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Black angel episode 36

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(A New Tale of an angel of love)

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Another romantic, action, thriller or family stories @:-


‘If you are willing to take my advice ,i will say you should actually go to that party ma’m ‘ Zoya suggested
‘And since when are you allowed to give me advice ,forget Catherine you are one of my biggest enemy. Don’t you dare think you allowed to give me personal advice ..i only employed you for a reason ,you better know your place ‘ i reprimanded her as i stood on my feet and walked away angrily. Why the heck is Catherine like this ,why will she never change. Why is she such a devil ?.

‘Really that devil is back ‘Veronica asked as she sipped her wine. She was also fully aware of the former betrayal and she really doesn’t like Catherine one bit .she doesn’t even like it when i mention her name whenever she is around. Most times she reprimands me for still loving my sister and ignoring the fact that she hates my guts.

‘This time around ,i think she is really determined to ruin my life ‘

‘Then give her a taste of her own medicine . It simple you know ,just make sure she regrets everything she has done so far ‘

‘I can’t stoop to her level and beside i am a better person than she is …let her do what she wants ,this is not her first time anyway i do not think anything she does can hurt me anymore ‘

‘Well if you say so ‘

The next day ,i went to school with new plans on how to get back at that new girl for all she said yesterday ,but how do i do that

‘Hey Zack ,just heard that new girl is part of the school press club and Currently, they are doing their interview program ‘ Luke ,one of my minions informed me

‘And what is my business with that, just go away ‘

‘Think about it ,if you can convince the captain of the press team to set her up with you ,which means to make the new girl interview you ,then that a good way to get close to her and do whatever you want ‘

‘I didn’t think of that ,you are smart..who is the captain again?’

‘Unmm i think thar girl Roberta,the one that was crowned prettiest in school on prom..Popular cheerleader’

‘Oh i think i know her ,i will go talk to her ‘


I finally managed to convince Roberta to set me up with the new girl whose name by the way is warren although she made me promise to go on a date with her. It like this girls never misses an opportunity to get close to me no matter what .

‘So you are annoyed cause she is the new girl and she is not falling at your feet like the other girls?’

‘Yes Phoebe, that is it really annoying ‘



‘Come straight with me ,do you like this girl?’

‘Like?, gross,ofcourse not, i mean she is not my type of girl we are not even in the same social class’

‘That bullshit Zack ,we were once poor before we became whatever we are today, i really do not want you looking down on other people. I didn’t raise you that way did i ?’

‘Okay am sorry Phoebe, but it just so annoying that why i came up with a perfect plan .i told the school press captain to set her up with me ..she is going to be interviewing me and also write an article about me ‘

‘That is bad Zack. No girl likes that ‘

‘Am not doing anything wrong with her Phoebe, i just want to find out if she is like the other girls i have came across .i want to know the real her… i am sure she is just like the rest of them, she is just doing this so she can get noticed by me and it actually working ‘


,whatever, don’t come crying back to me when you fall in love with her ‘

‘Look phoebe ,you are taking this too far ,there’s literally no way am falling in love with that one ‘

‘Okaay sir ‘i said mockingly just to annoy him as i walked out of his room. Unlike Catherine and i ,zack and i are incredibly close. He literally tells me everything and always asking for advice unlike other teenagers who prefers to keep things to themselves or sharing it with friends who ends up giving them the wrong advice .

‘Ma’m here’s a collection of the latest McCartney design,which of the dresses do you want ?’

‘How much is the red one? ‘

‘Five hundred thousand dollars ‘

‘Well it is pretty. i love it .have it sent to my house …zoya’

‘Yes ma’m ‘

‘Give them my credit card,i will be going home now ‘

‘Okay ,i will do that right away ‘ she answered

I sighed stood on my feet ,i really can’t figure out what going on in Catherine’s head .She is definitely up to something that i just can’t point my finger at. I guess i will just find out today at the party.

I walked into the party dressed in a very classy and decent way with my secretary . I must confess i really loved the way people focused on me and the way the press shifted from Catherine to me

‘Miss Maxwell is really not in the mood to answer all your questions now ,but later after the party, there will be plenty of time to answer your questions ‘ Zoya said shifting the press away from me


party was hosted at a big mansion and i must confess ,my sister really got rich over the years and has been living a low key life. Everyone has always wanted to see the Mysterious Miss Alfred but no one has ever got the chance to. According to the press,she was introverted and doesn’t really like too much attention. But now i have seen her, everyone has today . It turns out that she is my sister whose only goal in life is to ruin my own life.

‘Hello Miss Maxwell ‘ one of my businesses partners Mrs Delvalia greeted

‘Oh Mrs Delvalia you are here ,so nice to see you again, it been awhile ‘

‘I know and beside you looking stunning as ever am so jealous’

‘Well thank you Mrs Delvalia and you also look so beautiful ‘

‘Hello Miss Phoebe Maxwell’ a very handsome man my age greeted as he stretched his hand for a handshake

‘Oh hello’ i said as i returned the handshake ,he looked really familiar and i am sure i have seen him somewhere

‘We met at a coffee shop before ,remember when you forgot your purse on the table but i saw it and gave it back to you ‘

‘Oh yea ,i remember ‘

‘Oh yea ,my name is Darion’

‘I am Phoebe ‘

‘Oh everyone knows your name ,you the all powerful Phoebe Maxwell anyway ,you and Miss Alfred are the star of todays party Anway ‘

‘Yes ,i guess ‘ i said with a smile on my face

‘ Waw Phoebe Maxwell is here’ a girl behind me said

‘Yes, she is so pretty, i wonder what product she is using for her skin,it so fair and smooth am so jealous ‘ Another girl said

‘And her gown looks so expensive am jealous ‘

‘Don’t be ridiculous, have you seen Catherine Alfred, she is dashing ‘

‘I know, she is,but Catherine Alfred is one of those hot women, nothing special ,you see the likes of them everyday . But Phoebe is beautiful, very beautiful i am jealous ‘

‘I guess you right ‘ i turned my back to see who it was that was talking about Phoebe and i,and then i realized it was just the waitress at my party

Low class people


you ‘i said to the secretary as she walked towards me

‘Yes ma’m’

‘Have those girls fired ,they do not know how to do their jobs ‘

‘I will do that right away Ma’m ‘ she answered as she walked away

It time to pay a little Visit to my dear sister .

‘Phoebe ,Phoebe, Phoebe ‘ Catherine called my name repeatedly as she sashayed towards me

‘Ummm excuse me ‘ i said to Darion while he nodded and walked away

‘What is wrong?’ I asked

‘Well i must confess ,am really happy you could make it to the party.. i am really honored to have a whole Phoebe Maxwell at my party’

‘I believe you a business woman, ofcourse you should have something better to do than coming here to taunt me ‘

‘Taunt you? Oh my ,why should i dear sister and yes ,me talking to you right now is business Anyway’

I rolled my eyes in disgust as i looked elsewhere, i am really not in the mood to listen to this woman

‘Thanks ‘ she said to the waiter as she picked up a glass of liquor from his tray ‘look dear sister, i told you i have a special suprise for you didn’t i ?…just give me some minutes ,you will be very suprised ‘ she said as she walked away

‘When will the driver be here?’ I asked Zoya

‘In twenty minutes ma’m’ she replied and I sighed . I guess i will just have to tolerate this witch called my sister for twenty more minutes

Twenty minutes later ,Zoya informed me that the driver was here and i was about to leave just before Catherine stopped me again

‘Phoebe where are you going to,you haven’t seen the big surprise yet ,just stay ‘

‘I am not in the mood for all this okay ‘

‘Chill Phoebe, let me just make an announcement ‘ she said as she walked towards the stage and collected the microphone from the MC

‘Hello everyone, can i have your attention ‘ Catherine said as everyone focused on her ‘you see ,i just want to say thank you to a particular group of people. Big thanks to my biggest partner Mr Kenneth ‘ she said as people and applauded her and Mr Kenneth raised his wine glass for recognition ‘ and also my new powerful beautiful business partner and also my sister Miss Phoebe Maxwell’ she said as everyone started murmuring words to each other. It seems nobody knows that this woman is my sister ‘i know this came as a huge shock to us all because no one is aware of the fact that i am Miss Maxwell sister but that a story for another day and There’s is a saying that behind every successful man ,there is a woman but this time it a reverse case’

‘Let go ‘ i said to Zoya and she nodded as she lead the way while I walked behind her.

‘And to the man behind my sucess ,the love of my life, my soon to be husband’ There was a short time silence before she said ‘my Zohar’

I stopped walking immediately i heard that name as tears ran down my cheek

‘Zohar ‘ i muttered his name before inhaling deeply and turning my back to see the Zohar she just mentioned

My small bag fell from my hand in shock as Zohar walked up on stage ,smiled lightly at her and gave her a big hug

My mind immediately went back to what Catherine said

Long lost lovers might reunite

Why is Zohar

Zohar hugging her ,what is going on here?

‘Isn’t that the popular celebrity Zohar of the group black angel ,who disappeared years ago’

‘He is the one ‘

‘Zohar of black angel ….what is he doing here ‘

‘This is the Zohar of black angel ,my favorite pop artist ,were has he been ‘

‘We have to capture every bit of this ‘the press said as they moved closer to Zohar and Catherine. Zohar who seemed to be enjoying his time with Catherine held her by the waist as he talked to the reporters

I looked at Zoya and she looked just as confused as i looked

I slowly turned my back and walked away really fast while Zoya followed me
I got to the car and dropped in a squat as i cried my eyes out

‘Ma’m get up ,the press are here ‘Zoya whispered in my ears as i cleaned my tears and stood on my feet . I saw Catherine and Zohar standing about ten feet away from me as they were surrounded by reporters

Immediately the reporters left ,Catherine looked at me and smiled before saying ‘Zohar let me introduce you to someone from your past ‘she said as she walked towards me . I quickly turned my face and cleaned my tears with my hand before turning to face their direction again

I looked at Zohar while he also focused on me

He is even more goodlooking than he was

He smirked before saying ‘and who is she ?’ He asked as he arched his brow

‘Zohar, can’t you remember her ,your ex girlfriend ‘

‘Ohhhhh, now i remember her ,she was one of those girls i messed around with in the past just before i met you… i couldn’t recognize you ,look so different. Back then you looked so ordinary with poor fashion taste … but i see you have changed ….what your name again?’ He asked. ..he still talks in his normal cold and proud way and i can’t help but wonder why he is saying all this to me . seriously can’t believe all this bullshit coming out of Zohar ,just what is going on am so confused.

‘Phoebe, her name is Phoebe Zohar’ Catherine reminded him

‘Oh Phoebe, now i remember her . How have you been Phoebe, it been years you know. I am sure you have moved on with life like i have ‘

Tears rolled down my eyes as i had no control of it .what the heck is Zohar saying. This is not how i imagined us meeting again after all this years
‘Zohar what…..’ i couldn’t finish my sentence before he said

‘Ummm Catherine, i have to be somewhere by 9:00, see you later’ he said as he kissed her on the cheek and walked away. I clenched my jaw and tightened fist in anger as Catherine Laughed at me immediately Zohar left

‘Dear sister ,are you look hurt ‘ she said as she placed her hand on my cheeks but i smacked it off ‘ eishhhh, what an attitude ‘ she said with a light grin on her face ‘look Phoebe, while you were here on earth waiting for your lover to return for five years ,i was in Konica having fun with him’ my eyeball widened in schock for various reasons

Number one Catherine knows their secret
Number 2 she has been to Konica

‘And when i said long lost lovers will reunite, this is what i mean’t ..but sadly ,it is Zohar and i that reunited today because we have been apart for a week now’

she sighed and said ‘ i can see you hurt well am so sorry for you ..and here’s a tissue ‘

she gave me a tissue and said ‘wipe your tears with that,this is only a tip of an iceberg and you crying. ‘I will crush you beyond imagination Phoebe. I mean you even put on this pretty outfit for today’s occasion, but at the end of the day. I got your guy’

I cleaned the tears that rolled down my cheeks with the back of my hand and looked away

‘Catherine you….’

‘I am not done yet Phoebe, infact am not in the mood to listen to your nonsense. I think i need to be with Zohar, you see we have been apart for a week and we really have a lot of catching up to do ‘ while smiling mischievously, she patted me on the shoulder and said ‘tonight is going
to be a long night for me and my Zohar ..if you know what i mean ‘ Catherine winked at me ‘ Very pathetic’ she laughed and walked away while i immediately lost balance and fell on my knee

I do not want to believe this is my Zohar. No ,something is wrong here,this is not the guy i have been waiting for for five years now.

But he is my Zohar . I could feel it but why ,why is he doing this, why is he with Catherine ?

Balls of tears rolled down my cheek as i tried to find a logical explanation for what is going on

How can Zohar do this to me ?


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