Black Angel

Black angel episode 30


🤩(Story of the dark angel of lust)🤩

.🤲ON GOD 🤲




Another romantic, action, thriller or family stories @:-


Madison ran as fast as her feet could carry her under the heavy rain as she constantly looked back for whatever it is that is after her

She saw a car coming in front of her as she stood in the middle of the road and waved her hand signifying it to stop..beads of sweat ran down her forehead as her entire body was trembling in fear..the car stopped by her but she could not see who it was since the glass was tinted

The car glass slowly went down as the person in the car made Madison scared beyond words coul explain ‘ i do not want any trouble ‘

‘I an sorry Madison, you already know too much ,you have to go ‘

‘Please i ‘ Madison started running very fast again as the car chased after like lightning until it finally caught up to her and ran over her


Phoebe slowly broke the kiss as she looked into Zohar’s eyes . Her skin turned pale as a flush crept up her face. Fear and confusion engulfed her mind as she trued her best to avoid eye contact with him

‘ look at me ‘Zohar whispered in her ear and she hesitantly turned her face to look at him. Her cheek reddened as beads of tears ran down her forehead. This wouldn’t be the first time she is having Zohar so close to her but why it feels so different this time

Phoebe’s heart almost stopped beating when Zohar’s lips engaged in hers again. .she adjusted herself on the bed as she wrapped her arms around his neck pulling him closer to get. His hand reached for the hem of her shirt as he pulled it over her head leaving her with just her black lace bra .Zohar kissed her from her neck down to her cleavage as his fingers entwined with hers . Still in the middle of the intense make out , Zohar moved her arms above her head giving her [email protected] a lifted look. Phoebe knew this was the point she will break all barrier but she was 100% sure she is ready for this ,and to top it all all ,she loves Zohar more than words could describe and nothing can ever change that .She unbuttoned his shirt as she pulled it off revealing his Perfect man body. Phoebe ran her hand all over his firm muscular body as she grabbed his big biceps .Phoebe broke the kiss for air ‘catch your breathe already?’he asked with a smirk on his face and she nodded before he soon returned to the kiss
Zohar reached for her jeans as he pulled it off and tossed it aside ,he placed small gentle kisses from her neck down to her Stomach . He pulled her panties down as he kissed her between her thighs while sending waves of electricity in Phoebe body making her wriggle on the bed . He ran his tongue over her p**sy as she closed her eyes and bit her lower lip in utmost pleasure. Zohar worked magic on her p**sy with her tongue as phoebe tried her best to hold back her m0an but when she couldn’t hold it anymore, she simply let it out as she bit her lower lip and ran her in Zohar’s thick hair .

Zohar returned to kissing her making her taste herself in his mouth while he slowly unhooked her bra and tossed it away. He placed a kiss in her b**bs as his finger slid in and out of her p**sy while his thumb was rubbing her cl*t
‘And now you are so w€t’ he said as he bit my earlobes while his ‘ do not hold back, i want to hear you m0an for me ‘ he whispered again and that was when she freely let out her m0an

After minutes of making out ,Zohar decided to go into her. Phoebe inhaled deeply as Zohar slowly went an inch into her

‘Arghhhhh’ Phoebe groaned in pain as she grabbed Zohar arm ‘ am sorry, i will be more gentle ‘he apologized and she nodded as her eyes shone in tears

He went an inch into her again and she read about to groan one more time just before Zohar kept her busy by kissing her again as he pushed his entire length into her making Phoebe scream in pain

Zohar soon calm her down as he slowly slid in and out of her and pain soon become pleasure for phoebe as Phoebe m0aned softly in pleasure

Phoebe felt something warm released into her as Zohar slid out of her

But there was something that really bothered her . Different actions of Zohar has proved to her that he loves but he has never said it before

He is so strange

The rest of the night was memorable for Phoebe as they made love over and over again

Phoebe slowly opened her eyes the other day and felt a big strong arm on her waist. She blushed when she remembered all that had happened the previous night and the way Zohar was holding her right now like she was going to run away if he doesn’t hold on tight to her

Her back was facing his front as she could feel his warm breath on her neck .
She tried to remove his arm from her body but there was a resistance


smiled and asked ‘You not sleeping are you ?’

Zohar gently turned her to face him as he stared at her ,she looked even beautiful than before and he just couldn’t get his eyes off her while Phoebe considers herself lucky to be the girlfriend of this god of beauty ‘Good morning ‘ she greeted while Zohar stared at her for awhile before he smiled lightly and returned the greeting

Phoebe heart skipped a beat immediately she smiled ‘now you can smile ‘ she moved him away from her as she sat down on the bed and picked her cloth up and went to the bathroom

She looked in the mirror and smiled but that smile soon disappear when she remembered that if Zohar’s takes her virginity, then he will go back to his planet. He is stronger now that means he can go back to his real house

‘Does that mean Zohar will leave me ‘ she asked herself as tears ran down her cheek. She was not really positive if she would be able to handle it if Zohar leaves her alone ,most especially now, that her love for him just increased

No, she will not be negative, she must only have positive thoughts. She had her bath as she slid into the cloths she wore the previous day before slowly walking out of the bathroom. Zohar’s also looked freshened up so she was sure he must have had his bath in one of his friend’s bathroom. Her first guess was Kendall’s, they are the closest anyway

‘Have this ‘ he said as he gave her a cup of tea ‘we will go to a restaurant for breakfast, are you fine with that ?’ He asked

‘Yea ,it no problem ‘she answered as she took a sip from her cup of tea

Phoebe phone rang and she walked towards it to pick the Call

‘Strange number ‘ she muttered as she picked the call ‘Hello’

‘Hello ,are you Phoebe Maxwell? She asked

‘Yes ,i am’

‘Well your friend Madison was involved in an accident and she is Currently at Royals Hospital ‘ color drained from my face immediately i was told there had been an accident, as my phone and tea fell from my hand as tears rolled down my eyes immediately ‘Madison..Madison ‘


what is wrong?’ Zohar asked with a very concerned look

‘Zohar Madison, Madison was involved in an…ac..acc..acci…accid..accident..she is in the hospital right now’

‘What the… Come let go right now ‘ Zohar said as he picked up his car key before they ran out of the house

‘Where’s is she?’Phoebe asked as the doctor looking so panicked

‘Are you Pheobe Hathaway ?’

‘Yes ‘

‘Well Madison desperately wants to see you, come with me..sir you’ll have to stay outside’ the doctor said to Zohar and he nodded while he and Phoebe walked into her room

‘Madison ‘ i called her name as i walked towards her,she looked bruised and helpless

‘ ‘

‘It okay, am here now’ i said as I wiped the tears that ran down my cheek

‘Ph…ph..Phoebe..zo..zo..Zohar ‘

‘Stop talking, just rest ‘

‘…list..listen…….y…you..a…and…z..zohar….b..big ..p…’

‘What are you talking about Madison..just stop talking’

‘ an..and Z..Z…zoh…zohar,s…st…stay….tog…together…….n…no…ma….mat….matter what…or else…b……p..plan’

‘Madison just calm down ‘ her heart beat started intensifying as i checked the checked the computer device that has her heart rate displayed on It and the Zig Zag lines were soon turning straight

‘What is this Madison, what going on ,how did this happen ‘ her hand that was in my palm was soon turning comd gradually

‘P……ph..o..Phoebe… will…st…stay …tog…together ‘ she said as her mouth was filled with blood

I couldn’t control my tears this time seeing my bestfriend in this situation .My face reddened as i blinked rapidly while Veins were pulsing in my temples

I gave her a rictus grin trying to assure that it will all be okay ‘Madison who did this to you…Nurse !’ I yelled

‘P..prom…promise me’

‘Okay i promise ‘ i said and she looked at me one more time as she smiled and tears rolled down her eyes before she slowly closed her eyes

‘ you can’t do this to me Madison, you can’t do this to me’ the Zig zag line on the computer was now straight which means her heart has stopped beating,her skin turned pale as her body was as cold as ice..her hand that was holding on to Phoebe’s tightly was slowly released ‘Madison please wake up, please wake up this is a joke ,you can’t leave me like this..this is all a nightmare, am sure ,i am ine hundred percent sure this a nightmare…Madison please wake up ‘i pleaded as i shaked her body Vigorously ‘Madison stop this act …just wake up right now Madison…Madison if you wake up i promise i will do really can’t leave me like this ,you can’t leave me alone’ tears ran down my eyes but i still refuse to believe the fact that Madison is no more

it is probably a prank

No it a nightmare

it can’t be true


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