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Blemished Love – Episode 8

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Blemi$h£d Love Episode 8
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Tom’s entrance to th£ hall switch!ng on th£ light woke Melisa up. $h£ decided to wait for h¡m after wash!ng d©wΠ h£rself so $h£ slept off on th£ couch and didn’t notice wh£n h¡s car drove !n.

$h£ opened h£r eyes !nstantly. ‘You are [email protected]¢k.’

Tom j√$t ignored, dropped h£r keys and suit and walked to th£ kitch£n.

Melisa followed h¡m to th£ kitch£n wh£re $h£ met h¡m warm!ng up h¡s rice.

‘Can I at least h£lp you with that?’ $h£ asked walk!ng closer.

‘Gosh, why are you stalk!ng me.’

‘I’m not, I j√$t want to h£lp s!nce your wife might already be asleep.’

‘My wife?’ Tom was surprised for once h£r sister referred to Grissel as h¡s wife.

‘Yes, okay I made a few mistakes I shouldn’t have and I’m sorry.’

‘You are sorry and wait, tell me why you are !n th£ night wear I got for Grissel.’

h£ remembered h£ got that wear for h¡s wife a week to th£ir wedd!ng but Grissel preferred th£ long ones so h£ j√$t didn’t want to pursue h£r to put on what h£ wanted.

‘$h£ gave it to me Tom and I j√$t said I’m sorry.’

‘Keep th£ sorry to yourself and get ©vt of my way.’ h£ said pick!ng th£ bowl of rice from th£ microwave with©vt th£ sauce and filed pa$$ h£r.

Melisa stayed [email protected]¢k and warmed th£ sauce for h¡m. Wh£n $h£ came ©vt h£ was already eat!ng th£ raw spagh£tti.

‘I thought you told your wife you would be eat!ng th¡s.’ $h£ said dropp!ng th£ bowl of sauce on th£ d!n!ng table and walked away.

Tom waited for h£r to leave to h£r room before h£ ate h¡s food !n peace.


‘You don’t need to sneak !n to b£d Tom.’ Grissel said rais!ng th£ duvet cover!ng h£r face. $h£ waited for Tom to shower before $h£ announced h£r vigil.

‘Emmm’ h£ managed to say scratch!ng h¡s h£ad.

‘Have you eaten and ch£cked on your sister?’

‘Yeah.’ h£ replied and ₱u$h£d h¡mself onto th£ b£d.

‘I was really pissed off today Tom, especially wh£n I had to face Lisa all alone.’

‘I’m sorry but can we talk ab©vt someth!ng else?’ h£ said with a serious tone now.

‘What’s with that serious face Tom.’


‘Yes, one of my bosses at work. Did someth!ng happen to h¡m?’

h£ shook h¡s h£ad vigorously.

‘Tom? What is go!ng on h£re?’

‘Why didn’t you tell me you met up with h¡m a night to our wedd!ng?’

‘Were you follow!ng me aga!n? I thought you trust me and th£ m©r£ reason why I tell you my wh£reab©vts.’

‘I wasn’t spy!ng? Someone saw you Grissel and th¡s is one th!ng you never told me.’

Grissel raised h£rself up from th£ b£d and laid aga!nst th£ b£dpost.

‘I thought I did, it probably escaped me.’ $h£ said tak!ng h£r eyes off h¡m !nstantly.


‘Yes Tom.’ $h£ replied with h£r gaze off aga!n.

‘So why are you not able to look !nto my face Grissel? Did you ch£at on me?’

‘Wait no, I j√$t don’t want to talk ab©vt it Tom.’

‘So you admit you were with Andre.’

$h£ nodded to confirm.

‘Okay, wh£never you are ready j√$t let me know.’ Tom ₱u$h£d h¡mself under th£ duvet and reach£d ©vt for th£ b£dside light.

‘We agreed not to talk ab©vt work Tom, which was why I didn’t tell you I met with h¡m.’

Tom j√$t pretended not to have h£ard h£r.

‘Say someth!ng.’ $h£ shook h¡m under th£ duvet.

‘Alright to make you feel better Adam and Jessy had two weeks off work !n that h°tel and that was th£ reason why I even went th£re twice.’

‘So you weren’t alone with Andre?’ h£ asked s1©wly ₱ush!ng h¡s h£ad from th£ duvet.

‘No, though Adam left briefly to attend to Jessy s¢r**m!ng h£r h£ad off over th£ h°t tap not flow!ng, Andre is a good man and I wouldn’t tolerate flirt!ng with h¡m.’

‘So h£ didn’t touch you Grissel?’

‘What is th¡s really ab©vt Tom?’

‘Did h£ touch you or not because I don’t understand how important th¡s case was than your own wedd!ng which you couldn’t wait till after you are married.’

‘Calm d©wΠ jealous Tom. I agree I broke d©wΠ at a po!nt wh£n th!ngs were not work!ng !n my favor that night and h£ might have consoled me but that was it.’

‘Was your client someone important?’ h£ knows it wh£n Grissel is tell!ng th£ truth.

‘Yes, my happ!ness with you depended on it Tom.’ $h£ had a worried gr!n on.

‘Has it been sorted ©vt now?’

‘I’m with you so yes, it was worth that night ©vt.’ $h£ smooch£d h¡s shoulder.

‘Okay, I’m sorry for doubt!ng you and a$$um!ng you ch£ated which resulted !n my violence behavior towards you on our wedd!ng night.’

‘I thought as much. Can we not go [email protected]¢k to that please?’ $h£ frowned at th£ thought of that night.

Grissel freaks ©vt wh£n $h£ has to remember that memory especially wh£n Tom tries to raise it. That was th£ fifth time after th£ !ncident h£ had tried talk!ng ab©vt it.

‘Thank you but what did you do to Lisa.’

‘Oh that? I may have put h£r !n th£ right place. I know we agreed I should ignore h£r but I couldn’t take it th¡s even!ng.’

‘That’s okay, at least $h£’s calm now and seem to have accepted th£ fact that you are my wife.’

$h£ smiled weirdly and adj√$ted h£rself on th£ b£d look!ng !nto h¡s face.

‘Do I have someth!ng on my face?’ h£ asked.

‘Emmm, I’ve been wonder!ng why my [email protected] pr!nce hasn’t said anyth!ng ab©vt h¡s surprise !n f!nd!ng ©vt I wasn’t a v!rg!n.’ $h£ covered h£r face discreetly.

‘I figured ©vt that was th£ reason you were cranky that night but honestly I wasn’t expect!ng you to be a v!rg!n besides I love what I see now so I’m okay.’ h£ said flirtatiously while smooch!ng h£r face.

‘I’m say!ng No before you even ask.’ $h£ smiled ₱v||!ng up th£ $h£ets.

‘You are exhausted so I’m not go!ng to ask but can I j√$t hold you.’

Tom ₱v||ed h£r !nto h¡s arms while smooch!ng h£r hair but Grissel’s m!nd seemed to be far from th£ room even wh£n Tom slept off $h£ was restless.

h£ has always been a jealous guy and a ¢©Πtr0| freak from h¡s y©vthful days but meet!ng Grissel changed that part of h¡m. Th£ only th!ng h£ wants to do is trust !n h£r love for h¡m.

Grissel cuddled h¡s face and klzzed h¡m while ₱v||!ng away from h¡s arms. $h£ switch£d off h£r side of th£ light and covered h£rself fvlly with th£ duvet.


‘You have to leave before my niece gets [email protected]¢k home. And you sleep!ng over was a mistake Joe.’ Julia gath£red th£ $h£ets to cover h£rself while Joe leaned aga!nst th£ far corner watch!ng h£r.

‘But you asked me h£re.’

‘Yes but th£ party is over and as I said Lisa might come [email protected]¢k soon.’

‘Alright, let me j√$t shower first.’

‘No, take th¡s and get go!ng.’ Julia threw h¡s shirt and short to h¡m angrily.

‘Gosh, relax. I will go now.’ Joe picked up h¡s short from th£ floor sl¡pped it on, picked up th£ shirt and h¡s shoes next.

‘And don’t com….’, Before Julia could f!nish h£r s£ntence, h£ banged th£ door so [email protected] h£ obviously knew h¡s way @r0vnd th£ house s!nce h£’s been th£re several times wh£n Melisa was away.

‘Th¡s is not you Julia.’ $h£ wh¡spered to h£rself and walked to h£r bathroom.


‘Dad, you are early for breakf*st.’ Stella who came d©wΠ and met h£r Dad at th£ table smiled.

‘Unlike you I need to eat early because of my medications.’

‘Oh yeah, I totally forgot ab©vt that.’

‘So your mom told me you came home late yester night.’

‘j√$t hang!ng ©vt with a few friends.’

‘I see and among th£se friends do you have anyone of th£m you are go!ng ©vt with?’

‘Dad, let’s not go th£re th¡s morn!ng.’

‘That rem!nds me, how’s Tom?’ Mr. Medt asked.

‘Huh? Who is that?’ $h£ exclaimed.

‘Mr. Addison, your manager?’

‘Oh your toy boy?’ h£ should be home with h¡s wife.’ $h£ muttered focus!ng on th£ h£lp who j√$t brought th£ omelet.

‘Why do I s£nse you don’t like h¡m Stella?’

‘To be honest I don’t and I can’t believe you hired such an amateur to work for you.’

‘Well I never had issues with h¡m Stella.’

‘That’s because you give h¡m so much freedom. Can you imag!ne wh£n I arrived h£ was not th£re to show me @r0vnd?’

‘If my memory serves me right h£ was supposed to be on leave wh£n you took over.’

‘Dad, let’s forget h¡m.’

‘Forget who?’ Stella’s mom asked beh!nd th£m.’

‘No one mom. j√$t work and stress.’ Stella replied.

‘You know s!nce you got [email protected]¢k from your uncle’s place and your tour @r0vnd th£ globe you [email protected] talked ab©vt what happened to you th£re.’

‘Mom, I told you guys h£ is f!ne, we resolved our fight.’

‘Well, your uncle called.’

‘And?’ Stella asked curiously.

‘h£ didn’t like th£ way you left after th£ !ncident especially wh£n th!ngs were settled b£tweeΠ you and your cous!n.’

‘Th¡s was several years ago mom, I j√$t want to put it beh!nd me.’ Stella replied.

‘I’m starv!ng, can we have breakf*st now.’ Mr. Medt who was quiet watch!ng th£m br!ng up th£ past suddenly announced.

‘Thank you Dad for sav!ng me from your wife.’ $h£ t£@$ed.

Stella travelled @r0vnd Mexico to get away from th£ memories of th£ happen!ngs while $h£ was leav!ng with h£r uncle.


Melisa was smil!ng over th£ phone.

‘Were you able to do what we discussed?’ h£nry suddenly asked wh£n h£ was done mak!ng h£r laugh.

‘Honestly, I don’t want to cont!nue th¡s game anym©r£.’

‘But you visited so you could confront Grissel with your f!nd!ngs?’

‘Yeah, but I th!nk I would hold on for a few m©r£ weeks.’ Melisa lied.

‘Lisa you are hold!ng up aga!n.’

‘I’m not h£nry, j√$t give me a few m©r£ weeks.’

‘I trust you love.’ h£nry replied and hanged up.

h£nry gave Melisa an ultimatum but Melisa didn’t want h¡m to know $h£ had changed h£r m!nd after what transpired b£tweeΠ h£rself and Grissel last night.

$h£ h¡ssed and walked ©vt of h£r room towards h£r broth£r’s room.


‘That was fun.’ Grissel said [email protected]!ng while Tom kept klzz!ng h£r all over.

‘Do you th!nk we could go for anoth£r round’ h£ wh¡spered !n h£r ears while $h£ giggles.

‘Your wish is my command.’ $h£ gr!nned at h¡m.

‘That’s my girl,’ h£ announced and went under th£ duvet wh£n Grissel knocked h¡m on th£ h£ad.

h£ came ©vt of th£ $h£ets and stared.

‘You changed your m!nd?’

‘No, didn’t you h£ar footsteps?’ $h£ asked gaz!ng at th£ door.

‘Th£re’s no one th£re Grissel.’ h£ went [email protected]¢k to explor!ng h£r b©dy.

‘Did you see that shadow?’ $h£ po!nted at th£ door yet aga!n.

‘Gosh you j√$t killed th£ mood.’

‘I’m sorry but I th!nk your sister is at th£ door.’

‘Are you now a seer?’ h£ asked sitt!ng !n th£ middle of th£ b£d.

‘j√$t ch£ck it ©vt, $h£ might be !n need of someth!ng.’

‘$h£’s th£ least person I want to talk to th¡s morn!ng.’

‘I know but $h£’s !n your house and I don’t want h£r giv!ng your aunty false reports.’

‘Can’t we j√$t forget h£r and cont!nue what we started.’

‘I’m always h£re but $h£’s leav!ng today so you got to make use of th£ opportunity.’

‘Was that why !nstead of [email protected]!ng h£r th£ car keys last night you kept h£r h£re.’

‘Of course you figured it ©vt. Tom I j√$t want th¡s rivalry to stop. It breaks my h£art.’

‘Don’t make th¡s ab©vt you Grissel. I have reasons for hat!ng my sister that much.’

‘Reasons you don’t want to share.’

h£ nodded h¡s h£ad.

‘You’ve got to let me !n Tom.’

‘Like you would do same for me.’ h£ questioned !nstead of answer!ng h¡s wife.

‘Th¡s is not ab©vt me today. I told you someday I will let you !n and that doesn’t reduce my love for you.’

‘Alright, you remember Amy?’

‘Th£ girl you got pregnant and forced h£r to get rid of it while you were still with me.’ $h£ frowned.

‘I never said sorry for that. It was j√$t a onetime th!ng and I was completely wasted that night.’

‘Is it what I th!nk?’

‘Yes, Lisa was beh!nd it all.’ h£ sigh£d.

Grissel’s face turned pale and Tom could read all th£ questions on h£r face.

‘$h£ hates you that much and I couldn’t watch h£r cont!nue treat!ng you like an ©vtsider.’

‘It wasn’t okay forc!ng Amy to get rid of it.’

‘Would you have been okay with that? Imag!ne shar!ng my attention b£tweeΠ you and my child not to talk of Amy demand!ng for h£r own time.’

‘I understand but we could have found a solution to it.’ Grissel countered.

‘Solution? Th£re’s no solution for hav!ng a child with anoth£r woman and married to anoth£r.’ h£ said with ©vtmost certa!nty. ‘I’m sure if you were to have a child before we met, we both wouldn’t have been !n th¡s b£d today.’

$h£ sigh£d. ‘You actually hate kids that much?’

‘No, you know I love kids but hav!ng a child with anoth£r woman means divid!ng my attention.’

Grissel knew th£y discussed th¡s several times !n th£ir relationship before th£y settled d©wΠ and Tom was so serious ab©vt it anytime th£ topic is raised which made h£r th!nk h£ hates kids and h£ar!ng it aga!n s£nt $h!verys d©wΠ h£r sp!ne though $h£ hasn’t made up h£r m!nd to start hav!ng children yet.

$h£ was suddenly mute while Tom kept talk!ng.

‘Th£ funny th!ng is, $h£ doesn’t know why I hate h£r that much.’

‘So Lisa is not aware you know?’

‘I don’t !ntend tell!ng h£r at all.’

‘I’m sure $h£ has plans to tell you, j√$t give h£r time and please cut h£r some slack. $h£ was simply look!ng ©vt for you.’ Grissel advised.

‘Look!ng ©vt for me at th£ expense of hurt!ng th£ woman I love.’

‘Yet th£ woman you love hasn’t been hurt but might reach that po!nt if you don’t let it go.’

‘That’s emotional blackmail Grissel.’

‘A good one as such. Though I want to cont!nue dragg!ng th¡s with you I th!nk $h£’s still stand!ng ©vt th£re Tom.’

‘How are you able to see h£r and I can’t.’

‘Well j√$t get ©vt and ask h£r to stay for d!nner ©vt tomorrow. I will pick up aunty !n th£ morn!ng.’

‘What are you do!ng Grissel?’

‘I’m hav!ng d!nner with my family and don’t say No.’

‘Okay.’ h£ sl¡pped h¡s shorts on and walked ©vt of b£d pick!ng up h¡s t-shirt hung on th£ wardrobe.

‘I’m hungry too, so maybe after that we can get breakf*st togeth£r.’

‘I’m on a f*st?’ h£ smiled teas!ngly.

‘You don’t even know th£ way @r0vnd th£ bible and you are on a f*st.’

h£ w!nked and walked ©vt leav!ng th£ door opened.

Tom on a normal day wouldn’t have listened to Grissel wh£n it’s ab©vt h£r sister but it seemed h£ figured h£ had to make up for stay!ng ©vt late yester night.

Melisa who has been lean!ng aga!nst th£ pillar closer to th£ir room jerked wh£n $h£ h£ard th£ door open.

$h£ tried to walk away wh£n Tom called h£r [email protected]¢k.

‘What do you want wak!ng us up?’ h£ dismissed th£ anger !n h¡s voice.

‘Good morn!ng, Is your wife awake?’

‘What do you need from h£r?’

‘Tampax.’ $h£ answered. Melisa wasn’t sure if Grissel uses th£ same product type but $h£ needed h£lp.

‘What’s Tampax?’

‘It’s ladi….’ $h£ was say!ng wh£n $h£ was saved by th£ bell.

‘Tom, too much questions. Please come for it.’ Grissel could actually h£ar th£m from wh£re $h£ stood !n th£ room dress!ng up.

Tom glanced at h£r sister and went [email protected]¢k !n.

‘You have Tampax?’ h£ asked curiously.

$h£ nodded.

‘Why am I not aware you keep delicacies !n h£re?’

Grissel laugh£d so [email protected]

‘What’s so funny right now?’

‘Tampax is j√$t sanitary pad.’ $h£ clarified.

‘I thought every lady uses always pad.’

‘No but I can’t believe your sister is actually shy to tell you $h£ needs sanitary pad.’ $h£ t£@$ed [email protected]!ng h¡m a pack of Tampax pad.

h£ took it and reach£d ©vt to h£r car keys on top of th£ wardrobe.

‘So th¡s is Tampax but how did $h£ even know you use th¡s brand?’

‘$h£ probably guessed.’

‘I know $h£’s pretend!ng to like you now.’

‘That’s h£r own problem Tom. j√$t get h£r th£ damn pad already.’

‘Th¡s your new friendship with Lisa, I have to !nvestigate.’ h£ muttered rais!ng h¡s brows.

‘h£lp yourself and don’t forget to tell h£r $h£’s stay!ng for d!nner tomorrow.

‘Got it.’ h£ replied and walked ©vt.

Melisa was pac!ng up and d©wΠ wh£n h£ got th£re.

‘h£re you go.’

‘Thank you and I will need my car keys.’

[email protected] it over quietly with©vt a word. h£ stared at h£r weirdly and $h£ smiled at h¡m.

‘D!nner Tom.’ Grissel yelled ©vt rem!nd!ng h¡m of th£ d!nner plans.

‘You don’t need to leave today. Grissel wants you to hav…’

‘Tom?’ Grissel yelled ©vt once aga!n and h£ scratch£d h¡s h£ad.

Scratch!ng h¡s h£ad rem!nded h£r of how h£r mom used to t£@$e th£ir Dad. $h£ laugh£d with©vt even know!ng it.

‘What is funny?’ h£ asked.

‘Noth!ng, you rem!nd me of mom.’

‘So?’ h£ asked rudely.

‘So I made h£r favorite breakf*st for you th¡s morn!ng.’

Tom ignored what $h£ said because h£ never met h¡s mom.

‘As I was say!ng before you !nterrupted, you have to wait for d!nner tomorrow so you can’t leave.’ h£ said with an authoritative tone and ru$h£d [email protected]¢k !n.

Melisa found it funny and smiled to h£rself.

‘You are so terrible at ask!ng women ©vt.’ Grissel laugh£d wh£n h£ closed th£ door beh!nd h¡m.

‘But you fell for th¡s same charm.’

‘I wonder how I fell for you.’ $h£ t£@$ed [email protected]¢k.

‘Can we eat now, Melisa claimed $h£ made breakf*st.’

‘I thought you are on f*st.’

‘Not anym©r£ wh£n I j√$t used up all my energy.’ h£ muttered.

‘After you my love.’ $h£ sl¡pped h£r legs |ns!de h£r fl¡p flops.

To be cont!nued

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