Blind Desire


Episode 38.
I pulled away from his arms and landed a hot slap on his cheek.

‘jeez! What was that for?’ he gasped.

‘thats for your stupidity!’ i cursed ‘you are very stupid! Who the hell do you think you are to touch me? The next time you lay your filthy hands on me again, i’ll make sure your father hears of it, fool!’ i cursed and walked away purposely adding sway to my h¡ps.

Rain entered my office smiling. He was wearing an obviously new white packet shirt and a black pencil trouser, new haircut and shiny black shoes. He looked amazing.

‘hi Rain. Resumed today?’ i asked arranging my table. I just arrived office and i was preparing for a meeting i had in an hour time.

‘good morning ma’ he said, hands in his pocket ‘yes ma, i resumed today, thank you very much ma’


‘for everything. You really changed my life ma, i can never thank you enough. I dont know how i can ever repay you for your kindness. You just dont know what you did for my family and i’

‘jeez Rain, let it go already. I did what i had to. You are a young and promising individual that could contribute greatly to this company with your skills and knowledge. And besides, cleaning isnt supposed to be your profession for life. And i would be eternally grateful to you if you drop this gratitude of yours and the ma ma ma of a thing, its getting me really uncomfortable,you know’

He smiled apologetically ‘i’m, sorry, Ivyy’

I laughed mildly ‘thats good..beside i cant be older than you are. You are obviously older than me’

‘i’m 26’

‘good. I’m 22’

He raised his brow in surprise ‘really?’

‘yeah’ i nodded ‘surprised?’

His eyes darted to the shiny diamond ring on my fourth finger..and i tried to hide it ‘that..well, lets forget about it’

‘you look more matured than your age Ivyy’ i could tell he was forcing himself to pronounce my name.

‘really? I never knew’

He just smiled, saying nothing.

‘lets have lunch together later’ i blurted out before i could stop myself.

He looked surprised.

‘lets celebrate your new job’ i added.

He nodded and smiled ‘yes ma Ivyy. Uhm i’ll head back to my office now. I’ll…i’ll see you during lunch’

I laughed ‘alright mr Office boy, get to work’

He smiled and left the office.

I let out a breath i didnt know i’ve been holding. I brought my fingers to my face. The ring was still there, not like i was expecting it to disappear into thin air anyways…sometimes, especially today, i wished it was never there.

Rain and i settled on one of the tables in the company’s canteen, we placed our orders and settled down to eat.

I noticed he kept staring at me in a surprising way though.

‘why are you staring at me that way?’ i asked.

‘because you look so beautiful and ravishing’ he simply replied in a way that i couldnt find it in a way to judge him or something like that. He quickly looked down on his food.

I blushed and placed my hand under his chin raising his face up to meet mine ‘days ago, you had looked so brave speaking to me in my office. Why do you look so timid now? Are you in any way intimidated by my presence?’

‘not really…’ he said forking his plantain ‘i..i’m not just used to having lunch with someone higher than me’ he blinked his eyes in a way that made my heart fluster and i found myself gasping for breath.

My eyes, on their own freewill traveled their way to his red s€×y and k-ssable l-ips. I suddenly had this desire to run my hands all over them, k-ss them, feel them, lick them. I looked around the canteen and noticed some people were staring at me in a way i didnt like and i knew exactly what was going on in their minds THE CEO’S WIFE HAVING LUNCH WITH AN EMPLOYEE, HOPE ITS NOT WHAT I’M all seemed to be written on their faces.

‘lets rush our lunch..’ i said looking at my wristwatch ‘lunchtime is almost over’

‘okay’ he replied simply spooning rice into his mouth. I loved the way his l-ips moved while chewing.

‘uhm, where do you stay?’

‘uhm..i..’ he called the name of a local area very far away from the company.

‘thats far! How do you cope with transportation?’

‘uhm, now that i work, it shouldnt be a problem’

‘wow…’ i looked down on my food. There were so many cars in Chief’s compound and i wasnt using my old car anymore, he wouldnt complain neither was he going to notice if anyone leaves the compound.

‘can you drive?’ i asked.


‘okay, i’ll see what i can do, but for today, i’ll drop you off at your house at closing hour’

‘but Ivyy, you dont need to…’

‘i insist’

Episode 39. 
‘i am so disappointed in you Oge’ Chief spoke vehemently ‘i thought you could handle your younger cowives in my absence, but instead of handling them properly, you created trouble’ The shock that was written on madam Oge’s face was noticeable. I stood behind Chief, with my hanky on my face. I faked a sob ‘they insulted my aunt Chief, all of them, they made mockery of my aunt and i’ i added. ‘with all due respect Chief…’ Wanne started banging her hand onthe table. Chief raised her hand signalling her to stop ‘not even a word from you Wanne else, you leave this house immediately’ Wanne shot me a dangerous look before sealing her l-ips. ‘i am very disappointed in all of you. You all had decided to turn my home into a warfront in my absence right? To the extent, you now taunt my wife!’ he said pulling me closer to himself. ‘we are your wives too Chief’ Hilda interjected. Chief walked up to her and surprised everyone by landing a slap on her cheek. I gasped. ‘i dont want to hear a single word from any of you here, is that clear?’ Madam Oge rose on her feet, her cool demeanor annoying me more ‘Chief, its very obvious both you and Ivyy want this house to yourselves. Its very obvious that you both do not want us here any longer and because of that, i’m leaving this house with my children, i dont know about the other wives but i know i’m not spending a night more in this house because i’m tired of all the insults and embarrassment……what do you think of your so called wife? A saint?’ Chief gasped, as if the matter had escalated more than he could handle. He suddenly looked pale and sorry ‘Oge, its not like that..this matter can be settled amicably’ ‘there’s no settling this matter amicably. I can no longer stay in a house where i’ll be insulted everyday, continously. No!’ Sweat creased Chief’s forehead..he was sweating profusely. I held his hand as if reminding him that i was here and i was hurting and that he should let Oge and the other wives go if they deem fit. But surprisingly, he withdrew his hand from my grasp. ‘i’m sorry Oge,’ he said and i frowned ‘i’m really sorry Oge, i never meant to insult you, i’m very very sorry’ ‘dont beg me. You owe me no apology Chief, you are only living your life but mark my words Chief, you’ll remember me, you’ll soon know my worth in this house because no woman would be able to tolerate you and control this family the way i did. I am the brain behind all of your success and wealth, i married you when you were nothing and i did everything humanly possible to make you something. I stood by you during your woes and failures, i encouraged you. I helped you stand on your feet whenever you fall but what do i get in return? You think i’m happy about sharing my home with numerous women who you bring home as a wife on a yearl y basis?’ she spoke fiercely ‘i did everything you ever wanted, i respected you, i did everything a wife would do for her husband and even more..come on Chief, what did this other women have that i did not have? What? Is it beauty? Am i not beautiful enough? Or is it because i’m aging?’ Then she turned to me ‘then this…this little child is here, bent on causing problems between us and you are letting her? She is agemates with Rina Chief and younger than Rooney with five years, five years Chief, why on earth would i wantto taunt her? I would only treat herthe same way i treat my children and i’m doingjust that..never a day have i treated her wrongly….’ ‘its a lie!’ i retorted ‘i knew you hated me right from the moment i stepped into this house, i saw the way you looked at me everytime..and the way you hesitated before answering my greetings. You maltreated me in this house, though i never told Chief, taking sides with the other wives whenever they taunt me!’ ‘thats not true!’ madam Oge gasped turning to Wanne ‘please tell Chief this little…this little child here is lying!’ Wanne opened her mouth to speak and i quickly continued ‘why wont Wanne take your side when she has equally hated me too?’ i cried and turned to Chief ‘Chief, everyone hates me..from your wives to your children. I wouldnt have married you if i knew i was going to be treated this way by your family…..everyday i get to recieve insults from all of them, i try to tolerate them Chief but i cant take it anymore. They can all stay, everyone of them but i’m leaving..since thats what they want, i’m going to leave this house for them’ i sobbed. Chief held me ‘no my princess, no one is leaving this house for anybody’ ‘you are wrong,’ madam Oge said ‘because i’m leavingthis house right now’ Chief released me and went to her ‘Oge please dont do this’ ‘go to your other wife’ she said about leaving. ‘no madam Oge stay,’ i said quickly ‘because i’m the one leaving. Chief dont worry, she isnt leaving anymore. I can see that i’m not even needed around here’ Chief came back to me ‘Ivyy dont say that’ ‘you have t o choose btw madam Oge and i chief’ i said.

Episode 40.
Chief stood in our middle like a confused man, he sighed andrubbed his temples ‘you both shouldnt dothis to me, you are both importantto me’

‘no Chief,’ i said firmly wiping myfake tears with my hands ‘in a sh¡p,there cant betwo captains, i cannot live here if madam Oge stays and its obvious shewont livehere ifi stay, you dontreally have to choose Chief, because i’m ready to leave this house for her..’ i made to walk away but heheld me.

I knew Chief lovedme andhe didnt want to lose me and i was going to use that to my own advantage.

‘Ivyyplease, Ogechi, please you both should be reasonable…Hilda, please help mebeg…’

Hildaraised up her uglyand wrinkled hands ‘save it. Now listen, i dont care if Oge is staying or this little brat leaves, just know i’m leaving this house too, today..let the bi.tch win..she has succeeded in tearing this family apart with her devilish lies’

‘please dont talk to me that way madam Hilda’ i said, both hands on my h¡ps.

‘and what if i do?’ Hilda asked coming closer to me like one ready for war.

‘then you’ll be seriously incurring my wrath!’ i retorted.

‘what will you do?’she shoved me backwards.

During this time, i noticed madam Oge leave with the corner of my eyes and Chief followed her immediately. I felt hurt a little, does it mean that Chief still loved madam Oge? More than he loved me?

Hilda was still ranting and shouting on the top of her voice, i got angry and i pushed her with all my strength, saton top her and gave her the pounding of herlife.

The other wives held me, some siezing opportunity to rain slaps and blows on me since i couldnt tell who was doing it coupled with the fact that i was focused on Hilda.

By the time the other wives had succeeded in tearing me apart from her, i saw madam Oge heading down, carrying some ecolac boxes. Titilayo, Hilda’s eldest daughter w as behind her carrying some boxes as well, it was either they were hers as well or she was just assisting madam Oge.

Chief was behind her and from his countenance, i could tell he was pleading and i was very surprised and shocked when i saw tears in his eyes.

He came to Oge’s front and fell on his knees, he held her feet and cried ‘please Oge, dont leave me. I beg of you. You mean so much to me, you dont even know how much you mean to me’

Madam Oge paused and looked at him sympathetically ‘you showed me how much i meant nothing to you when you decided to bring home breakers to me home,’ she said ‘i tried to bring peace and happiness to this family even when i wasnt happy myself..i wanted everyone to be happy…but what do i get? You are choosing a little girl over me? One who’s definitely marrying you because of your wealth, wealth which we both acquired by our hærdwork, wealth which she knows nothingof how it came about, where was she when i had to hawk just so we could feed?! Where was she?’ Tears rolled down her cheeks as she spoke with so much emotion ‘where was she when we had to go through trials and challenges in order to become successful? She wasnt even born yet! Because i knew at that time, i had only Rooney who was about two years old then. A little child…a little child who wasnt even born as that time, who would have known that someone who wasnt even born as that time wouldwant to ruin my family?’

Chief’s cries increased.

It had been long since i saw a matured man like him, wealthy and affluent cry like a baby because of a woman,on her feet for that matter. I knew that instant that no matter what i did, no matter how hærd i tried, madam Oge was one woman i can never compete with. She had Chief’s heart completely and even though he claimed to love me, it could never compete with the one he has for Oge.

‘Oge please…’ he wept.

Hilda hissed, went upstairs and came down with her belongings..she held up a car key ‘as your soon to be ex wife Chief Adetola, i’m at least entitled to one car. Titi, lets go. Edna would meet us there’ she gave me one last look, then said ‘markmy words when i say, you will live to regret your actions’

I hissed.

She left the house with Titilayo. Chiefdidnt evennotice her as he w as only concerned with Chief.

I figured out that my first plan wasnt goingto work out. I needed another plan.

I went and knelt beside Chief withmy hands together. Madam Oge looked at me in surprise.

‘please madam Oge,’ i pleaded ‘please dont leave. Dont leave this house please. I’m sorry for all my mistakes, i promise, it wont happen again. I know just how much you mean to Chief, please dont leave him, he’s going to be shattered. I begyou in the name of God, Chief needs you, this family needs you, we need you, i too, need you. Please, i know you have a good heart, dont do this to Chief and to us…’

I faked a sob.

Episode 41.
I sat on top of the bed crosslegged in my s€×y lacy blue nightie. I had no b-ra underneath and what i had on was a black thong.
Chief was yet to retire to bed. After madam Oge had decided to stay back after having me promise to do everything to get Hilda and Titilayo back to the house for i was the reason i left. I had accepted but of course i wouldnt do that. By the time i executed all of my plans, there would be no one left in this house but me and my aunt and my wonderful daughter.

I looked at the time, itwas 09:50pm, i knew Chief was around in this, in Oge’s room to be precise. I had plans for him tonight. I had slipped some drugs into my juice earlier, so i could enjoy the s€× we were having tonight and also to make me horn.y.

My phone rang beside me and i reached for it. It was Chief, why was he calling me when he was around the house.

I picked ‘hello Chief’

‘my love..’ he sounded like he was p-nting ‘where are you?’

‘where else would i be? If not the room’

‘ok oo, i need you to do something for me. Pick any of my robes, give it to any servant to bring it to Oge’s room for me or better still, you could pls bring it for me’

‘pardon? You are passing the night there?’

‘yes love i am’

‘this is serious’ i muttered under mybreathe.

‘you said something?’

‘, i didnt. Just that, i had prepared a wonderful package for you, i’m kind of disappointed that it’ll all go to waste, but nevertheless, you’ve neglected your wives for too long, maybe you should spend sometime with her. I’llbring the robe to you’

‘thats why i love you. You are very understanding. Thanks a lot, i need it now. Andplease, bring my shower gel too’

‘no problem’ i hung up.

I hissed loudly. This was stupidity..this was madness..instead of thing to get better, things were getting worse, who’sthis madam Oge, whatkind of hold did she have on myhusband, it was beginning to irritateme, i had to getrid of her fast before i go crazy.

I flung the wardrobe angrily. I picked up a simple black sleeping gown, took off the skimpy lacy nightgown, threw it at one corner of the room, took one of his lemon robes, his shower gel and left the room.

I knocked on the door. There was no response.

I knocked again.

The door opened and Madam Oge stood in front of me with a satisfied smile on her face. She had a wrapper tied across her chest.

I resisted the urge to slap that satisfied grin of her face.

I handed the things to her and turned to leave.

‘thanks’ she said.

‘you’re welcome’ i said without turning back.

‘goodmorning ma’ Rain greeted rising on his feet as i stepped into his office. I didnt know why i was there but i had nothing to do at the office and Cherpet had called in sick else i would have invited her to my office for a chat.

I smiled and sat gesturing for him to sit as well.

He sat ‘what do i owe this august visit? Its surprising’

I laughed ‘really? I head this particular branch and i can visit any office i like’

‘yes correct, pardon me ma’

‘you’re crazy. Who’s ma? I’m Ivyy’

‘sorry madam Ivyy’ he laughed.

‘what are you doing? Lets go out for lunch’

‘uhm…’ he looked at his desk ‘i
‘as you can see madam, i have so many thingsto do’ he said.

I smiled, picked up a doc-ment from his table, glanced through it, dropped it, picked another, and dropped it again ‘nonsense! When the boss says you should come, then you should,nothing is as importantas answering your boss’ call’

‘perhaps you are right ma, but you know i have to take myjob seriously’ Rain stated.

‘i am the boss and i repeat that this stuffs on your table are useless, they could wait’ i went over to his side, held his hand and dragged him’besides, i have a surpise for you’ i winked at him.

He smiled.

His face was a mixture of emotions.

Happiness, surprise, confusion, all were written on his face.

He ran his hand on the sleek black toyota camry (spider) i had given him. Itwas one of Chief’s cars and he had plenty of it in the compound, some he had never used before.

Then i saw tears wash his face and he broke down in tears, relaxing his body on the car.

I went tohim and without knowing what i was doing, i hugged him – in public.

I didnt care that someone might see me, i just held him tightly.

He held me too ‘thank you…thank you so much. Idont know if i can ever thank you enough’ he whispered into my ears soakingmy hair with his tears.

I looked at his face simple yet goodlooking face. I wiped his tears with my palms ‘Rain..i want you to know that i’d do anything for you…anything. From the first time i saw you, i knew there was something about you. I usually dont do this with other are a very special guy with potentials. I would do this and much more just foryou to be happy and comfortable. Thats Ivyy’s promise to you’

He broke down in tears again.

I hugged him.

I thought i heard the click of a camera and a flashlight that was barely visible due to daylight. I spun around but i saw no one, the people in the garage were simply minding their businesses.

I held both his hands and pecked his left  cheek. The camera clicked again.

Episode 42.
‘you should have let her go!’ Aut Chime said ‘why did you have to beg for her?’

I smiled iwardly, she didt kow what i had i store for that family, chasig madam Oge out like that wast goig to solve ay problems, rather escalate it. I kew what i was doig or so i thought.

‘chief really loves madam Oge auty, you eeded to seehow he wept beggig her ot to leave’

‘thats because that stupid woma has tied him dow with a charm! She’s ot eve pretty’

‘well accordig to her, she ad Chief w-t through alot i the early days of their marriage’

‘that is o excuse!’

I laughed ‘dot worry auty, i’ll get her out of the house very soo’

‘you’d better do!’

‘so auty, i came as quickly as i could. What is the problem? Why were you soudig desperate over the phoe?’

‘hmm, my dear’ aut Chime sighed ‘its ot a big problem oo. Just that, i have a customer that i supplies most of my goods. He said he gets goods at cheaper rates in Dubai, he said he goes there himself and purchases goods, he said i’ll make even more profit if i buy my goods from there’

‘hmm’ i said ‘so, what do you want from me now? Money?’

‘of course dear! I need to travel to Dubai and i need cash for it’

‘how much would you be needing?’

‘roughly ten million’

‘ten million naira?’ i gasped ‘where do you expect me to get that kind of money from aunty?’

‘what kind of a question is that? Arent u married to one of the wealthiest men in the city? Dont u head one of his companies? What do mean by how do i expect you to get that kind of money from? Ten million naira is chicken change where Chief Adetola is now’

‘hmm, so what are you saying?’

‘ask him for the money now. I’m sure he will readily give you’

I sighed. Aunt Chime’s request for money were getting much. Most times, i wondered what she did with the money she got from the large supermarket i opened for her ‘okay, i’ll see what i can do’

She smiled broadly ‘i trust my niece, if you cant do it for me, who will you do it for?’

‘no one’ I said and got up ‘i have to run now aunty, greet Ifeanyi for me, i cant wait till she gets back from school’

‘ah, no problem, i know you are a very busy woman now, she dont forget to ask Chief for the money, i need it by next week. I’ll be taking Ifeanyi along with me, so, you’ll have to get two tickets, and yes, the ticket fee isnt part of the ten million oo’

‘ah! Anyways, no problem! I’ll speak to Chief, in the meantime,’ i dipped my hand in my purse and brought out two bundles of money ‘this is for Ifeanyi’s school fees and just incase she needs something else’

‘eh-hen, i took two packets of chocolate from my supermarket for Ifeanyi oo, you know how much she loves chocolate, you’ll have to pay me for that, you know, there’s no family in business’

I was shocked to my bones, does it mean that i have to pay for everything Ivyy collected, wasnt i the one who opened the supermarket for her?

‘i dont understand aunty’

‘what i mean is that, you owe me six thousand naira because one packet cost two thousand naira’

‘but aunty…’ i wanted to say something but i changed my mind ‘okay, collect it from this money’

‘no oo, the money wont be enough oo, Ife’s school fees is a hundred and fifty thousand, whats remaining is fifty, i’ll have to buy some other things for the house’

‘aunty, dont you use your money for anything at all, do i have to provide for everything?’

‘of course na! Are you not the one who’s marrying a rich man? I took care of you when you had nothing, now its your turn to take care of me’

‘thats why i opened a supermarket for you, so you can fend for yourself and that of Ifepams, though i’ll still give you money periodically to take care of…’

‘what kind of rubbish is that?’ she fired, the smile no longer on her face ‘are you telling me to use my own personal money for your own child’s welfare?’


‘dont let me say you are mad Ivyy! My money is my money, the supermarket you opened for me is compensation for all the thins and all the money i spent on your head, why then should i use my money to take care of Ifepas when you, her mother is alive and wealthy, so i look like one who do not have use for her money abi? Money miss road na’
She was visibly angry now.

‘ah, aunty, it has not gotten to that now..’

‘dont let me call you an ingrate, after everything i did for you’

‘aunty i’m sorry, it wasnt my intention to annoy you’

She held up her hand ‘i dont blame you at all, i blame myself. I could have just abandoned you after the death of your parents but no, i didnt, i took you into my home, fed you, clothed you, housed you, even took care of you in your pregnancy time, i paid your ante-natal bills and i got baby things for the baby, infact…’

‘aunty, its okay pls, i’m sorry’ I dipped my hands into my bag and brought out more money, then she smiled broadly.

‘thats what we are talking about here,’ she said smiling ‘wete the money no pasa’

I faked a smile. Now i could see aunt Chime for who she really is.

Money concious.

Episode 43
‘my love..’ Chief said looking up at me the moment i entered his office.

I faked a smile and sat on the chair opposite him ‘Chief, chief’

‘iyawo mi, how are you doing? This one you came to see me in my office today, i hope all is well’

‘if mohammed doesnt go to the mountain, the mountain goes to mohammed na’ i said.

He slapped his forehead a little ‘i’m so sorry my love, just that…’

‘na so we go dey dey? Haba Chief, you are des**ting me oo, i havent even seen you in the room for almost two days now, haba Chief, are you forgetting that i am a woman?’ I asked pouting.

He smiled apologetically.

‘you now spend all your time in madam Oge’s room, its not fair oo, remember i was the one who was there for you before? You are depriving me of a husband’s love’ I said making it look like i was going to burst into tears anytime soon.

He stood up from his seat and came to, his hand on my shoulder ‘baby, please dont be mad at me, dont make me feel guilty than i already am’

‘you should feel guilty Chief. Imagine, you’ve abadoned your wife because of another woman. How many years has madam Oge been living with you? Almost 28yrs, but we’ve only been together for four months Chief, only four months, atleast let me enjoy you before another woman comes and takes your time. Knowing you very well, its only a matter of time before you get another wife. Or are you tired of me already?’ I forced tears into my eyes.

He squatted beside me with a small smile on his face, he wiped the tears with his hands ‘my love, i have no intention of getting married to another woman after you…’

‘because of madam Oge abi?’

‘this is not about Ogechi. I married eight women after her remember? This is about you, i love you so much Ivyy, your arms is where i want to be in my death bed, no body else’s’

In my mind, i was like, an old man professing love words to a girl old enough to be his daughter. I would make sure that his marriage to me was going to be the biggest mistake he had ever made, because by the time i would be through with him, he would have no one else by his side, not even his family. Then he would be alone on his death bed, and he would die a miserable death, i smiled inwardly.

‘Chief, you’re not showing it. It seems you love madam Oge more than you love me. I cant let another woman contend for your love with me Chief, i wont, thats how much i love you’ i said in a tearful voice. I never believed i could be such a wonderful actress.

‘no my love, please dont cry, dont cry, i’ll make it up to you with anything you want’

‘what is it about madam Oge that you dont see in me? I am still as fresh and beautiful as ever, and i’m ever ready in bed, just the way you like it, what then is in her thats so special, whats so special about her?’

He smiled as if saying you would never understand.

‘send her away Chief’ i said placing my head on his shoulder ‘i swear, i would make you the happiest man on earth, i want to bear you kids Chief, i love you so much, my love for you proved to me that age is nothing but a number, do this for me Chief, please’

He held me in his arms as i wept ‘you and i know that i can never send Oge away, she’s my life’

‘then what am i? Your deathwish? Your greatest nightmare?’ I’m going to be your greatest nightmare.

‘Ivyy, you are my love, i love you so much’

I stood up and straightened my dress wiping my tears ‘its of no use talking to you, because you just proved to me a second time that you love madam Oge more than you love me’

‘Ivyy…’ he said rising on his feet.

‘i didnt come here to cry in the first place. I came on behalf of my aunt’

‘Ivyy, lets not do this, we can settle things…’

‘she needs some money, she asked me to lend her some money Chief, but i’m totally broke right now, i dont have up to the amount she’s asking for’ I said ignoring him.

He shrugged his shoulders as if giving up, then he walked back to his seat ‘how much are we talking about here?’

‘twenty million’ i lied. Ten million was for aunt Chime and ten million was mine.

‘what does she need it for?’

‘business trip’ i simply replied.

‘i’ll see what i can do before the end of today’

I turned back and started to leave.


I stopped without turning back.

‘i’m spending the night in our room tonight, so prepare yourself because you’re going to be sore tonight’

I hissed inaudibly and walked out.

My phone rang almost instantly. It was aunt Chime.

I picked ‘hello aunt’

‘hello Ivyy i change my mind, i’m going to Dubai first thing tomorrow morning and i no longer need ten million, i need twenty..’

My countenance changed.

Episode 44.
‘aunty, what is all this? You told me ten million yesterday and now you are telling me twenty million, does it look like i pluck money from trees?’ i asked angrily.

‘meaning what?’ she asked almost immediately ‘Ivyy, whats the meaning of that? I cant ask for financial help from you anymore? After everything i’ve done for you?’

I rolled my eyes, here we go again ‘thats not what i meant aunty, just that i already told Chief about the ten million, its going to be somehow if i should go back in and tell him you need twenty million now?’

‘did you tell Chief i was the one who needed the money?’

‘yes i did’

‘why?’ she asked angrily ‘arent you sensible enough? Why did you mention my name?’

‘i dont understand’

‘what dont you understand Ivyy? Eh? You this child, when will ever have sense? Are you sure you ever going to be sensible in this your life?’

I frowned ‘care to explain better aunty, what do you mean? Why wont i tell Chief you were the one who needed the money when you’re the one who needed the money?’

‘bia nwata, do you want to give me the money or not?’

‘aunty, i…’

‘just answer me biko. Are you giving me or not? If you dont want to give me, then its fine, i’ll cope, i’ll manage’

‘aunty, its not like that…’ i said suddenly feeling guilty about the way i spoke to her ‘i’ll give you the money, Chief already promised to give me before the end of today, i’ll forward it to your account immediately, i promise’

I heard her sob before she ended the call.

I felt really guilty, she had done alot for me in the past five years, and now it was my turn to pay her back.

‘i need to put my plans into action already, the earlier, the better’ i said to myself.

I moved away from where i stood to a quiet place, then i placed a call to a familiar number.

‘hello?’ his baritone voice was heard from the other end.

‘i need you to carry out the job now, i’ll send you all the details you’ll need’

‘at your service ma’am’

I hung up with a devilish smile on my face ‘chief Adetola, you dont know what you are in for now’


I had the feeling that i was being watched. I felt it. Though i wasnt scared because the garage had a little people here and there, each minding their businesses, but that didnt mean anyone would be able to hurt me there.

I was fumbling my handbag for my car keys when someone bumped into me throwing my bag on the floor thereby scattering my belongings.

‘!’ i cursed. I was ready to slap whoever blindly bumped into me. But by the time i raised my head up, i knew there and then that if didnt die there, i would never die again.

My hands shook. My knees suddenly felt weak and it suddenly looked like i was going to collapse anytime soon. I rested my back on my car to prevent myself from falling.

‘Ral…Ralph’ i stammered.

‘hi madmoiselle’ he said with a smile.

That was all i remembered before my sight became blurry and i collapsed.


I heard the mo-ns loud and clear in my dreams.

A s€×ual activity was going on and all the girl could beg for was more. I also heard the male’s grunt.

I couldnt exactly tell who were having s€× but i knew the female’s voice sounded like mine.

And the grunt was very familiar.

I felt a heavy weight roll off my body and collapsed beside me.

Then my ears opened.

My sight was blurry at first and i wasnt able to make out where i wasnt able to make out where i was.

But i knew the room was small and well decorated, painted white with just a small wardrobe and a center table.

I looked around me and i noticed i was totally unclad. My clothes and other male clothes were scattered all over the floor.

I cringed in fear and looked for something to cover my uncladness.

Then i looked beside me and i just felt like fainting again.

He was there smiling at me. He was totally unclad and sweaty and there was no need telling what had already gone down between us.


‘yeah baby’ he said holding my cheeks ‘i’m sure you enjoyed our encounter once again’

‘Ralph…you…you are not dead?’

‘hahahaha, can a dead man have s€× with such a sweet and stunning woman such as you?’

I was speechless.

He moved forwards and planted a simple k-ss on my l-ips ‘i missed you. I missed you so much. I cant believe i was able to stay away from you for five years, i cant live without you Ivyy’

My head started banging again ‘let me go Ralph, you’re a dead man’

‘on the contrary, Ifeanyi is the dead one here’

‘what?! Which Ifeanyi?’

He laughed ‘your Ifeanyi’

I couldnt believe my ears. Ifeanyi was dead?

‘you are lying to me. You are the one who is dead, not my Ifeanyi’

He tried moving closer and i slapped him.

‘stay away from me you devil! Our s€×ual encounter was a mistake, i didnt even know what was happening around me, i was unconcious, why do you like taking advantage of people? Will you ever change’

‘i would never change when it comes to you. You know why? Because i love you so much Ivyy. I want my kid. And you’ He said with a devilish smile.

To be continued. ..

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