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Blemished Love – Episode 6

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Blemi$h£d Love Episode 6

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‘Gosh, Tom. How are you h£re?’

‘Speed.’ h£ answered !n one word look!ng !ntently !n to h£r eyes.


‘What?’ h£ also questioned.

‘You are star!ng at me weirdly?’

‘And that’s a crime?’ h£ asked.

‘No I mean you are not even smil!ng th¡s time.’ $h£ said with confusion.

‘Should I be smil!ng Grissel?’ h£ questioned obviously angry ab©vt h£nry’s pres£nce earlier because h£ actually came to apologize.

‘I apologize ab©vt breakf*st or whatever I did !n your office that you had to chase me away.’ $h£ broke d©wΠ immediately reach!ng ©vt for h£r [email protected] which $h£ couldn’t locate wh£n Tom [email protected] h£r one from h¡s shirt pocket.

‘Please I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you cry.’ h£ said reach!ng ©vt for h£r [email protected]

‘Th£n why do I feel like you were !ntentionally ₱ush!ng me away Tom. We j√$t got married for Christ sake and you already behav!ng like a typical Ghanaian man.’

‘Wow. A typical Ghanaian man.’

‘Yes, th£ types that always make th£ir wife’s cry all th£ time.’

‘You mean my Dad.’

Grissel nodded.

‘I always tell you I’m noth!ng like my Dad. And I’m sorry you had to cry.’

‘That’s f!ne but you would have to make it up to me later.’ $h£ smiled ₱|@yfvlly. Anytime Tom had to rea$$ure h£r h£’s noth!ng like h¡s Dad it calms h£r.

‘You and emotional blackmail. What do you want th¡s time?’ h£ smiled.

‘You are mak!ng d!nner th¡s even!ng.’ $h£ t£@$ed.

‘You already know how that will turn ©vt right.’

‘I don’t m!nd, I will be th£re th£ wh0l£ time.’

‘It’s a deal th£n. So wh£re’s my lunch.’

‘Emmmm, it’s gone.’ $h£ touch£d h£r ch£eks !nvoluntarily. ‘How should i know you would show up?’

‘Aunty called and I had to quickly rush h£re wh£n you were not answer!ng my calls.’

‘Sorry, I left th£ phone !n th£ car but you mean if it weren’t for h£r you wouldn’t have come.’

‘I didn’t say that but I’m h£re now and hungry.’

‘Sorry, let me order you some salad.’

‘Great.’ h£ sigh£d.

Grissel walked to th£ counter and placed h£r order.

‘It should be h£re soon but you look disturb£d.’ $h£ said grabb!ng h£r seat.

‘j√$t some work related issues.’ h£ replied.

‘Want to talk ab©vt it?’ Grissel had to ask anyway though $h£ knows Tom hates talk!ng ab©vt h¡s work issues.

‘You know I don’t l….’

‘I get it Tom and that rem!nds me, h£nry j√$t left h£re and you came !n.’

‘Really? What does h£ want with you?’ h£ muttered relieved that $h£ mentioned it.

‘Not with me but h£ wants a divorce lawyer for a friend of h¡s.’

‘Hope you are not [email protected]!ng that case.’

‘You know I stopped [email protected]!ng those a long time ago.’ $h£ clarified.

‘Okay, is th¡s ab©vt my sister?’

‘h£ j√$t said for a friend.’ $h£ was say!ng wh£n h£r order arrived.

‘Thank you.’ Tom wh¡spered to th£ waitress and placed th£ food !n front of th£m each.

‘You are welcome.’ $h£ replied and left with h£r tray.

‘So you ordered too? And is your lunch hours not over.’

‘Of course, I wasn’t [email protected]!$fied earlier because you were not h£re with me and I don’t have much work today.’

‘And who is pay!ng for th£ food.’

‘Who else? I have your wallet h£re already.’

‘How did you get that?’ h£ jumped up try!ng to ch£ck if it was actually h¡s.

‘You married a smart one Tom.’

‘I know right.’ h£ replied pick!ng up h¡s cutlery smil!ng with a stare.

‘How was your first day at work?’

‘I got a new annoy!ng boss !n th£ name of Stella Medt.’

‘Mr. Medts h£ir?’ $h£ sounded concerned.

‘Yeah, I’m not sure we would ever get along.’

‘You would figure it ©vt. $h£ can’t be that bad.’

h£ sigh£d and picked up h¡s cutlery. ‘$h£’s charm!ng though.’

‘Tell me m©r£?’ $h£ said with a certa!n sparkle.

‘Ahaaa, but you know I’m stuck with you right?’

‘I trust you Tom.’ $h£ blu$h£d.


‘Excuse me Miss.’ Melisa h£ard a young man runn!ng towards h£r !n th£ crowd.

$h£ stopped wh£n h£r new friend $h£ j√$t had brunch with at th£ Frimps restaurant drew h£r attention to th£ guy who stopped runn!ng and was now walk!ng towards th£m..

‘Do you know h¡m?’ Melisa asked Paige.

Th£ two ladies met last week and agreed on brunch. Melisa dropped Julia home that morn!ng and quickly fixed h£rself to meet up with Paige.

‘No, but h£’s from th£ Jewelry shop we j√$t walked ©vt of.’ Paige clarified. Th£y both went to a closer Jewelry shop after th£ir brunch to pick up a few Jewelries.

‘Oh really, I didn’t notice.’ Melisa replied.

Th£y were still star!ng at h¡s direction wh£n h£ f!nally reach£d th£ir end.

‘h£llo, sorry for wast!ng your time.’ h£ said with a break !n h¡s voice.

‘That’s f!ne Mr.….’ Paige was say!ng and paused because $h£ doesn’t know h¡s name.

$h£ shook h£r h£ad and stared giv!ng h¡m gestures.

Th£ gentleman kept star!ng and suddenly realized Paige was expect!ng h¡m to mention h¡s name.

‘Forgive my manners. It’s Bryan and I th!nk your friend h£re left h£r change and th£ wrist watch.’ Bryan announced [email protected]!ng th£m th£ change and th£ package.

‘Oh I did?’ Melisa snapped ©vt of h£r reverie.

‘Yes, I guess wh£n you were pick!ng up th£ oth£r necklace you forgot th£ watch.’

‘Thank you Bryan but you can keep th£ change.’ $h£ said ch£ck!ng th£ package. Melisa got a necklace for h£r aunty and a wrist watch for h£nry s!nce $h£ broke h¡s wh£n $h£ was at h¡s end last week.

‘You don’t need to do that. Thank you.’ h£ said, [email protected] Paige th£ money and walked away.

Both ladies j√$t glanced at each oth£r and walked away.

‘Did I say someth!ng wrong Paige?’ $h£ asked h£r friend.

‘Lisa, does that gentleman seem like someone who needed your five dollar change?’

‘But I j√$t thought it was nice to do that.’ Melisa clarified.

‘Well, looks like h£ doesn’t want it.’

‘Was that why h£ left with©vt anoth£r word?’ Melisa queried sadly.

‘I didn’t say that.’

‘Yes you did Paige.’

‘I j√$t po!nted to you not every man wants to be treated as such.’ Paige answered h£r.

‘Alright, thank you.’ Melisa didn’t want to drag th£ issue.

‘Great, let’s get go!ng th£n.’ Paige announced ₱v||!ng h£r towards wh£re $h£ parked h£r car.

Paige manages a few events spaces, which Melisa was sc©vt!ng ©vt for one of h£r client wh£n th£y met and immediately bonded.

$h£ drove off after Melisa f*stened h£r seat belt.


‘Why do you th!nk your sister is not okay?’

‘Adam, $h£ hasn’t called s!nce after th£ wedd!ng and it’s been a month. It’s unlike Grissel.’

‘$h£’s probably j√$t busy with h£r responsibilities. You know how confused and frustrated you were !n th£ first few months.’

‘Yes but I still call friends.’

‘Give h£r a call th£n, if you feel $h£’s not okay.’

‘$h£’s not answer!ng my calls. I j√$t feel $h£’s avoid!ng me.’

‘Try call!ng Tom, h£ def!nitely will pick up.’

‘You are a genius. Why didn’t I th!nk ab©vt it before?’

‘You know I’m th£ only one with th£ bra!ns !n th¡s marriage right.’

Jessy h¡ssed and picked up h£rself from th£ b£d while walk!ng towards th£ bathroom.

‘Can I jo!n you?’ Adam called ©vt to h£r.

‘I’m j√$t pick!ng up my phone which you brought to me earlier !n th£ shower.’ $h£ smiled at h¡m and walked away.

‘You are not fun th£se days.’ h£ h¡ssed and pressed h¡s h£ad on th£ pillow like a small kid.


‘Wh£n are you com!ng home?’ Julia spoke !nto th£ phone.

‘I forgot to tell you I will be late tonight for d!nner.’ Melisa replied.

‘It’s h£nry aga!n right?’ Julia questioned.

‘I’m j√$t pick!ng up my car from Tom’s place.’

‘Wonderful!’ $h£ exclaimed ch£erfvlly.

‘Aunty, I’m j√$t pick!ng up my car. Noth!ng else.’

‘I know but can’t you j√$t use that opportunity to make up with your broth£r.’

‘You want a repeat of what happened th£ last time?’ Melisa frowned though h£r aunty couldn’t see h£r face through th£ phone.

‘I understand but you got to keep try!ng Lisa and tonight is a perfect opportunity to do that.’

‘I have h£ard you. Can I direct th£ cab driver now?’

‘Sure, call me wh£n you get th£re.’ Julia emphasized.

Melisa hanged up and wiped a tear while cast!ng h£r m!nd [email protected]¢k.

Tom had ₱u$h£d h£r d©wΠ th£ stairs wh£n $h£ tried reason!ng with h¡m concern!ng th£ir differences. $h£ woke up a week after !n th£ hospital and s!nce th£n Melisa decided to let h¡m deal with h¡s own mess.

Though at a po!nt Melisa hated h¡m first because $h£ thought h£ was responsible for th£ir moms early demise but it became worse wh£n Tom had accepted th£ fact that Melisa would never forgive h¡m for what nature took from th£m both.

Melisa was still !n thoughts wh£n th£ cab parked !n front of th£ house. $h£ paid h£r fare and got d©wΠ.


Tom who left work some few hours after lunch with Grissel drove !n to th£ bar h£ agreed on earlier with h¡s friends. h£ sighted th£m by th£ counter and smiled while walk!ng up to th£m.

h£ is th£ only married one among h¡s friends.

‘Tom, Tom.’ Mike hailed h¡m while stand!ng up from h¡s stool to shake and hug h¡m.

h£ received th£ir hails and hugs wh£n f!nally h£ settled d©wΠ on h¡s stool.

‘What’s go!ng on Clive?’ Tom queried.

‘Noth!ng much, j√$t a bach£lors hang ©vt.’ Clive responded.

‘But you said it was urgent and I had to leave work early.’ Tom sounded unhappy.

‘Relax man.’ Mike chipped !n. Among all th£ four men, Mike was th£ cool one and closest.

‘Yes, relax.’ Clive replied.

h£ h£aved a sigh of relief and dropped h¡s phone !n h¡s pocket after putt!ng it on silence.

‘Aust!n, you have been too quiet for my lik!ng.’ Tom !nquired.

‘I’m j√$t admir!ng how good marriage is look!ng on you.’

Th£y all laugh£d at Aust!n’s humor.

‘h£re we go.’ Mike suddenly said wh£n th£ waiters shadow fell on h¡m.

Wh£n th£y have a boy’s night ©vt, th£y get a wh0l£ crate of beer. Th£ waiter dropped it on th£ counter and left.

‘Who hasn’t brought h¡s driver like me?’ Tom queried.

‘We all did Tom. I guess we would have to call my dad’s oth£r driver to get you to your place while we follow.’ Clive replied.

‘You are right.’ h£ replied.

Though th£y dr!nk a lot wh£n th£y are ©vt, th£y always have plans for gett!ng th£mselves home to avoid [email protected]||!ng !n a ditch.

Aust!n and Clive were th£ two Americans among th£m. Mike !ntroduced Clive and Tom also !ntroduced Aust!n.

To be cont!nued

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