November 29, 2021

Black angel episode 33


🤩(Story of the dark angel of lust)🤩

.🤲ON GOD 🤲




FINALE. (Not Edited)

Three hours later ,i was in my room, pacing back and forth wondering if Phoebe was still outside. She can’t still be out there. She is not crazy enough to be out there when it just -17° out there.

I inhaled deeply and walked towards my balcony,i was shocked to see her sitting on the bench with her legs crossed and staring at nothing in particular

She has been sitting there ,for three hours ,is she crazy?

Kendall drove in and pulled over close to Phoebe

That’s great, kendall is here maybe he will convince phoebe

Maybe he can convince her to go
I just hope he can.

kendall got down from his car and walked towards me ‘Phoebe;what are You doing sitting here?’he asked with a confused expression on his face

‘you aware of what is going on right ?’ i asked

He stares at me for awhile before nodding while my eyes darted to Zohar’s balcony and i wasn’t really suprised to see him staring at me from the balcony

‘ i am not leaving till he gives me an explanation ‘

‘but Phoebe you ……’

‘ do not try to convince me please ‘ i said cutting him short

‘just leave me please ‘ i pleaded while Kendall looked up at Zohar and then at me again before turning his back to leave


,he must give me an explanation for all this

I know this is foolishness and maybe suicide, but this guy can’t just leave my life without a good reason

I just have to know I promised Madison and i am not about to break my promise

I am not at all

And besides that ,i just want to know what is wrong with him.

I walked into Zohar’s room and saw him sitted on the floor while bending his head. Why does their love have so many complications. so many problems . She is in pains and he is also in pains ,it just like they weren’t created for each other .
‘How long are you going to make her seat out there?’ I asked while he slowly raised his head and looked at me


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eyes was red like he has been crying all day . Zohar is the strong and cold one. Even when he went through so much pain when he was a kid just because he is the next king ,he never cried. Anytime he get whipped by dad when he was just seven, he never cried . Even when mother died ,i cried ,but he still didn’t cry.

I thought i would never see his tears but it quite strange that a mere human girl can make even the coldest man in the universe posess this emotions. Phoebe managed to crack a tough nut

‘Answer me ‘ i said but he smirked and looked away

‘What should i do ?, tell me ,i can’t do anything ‘

‘Here’s a thing you can do ,man up ,tell her the truth and make your last three days with her a memorable one ,can you do that?’

Zohar focused on me and looked away before saying ‘don’t you think it will be hard for both of us then’

‘Isn’t it hard already, i mean you sitting on the floor wallowing in your own misery and then there’s Phoebe outside in the cold, so what’s your definition of hard?’

He smirked and said ‘ why should i take advice from a guy who still hasn’t summoned the courage to confess his feelings to the woman he loves ?’

‘This not about me Zohar ,this is about you and Phoebe, Zohar stop getting miserable over the time you are going to stay apart ,instead think about the time you have now and make a good use of it ‘


kendall ‘

‘Zohar do not argue ,just do it okay ‘ i moved closer to him and dropped in a squat ‘you both need each other right now ,so stop punishing yourselves already ‘

It freezing cold out here. Now am alone in this big empty world . First l lost my real parent ,then my goster parents, then Catherine who never liked me from the start ,then Madison, my only friend and now am about to loose the man i loved more than words could explain Zohar

Tears rolled down my eyes but then i felt someone’s hand on my tender cheek

I looked up to see who it was and it was zohar looking down at me
‘Am sorry ‘ he apologized as he slowly cleaned my tears ‘am sorry for being a jerk ‘

More tears rolled down my eyes as i stood on my feet and hugged him really tight . As usual he didn’t hesitate to hug me back

It been hours but it feels like it has been ages already

I just love this man too much that i trust him blindly

‘Hey ,please stop crying already ‘ he said as he wiped my tears ‘you are making me feel bad ‘

‘Why did you do that anyway ‘ i asked

‘Phoebe, when the time comes ,i will tell you everything, but for now we are together right so let the best of our time together ‘ he said and i smiled while he pulled me close for a big tight hug

All this troubles, in our life ,i want it to end already

I just can’t take it anymore

I just want happiness that all i ever ask for

Two days had passed and Zohar had been acting rather strange .

I do not know why i feel this way but he just gives me wierd vibes like this is our last days together. Like this is our last time together

I really do not know why he is giving me this wierd vibes ,or maybe am just overthinking this ,maybe things aren’t always the way we it is

‘Why do you want to light a wish lantern,i mean it not even Valentine yet ‘ He said and sighed

‘But ,it a hunch’

‘A hunch ?’ He asked

‘Yes …Valentine is next week ,what if we are not together next week ‘ i asked jokingly but the expression on his face was so serious

He looked so sad and that only raised my suspicions of him leaving me or something

‘What with the serious look ? ‘ i asked

‘It nothing ‘ he answered ‘ let just lit the lantern already ‘

‘Great idea’ i winked and gave him thumbs up

We lit the wish lantern and watched it as it flew in the sky

‘What was your wish?’ She asked

‘You tell me yours first ‘

‘Well ,my wish was to celebrate all Valentine’s day with you, to be with you ,everyday . Because everyday with you is like Valentine’s day to me’ He focused on me for awhile before he smiled lightly and said ‘that a great wish ‘

‘Now tell me, what was your wish’

‘You Phoebe, you are my wish ‘ i focused my eyes on him for awhile before saying ‘ i am your wish?’

‘The former Zohar only cared about power and himself, that was why i wanted to be the king of Konica..i didn’t know how to put someone elses feelings above mine until i met you, never knew what sacrifice is till i met you …Neither do i know happiness, i didn’t know how to smile or laugh but you thought me all that . And now ,i didn’t wish for powers ,or konica and for my own selfish desires…i only wished for you ,you are one thing that matters more to me than all those thing…you are the one i want, you are the gift i want so badly that is why i can’t wish for any other thing just you Phoebe ‘ he said as tears rolled down my i blinked twice while i smiled and focused on the flying lanterns


‘I really need to talk to you ken’

‘Yea i came as soon as i got your calls ,now tell me ,what is wrong ?’i asked as i sat down on the sofa

‘My ex boyfriend, James, he called me back asking for my forgiveness. He said he regrets everything he did and he told me we can get married immediately ‘

‘Oh…so what did you tell him ‘

‘I haven’t given him an answer yet ‘

‘Do you still love him Veronica?’ I asked and she sighed ‘ummm i don’t know ,but i think so ,he has been my boyfriend for ten years..not to mention, he was my first love, this feelings just don’t disappear you know ‘

‘Why do you want him back anyway ,he is a liar and a cheat..he hurt you and you just want to go back to him’

‘What choice do i have Kendall, he has been my boyfriend for ten years..Ten years of my life ,love and body can’t just go to waste you know’

‘I know but this guy is not right for you at all ,not especially after what he did to you . Veronica you are too precious, do not bring yourself down and go for someone like him’

‘Kendall ,why are you getting all worked up about this? just a trivial matter’ she said

‘It is not a trivial matter,why are you going back to him ,they are plenty of other men, right by your side and are willing to do just anything for you’


‘ME!’ i barked ‘i am the man right by your side and i love you Veronica..i have been by your side ever since the bridge incident, but you think of me as a friend ,when you are more than a friend for me ,i do care about you that why i have been by your side ,that why i am always here . Why do you want to go back to him just when am willing to do anything for you ..for once just look at me ,do not think about him ,just me, for once do that. He doesn’t deserve you ,but for once why don’t you consider those who trully loves you.. not the liar who broke your heart’

Tears rolls down her cheek as she focused on me ‘ Kendall…i am s…s..sorry..i acknowledge your feelings but…..’

‘It okay’ i said cutting her shot ‘ i know you do not feel the same way …you only love him…no need to say it ,it will only hurt when you do ‘ i said as i turned my back to leave

‘So what led to the sudden change of attitude three days ago?’ I asked as I took a sip of my coffee

We were both standing on a lonely bridge while looking down at the sea below under the full moon

‘Phoebe ‘ he called my name while i turned to look at him

‘Yes ‘i answered

‘In three days ‘ he inhaled deeply and continued ‘ in three minutes, i won’t be on this planet again ,i will be going back home’

I smiled and sipped my coffee as my eyes glistened in tears ‘ why am i not suprised ‘

‘I did not want to leave you i….’

‘It okay Zohar ,Kendall told me every ‘ i said as o quickly wiped the tears that rolled down my cheek with the back of my hand ‘when will you come back ?’i asked as i bit my lips trying to be strong and hold back my tears

‘I do not know Phoebe, but i will be ,very soon ‘

‘Do you really want to leave me alone ,when am like this Zohar …aren’t you tired of making sacrifices while trying to keep my own life’

‘I can never, that is why i want you to live ,even though i can’t be close to you till God knows when but at least i can watch you from a distance…i do not want you to die Phoebe because the day you die ,i will also die ,i can’t imagine a life without you in it human girl’ he said and i laughed and cleaned my tears

‘Is this part where we say goodbye because that the hardest word i will ever say ?’i asked

‘There’s no goodbye Phoebe, this is just the part where we say i will see you later,i don’t know when ,where,or how but i promise it won’t take long again Phoebe, we will be together just like before ‘he said as he moved closer to wipe my tears

‘I love you Zohar ‘ i said as tears rolls down my cheek while tears also rolled down his but he cleaned it very fast

Not about to let me see it

A Car parked by us as the Black Angels and Aunt Marianne got down from it

‘It is time Zohar ‘she said as she looked at me and smiled lightly
She was also sad,just like the rest of the boys and Kendall looked shattered

Aunt Marianne opened the big Blue portal after so many failed attempts while Rocky and james walked towards me ‘ Goodbye Phoebe ‘

‘Goodbye Rocky ,Goodbye james ‘i said as i hugged them while they walked into the portal

‘Goodbye logan and Carlos ‘ they hugged me as they walked into the portal too

‘Good bye Kendall’

‘Good bye little one ‘ he said as he hugged me really tight ‘i will miss you ‘

‘I will miss you too ‘ he said as he also entered the portal

‘Goodbye ‘ Aunt Marianne said as she hugged me lightly and walked into the portal

‘Zoh….’i couldn’t finish when i was interrupted by a deep kiss

Our last kiss till who knows when

He pulled me close as he deepened the kiss while i wrapped my arms around his neck while standing on a tiptoe

He finally broke the kiss and said ‘i love you Phoebe ‘

That was the first time he said something like that to me .The first time he confessed his feelings ‘i love you too Zohar ‘ i said as tears rolled down my eyes

He kissed me on the forehead before turning his back to leave

He looked at me one more time whole
while i smiled and nodded my head

‘I will be back Phoebe’

‘I will be waiting Zohar ‘ He answered as he entered the Portal .

So guys that is the end

I know you all want the second part of the great story but for you to unlock it ,i need

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And let see what happens in Phoebe and Zohar’s love story – season 2


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