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🤩(Story of the dark angel of lust)🤩

.🤲ON GOD 🤲




Another romantic, action, thriller or family stories @:-

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‘Look Pheobe let not jump into conclusion, it might not be what you think ,i mean she might not be the real culprit ,it can be someone else ‘

‘But why did she lie about going Gnome hotel, how did she bring me back home, why is she in the same hotel room,this is all so confusing ,how could have Madison have done this to me ,why did she do this to me’i said as tears rolls down my eyes then i remembered everything Catherine said,Catherine was right ,i didn’t believe her,Catherine was right all along ,why didn’t i believe her,i should have trusted my sister ‘i will be right back ‘ i said as i stood on my feet

I needed to go and confront madison,i need to know if she will actually do this to me ,i need to know ,but unfortunately she is out of town and won’t be back till tomorrow

Z0har walked down the stairs and looked at Zohar and i before walking away, i wanted to walk towards but kendall held my hand and whispered ‘No’ to me

I sighed and sat down ,whoever did this to me i swear i will never forgive them and if it is truly madison

Then so be it

❤KENDALL POV❤(following day)
‘Here is your cup of coffee ‘ Veronica said as she gave me a cup of coffee

‘Thanks ‘ i said as i collected it with a big smile on my face

‘Hey you look worried, what’s wrong?’

‘Well am still so concerned about pheobe ?’

‘Ummmm,i wish i could help,but i can’t,am so sorry ‘

‘It okay ,i will just have to figure this out on my own and besides that all evidence we have gathered so far points at Madison, pheobe’s bestfriend as the real culprit’

‘So do you think she is the culprit ‘

‘Well ,she should be but i just feel…’

‘Here’s the thing,i think i can actually come to think of it ‘


‘Well i use to work for the CIA in the past so i have some gadgets that can actually help’

‘Wait ,you were some kind of secret agent ‘

‘Yes ,although am not suppose to tell you this ,i worked as their tech specialist, i am pretty good with computers and technological products’

‘Waw that great, that is so cool’

‘Yea, so back to the matter ,i bet i can tell who sent that message to Zohar ‘

‘Isn’t that tracking,i tried tracking it ,but it leading me nowhere,the user must have done something to the little microchip ‘

‘Leave that to me ,i got this ..i will be right back ‘she said as she stood on her feet and walked into the room. She came back few minutes later with a wierd looking computer

‘What’s this ?’i asked

‘It a computer, i call her willy,i created her myself with Williams my ex boyfriend back when i was still working at the CIA’ there was a sad expression on her face when she mentioned her ex name but she tried to cover it with a smile

‘You guys were both in the CIA?’

‘Yea ,that where we met,started training when i was seventeen, recruited when i was 20,William was also a trainee’


It obvious she still loves that looser, but why does it kinda hurt me to know she still has some kind of feelings for him

‘Well back to the Matter, just give me the number that sent it and i will figure this out in seconds ‘

‘Oh yeah here it is’ i said giving her the number

‘Okay this is a very easy thing,it nothing hard, i just need to hack the servers office and searched for whoever did this’she said still typing her computer ‘i got her, here’s the owner of this number and the one who sent this to Zohar’ she said showing me a picture on her computer


the hell…..’

‘Hey girls, am back ‘ Madison said as she walked into the house with a big smile on her face

‘Hello Madison ‘ i greeted with a frown on my face

‘What wrong ,you do not look so happy to see me ‘ she said and I smirked

‘You said you weren’t at Gnomes hotel that night’

She looked at me for awhile and said ‘no i wasn’t ‘

‘Oh really ‘

‘Really,…pheobe is anything the matter ,you acting extra strange today’

‘Fix your eyes on this ‘ i said showing her a video on my phone

She was absolutely shocked to see the video ‘Phoebe i…’

‘What else do you have to say Madison, you just going to lie like you use to ‘ Catherine said as she walked down the stairs ‘ pheobe i told you that Madison is not your friend instead she is your biggest enemy, look at this picture ‘she said showing me a picture of Madison and Zimmer kissing on her phone in a public place

‘What the …..’i was really shocked to see this as tears rolls down my eyes

‘This was taken earlier today,she was suppose to be at her parents house in Seattle, but why the heck is she with Zimmer ‘

I still couldn’t believe all this i love Madison just as much as i love my own sister but why ,why will she do this to me ,she was suppose to be my bestfriend

‘I tried to convince you, i tried to tell you that she is a bad friend but you did not believe me and you want to know why i never liked her because she was the one Zimmer cheated on with you ….she was the one that Zimmer left you for ‘Catherine said and immediately my phone fell from my hand


I can’t

This can’t be true

‘Madison, this can’t be true ,you can’t do this to me ,she is lying Madison ,this is a lie ‘i said while shaking her Vigorously

‘I did it ‘Madison said as tears rolls down my eyes,i was absolutely shocked myself ‘ i was the real betrayal, i had s*x with Zimmer despite the fact that I knew he was your boyfriend, i framed you so i can have Zohar all to myself ,i have always been jealous of you ‘ Madison confessed

‘You see, she was the one who did this ,she is the evil one ,i tried to tell you Pheobe ‘ Catherine said

‘Madison’i mutteref as tears rolls down my eyes ,Madison was not able to look into my eyes, tears rolled down her eyes as she wiped it with her hand

‘I am the real betrayal phoebe and i did it because I hate you so much, infact i despise you ‘

‘And that is a lie ‘ A voice i recognize very well said

‘Zohar ‘ i turned my head towards the entrance and saw Kendall, Zohar and some strange pretty woman standing there

‘What?’ I asked

‘Madison is not the one who betrayed you pheobe infact I know the person that did this ‘ Zohar said

‘But she just confessed to her sins how is she not the one ?’ Catherine asked looking confused

‘Well Madison has her reason,infact Madison is the one who loves pheobe the most…….’

‘Zohar Please don’t, i was the one ,let it go,Please ‘Madison pleaded while i wad absolutely confused

‘It ok Madison, you have tried, let the truth be told now’Zohar Said

‘I am confused guys, what is going on?’ I asked

‘Yea,i am confused as well, who did this?’ Catherine asked

‘Well it the real culprit is…..’Kendall was cut shot by Madison

‘Kendall please don’t, the truth will shatter her’

‘What is going on ?’i asked

‘Exactly ‘ Catherine added

‘The person who did this is you Catherine, you were the one who betrayed her ,infact you are Phoebe’s worst enemy ‘ Zohar said



🤩(Story of the dark angel of lust)🤩

.🤲ON GOD 🤲




‘What, what the hell are you saying ?’i asked Zohar clearly confused


Zohar what the heck are you talking about ?” Catherine asked

‘No need to play dumb with me Catherine, i have evidences to back up the fact that you were really the one who framed pheobe and not Madison ‘ Zohar said while i stood there dumbfounded and trying to figure out just what is wrong here. Few seconds ago, Madison did not deny the fact that she was the one who framed me and right now it a whole new story on it own as my own sister is being accused of committing such unspeakable offence

‘I did not do anything, phoebe..’Catherine called my name as she walked towards me and held my hand with tears in her eyes ‘why are this people accusing of doing that ,i will never frame you i mean,you are my sister ‘

‘I know Catherine, just wipe your tears ‘ i looked at Zohar and said ‘ look Zohar,whatever this is just stop it ,i do not think i will be able to handle you accusing my sister of committing such allegations ‘

‘That is not your sister pheobe, infact she feels nothing but pure hatred for you ‘Kendall said

‘Stop it Kendall, that enough ,i have heard enough okay,you guys should leave now, all of you ,i am begging you ‘ i pleaded

‘Not until we show you our prove’ Zohar said ‘now take a look at this ‘he handed over his phone to me and what i saw on it really shocked me ,it was a CCTV footage from the hotel room i was in with Zimmer that day

‘Hey Pheobe ‘ Zimmer called her name while Catherine stood at a corner in the room busy taking pictures and videos of Zimmer and the intoxicated phoebe

‘Hey you’ phoebe answered laughing for no reason in particular

‘Let play a little game ,do you love playing games ?’Zimmer asked

‘Yes i do ,i love playing games ‘

‘Now all you going to do is tell me the opposite of what you feel for your boyfriend Zohar and the opposite of what you feel for me ‘ pheobe laughed and said ‘that is a very easy game, i am a hundred percent sure i will win ‘

‘Well since you so Confidence, let do this ‘

‘Okay….here is the opposite of what I feel for you and Zohar’ phoebe said as she started laughing for no reason again ‘you know what Zimmer… To be sincere, I never liked Zohar… I mean i only liked his money, fame and good looks nothing else… I mean he is not even my type, you are my type Zimmer ‘ Pheobe said

‘I know baby… I have always been your dream man’ he said as he and phoebe immediately engaged in a deep kiss

Phoebe pushed him away and slap him really hard across the face ‘how dare you kiss me Zimmer,i hate you so much and I have a boyfriend that i love ..i do not love you ,i love Zohar ‘ Phoebe shouted as she fainted

‘Catherine, how come she still in her right mind ,didn’t you give her the full pill?’ Zimmer asked Catherine

‘I did ,but i do not know why she is still in her right mind to attack you,she has lost conciousness ,do not worry and beside we have enough video to ruin her all i need you to do now is strip her [email protected] so I can take pictures ‘ Catherine said

‘Okay fine ‘ Zimmer answered as he removed her boots and dressed ,he was about to remove her bra before and panties before Catherine stopped him ‘ do not do that yet, just leave her with her bra and panties and when i leave you ,you can have your fun with her ,she is all yours, just let me take this pictures ‘ Catherine said

‘Okay fine, no problem, guess your dear sister is mine for the rest of the night ,damn she is so s*xy i can’t wait ‘ he said as he moved her closer on the bed so Catherine can take pictures all she wants

‘Am done,i will leave now ,enjoy yourself and don’t you dare come back to me later for s*x’ Catherine said

‘Yea whatever, am tired of f**king you anyway ‘Zimmer said

‘fvck you ‘ Catherine cursed as she was about to walk out of the room but was stopped by Madison

‘What is this,looks like you too have not given up on your mischievous ways ‘Madison said

‘I will not allow you to ruin this for me Madison ‘Catherine said

‘Stop me and watch me break every living bone in your body ‘ Madison threatened while Catherine stepped back allowing her walk towards pheobe and Zimmer

‘You come here ‘ Madison said as she held Zimmer by his collar ‘ i told you that the next time you try something stupid ,i will not hesitate to beat the daylights out of you didn’t i ?’ Madison asked

‘Madison is not what you think ,i…’

‘Keep quiet ‘Madison cut him short by slapping him really hard across the face ‘i told you to keep your distance didn’t i ?’she said as she slapped him really hard again ‘ this time around i will Make sure i teach you a valuable lesson you asshole ‘she said as she punched him repeatedly in the face until his mouth started bleeding

She pushed him on the floor and kicked him again before picking up pheobe’s cloth and shoe

She put on her clothes for her and helped her up as she walked towards the exist,she stopped and looked at Catherine one more time before saying ‘ I will deal with you later ‘ she walked away with Pheobe

‘I told you Madison will kill us if she finds out ‘ Zimmer said

‘How did she even know thatvwe are here ?’ Catherine questioned

‘ i do not know ‘

‘ i will not spare Madison for this ,i am tired of her acting like some kind of guardian angel, i am really tired and sick of it ,i will have to teach her a lesson ‘

The video stopped and tears rolled down Phoebe’s eyes as she looks at Madison

It might be fake

Maybe it edited



‘And if you think that fake or edited ,take a look at this ….bring him in ‘ Zohar ordered as his three huge bodyguards that beat up the guys that wanted to rape me at the club walked in with Zimmer whose face was bruised

I am sure this guys must have beaten him up

‘Now speak ‘Zohar said

‘fvck you Zohar ‘

‘Beat him up again ‘ he ordered and they where about to hit him before Zimmer said ‘ wow ,wow wow…please do not hit me again,i will tell you all the truth okay’

‘Look pheobe, i really do hate you and your psychotic boyfriend and that crazy friend of yours in fact i hate you entire family psycho ‘

‘Quite beating around the bush ,just tell her the truth already ‘Kendall

‘You see that one over there too ,he is Crazy’ Zimmer said pointing at kendall

‘Beat him up ‘Zohar ordered

‘Okay ,okay, hold up’ Zimmer adjusted his collar and said’ the truth is even though i hate you so much ,trust me no one hates you more than that bitchy sister of yours over there ,i mean she literally hate your guts so much….i mean the mere sight of you irritates her …it was her plan to frame you and she involved me in this …look all i wanted was some free p**sy now look where that got me’ He rolled his eyes and sighed ‘you know i cheated on you and broke up with you for a girl ,well Catherine is the mysterious girl ‘ Zimmer said and i lost balance immediately almost falling down but Zohar helped me up ‘you were not willing to f**k and she was willing to so i had no choice,every bad thing that has happened to you, she’s the one ,maddie over here is innocent ‘

What the….

‘That not all pheobe and when my friend Veronica over here tried to locate the owner of the sim that was used to sent that particular message to Zohar, Catherine was actually the owner ‘

‘That is true Pheobe ‘ Veronica said

‘The hotel had hidden Camera in every room that no one knows about ,when i went to the hotel to get it,they weren’t willing to show me ,so i got someone to hack their CCTV and that was when i found this ‘ Zohar said

‘And what we saw on CCTV the previous day, that was Madison going to the hotel to save you not to ruin you ‘ Kendall said

‘And when i found this out ,i decided to confront Madison and she told me the truth about the whole situation and told me not to tell you because you will be shattered if you found out that your darling sister was your worst enemy all along…that was why Madison took the Blame right now’

‘And that was also why i stopped Zimmer from mentioning her name that dat at the club he embarrassed you publicly ‘

Tears rolls down my eyes asi turned to face Catherine who looked away

‘That is not true ,i know my sister won’t do this to me….it is not true Catherine, tell them they are lying this is not true they are lying ‘i said but Catherine didn’t answer me ‘ Why are you not talking Catherine just say they are lying right now ‘ i yelled as i shaked her Vigorously

‘How can i say they are lying when it obviously the truth, you believe them don’t you?’Catherine asked

‘Do not try to cover this up again ‘ Madison said.

‘I am not ,i really think it high time pheobe knows that i hate her so much ,infact i despise her ,i have always hated her since my parent brought her into our house …pheobe is perfect ,phoebe got good grades,pheobe just won a scholarship, phoebe has a bright future, you should try to be more like her Catherine ‘ she mimicked…my parent always brag about pheobe, but never about me,whenever There’s is a competition in school she always come first place and i always come second place ,Pheobe always get the man of my dreams she always steals everything from me, i am prettier but still she get everything, back in high school when i had a crush on the most popular guy in school, she stole him from me pretending to be his maths tutor,he liked her even though she didn’t like him back how hilarious and when i was still busy dating hooligans and weirdos, she was dating one of the richest and most handsome guy in town ,how did she get him ,i do not know, but seeing that Zimmer was an easy target ,i decided to snatch him from her and just when i thought she couldn’t find someone like Zimmer again, she went ahead and date a whole Zohar ,Zohar of all people, the rich and extremely handsome Zohar that literally all girls in the universe wants ,how did she do it ,i do not know ,i wanted Zohar for myself that why i wanted to ruin their relationship, i tried using that Kyle guy that we went on a triple date with ,i hired him and told him to frustrate Zohar so much that he will have no Choice but to hit him..

I know pheobe hates Violent guys so i was thinking she will break up with him afterwards so i can have Zohar all to myself but that didn’t work, i even tried to frame her but this Stupid Madison here ruined half of the show …i was the one who hired men to rape her at the club but Madison as usual knew i was up to something so she called Zohar to the club and he was able to stop the rape just in time, Madison couldn’t have revealed my secret cause she knows that it will shatter pheobe over here once she knows how much i hate her so back to the story ,i figured out that for me to ruin pheobe, i must get rid of Madison that why i decided to create doubts about Madison in pheobe’s mind but she did not believe me ,instead she just kept on saying Madison can never do this to me she is my bestfriend, Blah blah …so i decided to make her believe Madison was the one, that why i bribed the security at Gnomes hotel to give Kendall those footages when he asked of them and it made it look as if Madison was the one who really did it ,then i put Gnomes hotel sticker on Madison car and created more doubts in Pheobe’s mind ,then i decided to tell Zimmer to meet up with Madison and when Zimmer kissed Madison suddenly without Madison approval ,i took their picture and decided to show it to you …am the master Planner ,it feels so good to finally Express my extreme hatred for you ,i hate you pheobe and for as long as i live i will continue hating you ‘ she said with a big smile on her face ‘ my parents wouldn’t have died that day if not for her,they were taking her to some maths competition, and that was when they met their doom,if she hasn’t insisted on my parent following her that day ,they will not be dead by now …they won’t be ,but she killed them it all her fault …and she even had the gut to lie about my brother to me thinking i will forgive her so easily ,God knows i despise you pheobe, IF YOU HAD JUST DIED WITH YOUR MISERABLE PATHETIC PARENT, MY PARENTS WOULDN’T HAVE BEEN DEAD BY NOW ‘She yelled and that triggered my Anger as i slapt her really hard across the face



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