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Black angel episode 41

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(A New Tale of an angel of love)

.🙏ON GOD 🙏


‘You were not dreaming Phoebe, that really happened ‘ Kendall said as he paced back and forth in the room . I had naratted my experience to him and just like me he believed it was not a dream. ‘He made you believe it was a dream but it wasn’t ‘

‘I knew i wasn’t dreaming, atleast now we know that Zohar is in his right sense. Now i know Catherine is trying to keep Zohar and i apart , she is blackmailing him . but with what?’

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‘Remember i told you that Catherine came only after Aunt Marianne mysteriously disappeared ‘

‘Yes you said something like that….. Could it be that…’

‘Catherine kidnapped Aunt Marianne and now she is using it to blackmail him,how could she?’Kendall asked while i clenched my fist in anger ‘Now i know what is going on ,but i need to confirm this from Zohar ‘

‘How are you going to do that ,he said he is not allowed to say anything, it is like he is under a spell or something ‘

‘Zohar and i are twins , we share something special, i am not sure if this might work but i will try to have a mind connection with him ,all i have to do is find a way to get close to him ‘

‘That is another problem ‘

‘You know what Zohar ,i am tired of your girlfriend gibberish and the little attitude she is developing this days …it seems i will just have to end her tonight ‘

‘What do you mean by that’

‘It seems you don’t get it ,i will just have to kill Phoebe ‘

‘You will not do such thing’ i said

‘And why so ?’

‘Because if you try it ,i won’t spare you either.. I promise i will end you ‘ i threatened

‘Are threatening me ‘

‘It not a threat Catherine, it a warning ‘

‘You know the more i keep you and Phoebe apart, the weaker you become which makes mestronghghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhy
9ger than you gradually, with Tony’s power and your aunt’s Marianne’s power i know i can defeat you when you become too weak. Just yesterday you were bleeding just because a glass broke your aunt
That is a prove that you are getting weaker day by day. The more time you spend apart from Phoebe, the weaker you become ‘

‘If you kill Phoebe, i promise you your death’

‘Let me see you try Zohar ‘

‘Let me remind you that it doesn’t matter how weak i become, Aunt Marianne power and Tony power you have still can’t defeat me . I am Zohar0 after all ,you should know that by now and you have been to Konica, infact you stayed there for five days ,you should know who i am by now..harm Phoebe and i will end you Catherine that is a promise ‘ he said as he stood on his feet and walked away

What an attitude
But he is right, if i try to kill Phoebe now, what will become of me ?

He will kill me and that will foil my master plan

I can’t really let that happen

But i do not care, i really do not mind dying as long as i get to destroy Phoebe

I walked out of the room angrily..i have to warn Phoebe. She can’t be here.
How exactly am i going to get rid of that Catherine, what am i going to do?.

‘Zohar ‘ a voice whispered in m head ‘Zohar ‘it called again in my head and i immediately recognized that voice ‘Kendall ‘i called back in my head ‘where are you ?’i asked

‘Look behind you ‘ he answered back in my head as i turned around ,i saw Kendall standing behind me

‘How did you make the mind communication work ?’ I asked


this conversation we had was in our head so even if Catherine had put me under a spell that is stopping me from telling everyone anything That cannot work cause kendall is using mind communication not verbal

‘What happen bro ..why are you with Catherine ‘

‘Because she has our dear Aunt, she has Aunt Marianne ‘

‘I thought as much .she put you under a spell right ,is that why you haven’t been able to tell anyone anything ‘

‘Yes ,Catherine is dangerous Kendall..take Phoebe away from here, she is planning to kill her and the more i stay on this earth away from Phoebe the weaker i become..i am afraid that i will eventually grow so weak that i won’t be able to fight Catherine if i wanted to ..i am growing weaker and she is getting stronger ‘

‘But how,how is that possible ‘

‘She killed tony and we all know that whoever kills Tony will automatically take his power, same thing applies to me and you ‘

‘But how was she able to kill Tony, he is almost has powerful as you are’

‘That one thing i do not know either kendall ,we wll find that out later but as for now ,take Phoebe and leave this place now..please’ i pleaded and he nodded before turning his back to leave

‘So we were right ,how dare Catherine ..i hate that woman so could she ‘

‘I do not know Phoebe, but as for now let just follow her advice .let follow Zohar’s advice and leave this place …. According to Zohar, Catherine is not longer the Catherine that we know ‘

‘But i can’t just leave Zohar ‘

‘Zohar can take care of himself, you do not need to worry about him .she’s not interested in harming Zohar but we qll know your death will make her happy so please let leave this place for your sake’ Kendall finally managed to convince and that same day, the next flight to new york was booked and Catherine, jack and i went back home .


days passed and i couldn’t see Zohar .then one day i went to Catherine house with the main objective of finding out where she kept Aunt Marianne

I saw her walking out of the house like she was in a hurry to go somewhere
‘Where could she be going?’i asked as i sat down in my car ..she walked into a taxi and drove away while i decided to follow her

After following her taxi for like an hour ,she finally stopped at a warehouse went into it after 30 minutes she came back outside and drove off

What could she be doing in this deserted place and a hidden warehouse in the middle of nowhere

I have to find out

I recieved a phone call and i checked the screen for the caller ID

‘Hello Phoebe ‘ kendall said immediately i picked my call

‘Yea kendall’

‘Where are you ,i am at your house but you not around are you at the office ”

‘No Kendall, i followed Catherine somewhere, i have a feeling she is keeping aunt Catherine here’

‘What!… Phoebe have you gone mad, you know gow dangerous Catherine is ,why do you have to spy on her ?’

‘Relax Kendall, Catherine is not here,she already left…i have this under Control..i will just go and see what is going on’


‘I will call you back later ‘ i said as i disconnected the call and got out of my
Car.. i looked around and everywhere was as quiet as a graveyard

All i could see was trees and nothing else

I have to go in there

I walked closer to the warehouse and looked around before opening the wooden door and walking into it

Everywhere was so dark that i had to put on my phone flashlight which light up the room a little

I was hearing mumbling sounds as i used my flashlight to trace the area

I finally saw someone sitted on a chair struggling to get free

Who the hell is that

I asked myself as i walked closer to whoever it was

‘Aunt Marianne ‘ i called her name immediately i got to her side. She was tied to the chair while her mouth was gagged with white clothes


was struggling as she was looking behind me like she was trying to tell me something

I removed the mouth guide as she immediately shouted ‘LOOK BEHIND YOU ‘

‘ behind me ‘ i muttered just before i felt something big hit my head and immediately lost consciousness

‘ Zohar ,Zohar where are you ‘i shouted immediately i got into Zohar’s mansion

‘Hey Hey Kendall what are you doing here?’he asked

‘I immediately narrated everything to him ‘

‘Holy shit, why does she have to do that..if Catherine harms i swear on my life i will kill her ‘

‘Zohar i think i can track Phoebe’s cellphone ,come on let go ‘ i said as Zohar immediately followed me

I slowly opened my eyes and groaned in pain when i felt a sharp pain on my head it was only later that i noticed i was trapped on a chair with bombs on my body

‘What the f**k ‘ i said as i struggled on the chair

‘I see you awake dear sister ‘Catherine said as she walked towards me ‘itvwas a really big mistake for you to come here ‘

‘You bastard’

‘Ahah ,now language….as you can see ,your life is in my hands .. all i have to do is press this button ,then it bye bye for you and Aunt Marianne ‘she said while my eyes darted to Marianne, she was also wearing a bomb jacket

‘Catherine how could you be so evil’

‘My hatred for you made me so evil …it not exactly my fault that i am evil…. but the sad part is that I won’t be the one to kill you …your dear Zohar will be the one too ‘

‘Let go of her Catherine ‘ Kendall shouted as he walked in with Zohar

‘ guys are here the party just started ‘

Kendall wanted to attack her but her eyes turned red as Kendall freezed on the spot unable to move despite his struggles

‘You’ Zohar said as he wanted to attack her too

‘Do not come closer Zohar or i will press this button and that is the end of aunt Marianne’s life’ she said and he stopped

He just can’t attack Her most especially when she has me and Marianne under her Clutches

‘Now take this ‘ she said as he threw a gun at Zohar and he caught it ‘Choose who you want to save snd shoot who you do not want to ‘

‘What do you mean by that ‘Zohar asked

‘If you want to save Aunt Marianne then shoot Phoebe in the head and if you want to save Phoebe then shoot Aunt Marianne…you have to choose who to kill among the both of them’.

‘Are you crazy Catherine?’ I asked her

‘And what if i do not want to shoot any of them ?’ Zohar asked

‘Then the both of them dies ..all i have to do is press this button on this remote and they will both blow up ..but think about ,if you shoot one of them then you get to shoot the other…now choose ,who you going to kill …Your precious Phoebe or the woman who is just like your mother Marianne ‘

So guys finally ,black angel had come to an end .. awnnn am going to miss this story
But the question is how is Zohar going to escape this terrible situation ?
Who knows

And also the epilogue of our favorite story black angel will be posted tonight.

This is my first time writing an epilogue for my story

Thanks for your support

I love you all so much ❤❤❤❤❤

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