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Black angel episode 38

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(A New Tale of an angel of love)

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Another romantic, action, thriller or family stories @:-

‘Now what is the plan Kendall ?’i asked as i paced back and forth in my room , Kendall, Veronica, Zack and i were both in my house as we tried our best to figure out what is going and maybe come up with some kind of plan that can help us figure out what is going on

‘For me to figure out what is wrong with Zohar , we need to get close to him you need to get close to him Phoebe ‘ Kendall said

‘That impossible, Catherine wouldn’t allow that, according to what you all have been saying, she is always with him all the time, There’s absolutely no way Phoebe can get to him ‘Zack said

My phone rang and i checked the caller ID

‘Catherine, why is she calling me?’i asked

‘Come on pick it now ‘ they all said at the same

‘Okay i will that now, pushy ‘i said as i picked the phone and put on loud speaker ‘ Hello Catherine ‘

‘Hey dear sister ‘ she said while everyone rolled their eyes in unison

‘Hey ‘i answered codly

‘So now sister, my dear fiance and i are thinking of going on a vacation, trust me it going to be fun and we also invited John Corleone so it really going to be so much fun, please try to come with us .Maybe you and Mr Corleone can finally be a thing since Zohar is now my fiance and there is possibly no way you can get back together with him’

I grabbed my phone really hard it almost crushed in my palms . But then i realised i can’t let my anger get in the way ,most especially now that i plan to teach her a lesson or two ,the first key to doing that is learning to control my anger

‘Phoebe ,you are coming right ?’ Catherine asked again on the phone and i looked at Kendall who whispered “Say Yes”

‘What ‘i whispered back.

‘Say yes Phoebe ‘ kendall gestured with his hand . Although i was a bit confused, but i just had to say yes since kendall is telling me to

‘I knew you were going to say yes , you desperately after my fiance anyway …see you this weekend ‘ she said as she hung up

‘Kendall why did you ?’

‘Relax Phoebe ,i know what i am doing ..Catherine wants to play a game, let show her that two can play that game ‘

‘Am confused ,can you explain better ?’i asked politely

‘Well you see ,the main reason Catherine invited you to this little vacation of hers is to torment you right?’

‘Yea everyone knows that ‘

‘Well this time around we are going to beat her at her own game ‘ Kendall said

‘ But how are we going to do that ?’ I asked .i was obviously still very confused about this and i know and believe that whatever Kendall is planning, it going to be juicy .

‘ you see ,the real Zohar never jokes with what he believes it his ,and most importantly the real Zohar never jokes with Phoebe…he can literally kill for her . If this is truly our Zohar ,and i know is not under some kind of spell ,then this plan will definitely work’

I think i know what kendall is talking about already. I smiled at hin even though have already figured out the plan while Veronica and Zack looks clueless and has literally no idea why we are smiling at each other

The plan to get back Phoebe’s boyfriend was later explained to us by Kendall and i had to admit it was an excellent plan.

And back to school with my own problem. The new girl who refuses to notice me. I thought she was one of those girls trying to get my attention but this time it a reverse case


finally got her to interview me and write an article about me so maybe i can get to know more about this girl. She is always cold ,quiet and has no friends, she is more like
like a sadist and i have never actually seen her smile

‘Am suppose to interview you today ,where can we meet up?’ She asked codly as she stood in front of me in the cafeteria

Literally everyone in the cafeteria focused on us like we some kind of new movie in the cinema and when i turned to look at them ,they all went back to eating their food

‘Anywhere you want’ i answered

‘Meet me at the school stadium by 5:00 not be late ‘ she said as she walked away

How dare she, How dare she give out orders to me like am some kind of help.

I walked towards Catherine and Zohar at the airport and Catherine immediately wore her fake smile as she walked towards me

‘Phoebe i knew you would make it ,am so pleased to have you here ‘ Catherine greeted.

‘Oh hey Catherine, how are you ?,you look pretty ‘i said also wearing a fake smile..if she can be fake,then i can also be fake no big deal

‘Hello Zohar’i greeted cheerfully with a big smile on my face

‘Hello ‘he answered coldly as he tightened his hand around Catherine’s waist .i inhaled deeply as i am not about to allow that weigh me down

I still have a long way to go and to make this plan a sucess ,i have to be strong.
‘Come on Phoebe let us go ‘

According to Catherine, we are taking Zohar’s private jet. He is so freaking rich he has his own jet ,especially five years ago when he was still an extremely popular pop artist


me one second ‘ Catherine said to Zohar as she walked towards me
‘You are way too cheerful for my liking ,why do i feel like you are planning on doing something Phoebe. This is my game, think twice before you think you can actually beat me at it. You want to get close to my fiance that why you agreed to this Vacation ‘

‘But you invited me to this vacation ‘

‘And so what ,look listen up ,Zohar is my fiance and if you have any plan in mind, delete it right now ..what mine is mine and you Phoebe are just like a stain ,i will make sure i wipe you off very soon’

I folded my hands and smirked before asking ‘ are you done ? ‘

‘What ?’ Catherine asked clearly confused

‘I am asking you that are you done ,with your nonsense… for the past 30 seconds, all that has been coming out of your mouth is bullshit , i mean who cares about all this nonsense that comes out of your mouth?’i laughed hysterically before saying ‘ dear little sister ,you worry too much, and why are you so angry…you said Zohar loves you that means no woman can come between you guys ‘i placed my hand on her shoulder and said ‘just cool down ..if Zohar is trully yours and you not faking this relationship of yours ,there’s no way i can separate you guys but since it fake that why you worry so much am i right.can’t believe you are afraid of me stealing your fiance and beside it not even stealing since it rightfully mine …you are obviously the thief here ‘

‘Hey listen ‘ she said as she pointed her finger at my face

‘No you listen to me ‘ i replied as i lower her finger ‘stop worrying so much ,do not worry at all,trust me …i won’t do anything but this little game of yours ,am ready to play it …but you will be an ordinary novice while i will be the game master . And i promise that i will crush you at this game ‘

‘Oh really …let me see you try …i knew you were up to something the moment you easily agreed to be a third wheel on this little trip …you showed up here with no patner so you could still mine ‘


told you ,you can’t steal what rightfully yours and besides that i brought someone with me today’

‘And who is that ?’ Catherine asked

‘My boyfriend , Jack ‘ i called his name and he Immediately walked towards. He was extremely handsome with a very gorgeous man body ,even though he is not still has handsome as Zohar

‘Hey Zohar ,meet my boyfriend Jack Stewart ‘ i introduced jack to Zohar and for a split second i noticed the sudden change in facial expression immediately i introduced Jack as my boyfriend but he soon changed his expression and said ‘Hey jack ‘

‘Hey Zohar ‘ Jack answered

‘You know my name how?’ Zohar asked

‘You a popular celebrity, everyone knows you’ Jack answered

‘Jack please excuse me ‘.

‘Sure’ he answered as he walked away

‘You see that uhn ?…my boyfriend… You know what Cat ,i really do not want Zohar anymore, he is yours..i mean this who you are…you like using my used things..first it was Zimmer, now Zohar …do not worry when am done with Jack i will give him to you …i mean you like using my leftovers anyway ‘ Catherine glared at me ,obviously so angry she felt like killing me ,i walked away but then stopped after taking about three steps ,turned back and walked towards Catherine who was still trying to recover from what i just said to her

‘And one more thing Catherine, let me have you know that this is going to be one hell of a trip for you Catherine mark my word ‘ i said as i walked away smiling leaving Catherine to die of fraustration


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