November 29, 2021

Black angel episode 34


(A New Tale of an angel of love)

.🙏ON GOD 🙏



Waiting ,waiting ,waiting. He said he would be back and without complain ,i trusted him and Anxiously waited for his arrival


‘It really been awhile since the Chairman last visited ,we have to make everything perfect. We all know the chairman can be really grumpy ‘ the Manager said while addressing the workers in the company ‘now you all should go back to work and Tessie no sleeping on the job …if the chairman sees that ,be rest assured that you fired ‘
‘Okay ma’m ,i promise i will behave myself ‘

‘Oh great,she is here. All of you ,go back to work ‘ the manager ordered as they all turned their back to return to their duty post while she ran to the exist to welcome the manager

‘Welcome Ma’m ‘

‘Hello Matilda ‘ she greeted with a huge smile on her face

‘Come ,let me escort you to your office now ‘ she said


‘Ma’m your phone ‘her secretary said as she handed over my phone to me ‘yes principal Shapira ‘

‘Miss Phoebe Maxwell can you come to the school today,your brother has just gotten himself into another trouble ‘

‘Oh no,i will be there just give me some minutes ‘ she said as she disconnects the phone and gave it back to her secretary


Five years later ,i was now the Chairman of one of a Cosmetic company, it is a new company so i am still building it and it’s slowly developing and becoming on the top list in the business world as days goes by . I was able to start my own business due to the deal money Zohar gave me all those years back . Even though Zohar is not with me right now. He indirectly made me who i am and gave me the confidence to move on with life .


Zack this is the third time this week you have gotten into trouble ‘ i said to my younger brother as we both entered into the mansion

‘Yea yea ,am sorry, i promise i will be well behaved this time ‘

‘That what you told me three days ago and now your principal had to call me again for playing a dirty prank on her..don’t you ever get tired of all this ‘


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Phoebe, now you getting upset ..fine am sorry and i promise i will behave myself ‘

‘You little liar ‘

‘Ma’m here is your glass of water’ The maid said

‘Thanks Beatrice, just drop it on the table ‘

‘Look phoebe ,i understand that i have been a very bad kid ,am sorry okay ‘

‘you mess up one more time and i will have no choice but to send you to that correction site in Florida ‘

‘What you wouldn’t do that to me ,i do not want to go to Florida and beside am eighteen and i will be done with high school in three month, you can’t tell me what to do’ he said with a glare
My brow raised and pulled together ‘oh really,are you challenging me ?’ I asked as i moved closer to him with a very intimidating look

‘Okay ,okay, am sorry ‘ he apologized almost immediately

‘Now go to your room and do your assignments ‘

‘Okay mum’ he said in a mocking way

‘What did you say ?’

‘I said okay Phoebe ‘ he corrected himself as he walked up the stairs

‘That boy is really a pain in the neck,am Seriously tired of him’ i said as i drank my glass of water

He and Veronica has been my only family ever since the black angels went back to their . Catherine on the other hand disappeared totally, it was like she is not even on this earth anymore and things has been this way for five whole years . She was not a great sister and she despises me .But even after all this, i still love my sister and all my attempts to look for her over the past few years failed. I wonder where she is ,i really hope she is a better person now.


about Veronica. Veronica and i started this company together, she is the president and i am the chairman. I had no choice but to tell her the secret of the black angel all those years back most especially when she came to me asking me about Kendall’s whereabouts

I tried to give her some of my flimsy excuses but this woman refused to believe anything i said
Kendall was inlove with her,but she was not in love with him .She was clearly still in love with her ex boyfriend who trully regrets all of his actions

And now they’re both married, just like she wanted and she is also a proud mother of a four year old boy whose name is Collins

‘Where’s collins ?’i asked his nanny Aisha as she walked towards me

‘Well ma’m ,he is in his room ,taking piano lessons from his teacher Mr stark ‘

‘That great,you go get him ready, his mum will be here to pick him up very soon ‘ i ordered while i focused on my magazine

‘Hey pheobe ‘ Veronica greeted as she sat down next to me

‘Hey Veronica ‘

‘Where’s Collins?’ She asked

‘He is upstairs ,with Aisha”

‘What wrong, you look like you sad or something ‘

‘Well Veronica, it just that,i have been extra worried about zack this days ,he keeps getting into trouble and i am so scared ,what if he gets himself into trouble one of this days ‘

‘Well Zack is a very naughty boy, what to do about him ?’

‘Well i was thinking i should send him to that boys correction camp in Florida, maybe then he can finally learn his lesson ‘

‘Ummm Phoebe, do you really think that is advisable, i mean he is just a boy and this is his rebellion age ,i believe with time he will change ‘

‘Well i do hope so ,he is on probation anyway, i told him if he messes up one more time, then it bye bye to Florida for him’

‘Oh well …Maybe Florida is the best thing for him…i will go get collins upstairs, his dad just arrived from that long business trip ,so i am sure he will be excited to see him ‘

‘Yea sure …i think we will have more time to talk later ‘

‘Sure we will’ she answered as she walked up the stairs

For the past couple of years,i go to that same bridge where zohar and i departed twice in a month ,hoping to see him again and re unite with him

Even after all this years ,i refuse to give up and i believe sooner or later ,zohar will be back for me
I don’t care of i have to wait till forever, he kept a promise and I am sure and absolutely positive he will stick to it.

I got down from my car and inhaled deeply
‘There’s trully no place like home ‘ i said
Finally, after all this years,am back on this planet

I wonder how my dear sister is doing now

I wonder how she is living

Dear sister is now the chairman of an elite Cosmetic company

That is great

So nice to be back on this earth
Now Phoebe, the game continues and this time around i will be the winner and you the looser


really can not wait to crush you this time around
Catherine is back

Still with the same of goal of destroying Phoebe

Veronica is married now and with a child named Collins

Phoebe is still anxiously waiting for Zohar’s arrival

But the question is will he ever come back ?

Well let see what happens

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