Blind Celebrity

Blind celebrity episode 1




Written by Divine purpose😌😌

Xavier Lyson walked to Vista music industry with his manager, manager George behind him

“Xavier, the CEO wants you in his office” Manager George said
“Why?” Xavier asked playing a game on his phone
“I’m not sure, Maybe he has something to say about your new album” Manager George shrugged

They both walked to the Ceo’s office and Manager George was about to open the door but Drake came out of the office

On seeing Xavier, a little smirk appeared on his face
“Darn….why do I have to see this annoying face everyday” Xavier sighed
“I heard your new song, its great” Drake said but Xavier ignored him, he made a step to enter the CEO office but Drake stopped him

“I just complimented you, you should at least say something”

Manager George looked at the both of them and sighed, he sensed there was gonna be a fight between them

Xavier turned to Drake and smiled

“Do you know why you haven’t been able to beat me even for once?” He paused and patted Drake’s shoulder
“Because you are full of speaking gibberish” He said and walked in,side the office while Drake grinned

“He’s so full of himself” he muttered

He turned to leave when he bumped into a delivery girl, unfortunately, all the food she was film to deliver fell and poured out

“Darn it” She said and looked at Drake

When Drake saw her, he almost lost it
She was damn beautiful, Pretty and gorgeous
If there’s any word greater than those words, they should be used for her
She had a pointed nose and…..
“Hey” Camila yelled waking him from his thought “what are you going to do about this mess? I have to deliver this food to someone in this company” she added

“I’m sorry” Drake said

“That won’t fix it” Camila said and stretch her hand like she wanted to collect something
“What’s it?” Drake arched his brow

“Money, you should compensate me”

“Ah……money” Drake nod and brought out his wallet but Camila snatched it away from him
She opened it and removed his phone
“Have your phone” She said and took to her heels

“Hey!!! My wallet!” Drake yelled and tried running after her but she was damn fast

“My driver’s License and Id card are in my wallet, I can’t drive without my License” He yelled and everyone around were looking at him like he was crazy or something

“That little witch, I’m going to catch you no matter what” he clenched his fist
“I was a fool for thinking you are beautiful” he yelled again

Camila sat in the restaurant where she works counting all the money she found in Drake’s wallet

“Wow! He’s so rich, the money here is enough to pay my house rent” She said, smiling to herself

“Why are you so happy?” Nancy, her friend she had known ever since she started high school asked
They are known to be the troublesome best friends
They also work together in the same restaurant

“You didn’t deliver the food you were supposed to deliver at Vista music industry, although I filled in for you but I’m still curious about what happened” Nancy said and sat beside her

“Nothing much, I bumped into some jerk and everything became a mess” Camila replied

“I can’t believe I went to a music industry and I didn’t see any celebrity” Nancy sob and her eyes caught an Id card on the table
She picked it up and gasped
“Hey, this id card is for Drake, where did you get it?” She asked

“It was in,side his wallet” Camila replied and Nancy looked at her

“Don’t tell me you Stole Drake’s wallet”
“I didn’t steal it, I collected it”
“What’s the difference you fool, anyways I’m going to Xavier’s concert tomorrow, you are coming with me right?” Nancy asked and Camila shook her head

“No thanks”

“Cmon, you can’t say no, I already bought Two tickets, two fan shirt, two fan hat, two light stick, two….”

“Alright, I’m coming with you” Camila cuts in and Nancy smiled
“You are really the best” She said and winked at her


Xavier was asleep when Manager George ran in, drawing the curtains and waking him

“Xavier wake up, it will soon be time for the concert”

Xavier opened his eyes but he couldn’t see anything

“My eyes…..I can’t see anything” He winced in pain
“Where are your drugs?” Manager George asked and Xavier pointed at the table
“They are on the table”

Manager George gave him his drugs with a cup of water and after that, he could see again

“Are you okay?”
“Would you be able to perform today, should I tell the CEO to cancel the concert?”manager George asked

“No,I don’t want to disappoint my fans” he said and stood up from the bed


Miranda dragged Camila in,side the hall as they both sat somewhere
There were already thousands of people seated
They were all holding a light stick each
Some were putting on a T-shirt with Xavier’s face on it e.g Nancy and Camila
But Nancy did a lot of work before Camila could put on that shirt

“The concert won’t take long right?” She asked in a bored tone and Nancy nod

The Lights all went off and Camila hugged Nancy with fear

“What’s going on” she whispered
“Xavier is about to be on stage, stop embarrassing me” Nancy whispered back and pushed her away

The lights went on but this time it was only the stage lights

The Light sticks were meant to be light for the crowd

Xavier was already on stage with his backup dancers
On seeing him, everyone began to scre-m

“XAVIER!!! I LOVE YOU!!” That was Nancy yelling

Camila looked at her and shook her head
“She has finally gone crazy” she grumbled

Xavier held the mic and began to Rap

🎤Im a bit hot tempered🎤
🎤I am not very tenderhearted🎤
🎤I hated you but I want you🎤
🎤Thats right my type🎤
🎤The heart does not lie🎤

He paused for a while for his eyes were aching him, the stage light was strangely getting brighter

“Ugh? Why did he stop?” Camila arched her brow

Xavier rubbed his eyes and continued

🎤It started🎤
🎤i’m sending dangerous signals within me🎤
🎤don’t be afraid🎤
🎤Love is the way🎤
🎤Shawty I got it🎤

The Lights became more bright and it was unbearable for Xavier
The mic fell from his hand and he collapsed on the floor


How is this for the first episode
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