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Blemished Love – Episode 4

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Blemi$h£d Love Episode 4

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‘Why are we meet!ng h£re th¡s early?’ Julia asked th£ man sitt!ng !n front of h¡m.

‘Because I haven’t seen you !n a year and th¡s is th£ only place that opens at five !n th£ morn!ng.’ h£ answered.

‘I told you I have family issues to take ¢ar£ of Joe.’

‘Okay, I j√$t came to !nform you I’m mov!ng [email protected]¢k to Ghana to make it up with my wife and children s!nce it seemed like we would never be togeth£r.’ Joe announced and stood up h£aded for th£ door of th£ restaurant h£ asked to meet Julia at.

‘Alright I wish you all th£ best and take ¢ar£ of your family.’ Julia said with a straight face.

h£ nodded and walked away.

[i]Julia and Joe met a year before Joyce took !n with Tom. Th£y tried to make it work but Julia doesn’t want to be a second wife. $h£ has always been considerate. No matter how much love $h£ had for Joe $h£ also th!nks th£ oth£r woman [email protected]¢k home deserves better although h£ f!nally got a divorce from h£r, Julia was still of th£ view that h£ did that because $h£ pressured h¡m.

Joe expla!ned h¡s wife asked for th£ divorce and h£ didn’t want to give h£r that privilege th£n because h£ hasn’t met anyone yet but Julia still didn’t want to be with h¡m. So wh£n h£r sister told h£r ab©vt h£r pregnancy and th£ fact that $h£ doesn’t th!nk $h£ was go!ng to make it, $h£ used that as a perfect opportunity to let go.

[/i]$h£ was still !n thoughts wh£n Melisa startled h£r. Mel who decided to follow h£r Aunt after $h£ left th£ house that early as if someth!ng was pursu!ng h£r quickly grabb£d a cab as h£r car was still with h£r broth£r. It has been several weeks but it seems neith£r h£rself nor Tom was ready to see each oth£r yet.

‘What are you do!ng h£re Lisa?’ h£r aunty queried.

‘Ahaaa, spill it ©vt Aunty.’ $h£ smiled.

‘Spill what?’

‘That f!ne man who j√$t left h£re.’

‘I met h¡m h£re.’

‘Lies.’ $h£ said pok!ng Julia’s ch£eks smil!ng.

‘Are you follow!ng me now?’

‘Aunty, I’m j√$t happy you are f!nally giv!ng someone a chance. Is Tom aware?’

‘No and whatever you th!nk is happen!ng b£tweeΠ Joe and I j√$t ended.’ $h£ announced with h£r [email protected] fly!ng to h£r m©vth.

‘h£ is Joe?’ Melisa asked excitedly.

$h£ nodded with h£r gaze focused elsewh£re wh£n $h£ realized $h£ j√$t gave h£rself up.

‘Wow, nice name. But why did h£ end th!ngs with you. I’m sad now.’

‘h£ has a wife [email protected]¢k home Lisa.’

‘So?’ Melisa asked reach!ng ©vt for h£r [email protected]

‘So we can’t be togeth£r.’

‘Who brought that law?’ Melisa asked aga!n.

‘Did you h£ar me say h£’s married with children?’

‘I h£ard you aunty but h¡s family isn’t h£re and that shouldn’t stop you from hav!ng a life.’

‘Gosh.’ $h£ exclaimed. I can’t believe I’m gett!ng advice from you.’ Julia spewed ©vt.

‘I know you don’t want th£ k!nd of life I live right now but I want you to be happy. And stop feel!ng like you don’t have to live your life because you have an obligation towards us.’

‘But I’m already liv!ng. I have you two.’

‘No you are not liv!ng for yourself but for us and we are grown now. j√$t enjoy your life.’

‘I want to but I’m too old for that and I have to make sure you two are really okay.’

‘Come on, we are okay and besides you are j√$t sixty years old, not hundred. Give yourself some break.’

‘I want to but you giv…’

‘I know what you are go!ng to say.’

‘I don’t mean it that way but I really want you hav!ng a good life th£n I can live too.’

‘Alright, I would br!ng pregnancy home soon.’ $h£ said smil!ng.

‘You are not pregnant already right?’ h£r aunt asked with a skipp!ng h£art. $h£ knows if $h£’s pregnant th£n it’s for h£nry whom $h£ dislikes.

‘No. I’m j√$t do!ng th¡s for you as I’m not sure Tom would ever be able to give you grandchildren soon.’

‘What do you mean by that? Do you know someth!ng I don’t know ab©vt?’

‘I know noth!ng Aunty.’

‘Yes you do. Does Tom have a problem, I’m not aware of?’ Julia asked confused.

‘Why Tom and not Grissel?’ Melisa asked tak!ng h£r gaze off h£r aunt.

‘Do you know someth!ng I don’t know Lisa?’ $h£ stressed.

‘No, I’m j√$t ask!ng. You seem to like that girl m©r£ than me.’

‘That girl is your broth£r’s wife and I love you both.’

‘If you say so but k!ndly call Joe [email protected]¢k and let h¡m know you’ve changed your m!nd.’

‘But I didn’t say I have changed my m!nd.’

‘I’m chang!ng it for you.’ Mel answered.

‘No, someone else would f!nd me.’ Julia a$$ured h£r niece.

‘But you want Joe. Don’t let h¡s marriage !n Ghana stop you.’

‘I have made my decision so let it go.’ $h£ said softly.

Julia has always been soft. m©r£ reason why $h£ didn’t take advantage of Joe’s situation with h¡s wife [email protected]¢k home to get !nto h¡s b£d.

‘If you say so, I will drive you home now s!nce I came with a cab.’ Melisa offered.

Julia stood up with h£r bag after pay!ng for th£ dr!nks that Joe didn’t even touch.


Grissel drove !nto th£ compound that looks like a home office and sighted Tom com!ng ©vt with a middle aged woman with lots of hair. Beautiful b©dy and h£r dress!ng that afternoon seemed like someone who was still at work.

$h£ had no idea why Tom had asked h£r to get off work early and meet h¡m at that address. $h£ feigned a smile with jealousy written over h£r face as $h£ got ©vt of th£ car and walked towards th£m at th£ door.

‘h£llo.’ $h£ greeted th£m both at th£ entrance.

‘h£y, you are h£re on time.’

‘Yeah, you sounded £[email protected] on th£ call.’

‘Sorry.’ h£ responded coyly.

‘Let’s all go |ns!de and talk.’ Th£ lady said.

As th£y walked |ns!de Grissel noticed h£r husband was scratch!ng h¡s h£ad.

‘You can both have a seat h£re.’ $h£ showed th£m a comfortable seat and walked over to a coffee table.

‘Anyone ¢ar£ for coffee?’

Grissel looked at Tom and h¡s face was registered with confusion.

‘Black no milk.’ h£ answered.

‘What ab©vt you Grissel?’ $h£ turned @r0vnd fac!ng h£r wh£n $h£ hasn’t responded to h£r question.

‘I’m allergic to coffee.’

‘Oh sorry, I can get you tea.’

‘No, I’m f!ne but j√$t a little curious of my pres£nce h£re.’ $h£ asked and noticed th£ lady seemed confused as $h£ walked over with Tom’s coffee.

$h£ [email protected] h¡m th£ coffee which h£ managed a thank you uncomfortably.

‘Okay, I’m Counselor Ellen.’

‘Counselor?’ $h£ muttered turn!ng to Tom who was look!ng confused.

‘Yes, your husband mentioned you’ve been married for three weeks.’

‘That is right but I’m still not sure why I’m h£re.’

‘I understand you’ve been havi….’ Ellen was say!ng wh£n $h£ was cut off.

‘Tom what is all th£se.’ Grissel was obviously angry now as $h£ knew why Tom brought h£r th£re.

‘We are h£re because we bo…th need co..unsel..l!ng.’ h£ stuttered at th£ end.

‘Tom we don’t need th£rapy or counsell!ng.’ It was obvious to Ellen Tom hadn’t told Grissel ab©vt th£ir meet!ng.

‘You th!nk we don’t but we do Grissel especially wh£n you keep avoid!ng me anytime I want to touch you.’

‘Really, that’s your reason?’

‘Yes, it’s a valid one. I know it’s all my fault, th£ sleepless nights and you distanc!ng yourself from me.’

‘Come on Tom, let’s go home and talk.’ $h£ stood up with h£r phone !n h£r right [email protected]

‘No we can talk h£re.’ You would only tell me everyth!ng is f!ne wh£n we go home.’

‘Urrgh.’ Grissel sigh£d and rolled h£r eyes.

Ellen who was watch!ng th£m, sipped h£r coffee and dropped it on h£r table.

Tom h£ld on to h¡s coffee cup while Grissel slumped !nto th£ seat wh£n h£ wasn’t ready to go.

‘Tom, I can see your wife clearly want to talk but not with me @r0vnd.’

‘I know that but $h£ needs h£lp.’

‘Okay, why don’t you couples go home and decide if you really need counsell!ng. My doors are always open.’

‘But Ellen, I came to you that should mean someth!ng.’

‘You did and I would be very happy to counsel you alone but I know that’s not what you want right now.’

‘Grissel, why are you not say!ng anyth!ng.’ h£ turned to h¡s wife who was star!ng at Ellen.

‘I already told you, we can talk ab©vt th¡s at home.’

‘Tom, I suggest you listen to h£r and do come [email protected]¢k if th!ngs doesn’t work ©vt.’

‘Everyth!ng will work ©vt Ellen. Thank you for your time.’ Grissel announced and dragged Tom along with h£r. h£ was look!ng so childish be!ng dragged away.

Ellen smiled and muttered ‘Nice meet!ng you.’

Few m!nutes !nto th£ir drive, Grissel packed along th£ road.

‘That was an ambush Tom and very childish.’

‘I did it for you.’

‘No, you did it for your own selfish ga!n.’

‘Is that what you th!nk?’ h¡s voice laced with anger.

‘Yes, what happened to talk!ng ab©vt it first? I don’t have a problem with counsell!ng Tom.’

‘Th£n why were you rude !n th£re.’

‘Because I had no idea that was why you asked me to that address.’

‘Th£n let’s go [email protected]¢k.’

‘No, we are okay. Marriage is one step at a time and we are j√$t three weeks.’ Grissel was try!ng so [email protected] not to yell.

‘You th!nk I don’t know that?’

‘Good, we can do th¡s. Trust me I had no idea I’ve been ₱ush!ng you away lately.’

‘Not only that, you haven’t slept s!nce th£ !ncident and you keep cry!ng !n your dream.’

‘Th¡s has noth!ng to do with th£ !ncident besides we had s€× th£ very next day, which should even tell you we are okay.’

“s€× on a couch? Wh£re you told me after it was a favor and an obligation”

‘We’ve been through th¡s Tom. I said that !n anger and I remember apologiz!ng.’

‘‘You have been !ndifferent towards me and we [email protected] touch each oth£r though we communicate perfectly.”

$h£ frowned and quickly rega!ned h£r composure. ‘I hadn’t noticed, I’m sorry.’

‘So can we go [email protected]¢k to counsell!ng?’ h£ asked immediately $h£ landed with h£r apology.

‘I’m not so comfortable discuss!ng what happened with an ©vtsider.’

‘You mean wh£n I molested you?’ h£ search£d h£r eyes sternly.

‘But Tom, we talk and laugh.’ $h£ gr!nned. ‘Isn’t that enough?’

‘No, it isn’t Grissel.’ If our marriage is go!ng to work you have to stop treat!ng me like you are do!ng me a favor or I’m some k!nd of obligation.’

‘We don’t need to discuss th¡s all th£ time. I have forgiven you so we j√$t need to m©v£ forward.’

‘I don’t th!nk you understand forgiveness because you wouldn’t have kept th£ gown, I ripped off that night |ns!de your pillow case if you did.’

Grissel’s face turned pale and $h£ quickly drove away with©vt a word. $h£ remembered ask!ng Tom to h£lp [email protected] th£ b£d that morn!ng wh£n $h£ was bath!ng but it didn’t occur to h£r h£ had seen th£ night gown !n th£ pillow case as h£ didn’t change it.

After th£ir last argument, $h£ was sure $h£ had forgiven h¡m and totally forgotten ab©vt th£ gown. Though ₱v||!ng away from h¡m wasn’t !ntentional Grissel felt h¡s pa!n earlier.

Tom watch£d h£r sternly and with©vt any oth£r word h£ fixed h¡s seat belt. h£ knew from th£ expression on h£r face and th£ way $h£ sped off was an !ndicator that h£ needs to stop talk!ng ab©vt it.

h£ slept off along th£ir drive and woke up j√$t wh£n Grissel ₱v||ed at a park!ng spot.

‘h£y, are we home?’ h£ asked still with sleep call!ng h¡m [email protected]¢k.

‘No, you are pay!ng for a new b£d.’

Tom wiped h¡s face and looked through th£ w!ndow. Th£y were at a mattress store.

‘You want a new b£d?’

$h£ nodded and took off h£r seat belt.

‘Is th£ one we have not comfortable?’

‘Tom, I’m sorry.’

‘You are sorry for want!ng a new b£d?’

‘No, for keep!ng th£ gown. I will destroy it once we get home.’

‘Don’t both£r, I burnt it th¡s morn!ng wh£n you were still !n th£ bathroom.’

‘Alright, can we get th£ new b£d now?’

‘You know I took a cab today and h£nce don’t have my card on me.’

‘Okay, you owe me twice !n a week.’ $h£ brought ©vt h£r card and gave it to h¡m.

‘Yeah, th£ groceries. I will pay off Mrs. Tom.’ h£ t£@$ed.

h£ went ©vt for some ten m!nutes and came [email protected]¢k with a receipt.

‘It would be delivered !n ab©vt two hours.’

‘Great. Let’s h£ad home before th£ delivery truck gets th£re.’

h£ stared at h£r and smiled for th£ first time s!nce th£y left Ellen’s place.

‘Do I have someth!ng on my face?’ $h£ asked.

‘No, you are beautiful. I forgot to mention that.’

‘Thank you and before you ask, I’m j√$t chang!ng th£ b£d because it’s too [email protected]

‘It’s alright. I asked th£m for a flexible one th¡s time.’

‘And ab©vt th£ oth£r th!ng, I’m ready to work on it but not subject myself to counsell!ng and trust me if I say I have forgiven you.’

‘Your wish is my command.’ h£ t£@$ed while Grissel gave h¡m a smack and started th£ car.

‘Mom, I don’t know why you two can’t run your company. I’m f!ne wh£re I am now.’

‘You call stay!ng !n a h°tel wast!ng your trust fund okay?’ Stella’s mom sounded angry on th£ call.

‘Did dad put you up to th¡s?’

‘h£ shouldn’t have to Stella,’ $h£ said softly. ‘You are my daughter and if you won’t come [email protected]¢k because of th£ company th£n do it for me.’

$h£ sigh£d h£avily from h£r end. ‘But mom, I don’t know anyth!ng ab©vt th¡s company. Remember I dropped ©vt of law school.’

‘I know that but h£ has someone who is manag!ng th£ company and is will!ng guide you.’

‘Are you sure, it’s because of th£ company you want me [email protected]¢k.’ Stella sigh£d h£avily.

‘It’s been twelve years and I miss you very much.’

Stella laugh£d so [email protected] on th£ call. $h£ be!ng h£r moth£r’s only child made it easy for h£r to get anyth!ng $h£ wants.

‘Okay, you got to pick me up yourself from th£ airport on Saturday. I guess I will start work on Monday.’

Mrs. Medt jubilated over th£ call before hang!ng up. Stella always talked of be!ng a judge wh£n $h£ was young so h£r mom thought stay!ng with h£r broth£r who was an !nfluential judge h¡mself could really h£lp as h£ has already recommended a good law school for h£r.

Stella dropped ©vt for reasons $h£ wasn’t keen on disclos!ng neith£r does h£r uncle and th£ family never spoke ab©vt it.


‘Dad what are you do!ng h£re.’ Melisa asked h£r Dad who appeared that afternoon at a client’s place wh£re $h£ was ch£ck!ng th£ site for h£r next big event. $h£ walked closer with a smile on h£r face.

‘I went by th£ house and Julia told me wh£re to f!nd you.’

‘$h£ actually spoke to you.’ Melisa asked surprised because h£r aunt seem not to like th£ir Dad that much after th£ir mom pa$$ed away.

Melisa waved h£r client from afar to give h£r some few m!nutes.

‘Yeah.’ h£ replied.

‘So what brought you h£re Dad?’

‘I haven’t seen you for a wh0l£ month.’ h£ replied.

‘I’ve been busy as you can see.’

‘Okay but did you talk to Tom?’

‘We don’t talk Dad.’ $h£ gave h¡m a stern look. ‘Besides h£’s f!ne wh£re h£ is and I’m not sure h£ would want to come work for you.’

‘But I need to talk to h¡m and apologize.’

‘Th£ guy basically threw you ©vt of h¡s engagement reception and you still th!nk you could talk to h¡m or you have forgotten already.

‘No, I haven’t Lisa.’

‘Th£n allow h¡m enjoy h¡s marriage. h£’s j√$t three weeks !n h¡s marriage and I won’t forgive you if you mess it up for h¡m.’

‘Alright, I won’t pester you aga!n but how are you.’

‘I’m do!ng f!ne and cutt!ng d©wΠ th£ alcohol !ntake if you ¢ar£ to know.’

‘That’s good to h£ar and th£ oth£r th!ng.’

‘You know I j√$t can’t stop sleep!ng @r0vnd !n a day and get married but I’m work!ng on it too.’

‘Alright, if you change your m!nd ab©vt Mr. Stan…’

‘Dad I don’t want to marry your friend’s son so let’s leave it at that.’

h£ nodded. ‘Take ¢ar£ of yourself th£n.’

Melisa waved h¡m while h£ entered h¡s car. Despite h£r Dad leav!ng home wh£n $h£ was j√$t five years old hurt h£r a lot, h£ was h£r favorite and still is.

$h£ smiled and watch£d h¡m drive away while $h£ walked [email protected]¢k to h£r client.

To be cont!nued

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