meggie… Please don’t die… Don’t leave me…. Please don’t die… Meggie wake up…. Meggie… You’re my only friend… Please Meggie… I can’t deal with th¡s… Meggie please ” I said weep!ng un¢©Πtr0|lably….it was too much for me to bear….
My parents had died but I didn’t see it happen but Meggie’s death was different… It shocked me
It m©v£d me….
I understood why $h£ had killed h£rself, if $h£ ran away with me, my uncle would keep on threaten!ng h£r with h£r parents whom h£ had kidnapped…..
As tears cont!nued dropp!ng from my eyes ma$$ively….. I knew that th!ngs would never be th£ same aga!n
Before my uncle came [email protected]¢k home, I quickly picked up all my stuffs and with an h£avy h£art I klzzed Meggie’s foreh£ad and promised to take revenge at all costs
!n my m!nd eye, I imag!ned Meggie smil!ng at me… Who said Meggie was weak… Who said $h£ was a coward… $h£ wasn’t…
$h£ was th£ one that made me realize how evil uncle T was. To overcome such an evil… A greater evil was required and that greater evil was me…. Sandra….Th£ angel that brought death.

People yelled
“You can do it Angel… You can…. Come on!!!!…. Fight!
Fight !! Fight!!!”
I couldn’t take th£ b!0ws anym©r£… I raised my left [email protected] and s¢r**med “I give up!!! ”
j√$t!n left me and smiled “Maybe next time Angel….
I smiled [email protected]¢k and allowed h¡m to ₱v|| me up…my l¡ps were bursted and I knew that one of my f!ng£r was broken but I was used to it… I was becom!ng tough but not really tough
Now to expla!n how I got to wh£re I was is a long story entirely but let me make it as short as possible….after Meggie’s death and my abscond!ng from home
My uncle raised a false alarm that I was kidnapped and th£ kidnappers asked for a big ransom which h£ paid and still I was yet to be released… Th£ police got !nvolved and I was be!ng search£d for…. Nob©dy knew that I was runn!ng for my own life….
I knew that th£ wh0l£ society was see!ng h¡m as a pitiful person… Every one was pity!ng h¡m…. h¡s lovely pregnant wife j√$t committed suicide due to depression and still uploaded th£ video before kill!ng h£rself and h¡s darl!ng cous!n was miss!ng
Everyone was sorry for h¡m….. Except me of course… I knew th£ truth and someb©dy else
All th£se while…. Th£re was someb©dy watch!ng me…..someone I knew not
I escaped to Ghana two weeks after Meggie’s death and h£ followed me secretly mak!ng sure that th£ police never found me
Th£n one day, h£ showed up !n front of my h°tel door
I thought it was j√$t th£ room service until h£ said
“How long will you run away from your dest!ny Sandra”
I tried to close to door [email protected]¢k but h£ had sl¡pped !n like an eel unexpectedly….
“Who are you? ” I asked with a shaky voice
“A lover of j√$tice ” h£ replied with a smile
Th£n h£ sat me d©wΠ and !nformed me that h£ was th£ a$$a$$!n hired by Uncle T to kill my parents….so !n short… h£ killed my parents
My [email protected] started shak!ng
“Will you kill me too” I said obviously afraid
h£ laugh£d… “If I wanted you dead… You won’t be speak!ng by now
“so… What do you want…? ” I asked h¡m
“After I killed your parents…. Your uncle promised me 50 million Naira which h£ gave me before th£ Job and th£n after th£ Job… h£ made plans to kill me which I almost died from…. But as an experienced a$$a$$!n I’ve been on th£ run for a while and I’ve been monitor!ng you for over seven years….
Your Uncle is so Evil….
And sometimes to overcome a great Evil…. You need a greater evil Sandra…
Are you ready to avenge all your families death…. h£ asked
“Yes please ” I replied with a shaky voice
h£ took all th£ money I had on me and started tra!n!ng me… I became damned good at guns and knives…
Martial Arts and crafts…. I even went !nto us!ng poisons to kill
I went !nto drugs and alcohol and after tra!n!ng me for a year and I was better than h¡m…. h£ called me one even!ng and [email protected] me a short note describ!ng an hidden academy for a$$a$$!ns…..
h£ th£n said
“Angel… Do you remember what I told you a year ago”
I rem©v£d th£ cigarette I was puff!ng on s1©wly from my m©vth and said
“Yes I remember… ”
h£ smiled and said “Prove it”
What I did next showed how h£artless I was….
I rem©v£d my gun with swift accuracy and sh°t h¡m Dead!
h£ was so shocked as h£ fell to th£ ground… Dy!ng s1©wly
I m©v£d to h¡s side and repeated th£ same slogan h£ thought me
“To over a great Evil
A greater Evil is needed” I did that for my parents
It was my first kill and I enjoyed it so much…
I took th£ address… Packed my stuffs… Found my way to th£ academy which was located !n th£ des**t….it admits only 75 students per every three years but only 5 graduates…. Th£ rema!n!ng 70 dies
I registered and h£re I am.

Sometimes we got overthrown by our dark side.
Sandra is gett!ng ready for revenge.



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