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Blemished Love – Episode 9

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Blemi$h£d Love Episode 9
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‘Jones why wasn’t I told we had new !nvestors.’ Tom asked angrily storm!ng !nto h£r colleague’s office.

‘I thought you knew besides Stella mentioned you had your [email protected] fvll so had to do th£ pres£ntation on your behalf.’ Jones expla!ned.

‘Stella huh!’ h£ exclaimed and ru$h£d off bang!ng th£ door !n th£ process.

It has been three weeks s!nce Stella took over and h£r attitude towards h¡m has gone from bad to worse. $h£ practically gave h¡s job to h¡s oth£r colleagues which h£ was much better at.

Tom wanted to resign last week but Grissel thought it was a bad idea. h£ hates not to be !n ¢©Πtr0| especially wh£n a woman is !nvolved.

‘$h£’s not even a woman but a girl. Who does $h£ th!nk $h£ is?’ h£ h¡ssed and ₱v||ed h¡s drawer and brought ©vt th£ envelope conta!n!ng th£ resignation letter.

h£ paced up and d©wΠ th£n went ©vt h£aded to Stella’s office.

Tom barged !n while Stella’s Secretary followed !n order to stop h¡m.

‘Who do you th!nk you are to side l!ne me wh£n it comes to !nvestors?’ h£ scowled.

Stella raised up h£r h£ad from h£r laptop wh£re $h£ was busy work!ng on some files and signaled h£r secretary to leave.

‘First it was call!ng me to report to work on a Sunday and th£n work!ng late !nto th£ night through©vt last week which wasn’t part of my contract.’ h£ yelled at h£r.

$h£ adj√$ted h£rself on h£r swivel chair and stared at h¡m with©vt a word which was unlike h£r.

h£ remembered work!ng late last week for h£r and $h£ was @r0vnd giv!ng h£r lots of pressure and yell!ng on top of h£r voice but today was different.

Tom was surprised at h£r demeanor and stood !n th£ middle of th£ room scratch!ng h¡s h£ad. h£ was expect!ng h£r to yell or throw h¡m ©vt of h£r office as $h£ did last week.

For a wh0l£ m!nute $h£ j√$t kept star!ng at h¡m which was unusual.

Tom thought h£ saw a smile on h£r face which was quickly replaced by that same stare earlier.

h£ felt embarra$$ed, dropped th£ envelope and walked ©vt briskly clos!ng th£ door beh!nd h¡m.

Stella shook h£r h£ad and picked up th£ envelope and read th£ contents.

‘Did I go too far with th¡s unfair treatment?’ $h£ asked h£rself and picked up h£r phone.

‘Okay, I’m done with th¡s stunts. j√$t [email protected] h¡m yourself.’ $h£ said and hanged up with©vt allow!ng th£ receiver to even breath£.

Tom picked up h¡s necessities s!nce it was j√$t two hours away from clos!ng time and walked ©vt meet!ng Stella com!ng ©vt of h£r office.

Stella stood by th£ door upon realiz!ng Tom was leav!ng. $h£ watch£d h¡m [email protected] over some papers to h¡s secretary.

$h£ found it amus!ng wh£n th£ scene earlier !n h£r office fla$h£d h£r m!nd. Stella gave ©vt a broad smile. Tom gazed at h£r and couldn’t tell why $h£ kept smil!ng wh£n h£ obviously j√$t [email protected] six years [email protected] work over !n a rush to someone who doesn’t deserve it.


‘Wh£n is your flight?’ Julia asked Melisa who was still home munch!ng on h£r muff!n $h£ was hop!ng to parcel for Tom dur!ng th£ weekend.

‘I have 3 hours m©r£ before I go.’ $h£ responded pick!ng up h£r next muff!n.

‘Wh£n you make your first transit let me know.’

‘I would be f!ne Aunty. Besides th¡s isn’t th£ first time I’m travel!ng to anoth£r state.’

‘I know but you’ve been moody s!nce we had that Sunday lunch with your broth£r and h¡s wife and you won’t talk ab©vt it eith£r.’

‘I th!nk I would be f!ne. I j√$t need to reflect on some th!ngs.’

‘You can talk to me Lisa.’

‘Trust me th¡s has noth!ng to do with you.’

‘Is it someth!ng your broth£r did?’

$h£ shook h£r h£ad.


‘I’m okay aunty.’

‘If you say so Lisa.’ Julia said and relaxed h£rself on th£ couch.


‘h£y you are home early three days !n a row.’

‘I tried to make d!nner, I’m not sure you would like it.’

Tom said quickly not to look suspicious. h£ doesn’t want to tell h£r yet until h£ figures ©vt h¡s next plan especially know!ng Grissel would want to h£lp which h£ wasn’t comfortable with.

‘You? Tom? D!nner?’

‘Grissel sprawled @r0vnd to watch h£r husband who was already lead!ng h£r to th£ kitch£n wh£n $h£ came !n that even!ng.

‘Yes, your husband made d!nner. j√$t come with me.’ h£ dragged h£r along.

Grissel hasn’t suspected Tom resigned because h£ usually was th£ last to leave home. And comes home late which obviously now has changed but $h£ didn’t th!nk h£ would go ah£ad wh£n th£y had already discussed it.

Grissel scooped th£ spagh£tti mixed with sauce with h£r bare [email protected] after toss!ng it !n a bowl of water !n th£ s!nk ignor!ng th£ cutlery.

‘How does it taste?’ h£ asked after few seconds.

‘Too much salt.’

‘Give me some credit Grissel. I spent th£ wh0l£ afternoon on that sauce.’

‘Th£ wh0l£ afternoon?’ Grissel retorted.

‘Yeah, weren’t you at work?’

‘No, yes I mean th£ wh0l£ even!ng.’ Tom stuttered.

Grissel stared at h¡m.

‘Tom what’s go!ng on?’

‘I don’t understand your question.’ h£ feigned ignorance.

‘A day before yesterday was you greet!ng me at th£ door with sandwich, yesterday was pancake and today spagh£tti sauce.’

‘So? Can’t I pamper my wife anym©r£ with©vt questions?’

‘Of course you can but Tom I know you hate cook!ng. Even if you were given th£ wh0l£ world you wouldn’t.’

‘So you don’t want my surprise.’ h£ frowned.

‘I didn’t mean that Tom.’

‘Th£n what do you mean?’

‘I should be ask!ng you what you want because mostly it’s eith£r you are apologiz!ng for someth!ng or you need someth!ng. So which one is it?’ Grissel was still suspicious.

‘What ab©vt I j√$t love my wife and wanted to surprise h£r.’

‘Alright, I will set th£ table.’ $h£ said wash!ng h£r [email protected]

‘Thank you and sorry I over used th£ salt.’

‘We will manage Tom.’ $h£ wh¡spered and set ©vt to dish th£ food while Tom watch£d.


Stella walked !nto h£r office and came ©vt abruptly.

h£ still hasn’t reported?’ $h£ asked h£r P.A.

‘Miss Stella, h£ resigned.’ $h£ responded rem!nd!ng h£r.

‘Yeah of course.’ Stella touch£d h£r h£ad as if to make a mental note.

$h£ walked away from h£r briskly [email protected]¢k |ns!de h£r office.

‘I was hop!ng h£ wasn’t serious ab©vt resign!ng and it’s been a week.’ $h£ wh¡spered to h£rself and picked up h£r phone.


‘Tom, why are you not answer!ng th£ call.’

‘Huh!’ h£ came ©vt of h¡s reverie.

‘Your phone is r!ng!ng.’ $h£ said aga!n.

h£ picked it up from th£ b£d wh£re h£ was seated pretend!ng to be dress!ng up for work while Grissel was opposite h¡m fix!ng h£r ear r!ngs.

‘You hanged up aga!n.’

‘Yeah, it’s j√$t Mike.’

‘Mike? Th¡s early?’ Grissel questioned.

‘Probably arrang!ng a weekend ©vt.’

‘Tom, I know you resigned. And that call earlier was probably your lady boss or secretary.’

h¡s face sh°t up.

‘Come on, don’t be surprised, you are easy to read, ma!n reason why I keep leav!ng Lunch and com!ng home early for th£ past week.

I’m sorry, I didn’t want you to feel I needed your h£lp.’

‘And what’s wrong !n need!ng your wife’s h£lp.’

‘Well, I’m supposed to be th£ man of t…..’

‘And I remember we were jo!ned as one.’

‘That’s different Grissel.’

‘Okay, I’m runn!ng late. Let’s talk ab©vt it wh£n I get [email protected]¢k.’

‘Are you angry?’

‘Not yet but th£re’s lunch !n th£ microwave.’

$h£ picked up h£r bag and left h¡m to h¡mself.

Grissel figured it ©vt because th£y discussed it and suddenly Tom started cook!ng which was strange so $h£ called th£ office to confirm. But know!ng Tom, $h£ understood h£ prefers keep!ng work challenges to h¡mself.

Th£ last time $h£ was j√$t lucky h£ told h£r ab©vt th£ decision to resign which $h£ thought $h£ managed to conv!nce h¡m not to.

To be cont!nued

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