Black Marriage

Black Marriage – episode 26

black marriage episode 26

‘Oh baby, I have barely spent an hour in this office and I am here wishing I had accepted your offer. We could have been busy doing some naughty things right now’
Jessica grinned foolishly as she read Andy’s reply.
‘Well, you did not accept my offer so I guess those ‘naughty things’ would have to wait till you get back’.
She pressed send and watched it change from the ‘D’ sign to the ‘R’ sign. She saw that Andy was busy writing a message and she lay on the bed, waiting for his reply, with a stupid grin on her face.
‘You could come over to my office honey, that way, we won’t have to wait. I have a really large table’
Jessica’s eyes popped open and her cheeks reddened. ‘Jeeez…
No dirty business in your office, husband. What would your staff think?’
‘They would think we love each other so much, we can’t do without each other for an hour’
Jessica laughed. ‘Well, control your dirty thoughts husband, I already told Lizzy that I am coming over to her place’
‘Hmm, you are going to make me jealous of your friend right? ’
Jessica read the message and laughed. ‘Sorry papa. ’ she pressed send and picked up her clothes. After putting on the clothes, she picked up the phone and opened Andy’s message.
‘Alright baby, have fun. Be careful and wave your left fingers at any man who smiles at you’
Jessica snorted. “My darling possessive husband! Why do you think any man that smiles at me wants something out of the ordinary? It is obvious that ladies trip over you. I try not to be jealous’. Jessica frowned. She hated it when women had their eyes all over her husband. It was becoming the order of the day now. Andy is just too good looking for his own good.
‘Oh Jess, you don’t understand the effect you have on men. They look at you like you are the route to heaven. Believe me, you are. As for the women, they are way beneath you.’
Jessica laughed. Andy and his flattery! ‘Go back to work husband, leave your wife alone’
‘I would never leave you sweetheart. You are MINE’ ‘Ask Mike to drive you to Lizzy’s place’
Jessica frowned. ‘No Drew, I would take a bus, I hate being chauffeured.’
‘NO. My wife would not be jumping from one public bus to another’
Jessica sighed. ‘Then I would drive myself’
‘Are you sure??? You would be careful, won’t you?’
Jessica sighed. ‘I can drive well Andy, I would be fine. Take care. I love you’
‘Sighs… I love you too baby, be careful. Call me when you get there’
‘I will. k-sses’
Jessica smiled and dropped her phone in,side her bag. She brushed her hair and decided that she would love a braid.
She picked a car key and headed out.
Andy had waited one hour and still have not got a call from Jessica. He was becoming worried. Lizzy’s house is not that far, but he knew Lagos can be unpredictable, there might be traffic. He was worried that if he called her, she might be distracted, and that is not good, especially if she was still on motion. But after waiting for some more time, his anxiety got the better part of him and he called but the phone rang and rang without any response.
‘She might still be driving’ a voice said but he shook it off and dialed again but she did not pick. He called Lizzy and after the first two rings, Lizzy picked up.
“Hey Mr. Williams” she said.
“Hello Lizzy, how are you doing?” He wanted to skip the niceties but he did not want to appear too anxious.
“Well, I am great”
“Erm, Jessica said she was coming to your place, is she there yet?”
“Nope, she is not here. Maybe she is on the way”
“She left about an hour ago now, I have called but she is not picking up.” His concern showed in his voice.
“Oh?” Lizzy sounded surprised. “Probably, she is being held up by traffic Andy, she should-”
Andy heard the beep sound of his phone and checked his phone. He instantly sighed, greatly relieved. “Lizzy, don’t worry. She is on the line now, got to go. Thanks.”
He hung up and quickly picked Jessica’s incoming call. “Oh Jess, thank God”
“Hello sir”
Andy frowned and checked the caller’s name again. What is a man doing with my wife’s phone? “Yes, who are you? And what are you doing with my wife’s phone?”
“I am sorry sir, this is inspector Majid. Your wife was involved in an accident. She has been rushed to Jackins hospital in an ambulance. I saw her phone and…
The phone slipped from Andy’s hand and crashed against the tiled floor. He stared ahead, shocked beyond words, with the words of the Inspector re-echoing in his head.
‘No…’ He gasped out……….

To be continued!

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