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Black Angel episode 23

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Black Angel👺

Writer: Anonymous❤️

Sequence 23

Overnight, I became a super star, everyone was busy talk!ng ab©vt me
On social media, !n offices, schools,gath£r!ng…i was always th£ topic of discussion…Everyone was talk!ng ab©vt th£ angel !n black
Some said I was delusional…. Some said I was a cold blooded killer…
Some said I was do!ng th£ right th!ng !n th£ wrong way
While some said I was do!ng th£ right th!ng… Th£ only way to overcome th£ ills of th£ society itself is to be a very violent person…..
A particular even!ng, I was !n a supermarket buy!ng th!ngs for myself wh£n I h£ard some teenage girls discuss!ng…

One said…. ” I want to be like Black Angel ?”
Th£ oth£r !n p!nk gown replied “Why? ”
“I want to be able to kill my dad’s step broth£r… h£’s a wicked man… Ever s!nce my daddy had died,h£ seized all our properties and made us suffer !n th£ last build!ng that my dad built… It was th£ smallest build!ng my dad had…
We don’t have much to eat aga!n like before and I th!nk h£ hara$$es my mum before giv!ng us money
Last week, I saw h¡m forcefvlly klzz!ng my mom beh!nd th£ [email protected]¢kyard…. I felt rage… I wanted to kill h¡m
I hated h¡m with pa$$ion… My moth£r was powerless… $h£ was fight!ng h¡m at first but th£ moment h£ said… “Do you want th£ money for your children’s school fee or not…? ”
Immediately my mom h£ard th¡s… $h£ became quiet and allowed h¡m to cont!nue…

I really wanted to kill h¡m ” $h£ said with tears ₱0ur!ng d©wΠ h£r eyes… h£r oth£r friend hugged h£r t!ghtly and start wh¡sper!ng sweet words !nto h£r ears
I h£ard everyth!ng from wh£re I stood and followed th£ girl secretly home… I watch£d h£r house for two days non stop until I marked th£ uncle’s face… h£ visited most even!ngs b£tweeΠ 6pm till 8pm… h£ leaves and th£n visits th£ nearby bar and dr!nks from 8:30 till 10pm
Half drunk.. h£ makes it home by 11pm
I noticed all h¡s m©v£ments and mapped my way of kidnapp!ng h¡m….
One fateful Even!ng… I successfvlly took h¡m with©vt attract!ng a s!ngle person.. No one knew how I took h¡m
Th£n I took h¡m straight away to my residence, to my court room
h¡s own kill!ng would be different… I placed h¡m on a b£d… And tied h¡m securely with strong belt
I prepared a drip d©wΠ and pa$$ed th£ needle !nto h¡s ve!ns but I didn’t turn it on
I tied h¡m very t!ght that h£ couldn’t m©v£ a f!ng£r…

Th£n I went to hack as usual… It was impossible to trace me because I turned on several GPS… No one knew my exact location
Immediately I turned on, everyone already knew… Even my next neighbors next build!ng started s¢r**m!ng…
BLACK ANGEL IS [email protected]¢k
BLACK ANGEL IS [email protected]¢k
Only if th£y had known that I was perform!ng my works !n th£ next build!ng…. (Laughter)
Th£ camera didn’t show my face as usual and I was dressed !n all black
On my front top
“BLACK ANGEL ” was written boldly
“Good even!ng my dear people
Welcome to my humble court
I rema!n your favorite …Black Angel..
Tonight will be as horrorful as before…

Relax and grab a popcorn as I deal with my culprit
Soon h£ started wak!ng up… h£ was also confused at first… But I guessed h£ noticed th£ room and h¡s s£nses c|¡¢ked
Perhaps h£ watch£d my last show…. h£ started struggl!ng madly
I laugh£d softly
“Welcome to my court Mr Odunayo… I guessed you’re a fan” I said and laugh£d aga!n
h¡s expression showed total fear…. h£ was $h!very!ng
“You recognized me already so no need for !ntroductions….

But let me tell you th£ simple rules of me court room
Th¡s is my COURT
I’m th£ Judge
I’m th£ Lawyer
I’m th£ Law….
You don’t need to talk…
You don’t need to beg
Plead!ng isn’t allowed
And lies aren’t tolerated
j√$t relax and enjoy your verdict…
I’ve watch£d your every m©v£ment for th£ past weeks and I came up with some !nterest!ng facts
You killed your own step broth£r three years ago…it was you who did someth!ng funny to h¡s car brakes…
It made h¡m lose ¢©Πtr0| and that led to h¡s accident
”True or false? ”
h£ quickly nodded with tears ₱0ur!ng d©wΠ h¡s eyes
Your broth£r survived th£ accident and was hospitalized but your greed couldn’t be [email protected]!$fied… You went !nto h¡s room and rem©v£d h¡s life support mach!ne… You rem©v£d th£ oxygen and due to that… h£ died… Didn’t h£? ”
h£ nodded aga!n
“You didn’t stop at that… You brib£d h¡s lawyer with h*g£ cash to lie that th£re wasn’t any form of written will…
Your broth£r wrote d©wΠ a will… Didn’t h£?

h£ nodded aga!n say!ng yes…
You didn’t stop at that… After acquir!ng all th£ properties… You went ah£ad to torture h¡s family
You hara$$ed your broth£r’s widow s€×ually threaten!ng h£r with money for th£ children’s upkeep
Yes or No? ”
h£ nodded yes aga!n…
I m©v£d to h¡s b£d and wh¡spered !n my deadly voice
“Why did you do that…?
You shouldn’t have… ”
h£ was already begg!ng for mercy… Cry!ng bitterly
I opened my briefcase..
Rem©v£d some files and said….
“Th¡s states that you’re [email protected]!ng over th£ properties belong!ng to your step broth£r [email protected]¢k to h¡s family… Everyth!ng.. Not a s!ngle dime rema!n!ng
Sign it!!!”
h£ signed it with©vt h£sitation and [email protected] it over to me
I showed th£ audience my paperwork and smiled….

“If anyone tried to threaten th£ family aga!n… You will end up !n my court and I will decide your fate… Trust Me… It won’t be a good one.. ” I warned th£ audience
Th£n I turned [email protected]¢k to gently to my captive… h¡s face made me laugh
“How does it feel to have poisons !n your blood streams…? ” I asked
“Because that drip you’re look!ng at is a very poisonous stuff meant for you alone ”
h¡s eyes widened !n shock and terror
h£ started begg!ng me… Started promis!ng to do anyth!ng
“I’m so sorry Sir ” I said !n mock pity… Like I was really sorry
“Nob©dy leaves my court alive… Except me of course ”
Th£n I turned on th£ th£ drip set…
Soon h£ started foam!ng !n th£ m©vth and was dead !n matter of m!nutes
At first j√$t!n was angry ab©vt th£ change of plans… why will I suddenly want to start kill!ng oth£r people that needed jungle j√$tice
But th£n, I persuaded h¡m… I made h¡m understand that with what I j√$t did… h£ will never suspect me
h£ will never th!nk I’m [email protected]¢k for revenge
h£ will be suspect!ng a random attack s!nce I’ve already attacked someone not related to h¡m
h£ won’t both£r escap!ng from th£ country and that would buy j√$t!n enough time to ac¢vmulate all th£ needed to overthrow h¡m
We noticed that even most of th£ staff doesn’t like h¡m
It would be easier to w!n th£m over
j√$t!n agreed and ma!nta!ned a very close t!ght relationship with my uncle
Especially after h¡s wife’s death….h£ stood by h¡m and offered h¡m support and a$$istance
With all th£se, my uncle trusted h¡m wh0l£h£artedly….

Unknown that h¡m that th£ devil was h¡s best friend
I cont!nued tak!ng important personnel do!ng wrong !n th£ society and killed th£m
I became viral
All over th£ country…even ©vtside.. I was known
Funny enough… Many started appreciat!ng my efforts especially that y©vth
Many cloth£s were designed with “BLACK ANGEL” all over it
My favorite say!ng was also used !n cloth£s… [email protected]… Bags
It was always written !n black
It was used as captions on posts on !nstagram and facebook…
Everywh£re… I was everywh£re
People started us!ng it to !nsult one anoth£r
On th£ street.. You will h£ar th£m say!ng
”I hope you end up !n black Angel’s court… ”
Some will say
”You deserve th£ Black Angel ”
Oth£rs will say
”Black Angel’s property…. ”
Everywh£re I went… I h£ard tales ab©vt me
Many supported me while some were aga!nst me
But I didn’t ¢ar£… While j√$t!n was fix!ng th!ngs up, I was serv!ng people j√$tice…

Any citizen that wasn’t puni$h£d by th£ law gets puni$h£d by me
Soon crime rate dropped seriously but every law enforcement agencies were look!ng for me up and d©wΠ but I was well tra!ned..
I was untraceable
All my plans became a success on th£ 12th of June 2019….
j√$t!n did h¡s part well… h£ succeeded !n own!ng ,52% of th£ company’s shares by buy!ng at a very high price from most shareholders…
it was so difficult but h£ did it…
Everyth!ng was bought !n my name
An Emergency major shareholders meet!ng was called for… Almost all th£ 45 major shareholders were pres£nt !nclud!ng j√$t!n
Th£ Motion was to rem©v£ th£ pres£nt chairman Mr Tunde Adebola….due to charges like embezzlement and misuse of office power
It was a great shock for my uncle to see many people go aga!nst h¡m…h£ felt th£ betrayal… Th£ hurt.. Th£ pa!n.. But it was j√$t th£ start
Although h£ was no m©r£ a chairman… h£ was still a major shareholder
h£ stood up from th£ ma!n seat and sat d©wΠ round th£ next chairs with anger… h£ looked at j√$t!n with evil eyes but j√$t!n didn’t ¢ar£
j√$t!n stood up and said
“Let me !ntroduce you to th£ real owner of all th£ shares… $h£’s th£ new candidate for th£ post of th£ CEO only if you allow h£r to…

Meet th£ only daughter of th£ first chairman and founder of th¡s company
Th£ door opened and I walked !n with florish
45 pairs of eyes strayed to me…i felt on top of th£ world…..Uncle T recognized me immediately… h£ stood up with shock and astonishment…. I almost burst !nto laughter….I didn’t know wh£n water filled my eyes…i saw my parents !n my m!nd eye look!ng at me from th£ end of th£ conference table…. Th£y both h£ld [email protected] smil!ng at me….Th£y looked so proud of me
Still smil!ng.. I !ntroduced myself as th£ long lost daughter of th£ former Ceo of th¡s company… Most of th£m still recognized me and smiled at me
“I’ve come [email protected]¢k to take my dad’s place.. I hope I’m welcome [email protected]¢k…”
Everyone started clapp!ng with happ!ness… Th£y all encouraged me…i felt pure joy…i almost started cry!ng aga!n because I was already gett!ng emotional
I learnt someth!ng from what happened….


I loved th£ shock on uncle T face… Th£ wonder… Th£ regret… I loved it
After th£ meet!ng, I sat d©wΠ on th£ CEO seat turn!ng th£ chair round and round…. After every shareholder has left… It rema!ned uncle T and I !n th£ room…After a long silence.. h£ spoke
”I’m sorry Sandra… ”
I pretended to look surprised … ”Sorry for what? ” I asked…
”None of th¡s was your fault… ”
h£ looked confused
I smiled and cont!nued… I don’t really remember what happened but I knew Meggie died !n my [email protected] and I ran ©vt to call for h£lp… !n th£ process I was hit by a runn!ng car… Wh£n I ga!ned consciousness… I had memory loss….i didn’t remember anyth!ng at first… Not even my name…Th£ woman was wealthy widow.. $h£ took me abroad.. ” I said giv!ng all th£ fake do¢vments ab©vt me…. !nclud!ng fake pictures of my accident… It was well planned…. I even tendered th£ doctor’s note ab©vt my sickness… Th£ memory loss… Both th£ one !n Nigeria and abroad
”You can call th£m to be sure… ” I said

“After lots and lots of th£rapies… Th£ only th!ng I remember was my name… And I also remembered Meggie dy!ng !n my arms tell!ng me to pack up my th!ngs and run… I ran for h£lp but I was hit… After that.. I don’t remember anyth!ng at all
I saw uncle T relax!ng… ”You don’t remember anyth!ng..? ” h£ asked
”Yes…i don’t… That’s why I came [email protected]¢k with my boyfriend…
I want you to tell me noth!ng else but th£ truth… Th£n I will return th£ company to you…
I don’t need th£ company.. All I needed is th£ truth…because it was discovered that I wasn’t a v!rg!n and I was still young… I don’t remember hav!ng a boyfriend… I don’t remember anyth!ng… I don’t even remember my parents.. How th£y died… Wh£n th£y died… I want you to come over to my house th¡s even!ng with my cous!ns… Let’s discuss over d!nner… If you tell Me anyth!ng that sparks my memory and returns it… I will return it all to you.. And go [email protected]¢k to my house
h£ fell for my lie

By h¡mself… h£ brought h¡mself and h¡s children to th£ir death
I drugged th£m wh£n th£y arrived !n my parents residence… Th£ room I used for my evil works was th£ same room wh£re I was raped cont!nuously… Uncle T’s former room…
I placed h¡m |ns!de a t!ght conta!ner and covered it t!ght leav!ng only a small space for air
h¡s three kids were placed !n front of h¡m… [email protected] tied to th£ [email protected]¢k
Wh£n h£ opened h¡s eyes… h£ was surprised
‘Wh… What is happen!ng h£re…? ” h£ asked look!ng confused
Th£n h£ saw my cloth£s and th£ room and it hit h¡m

“Please don’t touch those children… Th£y are !nnocent… Please don’t… Kill me !nstead.. I deserve to die ”
I smiled softly
“on one condition.. Confess your crimes ” I said
h£ turned to th£ small camera and said it all… From kill!ng my parents to rap!ng Me.. To molest!ng me… To tell!ng Meggie to kill me
h£ said it all… not leav!ng a little detail
I was yet to go live th£n… No one saw that part… I only recorded it and kept it for some purposes… I wanted to tender it !n th£ court…because I wanted to get caught.. It was all my plans
Expos!ng myself… Gett!ng arrested…Taken to court… It was all my plans
That was why I said it !n th£ beg!nn!ng of my story that everyth!ng was work!ng accord!ng to my plans…
After h£ confessed it all… I kept th£ drive !n my pocket and tuned th£ audience !n… I was live aga!n but th¡s time.. It was different
I showed everyone my fvll b©dy but I turned my [email protected]¢k to th£m…

Speak!ng loudly so that everyone would be able to h£ar me ©vt …I said
“Today will be th£ last day you will be see!ng me on your screen because I’m go!ng to reveal myself ”
I turned and faced th£ screen….”Today is my last operation… After th¡s operation… noth!ng else matters
As long as I complete th¡s… I’m happy ”
I turned to uncle T and said
”Uncle…. Do you remember th¡s room… Th£ first night of my 10th birthday
That unforgettable night
That unforgivable night
I was a little girl… Small and !nnocent
you made me th¡s

YOU MADE ME A BEAST!!!!!! ” s¢r**med with anger
h£ started begg!ng for mercy
”Sandra….i beg you !n th£ name of God
please spare my kid’s lives… th£y are !nnocent ”
But my m!nd was made up….. I was adamant
h£ doesn’t deserve to have children… h£ doesn’t deserve mercy.. I remembered th£ b**t!ngs… Th£ abuses… Both on Meggie and I
How h£ killed my parents and turned me an orphan…
I couldn’t let h¡s kids survive. who knows If one of th£m becomes a monster like h¡m
Right !n h¡s front… h¡s first daughter… Th£ one h£ had while ch£at!ng was brutally raped by a mach!ne I bought… h£ kept on s¢r**m!ng with tears roll!ng d©wΠ h¡s face
$h£’S j√$t ELEVEN!!! ”
‘”And I was j√$t ten wh£n you molested me I replied with anger
I killed th£ rema!n!ng two with hang!ng… it was short, brutal and pa!nful… It was th£ most horrific kill!ng I ever did
I enjoyed every s!ngle moment of watch!ng uncle T life dra!n away…h£ kept begg!ng and cry!ng until I killed th£m all
Th£n h£ became silent… h¡s eyes lost any form of life… h£ looked lost and hopeless

I liked it so much…see!ng th£ man that made my life mean!ngless ly!ng d©wΠ so pitiful was a Dream come true…
”For Meggie..
For my parents and
For Me…. You’re s£ntenced to death by cutt!ng off your private part ” I said with a tone of f!nality
Uncle T started s¢r**m!ng ”NOOOOOOOOOO…. PLEASEEEEEE ”
I totally ignored h¡m… sliced h¡s d*ck !nto two…
h£ started [email protected]!ng !n pa!n… Twist!ng and roll!ng..
It was a severe method of kill!ng… h£ didn’t quickly die.. Too h¡m a lot of time and lots of pa!n
h£ died and I waited patiently for th£ police to arrest me because I turned on my location mak!ng it easier to be traced
I surrendered and h£re am I !n th£ court JUNE 25TH 2019…Tell!ng you what brought me h£re
I still have th£ disc with me… Now I want th£ you to judge me as th£ judge…
What do I really deserve…
Tell me???



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