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Blemished Love – Episode 5

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Blemi$h£d Love Episode 5
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‘Grissel please wait. I said I’m sorry.’ Tom said rush!ng d©wΠ th£ stairs to meet h£r up.

$h£ was already late for work and doesn’t need anoth£r plea from h£r husband who came home last night drunk.

‘I know you are sorry but I’m late now and do not want anoth£r argument. Breakf*st is !n th£ microwave.’ $h£ announced walk!ng towards th£ door.

‘Thanks, but can we do lunch later.’ h£ managed to say.

‘Sure we can do lunch wh£n I’m free.’

‘That’s my girl.’ h£ smiled walk!ng to h£r wh£n $h£ suddenly closed th£ door beh!nd h£r.

Tom only h£ard th£ gate open and h£r car horn blar!ng loudly. That’s a signal for h¡m to get th£ gate closed.

‘Gosh, I need a damn security.’ h£ told h¡mself h£ad!ng to th£ kitch£n for h¡s breakf*st.

h£ was expect!ng Grissel to wake h¡m up wh£n $h£ was do!ng h£r rounds but it appears $h£ was still angry h£nce h£ would be late for work. Tom h¡ssed and picked up h¡s Oat bowl from th£ microwave and luckily it was still warm. h£ ch£cked th£ covered saucer and realized it was sausage which h£ dislikes and Grissel knew that.

h£ fi$h£d ©vt h¡s phone and dialed h£r number which $h£ picked up on th£ first r!ng.

‘Tom I’m driv!ng, let me call you [email protected]¢k once i….’ $h£ was say!ng wh£n h£ cut h£r off.

‘You know I don’t like sausages.’

‘Oops sorry. K!ndly get an egg boiled or fried.’ $h£ was say!ng aga!n wh£n h£ hanged up.

h£ shook h¡s h£ad and walked away with h¡s Oat. Tom is too lazy that h£ couldn’t even boil water to talk of fry!ng an egg.

Today is th£ first Monday th£y were both report!ng to work after th£ir honeymoon leave. Even wh£n th£y had added a week of th£ir previous years piled up off days to th£ir mandatory leave period, it was still not enough as th£y wi$h£d it never came to an end.


‘Mr. Addison, a word !n my office.’ Th£ new CEO Stella Medt called Tom over th£ !ntercom !nto h£r office.

‘On my way.’ h£ responded and hanged up.

Mr. Medt who entrusted th£ manag!ng of th£ company to Tom for a wh0l£ year while h£ recuperate decided to let h£r daughter [email protected] th!ngs with th£ h£lp of Tom.

Tom hates to be called by h¡s fath£r’s name. h£ had a chance to change it but h¡s aunt wouldn’t agree.

h£ quickly dropped h¡s file and walked ©vt. That was th£ second time h£’s be!ng summoned !nto th£ CEO’s office s!nce h£ reopened that morn!ng but couldn’t meet h£r th£ first time.

Tom knocked lightly and entered as th£ label on th£ door !ndicated knock and enter. h¡s face lit up wh£n h£ entered. Stella was seated !n h£r swivel chair with h£r black shades.

h£ walked to h£r table and stood !n front of h£r. Stella’s gaze was still on what $h£ was do!ng on h£r laptop h£nce ignor!ng h¡m.

‘h£llo, you asked to see me.’ h£ waved h¡s [email protected] to grab h£r attention.

‘You can have a seat.’ Stella announced after a few m!nutes still with h£r attention fixated on h£r laptop.

‘Thank you and you are officially welcome to th£ company.’

‘My dad left you !n charge right?’ $h£ asked dismiss!ng Tom’s welcome address with h£r face up now. $h£ adj√$ted h£rself and took off h£r shades.

Tom smiled and was j√$t star!ng at h£r.

‘You are charm!ng.’ h£ said quietly !nstead of answer!ng h£r question.

‘What did you say?’ Stella asked wh£n $h£ saw h¡s l¡ps went apart quickly.

‘You called for me?’ h£ asked to cover up th£ foolish gr!n on h¡s face wh£n h£ realized h£ hasn’t h£ard h£r question.

‘Are you th£ man to see regard!ng management?’

‘Yes, I’m th£ Manag!ng Dir….’

‘So why were you not h£re to h£lp wh£n I s£nt a notice I would be tak!ng over.’

‘I apologize but I was on leave for my wedd!ng and I j√$t resumed today.’

‘So? How is that supposed to be my problem wh£n you have th£ !nformation’s I need.’ $h£ sternly queried. ‘I expect you to be @r0vnd wh£n I got h£re.’

Tom frowned. ‘My leave was approved by HR and th£y haven’t compla!ned I did anyth!ng wrong so I d….’

‘Do you still love your Job?’ $h£ !nterrupted.

‘Of course, I have sacrificed myself for th¡s job s!nce I turned twenty-four.’ Th£ smile on h¡s face disappeared as h£ doesn’t like h£r earlier question.

‘So you’ve been work!ng for six years, if what I read on your file was correct.’

‘Yes.’ h£ focused on h£r face as $h£ didn’t budge earlier wh£n ask!ng th£ question.

‘I don’t th!nk you are qualified for th¡s job.’ $h£ took off h£r gaze. ‘So from now on you would [email protected] what I tell you to.’

‘I beg your pardon.’ h¡s foreh£ad drew a contour l!ne as h£ fumed. ‘To th£ best of my knowledge I get my job done perfectly and cover all my hours so why I’m I be!ng stripped of my role.’

‘Oh you still got your Job title, office and whatever you are entitled to at th£ end of th£ month.’ $h£ grabb£d h£r shades and put it [email protected]¢k on.

‘I j√$t don’t understand how you could j√$t walk !n h£re and change th!ngs, no offence by th£ way.’

‘Watch how you talk to me !n h£re Mr. Addison.’

‘Th£ name is Tom. j√$t Tom,’ h£ managed to say with a confused state.

‘Well, we are done h£re. You can go now.’ $h£ announced while focus!ng on th£ laptop.

Tom j√$t relaxed on th£ chair star!ng at h£r as if h£ was wait!ng for anoth£r explanation.

‘I said you can go.’ $h£ thundered with h£r face up from wh£re $h£ kept it earlier.

Tom stood up almost near tears and walked ©vt fum!ng. h£ met h¡s P.A on th£ way who run after h¡m to !nform h¡m ab©vt Grissel but h£ waved h¡s [email protected] !n th£ air !ndicat!ng h£ doesn’t want to h£ar any of it.

h£ banged th£ door after h£ walked !n and didn’t recognize Grissel sitt!ng on th£ couch at th£ far right corner while h£ faced th£ door fum!ng.

‘Who does $h£ th!nk $h£ is? Is it because I’m black?’ h£ kept fum!ng while hitt!ng h¡s leg on th£ door.

‘Tom are you okay.’ h£ h£ard th£ next voice and turned @r0vnd.

‘I thought I said I don’t want to see anyone.’ h£ yelled ©vt before fac!ng h£r.

Grissel who was walk!ng over paused !n th£ middle of th£ room still hold!ng th£ lunch box $h£ brought.

‘What’s go!ng on? You j√$t yelled at me.’ $h£ asked with a confused stare.

‘Can you leave Grissel? I don’t have th£ patience to argue with you now.’

‘Okay but I brought Lunch.’

‘I lost my appetite. Take it along with you.’

‘But why are you ask!n….’

‘I said not now Grissel.’ h£ yelled.

‘Alright.’ $h£ said wh£n $h£ felt th£ bitterness !n h¡s voice.

Grissel h£ld on t!ghtly to th£ lunch box and walked ©vt. $h£ got to h£r car and $h£d a tear.

‘Is th¡s ab©vt th¡s morn!ng and th£ sausage !nstead of egg?’ $h£ asked h£rself wh£n h£r phone rang.

‘j√$t !n my desk. I’m on my way [email protected]¢k now.’ It appeared $h£ was talk!ng to h£r colleague. $h£ dropped th£ phone and drove away.


‘I don’t want to do th¡s aga!n. That wasn’t fair and you know it.’ Stella said from h£r end to th£ caller uncomfortably.

‘I’m sorry but I will make it up to you.’ A voice answered from th£ oth£r end.

‘I know that but why are you even do!ng th¡s !n th£ first place.’ $h£ asked regrettably.

‘I already told you Stella, h£ stole my dad’s money and I want h¡m to pay.’

‘Yeah you told me but th£ Tom I met th¡s afternoon doesn’t seem to me like a sw!ndler.’

‘You met h¡m for how many hours and you know h¡m already.’

‘j√$t briefly but I could tell h£ is genu!ne and can’t h£ pay you [email protected]¢k.’ $h£ tried to reason with h£r friend over th£ call.

‘I don’t want payment, I j√$t want to hurt h¡m wh£re it hurts.’ Th£ voice replied yet aga!n.

‘Th¡s is petty.’ Stella muttered.

‘I know but you owe me so j√$t hang !n th£re for me.’

‘Alright, see you later’ Stella said and hanged up.

$h£ h¡ssed and called ©vt to Tom’s P.A.


Tom was pac!ng @r0vnd !n h¡s office wh£n h¡s phone rang. h£ ignored and decided to pick up on th£ second r!ng.

‘Aunty can I call you [email protected]¢k.’

‘Okay but I j√$t wanted to know if you are enjoy!ng your lunch.’

‘What lunch?’

‘Aren’t you at your wife’s office canteen?’

‘OMG,’ h£ exclaimed and hanged up.

Grissel who agreed on lunch that morn!ng actually got a surprise delivery from Tom’s aunty. That was th£ ma!n reason why $h£ came over to h¡s office !nstead of call!ng h£r husband to meet h¡m at th£ir lunch center.

Tom suddenly remembered h¡s behavior earlier towards h¡s wife and picked up h¡s suit and car keys. h£ ru$h£d ©vt of h¡s office while dial!ng h£r number with©vt success.

Grissel on th£ oth£r [email protected] parked at a restaurant j√$t five m!nutes’ drive away from h£r work place and got h£rself some pastries and dr!nk. $h£ sat !n h£r car while eat!ng !n tears. Earlier $h£ lied to h£r moth£r !n-law ab©vt th£ lunch.

‘Is marriage th¡s difficult?’ $h£ asked h£rself with h£r m©vth fvll of pastries and h£r eyes filled with tears.

‘Maybe h£ has a problem at work.’ $h£ encouraged h£rself. ‘But that doesn’t expla!n why I should be th£ one to bear h¡s anger.’

$h£ cont!nued to talk to h£rself until $h£ f!ni$h£d h£r snacks and drove away.

Tom kept violat!ng traffic rules !n order to catch up with Grissel as $h£ already called h£r office and learnt $h£ wasn’t yet [email protected]¢k. Lunch time was probably already over but h£ had to make it somehow.

h£ was still on top speed veer!ng off th£ road and ¢ar£ful not to get caught as was a forty-five m!nutes’ drive to h£r office.


Grissel realiz!ng $h£ had no work left at th£ office wh£n $h£ went !n decided to get h£r lunch h£ated !n th£ canteen.

With all smiles $h£ was enjoy!ng h£r meal and read!ng a magaz!ne wh£n $h£ felt a tap on h£r shoulders.

‘h£y, you startled me.’ $h£ said struggl!ng to swallow th£ food and reach!ng ©vt for th£ water !n front of h£r.

h£nry quickly got th£ water and opened it for h£r.

$h£ hurriedly gulped it and smiled. ‘What are you do!ng h£re h£nry?’

‘How are you?’ h£ asked smil!ng.

‘Forgive my manners, I’m okay.’ $h£ replied dropp!ng th£ water bottle.

‘That’s good to h£ar.’

$h£ focused on h£r meal while h£nry stared. Grissel wasn’t that close to h£nry because Melisa was always giv!ng h£r attitude. It was always greet!ngs among th£m but Melisa and Julia knew h£nry was !n love with Grissel.

Melisa always thought Grissel was too naïve to notice someone !n love with h£r but Julia thought $h£ was j√$t so much !n love with Tom that $h£ couldn’t see anoth£r man all over h£r.

‘You must really be enjoy!ng that a lot.’ h£ said to h£r break!ng th£ silence.

‘You can say that aga!n. Th¡s is exactly how my husband loves h¡s chicken and fries.’

‘Th£n it’s a shame h£’s miss!ng it.’ h£nry replied.

‘I know right. h¡s aunty actually made th¡s for us but h£ ……’ $h£ was say!ng and paused feign!ng a smile.

‘h£ what?’ h£nry s£nsed some h£sitation !n h£r voice and th£ glow $h£ always had on h£r face wasn’t th£re anym©r£.

‘Noth!ng, it’s all good. Th£ two shall become one so I’m eat!ng on h¡s behalf.’ $h£ answered sadly.

‘Are you sure you are okay,’ h£ asked reach!ng ©vt for h£r [email protected] unconsciously but quickly ₱v||ed it [email protected]¢k before Grissel could raise h£r h£ad from star!ng at h£r plate.

‘Yeah but you still haven’t told me why you are at our firm today. Do you and Melisa need a court wedd!ng?’ $h£ asked smil!ng.

‘That’s not possible and for th£ record Mel and I are j√$t friends.’

‘Friends with benefit.’ $h£ concluded for h¡m.

‘That’s f!ne if you put it that way but I’m !n need of a divorce lawyer.’ h£ blurted ©vt.

‘Divorce lawyer?’ $h£ asked confused while tak!ng a b¡t£ on h£r last piece of chicken.

‘Not for me though.’

‘Okay because I know you are not married.’

‘Yeah but a friend is !n love with a married woman.’

‘Oh really and $h£’s agreed to get that divorce to be with your friend?’

‘No but I’m sure once h£ a$$ures h£r of h¡s love for h£r $h£ would.’ h£nry muttered star!ng at h£r naïve face.

‘That’s weird but I can recommend a good one for you.’ $h£ dropped th£ chicken bone and switch£d to th£ [email protected] cream by th£ table napk!n.

‘I was hop!ng you could because I h£ard you worked some years [email protected]¢k on such cases.’

‘Yeah I did but not anym©r£, it was j√$t a few cases I [email protected] Now I [email protected] custody cases.’

‘Alright I will take your recommendation th£n.’ h£ smiled.

‘First floor, room ten. j√$t ask of Mrs. Edwards.’

‘Thank you, do you want anoth£r meal because you keep star!ng [email protected]¢k at th£ empty plate.’

‘Only if it’s th¡s good like my moth£r-!n laws.’ $h£ joked.

‘I’m sure th£ food h£re is okay, fries aga!n or salad.’

‘You are not serious right?’

‘I am Grissel. You look [email protected]!$fied.’

‘Thanks but seriously I’m okay. I’m j√$t sad Tom isn’t h£re to enjoy with me today.’

h£ feigned a smile and tried to adj√$t h¡mself on th£ chair wh£n h¡s eyes fell on Tom lurk!ng @r0vnd. h£ wasn’t sure if h£ had seen h¡m with h¡s wife but h£ knew h£ had to thread ¢ar£fvlly as to w!n Grissel.

Tom arrived ab©vt ten m!nutes earlier and was told from h£r office, $h£ was still at lunch so h£ quickly came to th£ canteen and has been wonder!ng how long h£nry and h¡s wife has been chatt!ng. h£ decided to wait @r0vnd.

‘Grissel I th!nk I should go talk to that lawyer now.’ h£ said stand!ng up.

‘Alright, thanks for keep!ng me company. I actually don’t have much left so I would stay @r0vnd for a while.’ $h£ chipped !n smil!ng.

‘All th£ best for th£ day.’ h£ waved and left us!ng th£ oth£r exit.

Grissel packed up th£ lunch box and picked up h£r water gulp!ng it wh£n Tom sat !n front of h£r.

To be cont!nued

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