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Blemished Love – Episode 10

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Lisa felt a tap on h£r shoulder and tried to wipe th£ sleep ©vt of h£r eyes.
A blonde built guy was star!ng at h£r. h¡s eyes rolled and Melisa thought h¡s brown eyes were beautiful.
Melisa quickly shrugged off h£r thoughts and fixated h£r eyes on th£ video ₱|@y!ng !n front of h£r.
‘Would you ¢ar£ for some w!ne?’ h£ asked Melisa and th£n signal!ng th£ air hostess who was pa$$!ng by with a w!ne trolley.

Melisa glared at h¡m, turned off th£ video and coiled [email protected]¢k to h£r sleep!ng position.
$h£ sprung up after a few seconds wh£n $h£ remembered h£ wasn’t sitt!ng with h£r earlier. Melisa quickly ch£cked h£r bag and realized h£r belong!ngs were still !ntact with©vt look!ng at h¡m !n th£ face.
$h£ closed h£r bag discreetly, h£ld it t!ght and th£n raised up h£r h£ad s1©wly to meet h¡s gaze already on h¡m.
Melisa quickly took h£r eyes off h¡m.
‘You are a beauty.’ h£ said not hid!ng h¡s smile.
Melisa clutch£d h£r bag t!ghtly while ignor!ng h¡s compliment earlier.
Th£re was silence that moment as th£ announcement siren rang.
‘You know I can’t really steal from a beauty like you.’ h£ wh¡spered whiles th£ announcement still went on.
Melisa didn’t f!nd it funny. $h£ never liked fly!ng economy cla$$ but $h£ had no oth£r choice wh£n h£r flight was canceled wh£n $h£ got to th£ airport which resulted !n late book!ng.
‘You know I saw you before th£ flight took off. You seemed angry th£n and I was told you didn’t like economy cla$$ so I decided to keep you company but you were asleep wh£n I came @r0vnd.’
Melisa snapped h£r f!ng£r at th£ airhostess who was pa$$!ng by with h£r trolley ignor!ng h¡m.

‘Can I have some water please?’
$h£ got h£r water and gulped it at once.
‘You were that thirsty?’
h£ realized $h£ was not go!ng to answer any of h£r questions so h£ kept quiet for a while.
‘I’m Dane. I can see you didn’t like th£ fact that I m©v£d from my section to keep you company while you slept.’ h£ waved h¡s [email protected] as h£ spoke. ‘I j√$t thought you were alone h£re and would like to talk to someone as you were really furious while gett!ng on board but I would take my leave now.’
Dane said and stood up. h£ took anoth£r glance at h£r and $h£ was look!ng ©vt of th£ w!ndow so h£ walked away to h¡s first cla$$ section.
‘F!nally.’ $h£ sigh£d and relaxed h£r h£ad aga!nst th£ seat.
‘Dad, I th!nk I went too far.’ Stella confessed to h£r Dad after anoth£r week of Tom not show!ng up for work.

‘With what?’
‘Tom?’ $h£ replied.
‘What are you talk!ng ab©vt?’ Mr. Medt wasn’t sure if h£ was fit for bad news.
‘h£ resigned last week and efforts to br!ng h¡m [email protected]¢k hasn’t been fruitful.’
‘h£ resigned or you ₱u$h£d h¡m to do that.’ Mr. Medt asked.
‘I k!nd of was a little too much to [email protected] but how was I supposed to know h£ was that s£nsitive.’
‘h£’s a man Stella.’
‘But still doesn’t expla!n why h£ would want to resign from what h£ loved do!ng.’
‘Tom has always been proactive and could be a ¢©Πtr0| freak sometimes but h£’s th£ pillar of my bus!ness.’
‘Yeah I noticed that but how do I get h¡m [email protected]¢k.’ $h£ asked excitedly.
‘Give h¡m time Stella.’
‘I don’t have that much time Dad.’ Stella felt disappo!nted. ‘Last week, th£ !nvestors left because th£y didn’t like Jones pres£ntation.’
‘Oh really, which of th£ !nvestors.’
‘Kyle Ltd.’
‘That company always loved Tom’s work.’
‘Yeah I h£ard th£y always preferred h¡m to oth£rs anytime th£y come along for !nvestment.’
‘You got to get h¡m [email protected]¢k somehow.’ h£r Dad announced.

‘h£’s not answer!ng my calls.’
‘Go to h¡s house.’ h£ suggested.
‘Great idea Dad, I would get h¡s address from h¡s file tomorrow.’
‘Alright, j√$t make sure h¡s wife is @r0vnd, that would make it easier.’
‘Sure, I would go tomorrow !n th£ afternoon, by th£n th£y should be [email protected]¢k from church.’
‘Come h£re baby girl. I know I ₱u$h£d a lot of responsibility on you but i trust you can [email protected] it.’ Mr. Medt opened h¡s arms wide for Stella who was sitt!ng opposite h¡m.
Stella went for a hug and a peck.
‘Is it a fath£r daughter time?’ Mrs. Medts appeared from th£ kitch£n.
‘Mom I’m starv!ng.’ $h£ said admir!ng th£ sandwich $h£ brought for h£r Dad that afternoon.

‘Th¡s is for my husband. Get yours !n th£ kitch£n.’
$h£ frowned. ‘Is that your new way of tell!ng me I need to get my own husband?’ $h£ said walk!ng away.
‘I’m glad you read b£tweeΠ th£ l!nes.’ h£r mom said and $h£ smiled rush!ng to th£ kitch£n.

‘Please [email protected] me th£ shoe polish.’ Tom who was sitt!ng on th£ couch wh£re Grissel dropped th£ shoe polish earlier asked.
‘It’s right th£re beside you.’ $h£ replied fix!ng h£r eyes on h£r own h£els.
‘Are you still angry ab©vt my resignation?’ Tom asked grabb!ng th£ polish h¡mself.
‘I told you I was okay Tom.’
‘You wouldn’t have asked Aust!n for h£lp th£ oth£r day, if you were really f!ne.’
‘I’m supposed to be a h£lp mate and not that k!nd of wife who doesn’t ¢ar£ what h£r husband goes through.’
‘Alright, but I don’t need h£lp from my friends.’
‘Th£re h£ goes aga!n. Why don’t you get over your pride and go [email protected]¢k to work.’
‘What’s with you and work. I said I don’t want to go [email protected]¢k th£re. j√$t let it go.’ h£ snarled.
‘Calm d©wΠ Tom, I was j√$t try!ng to be a wife.’
‘Be that wife to someone else and leave me alone. It’s not like you feed me by yourself.’ h£ announced and walked ©vt on h£r.

Grissel picked up h£r bag and left h¡m beh!nd. $h£ knew that anger earlier won’t settle d©wΠ soon so $h£ had to go alone to service.


Stella knocked on Tom’s door. Tom h£ard th£ gate opened but figured it was h¡s wife so h£ relaxed [email protected]¢k on h¡s couch.
Th£ knock became deafen!ng so h£ stood up angrily as h£ didn’t understand why $h£ should knock !n h£r own house.
‘What th£ h£….’ h£ paused at th£ door once h£ turned th£ knob and saw Stella stand!ng with h£r [email protected] beh!nd h£r [email protected]¢k.
‘h£y.’ Stella fla$h£d h¡m a radiant smile.
‘Are you stalk!ng me now?’ h£ asked rath£r calmly.
Stella stared at h¡s bare ch£st as h£ was warm earlier and needed fresh air.
‘Can I come !n?’
‘No, and you can go now.’ h£ dismissed h£r and walked an !nch away.
Stella quickly grabb£d h¡s left [email protected] and released h¡m wh£n Tom turned @r0vnd.
$h£ smiled. ‘I came to apologize for th£ way I treated you.’
$h£ paused and exam!ned h¡s expression. Stella hoped h£ could say someth!ng at that moment.
‘Are you done?’ h£ f!nally asked.
$h£ nodded. ‘Is your wife @r0vnd?’
‘Did you come to see my wife?’
‘No, but I was hop!ng you could return to work tomorrow.’
‘Okay, k!ndly leave now.’
‘But yo….’
‘I said leave now.’ h£ scowled.
Stella drew [email protected]¢k for a second and wh£n it seemed h£ was serious, $h£ walked away with©vt look!ng [email protected]¢k.

$h£ drove away and Grissel’s car appeared.

‘h£nry, th¡s is twice !n a week and I noticed you have been follow!ng me for some time now.’ Grissel said to h£nry who was sitt!ng across th£ table !n h£r office that Monday morn!ng.
After that Sunday argument with Tom, $h£ left early to work so $h£ could avoid h¡m for some time.
‘You noticed.’ h£ gr!nned.
‘I’m not naïve and stop stalk!ng me else Tom would h£ar ab©vt th¡s.’
‘You haven’t told h¡m yet?’
‘j√$t stop, I don’t like it.’
‘But I do and Melisa doesn’t seem to have a problem if h£r broth£r leaves you.’
‘Yes, $h£ gave me lots of support.
‘Of course, if not h£r who else.’ $h£ responded not surprised because $h£ knew Melisa never liked h£r even though $h£ seemed to have accepted h£r some few weeks [email protected]¢k.
‘Tom doesn’t deserve you Grissel.’ h£ spewed ©vt wh£n h£ realized $h£ was lost !n h£r thoughts.
‘And you do h£nry.’
‘Smart question my love.’ h£ smiled happily.
‘I can see you loss some screws !n your h£ad.’
‘I lost th£m because I fell !n love with you.’
‘You what?’
‘Wasn’t that obvious Grissel. I have been !n love with you for th£ wh0l£ time you were with Tom.’ h£ smiled weirdly. ‘I j√$t want a chance to prove myself to you.’
‘Now it’s official. You need psych evaluation h£nry.’ $h£ said with disgust.
‘Maybe it’s because I fell for th£ wrong woman.’
‘Yeah, I’m wrong for you so j√$t leave me alone else I will get a restra!n!ng order aga!nst you.’ Grissel sounded confused.
h£r door opened quietly and th£ lawyer $h£ recommended to h¡m months ago came !n.
‘h£nry, can I see you now. I need your friend’s details for th£ divorce proceed!ngs.’ $h£ announced, waved at Grissel and vani$h£d.
‘You see, I’m gett!ng everyth!ng ready for your divorce so I can have you all to myself.’
‘Don’t tell me, that story you told me ab©vt your friend was ab©vt me.’
‘Of course love.’
‘Get ©vt h£nry,’ $h£ yelled throw!ng th£ vase on h£r table at h¡m.
h£nry blew h£r a klzz and ru$h£d ©vt.
‘Goodness, how didn’t I see that com!ng? Tom, I’m !n trouble.’ $h£ rested on h£r swivel chair confused.
$h£ now understood why $h£ bumps !nto h¡m at every shopp!ng center and h£r office lately. Though $h£ was always worried, $h£ thought tell!ng Tom would j√$t create problems !n h£r marriage.
‘How can h£ be sleep!ng with Melisa and still connive with h£r to destroy my marriage.’ $h£ thought so aloud.
‘So what did Grissel say wh£n you told h£r you loved h£r?’ Melisa queried h£nry who told h£r h£ spoke with Grissel last week.
‘Lisa, your phone is r!ng!ng.’ h£nry announced from under th£ duvet before h£ could answer h£r first question.
‘Is that my Aunt aga!n?’ $h£ has been ignor!ng Julia’s call s!nce last night. ‘No, th£ number isn’t registered among your contacts.’

‘Answer it th£n.’ $h£ yelled ©vt to h¡m aga!n from th£ shower.
Melisa hasn’t gone home s!nce $h£ came [email protected]¢k from h£r event plann!ng trip last weekend.
h£nry slides th£ receive button to th£ right.
‘h£llo, $h£’s !n th£ shower and would have to call you [email protected]¢k.’ h£ said to th£ caller.
Dane on th£ oth£r side of th£ call sigh£d h£avily and hanged up.
‘Mel, h£ hanged up.’ h£nry said ₱v||!ng up h¡s boxers and walk!ng towards th£ bathroom.
‘h£? Did h£ leave a name?’
‘No, but I felt h¡s breath.’ h£ announced popp!ng h£r h£ad |ns!de th£ bathroom.
‘And you know it’s a man how?’ Melisa asked grabb!ng a towel.
‘I told you earlier, I felt h¡s breath.’
‘Yeah but it could be a woman or probably a client.’
‘A client who calls and hangs up after h£ar!ng th£ voice of anoth£r man.’ h£nry sounded angry.
‘Of course, people do that all th£ time.’
‘You can’t fool me you know.’ h£ fumed.
‘Wait, what’s go!ng on h£re? Are you jealous?’ $h£ asked stepp!ng ©vt of th£ shower with j√$t a towel @r0vnd h£r ch£st which was too short to cover h£r wh0l£ b©dy.
‘Jealous? No.’ h£ feigned and walked after h£r.
‘Th£n let’s drop th¡s discussion because it won’t take us anywh£re.’ Melisa told h¡m and sat on th£ b£d reach!ng ©vt for b©dy cream !n h£r travel!ng bag.
h£ dropped th£ phone beside h£r and it started to r!ng.
h£nry looked [email protected]¢k and watch£d Melisa star!ng at th£ phone.
‘Won’t you pick up?’
$h£ looked at h¡m annoy!ngly and picked up th£ call.

‘h£llo, Melisa h£re.’
‘Great, th£ oth£r voice announced.’
‘Great, is that a name?’
‘I’m sorry, I called earlier but hanged up wh£n I thought I got a wrong l!ne because a male picked up.
‘How can I h£lp you gentleman.’ $h£ said grabb!ng h£nry’s attention from wh£re h£ was seated.
‘I understand you are !nto event plann!ng and I would need to meet you for an event I want to have soon.’
‘Alright, can I have your sch£dule so I can fix !n my plans.’
‘Can we meet next week Tuesday?’
‘Yeah, Tuesday is f!ne.’
‘Dallas.’ h£ furth£r added.
‘Dallas? That’s several hours away from my place.’
‘Seattle right?’ h£ probably got that from h£r website.

‘Yes, and I can’t waste all my resources on a pre-event journey.’
‘I understand but all expenses would be covered.’
‘Expenses isn’t th£ problem but it’s a wh0l£ lot of hours to spend on a s!ngle journey.
‘I thought you were supposed to be th£ best.’ Dane mentioned.
‘Well, I could be but I’m j√$t be!ng honest with you.’
‘Okay, I will get someone @r0vnd h£re.’ Dane announced.
‘Hold on, can you s£nd me details of th£ event and your plans to my mail. I will s£nd you my email address once I hang up.’ $h£ glanced towards h£nry’s direction.
‘Thank you beauty.’
Melisa thought that phrase sounded familiar.

‘Th£ name is Meli….’
‘Yeah Melisa Addison. I will be expect!ng your mail. Do have a nice day.’ Dane said f!nally and hanged up.
‘Who was that?’ h£nry asked jerk!ng h£r ©vt of h£r reverie.
‘A weird client.’ $h£ replied and focused on h£r blouse.
h£ rolled h¡s eyes. ‘Do you have to go [email protected]¢k home today?’
‘Yeah, unless you want my aunty to start suspect!ng I’m [email protected]¢k !n town.’
‘But we are still meet!ng later !n th£ even!ng right.’
‘I th!nk I will get a ra!n ch£ck on that.’
h£nry saw th£ sudden change of mood so h£ nodded and left h£r !n th£ b£droom.

‘h£y you are home early.’
‘Uhmmm.’ Grissel hummed.
Tom figured $h£ wasn’t go!ng to respond to any of h¡s questions so h£ nodded.
‘By th£ way, my boss was h£re last week Sunday.’
‘Okay.’ $h£ replied fa!ntly and focused [email protected]¢k on th£ program $h£ was watch!ng wh£n Tom came !n that even!ng.
‘j√$t okay?’ h£ asked star!ng at h£r.
‘Your food is !n th£ microwave, let me know if I should h£lp you warm it?’ $h£ quietly said rais!ng h£rself up.
‘You had d!nner with©vt me?’
‘Ahaaa.’ $h£ s1©wly responded.
‘And you couldn’t j√$t wait for me aga!n.’ h£ asked sound!ng a little angry because it seemed to h¡m Grissel has been do!ng that lately wh£n $h£ knew th£y always eat togeth£r wh£n h£ !ntends not to stay ©vt late.
‘It’s past seven pm Tom and I was hungry.’
‘No wonder you look fat th¡s even!ng. Anyway, that’s f!ne but I’m not hungry tonight.’ h£ muttered ¢ar£fvlly as h£ knew Grissel has been cranky s!nce th£ir last Sunday disagreement.
‘Good and I’m not fat.’
‘I will be wait!ng for you !n b£d th£n.’ Tom dropped h¡s car keys on th£ coffee table beside h¡s wife and walked upstairs.
Grissel gave h¡m th£ funny look and turned off th£ TV.

Dane arranged for Melisa to be picked up at th£ airport once $h£ agreed to meet h¡m. $h£ was picked up and s£nt to h¡s house.
‘h£y, you made it.’ Dane announced beh!nd h£r.
Melisa thought th£ voice sounded familiar from wh£re $h£ sat with h£r [email protected] luggage. $h£ quickly turned @r0vnd.
‘You got to be kidd!ng me.’ $h£ picked up h£r luggage and m©v£d towards th£ door $h£ came through earlier.
‘Please don’t go. I really need th¡s event to hold.’
[email protected] that yourself.’ $h£ muttered and walked to th£ door.
‘Daddy, is $h£ h£re with my birthday crown?’ Th£ little girl run to h¡m.
h£r t!ny voice grabb£d Melisa’s attention. $h£ turned @r0vnd and th£ir eyes met.
‘$h£ was j√$t leav!ng Dani.’
‘Did you yell at h£r Daddy?’
‘No, I didn’t love.’ h£ replied carry!ng h£r mov!ng towards th£ couch Melisa vacated earlier.

‘Th£n why was $h£ leav!ng.’
Dane looked up at Melisa who seemed !ndecisive stand!ng at th£ door.
‘You don’t like me?’ Daniella asked star!ng at Melisa.
$h£ dropped h£r luggage and feigned a smile.
‘Dani that’s not a nice th!ng to say.’ h£r dad poked h£r ch£eks ₱|@yfvlly.
‘So why won’t $h£ h£lp me get my pr!ncess crown and birthday party.’
‘We would figure ©vt someth!ng.’
‘That’s a trick Daddy.’ $h£ frowned. ‘Tell h£r ab©vt mommy, $h£ might want to h£lp if $h£ knows our story.’
‘We are not go!ng to do that.’ Dane sounded cranky.
‘Th£n how do I get my party.’ $h£ threw tantrums.
‘Daddy could always get you anoth£r event planner.’ h£ smiled to conv!nce h£r.

‘Bu….’ Dani was cut off.
‘I would take th£ offer.’ Melisa said quickly while star!ng at Daniella.
Both fath£r and daughter looked [email protected]¢k at h£r. Dani with h£r dad certa!nly rem!nded h£r of how $h£ wi$h£d h£r childhood turned ©vt.
Anytime Dani wanted someth!ng $h£ always had h£r way wh£n $h£ goes ab©vt tell!ng everyone h£r mom died sav!ng h£r.
Daniella ru$h£d from h£r dad’s lap towards Melisa. $h£ opened h£r arms for h£r unconsciously.
‘Can I have a cake with my face on it?’ $h£ wh¡spered !nto Melisa’s ears while $h£ was still across h£r shoulder.
‘I th!nk I can arrange that.’ $h£ replied br!ng!ng h£r d©wΠ while Dane looked on $h£epishly.
‘I’m Daniella Sculley but everyone calls me Dani because I have th£ same name as my dad.’
‘Awesome name th£re. I’m Melisa but most people call me Lisa.’ A smile appeared across h£r face.
‘I like you already.’ $h£ muttered and run [email protected]¢k to h£r dad.’
‘Birthday girl, can you give daddy and your new friend h£re some space.’ h£ said po!nt!ng to Melisa who was smil!ng unconsciously.
Dani ru$h£d off and paused. ‘Don’t yell at h£r, I would be watch!ng.’ $h£ smiled and disappeared !nto th£ next room.
Dane gave h£r a thumbs up with a smile. h£ th£n turned @r0vnd to locate Melisa with h£r arms crossed watch!ng th£ir drama.

‘So you would get th£ party planned after all.’
‘For your little girl, I would but on one condition.’
‘Anyth!ng for you beauty.’
‘I’m not stay!ng !n th¡s house with you for th£ next few days.’
‘I figured you might say that, so I got a h°tel booked for you.’
‘That’s a relief, so how do I get th£re.’ $h£ managed to ask with clarity.
‘I would drive you th£re and my driver picks you up tomorrow so we go over th£ details.’
‘Works for me.’ $h£ replied.
‘Let me get my keys th£n.’ h£ wh¡spered and walked ©vt of th£ hall.
Melisa looked @r0vnd admir!ng th£ décor and furnish!ngs.
‘After you.’ h£ came [email protected]¢k shortly to announce while pick!ng up h£r bag which Melisa quickly snatch£d from h¡m.
‘Wow, $h£ doesn’t like to be h£lped as well.’
‘Yes and one m©r£ th!ng. Stop call!ng me beauty.’
‘I can try.’ h£ smiled coyly.
$h£ walked away that moment and turned th£ knob open!ng th£ door while Dane followed.

‘I didn’t th!nk you would be com!ng to b£d anytime soon today.’ Tom reach£d ©vt for th£ b£d light.
‘Gosh, you s¢ar£d th£ h£ll ©vt of me.’ Grissel thought h£ was already asleep.
‘What is go!ng on with you Grissel?’
‘Why do you say that?’ $h£ asked while sl¡pp!ng h£rself under th£ duvet.
‘You’ve been quiet and different towards me for some weeks now.’
‘Th¡s isn’t ab©vt you Tom.’
‘Th£n talk to me. Are you okay?’
‘I’m f!ne, j√$t some work stuff.’
‘Which has someth!ng to do with me?’
‘I didn’t say that. We had a disagreement and that’s different from my work problems.’
‘Okay, I know we agreed we keep our work problems ©vt of our marriage but if I can h£lp…..’
‘You can’t h£lp Tom.’
h£ nodded.
‘But can I at least hold my wife tonight.’
‘Emmm, not until you apolo….’
‘I’m sorry for react!ng that way on Sunday.’
‘Good, I’m m©r£ offended ab©vt th£ fact that you didn’t make it to service.’
‘That I’m sorry ab©vt too.’
‘Tom we are too young !n th¡s marriage to start hav!ng th¡s petty disagreements.’
‘Arguments are normal Grissel.’
‘I know that, except you get unnecessarily angry over noth!ng.’
‘I do that?’ h£ asked star!ng at h£r.’

‘It won’t happen aga!n.’ h£ reach£d ©vt for h£r [email protected] and Grissel smiled lean!ng over for a klzz.
Tom had a feel!ng Grissel was worried over someth!ng $h£ has no plans of talk!ng ab©vt.
‘That was a great turn ©vt.’
Dane said beh!nd Melisa who was stand!ng on th£ balcony of h¡s house wh£re th£y had Dani’s party.
‘Yeah, I love your little girl.’
‘You do?’
‘$h£’s a sweet girl. See how happy $h£ is rock!ng h£r eighth year party.’ Melisa gestured towards Dani.
‘I’m glad you th!nk $h£’s sweet.’
h£ smiled at h£r.
‘What’s that smile for?’ $h£ enquired.
‘Noth!ng, I’m happy you made th¡s happen for h£r. I wanted to take h£r ©vt for a simple d!nner like I always do but my Dani wants a big party for a change th¡s year.’
‘A girl knows what $h£ wants.’ $h£ muttered.

‘I can tell. Dani can be persuasive at times.’
‘Why did you change your m!nd th£n?’ Melisa asked.
‘At first, I refused until I saw you at th£ wait!ng area that morn!ng th£n I changed my m!nd.’
Melisa glanced at h¡m.
‘You changed your m!nd because you saw me. How, why?’
‘Well noth!ng really, I was fasc!nated ab©vt your rant!ng. You defended JJ’s Events so well. I looked you up that’s how I got your number.’
‘Did I?’ $h£ asked embarra$$ed.
‘I would have done th£ same th!ng if I were !n your shoes.’
‘I’m sure I made a fool ©vt of myself.’
‘If you hadn’t th£n I wouldn’t have met you to give my Dani th¡s awesome party.’
‘I see.’
‘What exactly do you see beauty.’
‘Beauty?’ $h£ repeated much comfortable @r0vnd h¡m now.
‘Yes, no one ever told you how beautiful you are?’
‘That would be my dad.’
‘Daddy’s girl, I guess.’
‘K!nd of.’ $h£ replied, wav!ng Dani who was ₱|@y!ng with h£r friends.

‘Let me j√$t cut th£ pretense h£re.’
‘Pretense?’ $h£ muttered.
‘You do know I like you right?’
Melisa fixed h£r eyes on h¡m.
‘Oh come on, you must have known that was th£ reason I asked you all th£ way d©wΠ h£re.’
‘So you didn’t ask me h£re because of th£ party?’
‘That’s also part but I like you and my daughter seems to like you too so…..’
‘So you figured I should be h£r next mom?’
Danes face suddenly went pale.
‘Sorry, did I say anyth!ng wrong.’ Melisa quickly took h£r words [email protected]¢k.
‘No and I didn’t mean to come ©vt that way.’ h£ smiled.
‘Great, but what’s h£r story.’
‘Who?’ h£ asked.

‘Dani’s mom.’
‘$h£ pa$$ed away even before child birth. It was a miracle Dani survived.’ h£ scratch£d h¡s h£ad and glanced at Dani who looked up th£ balcony and smiled to h£r dad.
‘I’m sorry ab©vt that.’
‘It’s been eight years and we both are over h£r death.’
‘Glad to h£ar that,’ $h£ replied h¡m.
‘So can we date?’
‘Wow, h£’s a straight forward guy.’
‘Yeah, I know what I want wh£n I see it.’
‘And you want me?’ Melisa dur!ng h£r few days @r0vnd h¡m started to feel comfortable as compared to wh£n $h£ first met h¡m.
‘Is th£re someone else?’
Melisa glared at h¡m and quickly took h£r eyes off h¡m.
‘Oh silly me, it must be th£ guy, I spoke to wh£n I called you th£ first time.’

‘Who? h£nry? No.’ $h£ said almost immediately.
‘h£nry huh!’
‘It’s not what you th!nk, I mean we are j√$t friends.’
‘Friends?’ h£ repeated.
‘Yeah, one that’s got my [email protected]¢k always.’
‘With benefits I guess.’
‘Well that’s not a crime anywh£re.’
‘So what ab©vt me?’ h£ changed th£ topic.
‘I’m not sure I want anoth£r…..’
‘Daddy, my friends are ready for pictures.’ Dani ru$h£d hugg!ng h¡m by th£ [email protected]¡$t !nterrupt!ng h¡s moment.
‘Okay, let’s go.’ h£ fla$h£d Melisa a smile.
‘Are you com!ng with us?’ Daniella asked h£r while dragg!ng h£r dad along.
‘No, it’s your day Dani.’
‘Dad let’s go.’
‘Hold that thought.’ h£ told Melisa before leav!ng.
Melisa smiled coyly and walked away to th£ domestic h£lps !n th£ house. $h£ gave th£m some !nstructions, picked up h£r bag and left.


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