November 29, 2021

Black angel episode 37


(A New Tale of an angel of love)

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I still find it so hard to believe everything i witnessed just now . That is my Zohar ,saying all that to me . But why ,what did i ever do wrong ?. Why do i regret loving him so much

‘Phoebe are you okay?’ Zack asked me but i smiled back at him and cleaned my tears

‘Hey Zack you here ‘

‘Do not try to act like nothing’s happened, i saw you crying just now ‘

‘Well i can’t understand, even if i explain it you ‘

‘Is that guy,Zohar is he back ?’

I was absolutely shocked when Zack asked me this question. How the heck did he know Zohar ,i have never mentioned him to you, how did you know him?’

‘Well you might back get mad if i tell you this ‘

‘Am already mad ,so just spill it anyway ‘i glared at him and folded my arms because i already know how he found out about Zohar but i just want to ear him say it himself

‘I read your diary ‘ he confessed

‘I knew it ,you little piece of shit… privacy for goodness sake ‘

‘I know, i know .. but it was tempting, i couldn’t resist it and yeah i hate Catherine so much by the way’

‘No, no , no ..she is our sister, you can’t say that about her ‘

‘Phoebe do you seriously still consider Catherine your sister? , i do not know how you feel but i will never change how i feel about Catherine..i hate her and that final ,i do not give a damn if she is my sister and besides that, i really can’t forgive her for what she did to me ‘


did she do to you ?’i asked

‘She is psychotic.. a real psychopath, she has some kind of mental illness. When i was just seven, she tried to push me in front of a moving vehicle just because mom and dad payed more attention to me than her.. Thankfully mom and dad where there at that time ,she wasn’t able to fufill her goals’

‘Jeez Zack ,you never mentioned this to me before could she ?’
‘You see what am talking about. That girl is crazy and nothing is going to change her mind set’

‘Don’t you think we can help her or something, Maybe just maybe there’s a way we can help her overcome this little problem of hers ‘


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Phoebe, don’t you get it ..Catherine is crazy ,nothing is going to change that and most importantly she won’t stop until she makes your life a living hell Phoebe..that a fact ‘

‘I still want to give Catherine one last chance, i want to figure out what is wrong with Zohar and why he is with Catherine ‘

‘Alright suite yourself, you never listen to me anyway..goobye for now ‘ he walked out of my room ,clearly upset by the fact that i still have such positive thoughts about Catherine, despite the fact that she has hurt me in everyway possible. And Zohar ,what is wrong with him ? Or maybe, maybe he is not Zohar ,maybe he is someone else . I mean ,Catherine musy know someone from Konica that does black magic . I think am overthinking things ,i am definitely overthinking things ..i am sure that is my Zohar ,that is definently my Zohar. He’s my zohar ,i can feel it , he is my Zohar.

‘Okay darling ,i am going to pick up Collins now….yea i will see you later ..okay i love you bye ‘i said to my husband as i disconnected the call,i was standing outside my house near the garage.. ‘ now where is the car key? ‘ i asked myself as i searched through my back ‘oh there you are ‘ i pressed a button on my key and the car made a double beep sound


‘ Someone greeted while i raised my head to see who it was. I was so shocked that my bag fell from my hand immediately

‘Hey Veronica, it been awhile ‘

‘Kendall ‘i called his name with a light smile on my face ..i was both confused and happy, not sure why kendall is here so confusing cause ,i really do not expect myself to meet him here.

‘So you back’ i said as I took a sip of my coffee

‘Well obviously and I see you have a happy family now’

‘Kendall i am sorry for what happened all those years back i really didn’t mean to….’

‘Why are you apologizing Veronica, it not even your fault ,no one can tell the heart who to love and beside that happened five years ago, so it in the past’

‘Yeah …it okay ‘

‘Actually I came here for Phoebe ,i wasn’t able to locate her new residence but i was able to locate yours somehow’

‘Oh i see.. but what is wrong? ‘

‘Well Phoebe is in trouble ‘

‘Trouble, how?’

‘Catherine and Zohar are back’

‘Wait Zohar is back ,Phoebe will be so happy to hear that fact she wouldn’t be able to believe she might just burst out of happiness ‘

‘Well something is wrong with Zohar ,i feel like he’s under some kind of spell or something. Something is definitely wrong somewhere ‘

‘ Ma’m’ Zoya called while i simply focused on the big files in front of me

‘Yes Zoya ‘i answered

‘Mr Corleone said he will prefer to talk about business over lunch at Cuisine Palace ‘
I closed the file ,removed my glasses and sighed ‘Tell the driver to get the car ready ‘

‘Okay ma’m ‘she answered as she walked out of the office

‘What with this Mr Corleone always wanting to talk about business over lunch or dinner . Am sick of him already ridiculous ‘ i complained angrily as i packed my bags and stood on my feet . I checked myself out in the mirror and i looked perfect

Until I know what is really going on with Zohar, i won’t let his matter weigh me down no matter what . I walked out of my office and into an elevator

Fifteen minutes later, Zoya and i arrived at the Cuisine palace restaurant , a very fancy restaurant by the way

‘Hello Miss Maxwell ‘

‘John Corleone, a very handsome young man who also happens to be one of my business partner greeted as his hand towards a chair for me to seat ‘you look beautiful by the way ‘

‘Thanks ,can we get to business now ‘i said as Zoya handed over the file to me while Catherine and Zohar walked in immediately. My heart immediately skipped a beat when i saw Zohar and tears almost ran down my eyes when i saw him being so close to Catherine. Why is Zohar doing this to me ,why does he want to hurt me so bad ?

‘Where’s our table?’Catherine asked the waitress and she smiled and directed them to their table but she stopped when she saw me

‘Hey Pheobe ‘she waved as she walked towards me with Zohar, while i blinked repeatedly and looked away. This girl wouldn’t miss an opportunity to taunt me no matter what ‘oh my ,Mr Corleone, you are here ‘

‘Miss Alfred ,so nice to have you here with your boyfriend ‘

‘Fiance,he is not my boyfriend, he is my fiance ‘ Catherine corrected while i just tightened my fist


was so angry right now i didn’t know what to do. My eyes darted towards Zohar who looked away immediately our eyes met

‘Oh sorry my bad ,you do not mind joining
us Miss Alfred do you?’

‘But Mr Corleone, we are in the middle of an important business meeting ‘

‘Come on Phoebe, don’t be such a fun sponge ‘ Catherine said ‘Mr Corleone happens to be a good friend of mine and a former business partner, you and i are and Zohar ,well you guys use to be something together but that all in the past, he is my Fiance now ..i think we all need to hang out together ‘

‘Great idea ‘Mr Corleone said as he called the waiter who moved us to an even bigger table were we all sat down

‘So John, are you into my sister ?’Catherine asked as she dipped a fork in her salad

‘Well ,i am not really a man that likes talking about his feelings publicly ‘ John Corleone answered while i simply glared at Catherine, i she trying to set me up with John pathetic

‘It okay John ,i know how you feel ,i know you like her and beside that my sister is going through a major heartbeat now ,i really want a guy that can take her mind off her heart break ..i really do not want her crying over another’s woman fiance you know’

‘I am not heartbroken okay’

‘Oh sister, keep saying that until you believe it ‘ Catherine is seriously getting on my nerves ‘ see john ,this ia just who Phoebe is ,she never talks about her ..she is a special woman ‘
I looked at Zohar who has been quiet the whole time..That just the kind of person he is
He is still the same ,cold and gentle. But what wrong with Zohar, why is he with Catherine now ?’

‘Zohar ,you have got to try this salad ‘ Catherine said to Zohar while a frown crept up my face .

‘Oh really ‘

‘Yea have a bite ‘ she said as she fed him with it
I blinked my eyes twice trying to hold back the tears that was about to roll down my eyes

‘Taste good ‘Zohar replied

‘Really ,it my favorite, am so glad you like it ‘She said as kissed him while he didn’t hesitate to kiss her back .it was only at this point i knew what extremely jealousy means ..i have never felt like killing anyone but i felt like killing Catherine
The tears i was trying to hold back immediately ran down my eyes as I wiped it off quickly with the back of my hand

‘Umm umm’John cleared his throat making them break their little kiss scene

‘Am so sorry ,we just so into each other ,we forget we are in public sometimes…am so sorry for the inconvenience john’

‘No it didn’t bother me at all ‘he said

‘What about you Phoebe, did it bother you ?’ Catherine asked

I looked at John Corleone and said ‘am sorry mr Corleone, am not feeling too well ,maybe we will see later ‘

‘But Miss Maxwell’

‘Am so sorry ,i have to go’ i said as i stood on my feet and walked out of the restaurant while Zoya who was sitting on another table followed me immediately

I seriously do not want to cry but why can’t i stop my tears

‘WHY IS IT NOT WORKING?’ I barked at the poor driver who was obviously clueless about the present condition of the car
I was so frustrated i didn’t know what to do

‘Zoya call the house, have them send another car now and tell them to hurry up ,it about to rain ‘

‘Okay ma’m ‘

‘Hey Pheobe, what happened to your car?’Catherine asked but i didn’t reply her

‘The car broke down ma’m ‘My driver replied her while i glared at him and he flinched immediately as he looked down obviously scared of me

‘It nothing, please go’ i said to Catherine

‘You know what it about to rain ,let Zohar and i drop you off’

‘Thanks ,i will manage..a car will be here for me anytime soon’

‘Come on Phoebe, don’t be so stubborn, come with my Zohar and i ,it will be fun’

I looked at Zohar who was also staring at me with his coldly while i looked back at Catherine and said ‘no’

Catherine smiled and moved closer to me so Zohar wouldn’t hear us ‘you see it quite ironic few years ago ,we went on a triple date me in peace by the way and you were the one sitting near Zohar you felt like a star to date someone of his Caliber,you were the one kissing, hugging and laughing with him but today i am the one in your position and you will just have to see it like that for the rest of your life ‘ she moved away from me and stood close to Zohar and held his hand ‘Come on Phoebe, come with us ,it will be fun ..i mean there’s really no need to be jealous all the time ‘

‘No need for that cause she will come with me ‘a voice i recognize very said as i turned my back to see who It was ‘Kendall ‘

‘Come with me Phoebe ‘Kendall said as he held my hand

‘Kendall ,you are here ‘Catherine said but he just glared at her and walked away with me

‘Wipe your tears ‘he said as he gave me a box of tissue

‘Kendall ,is that really my Zohar’

‘It is Zohar Phoebe..i also do not know what happened to him ..up until two weeks ago ,you all Zohar ever mentioned…he is always talking about you ,thinking about you and he would literally do anything to see you again’

‘So ,so what went wrong…tell me’

‘It all started when Aunt Marianne disappeared mysteriously and then three days later , Catherine came out of nowhere and Zohar announced her as his queen and just last week ,they came to earth..i know Zohar loves you more than anything else but i do not know why he is like this’

‘But i do not know what to believe kendall ,am confused ‘

‘Just like you am also confused ,but we must definitely get to the root of this matter…But Phoebe you have to be strong for Zohar , stop showing your weakness in front of Catherine, the more you do ,the more she takes advantage of you …you have to be strong for us to know what is going on’

‘You are right Kendall …Catherine messed with me but i did not hate her ,but this time she went too far and i totally despise her for that ‘ I cleaned my tears with the back of my hand and said ‘ she is playing a game right ,well two can play that game and i will definitely wipe that smile off her face …she will regret this ,that i promise’

‘Now that is the spirit’ Kendall said with a light smile

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