Blemish Love

Blemished Love – Episode 15

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‘Aunty, I’ve been home for three weeks since the accident and you still haven’t asked me what the real story was.’ Grissel asked when Julia was applying a covering on her belly wound though she was fit now Tom insisted her aunt do that all the time.

‘It’s not my secret to tell and I don’t intend knowing your side of the story.’

‘I’m sorry. I tried to break it off with Tom when he asked me to marry him but you made me know everyone has a past that they should keep locked up if they ever want to be happy.’

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‘And you chose happiness.’ Julia asked.

She nodded.

‘Okay, though you have lost the respect I have for you, I still think you had no other choice but there’s one thing left which is you love Tom.’

‘Yes I love him.’

‘That works for me and as for whatever your reasons were I think you have to choose if you want to let him know or keep it locked up.’

‘I don’t want him to know Aunty.’

‘Good because it would break him. He’s fragile like his mom but not an entirely forgiving type.’

‘I knew all that but I still choose him.’

‘Alright, but if he gets to find out on his own just walk out peacefully.’ Julia advised.

‘He won’t find out. It’s not possible.’ Grissel reassured.

‘Melisa found out so it’s very possible.’

Grissel’s eyes lit with fear. ‘What if I get out of the marriage now? I mean we are barely even one year, it would be easier for him than waiting till we are pass the early stages.’

‘As I said it’s entirely up to you if you want to leave Tom.’ Julia heard the voice behind her.

‘Leave Tom? Who is leaving me?’ He asked and there was no response.

Grissel turned around as they were not facing the door so they didn’t see him come in.

‘I’m I not talking to human beings.’

‘Hey, watch your words son.’

‘Then answer me?’ He was still standing at his initial spot.

‘This is about Melisa’s new boyfriend.’

‘Melisa has a boyfriend?’ Tom enquired surprised.

‘Yes, some guy in Dallas.’

‘And is he called Tom, because I’m sure I heard Tom.’

‘I can’t remember his name but you heard wrong.’

‘Yes you did. We only said we have no idea if you would accept the guy.’ Grissel covered up when she realized Julia was struggling.

‘I wasn’t talking to you Grissel.’

‘Aunty, whoever Lisa ends up with is none of my business so stop discussing me with people who don’t see me good enough for them.’

Both Julia and Grissel glanced at each other.

Grissel knew it was about their fight that morning.

‘By the way, is there any food for me?’ He directed the question to Julia.

‘Of course, Grissel cooked.’

‘Good, can you please help me warm it? I’m so tired.’

‘Come with me,’ She signaled dropping the First Aid box where she picked it.

His wife looked on and smiled.

‘Stubborn as always. I thought he wouldn’t eat.’


‘Why were you talking to your wife in that manner?’

‘Not you too Aunty. Can I eat in peace?’

‘You can eat her food but disrespect her in front of me.’

‘I’m sorry. These past few weeks has been stressful and she’s not making it easy for me as well.’

‘Come on, she went through something scary. Cut her some slack.’

‘Something scary like killing my child.’

‘Not this again Tom.’

‘You all nearly killed me when I told you she knew and didn’t want the baby.’

‘We only didn’t want you to presume when she was still in the serious danger.’

‘Well, I told her last night about losing the baby and guess what she said.’

‘She didn’t know.’ Julia picked up the glass of juice for him as he was trying to reach out to it and talking at the same time.

Tom gulped the juice like he hasn’t drunk water the wh0le day.

‘She said okay.’


‘Yes, like she didn’t care what that might have done to me since I found out.’

‘That’s understandable Tom. She lost something precious too and probably in shock.’

‘That was what I thought until I confronted her this morning and she said what if she knew besides she already told me she was not ready for babies yet.’

Julia stared at his nephew and knew he was hurting at the same time she understood Grissel’s comment.

‘Tom, give her time. She’s probably still in shock.’

‘Is that not why I’m her husband? You know what you women always seem to think you can handle everything.’

‘Just give her space then.’

‘Space, you haven’t heard the rest and you asking me to give her space.’

‘I don’t want to be the one in the middle of your fights.’

‘Now you don’t want to when you were there from day one. I don’t know if I regret marrying her yet but tell her I switched the pills.’

‘What pills Tom?’

‘The birth control Pills. I saw them the day before she left the hospital. I didn’t make much of it until last night when she didn’t care about losing the baby.’

‘Take it easy on her and just maybe you might get the answers you need.’

‘I have the answers I need already. I think I pamper her too much.’ He munched on his meat.

‘Maybe but love makes you do that.’

‘Just talk to her before she turns me into what I’m not prepared to become.’

‘I will,’ Julia said and started clearing the table when Grissel came out.

She gestured her to come over and talk to him and then walked pass them.

‘I’m leaving tomorrow, as you two clearly need the space to work out your differences.’

‘Aunty, do you have to?’ He sounded sad.

She just smiled and left them at the table. They both were silence and didn’t know who was to talk first.

‘I wasn’t aware about the pregnancy. It must have occurred to me after you brought it to my attention but I shrugged it off because i thought it wasn’t possible since I was on t….’

‘On the pill?’

‘Yeah and that wasn’t because I didn’t want to have your baby as you made it seemed earlier to your aunty.’ Grissel has heard him talk about how he found the pills.

‘You were listening?’ He asked relieved.

‘I came out shortly after you two left.’

‘That was my child too, and I should have a say in whatever decision you make.’

‘Come on Tom, I didn’t intentionally stand in front of a car to get run over. It was an accident and I only made you think I knew about the pregnancy because you refused I go back to work when I seem to be strong enough to even make you dinner.’

‘Okay but the driver who knocked you down seem to be of the view that you intentionally wanted to get knocked down.’ Tom said with a calm tone now.

He realized she just lied and whatever was eating her wife up like a virus needed him to be calm and accept all her words.

‘Do you now believe a strangers word over your wife’s?’

‘No, but he sounded sure and finding the pills gave me whatever clarity I need.’

‘And if you should know, I stopped taking the pills two months before the accident and I guess I didn’t react to the news the way you wanted me to because I read my file while it was lying on my beside table and I had to ask Lisa to explain to me.’

‘Lisa?’ She’s a gossip too?’

‘No, I pressured her and I guess it prepared me to face you when you finally brought it up.’

‘I’m sorry, I judged you wrongly.’ Tom apologized warmly.

‘That’s okay, but I want to tell you what happened.’ Grissel stared at him to see his reaction.


‘Yeah, keeping it would only make us have problems later.’

‘Let’s go inside, once I get my shower then we can talk and thank you for dinner.’

She flashed him a smile and took the lead.


‘Can I speak to your dad now?’ Melisa told Dani over the phone.

‘Okay, Lisa but don’t tell her I told you about the surprise birthday party.’

‘I won’t, my l-ips are sealed.’ Melisa while on the b£d kept smiling to herself.

She heard footsteps, as Dani was walking closer to her Dad.

‘Hey Love.’

‘A party huh. ‘

‘Dani told you?’

‘Ahaaa, so what do you think?’

‘I don’t want it D.’

‘Not anything big, I just thought you could bring your family over. It’s just my little way of telling you how much extra love I have for you.’

‘Extra love. That’s funny but i still don’t want it.’

‘Okay, we won’t drag this any further. We can do lunch with your brother or Aunty.’

‘My family is weird. Julia might come but not that strong head of a brother.’

‘You never told me, what happened between you two.’

‘It’s a long story which I don’t want to go into right now. Tom is just like our Dad.’

‘I guess the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree.’

‘You are right.’

‘But I really want to marry you soon.’


‘Yes, I want to make you mine Lisa.’ He announced softly.

Melisa went mute suddenly staring at the ceiling. ‘Emmmm Da….’

‘This is about your Dad not liking me right?’ He asked to cut her off.

‘D, I don’t want to rush into marriage like Tom did with Grissel. I want to explore what we have a little longer’

There was a long silence again and Dane sighed heavily. ‘Lis….’

‘D, I didn’t mean it that way.’ She didn’t let him conclude his statement.

Before she could say anything else he hanged up.

‘Reasoning with you sometimes s-cks Dane.’ She hit her head repeatedly and walked out to meet Julia who was in the hall watching Television.


It’s been weeks since her last talk with Dane. It’s almost as if he vanished.

‘Paige.’ Lisa waved from where she stood at the other side of the road where they met for their drink up the last time.

She waved back and walked carefully crossing the road to Melisa’s end.

Bryan appeared from nowhere and came to where they stood exchanging pleasantries.

‘Hey, you again.’

‘Yes, me again.’ He replied.

‘He has been asking of you Lisa.’

‘Oh he has?’ She muttered facing him.

He scratched his head and a smile appeared on his face coyly. ‘I’m sorry I left in a hurry the last time.’

‘You don’t need to apologize for that.’

‘Can I buy you a drink?’ He asked quickly.

‘Emmm, we hav….’

‘Yes, she will be glad to have a drink with you Bryan.’ Paige cut in before Melisa could refuse.

‘Can you give me about five minutes? I want to close my shop. I will meet you two in the snack bar.’

Paige smiled to him and shook Melisa by her shoulder while Bryan hurried away to his shop.

‘What was that?’

‘What was what?’ Paige asked back.

‘The drink, I’m not comfortable.’

‘He asked you for a drink not s-x.’ Paige retorted.

‘I know that and I told you I don’t accept such offers from strangers anymore.’

‘Yet, you accepted mine.’

‘Well, you are different Paige.’

‘He’s different too.’

‘Looks like he’s obsessed with me already.’ Melisa retorted.

‘It’s just a harmless drink. Enjoy yourselves.’ She tapped her and walked towards where she parked her car.

They were going to hang out for a few drinks and now she has decided to leave her alone with Bryan.

‘Paige, what are you doing?’

‘I just remembered I had to pick up my niece from school.’

‘Since when do you have a niece?’

‘I told you about Shirley and Michael. Their mom’s left them with my brother.’

‘No you didn’t.’ Melisa was still insisting she had no idea about that when Bryan announced his pres£nce..

‘You are still here?’ Bryan asked from behind.

‘Yeah, trying to convince Paige to come with us.’

He turned to Paige’s direction and she has already crossed the road to the other side waving them.

‘I guess she’s not coming.’

‘Sounds like that.’ She replied.

‘But if you are not comfortable, we can cancel.’

‘I’m okay so let’s go in already.’ Melisa said watching Paige drive away as he followed Bryan inside the snack bar.


‘Thank you for the treat.’ She said slumping into the couch before her.

Tom had decided after everything they went through, she deserved a night out of the house.

‘You don’t need to thank me as it’s my responsibility and oh you can start work on Wednesday.’

‘Are you for real?’ She jumped up and already throwing herself on him on the other side of the couch.

To Grissel her work is the only way to hide behind the truth and her guilt.

‘The doctor said you are fit to start work.’

‘I love you Tom.’

‘I hear that all the time, say something new for a change.’ He smiled.

She drooled all over him. ‘I nee..d you Tom.’ She stuttered a little and buried his face under his shirt.

‘Look, who is shy now?’ He teased.

‘Don’t flatter yourself. I’m not shy, just that it’s been long since we ma…

‘Made love?’

She nodded from under the shirt dragging it with her head.

‘And that’s weird for you.’

‘Kind of and you are asking too much questions already. Let’s just skip that part.’ She giggled.

Tom shook his head. ‘Let me turn off the lights and get the doors locked so we go upstairs.’

‘No, the couch is fine.’ She immediately took the shirt off her face and whispered to him.

Grissel stared at him to be sure he got the message before car-ssing his face.

To be continued

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