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Black angel episode 31


🤩(Story of the dark angel of lust)🤩

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‘I really hope madison is okay ‘ i said as i saw the nurse and doctors rushing into her room just before i felt a wierd or should I say unnatural presence around me.

Is someone dead ? I asked myself mentally
This is a hospital, it natural for people to die here anyway. The atmosphere got stronger as i turned around to see what is going on. The once busy hospital hallway suddenly was suddenly empty, as i saw a dark figure walking towards me from the end of the hallway
The closer it came,the more i recognize who it was ‘Madison ‘i called her name

She looks different, pale, lifeless and empty and it immediately occured to me that Madison is dead

‘You are dead ‘ i muttered while she just stood there staring at me

Madison is dead

I wonder what phoebe must be going through now ‘who did this to you?’

‘Take care of her ‘ she said in a very eerie voice as she slowly disappeared .Immediately she disappeared, everything in the hospital came back to normal as the empty hallway was filled with people again

Am the Black Angel of death so it is quite normal for me to see stuffs like this

I walked into the hospital room only to see the nurses packing up Madison and getting her ready for Mortuary. I turned to my left and saw phoebe standing by the wall staring at nothing in particular

She has no form of emotion on her face and that made me feel really sorry for her and beside her only true family is gone

‘It okay Phoebe ‘ i said as i pulled her close for a hug .i felt like my little action triggered her tears as she started crying non stop in my chest

I parted her back softly while trying to console her with my word .This girl just gone through so much and she Certainly doesn’t deserve all this .She doesn’t all this pains at all

Two weeks has passed since the sudden death of my bestfriend that i really love more than words could explain. I have learned to put a smile on my face even though my heart still hurts a lot because Madison is no more

Things has been really hard ever since her sudden death ,i tried to be happy but anytime i remember her, the happiness just disappeared .i love Madison a lot and she has been my guardian angel

‘Are you okay?’ Zohar asked , we were both in his car driving back to his Mansion

He actually had a concert and i had to attend it,i just couldn’t say no because i felt it was going to hurt his feelings

‘Yea i am ‘ i said with a big smile on my face

‘I see someone has been hiding their emotions this days and to be sincere you are really bad at doing that’

Tears rolled down my eyes as i cleaned it with the back of my hand ‘we have been friends ever since we were five but do not worry, i will get over it very soon anyway’

‘I know you will ‘he said with a smirk on his face.i turned to face ny front and i was so scared when we almost ran into a woman

‘Zohar look out !’i shouted and he immediately pressed down the brake as the intensity of the sudden stop pushed us foward and then backwards again

The woman face was covered and we couldn’t see who it was . Zohar and i got down from the car as we walked towards the mysterious woman


you okay ma’m ?’i asked her and she turned to face us ,she looked like she was just in her forties and also extremely beautiful, more like a very unnatural type of beauty

‘Yes i….’ she looked absolutely shocked to see Zohar like she knew him from somewhere

‘Aunt ‘ Zohar called and i was a little suprised, no scratch that i was very suprised

‘Zohar ‘ she called his name

‘But how did are you in earth ?….how did you do it ?’ Kendall asked clearly suprised just like the rest of the boy

It turns out this woman’s name is Marianne and she happens to be the most powerful woman in Zohar’s planet,and also the one who acted as a mother to Kendall and Zohar after they lost their mother at such young age so she is extremely close and special to Zohar

‘I spent years trying to find you , all of you after your disappearance, but i couldn’t .But fourteen days ago ,on the night of the Esteria moon back in our planet, i was able to know you were on this planet but immediately i got to this planet ,i could not use my powers like i did back on our planet

The energy on this planet is too strong it draining my powers gradually, now that i find you ,maybe we can all go home together ‘ She said while the boys just stared at each other ,she looked at me and said ‘but you haven’t properly introduced me to this fine young lady’

‘Oh aunt she is my girlfriend ‘ Zohar said and Marianne smiled ‘she is special ‘ she said with a smile on her face

‘Nice to meet you aunt, you extremely beautiful by the way’


and you also very beautiful ‘ she returned the compliment while I smiled

Aunt Marianne was made to move to one of Zohar’s apartment since their is not enough room for her in his mansion

Zohar and i sat down on the bed cuddling watching while watching a movie together

I do not know why but i just have bad feelings about lot of things, about Zohar’s and i relationship and some other random things

I feel like one of this days ,Zohar will definitely leave me behind and go back to his planet. I haven’t actually spoke to him about that matter but i think it high time i do it



‘I wanna say something ‘

‘Yea go on ‘ he said focused on the television as he stuffed his mouth with popcorn

‘Zohar i…..’

He received a message on his phone and sighed heavily and actually interrupted me

‘What wrong ?’i asked

‘Duty calls ,i need to check out something in the office,i will be back soon ‘

‘ oh ,okay no problem ‘ i said with a big smile on my face

He looked at me and kissed me deeply and broke the kiss about 30 seconds later ‘ do not miss me too much’

‘Just go already ‘ i said with a smile on my face

He picked up his jacket and looked at me before saying ‘ Bye Phoebe’

‘Bye Zohar ‘ He closed the door behind him as i went back to watching the movie alone

Everything just feels extra wierd this days, the atmosphere and everything

I just have a feeling something bad is going to happen

It was raining heavily Five hours later and Zohar walked into the room looking miserable

He was drenched,rough and he was looking lost

‘Zohar,what wrong?’i asked as i walked towards him “why are you so w€t ,didn’t you take your car?’i asked with a very concerned look on my face but he refused to answer me as he just focused his eye on me

‘And why do you look so sad and miserable, why are you so rough ,did something happen to you Zohar ?’i asked but he did not answer instead he was just staring at me

‘Zohar, the fvck is wrong with you ,will you just answer me right now ‘i was beginning to get really worried with this little action of his, different thoughts ran through my mind as i couldn’t figure out just exactly what wrong with him


‘ he called my name softly

‘Yea ‘

‘Leave ‘

‘What?’i asked clearly confused

‘I said Leave ‘

‘What is going on ,why should i leave?’

He looked into my eyes and said ‘ because i do not need you anymore, that why i want you to leave ‘

‘Excuse you ..Zohar,what going on,why are you suddenly talking like this ‘

‘What part of leave don’t you understand, i do not want you anymore ,i already got what i need from you anyway ‘he said as he removed his jacket and hanged it

He was acting absolutely casual about this like he wasn’t hurting someone’s feelings by saying all this ‘what is wrong with you ,are you insane ?’

‘You are the insane one because you just do not understand it when someone doesn’t need you anymore, am done with you just leave…i have f**ked you and i will be going back to my planet soon so please leave ‘

It like he was back to the okd ruthless, cruel,arrogant and raw Zohar

Why’s he saying all this

‘My Zohar won’t say all this to me ,i refuse to believe all this, did someone force you to say wouldn’t just be cruel to me for no reason ‘ i said as tears welled up my eyes but i tried my best to hold it back

I refuse to be weak

He smirked and said ‘ is that really a thing,someone forced me to say something? …how ridiculous , you know who i am ,i make my own decision, no one can force me to do what i do not want to,infact am tired of seeing your face just get lost’

‘Zohar five hours ago, we were both sitted on that bed ,watching a movie together, having the best time of our lives and just before that, we were fine, Zohar five hours ago you were holding me in your arms like your entire life will be shattered if i leave you , Zohar FIVE HOURS AGO ‘ I emphasized on the five hours while raising my hand and spreading my fingers to signify five ” the way you kissed me ,with so much love in it,you confessed your undying love for me through a kiss, Zohar five hours ago you told me to wait here for you and never move All this happened five hours ago Zohar ‘ i said as the tears i was trying to hold back suddenly flowed down my cheek ‘now tell me what happened all of a sudden, what changed everything all of a sudden, LOOK INTO MY EYES AND TELL ME WHAT CHANGED?’ I asked as balls of tears rolled freely down my cheek

‘My feelings for you,that what changed ‘ he gave me an answer that shattered me into pieces while looking straight into my eyes

I looked at him for awhile before saying ‘fvck YOU!’ I hit him on the chest before grabbing the dook knob

I opened the door and i was about to leave before i remembered the promise i made to my bestfriend

The promise she wanted me to keep at all cost ,i swallowed every bit of pride in me and said

‘I will be back tomorrow Zohar and until you give me the real reason you decided to say all this to me and end our relationship..i will keep coming back ‘ i said as i walked out of his room and slammed the door shut


Okay guys

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It seems the trouble in pheobe’s life never ends

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