Bossy Maid

Bossy Maid episode 9 – 10

Bossy maid
She’s the boss
🤫I’m the maid🤫👨‍💼)
❣️ Written by Haryormideh Ayeni ❣️
🌺🌺🧸 Episode nine🌺🌺🧸
Mrs Wilson 💖
“David” I ran to my husband study room.
“What’s it dear?” He looked up from the book he was reading.
“That girl, Clara, the one Donald almost got married to”
“Yeah, what’s it?”
“She’s out of prison. I don’t know how she did it but she’s out.” I told him worriedly
“Oh my goodness” he stood up
“You don’t think she’ll find him right? Donald is still susceptible to her, do you think I should give him a warning?”
“No, leave him to sort things out himself but tell his maid to always keep an eye on him”
“Are you sure?”
“Positive, know the name Flynn calls her?” He chuckled.
I don’t find any of this funny. “What?” I wriggled an eyebrow.
“Bossy maid”
I found myself smiling, I picked the right girl.
Courtney 💖💖
Donald and I let our guards down a little to each other. On my part, I think it’s the files I’m working on , then I suddenly thought, if I want to avenge my parents death I might need his help so I need to tread lightly.
The next morning,
A new message on my phone woke me up from my deep slumber.
I took the phone and read the message, it was from Donald’s mother.
💬Hi Courtney, how’s Donald? Can I come over to spend some time with him?”💬
I read the text over and over again before texting a reply 💬 Donald is fine ma’am and no, don’t come over now. Donald is really busy with work 💬
💬 Ohkay, can you keep an eye on him for me?💬
💬 Sure ma’am 💬
I stood up and checked the time, it was almost noon!
I’ve never slept this late since I started working as a maid. I took my bath hurriedly and wore fresh clothes before heading down.
We finished sorting out the files yesterday. Everything is in order now.
I entered the kitchen and met Donald setting the table. “You cooked?” I asked
“Yeah sure, you look pretty tired yesterday and you slept in” he shrugged
Donald cooked for me?? Am I in some sort of dream??
“Thank you” I said softly and sat on the kitchen stool.
I filled my plate and ate slowly, since my parents death, no one has ever cooked for me, I’ve always been on my own.
After the meal, we both went to the living room and watched a TV series.
The doorbell rang, breaking the silence in the living room.
“Are you expecting someone?” I asked him
” No it should probably be Flynn or Eva”
I nodded and went to open the door with Donald’s closely on my heels.
Standing on the door mat with a big box, looking like some sort of celebrity is someone I don’t know.
“Who are you?” I squinted my eyes at her, she has an eerie aura around her.
She removed her sun glasses “His fiancee and who are you?” She strolled in like she own the house.
“Is she really your fiancee?” I asked Donald.
His face was white as sheet and very well “she’s my ex, nightmare and first and only Love”
Episode ten🌺🌺🧸
Donald 😔😔
Just when my life is taking shape, she appears. What does she want?
“Who’s she?” Courtney asked with a frown.
“My ex, nightmare and first love” whispered.
Clara rolled in her bags and came over to hug me.
I stood stiffly, watching her moves. “Missed me hun?” She kssed my cheeks and laughed rolling her bag to only Heaven knows where.
” What’s going on?” Courtney asked but I ignored and went to my art room instead.
Why’s she here? I’m trying to get over her and she came to make things worse.
I hit my head hard on the wall to stop the memories that haunt from resurfacing but it’s not working. I went to the bathroom I installed on the art room for cases like this and filled the tub with water before removing my clothes and dipping myself in the water.
Courtney 🙄🙄
What is going on?? Why’s Donald acting like he has seen a ghost? He didn’t even acknowledge my presence.
Why’s his ex here? Does that mean he still loves her? I was right? Gosh why’s my thoughts a mess? I don’t like that lady
“Hey what’s your name?” She came out from Donald’s room. She can’t possibly stay in his room. I won’t allow that, whatever she’s doing to him must not continue in his room. That should be his safe haven.
“I asked a question” she waved her hands in front of my face.
“Courtney, you?”
“I see no one has told you about me. You can just address me as madam since you’re his maid” she circled me like a predator.
“Oh really?” I asked smugly.
“Yes, whatever belongs to him belongs to me.”
“You’re right, I’m his maid but I don’t belong to him neither do I belong to you. I only follow his commands”
She brought out her phone and dialled a number, she put it on speaker too.
“Sweetheart” she said sweetly in to the phone.
“What do you want Clara?” Donald’s voice responded from the other end.
“Your maid here says she isn’t serving me. Don’t you think that’s rather rash of her? It’s on speaker, she can hear whatever you say.”
“Just do whatever she says Courtney, follow her commands” he replied and hung up quickly.
This is the first time he’s calling me Courtney without making a mistake.
“You heard him. You’ll address me as madam. I’m hungry, go and cook” she ordered.
“Yes madam” I bowed stiffly and went to the kitchen.
💬Hey Eva, do you know who’s Clara?💬 I sent a text to Eva while I prepared a meal for her highness
💬 WTH!!! Did you just mention Clara💬 she replied almost instantly
💬Yes Clara, she seem like a bch💬
💬 Omg Courtney! She doesn’t seem like a btch, she’s a bch.💬
💬 Who’s she?” 💬
💬 Donald’s ex, they almost got married 💬
💬 So what happened?💬 I asked
💬 You’ll have to hear from Donald. No one knows what happened. He was abducted after he was released, he changed 💬
💬Oh, wow💬
💬Yes. Promise me something Courtney, promise me to keep an eye on Donald and be careful with Clara. She’s a snake. I’d say you do her biddings till she’s out of your lair💬
Why does everyone keep tell me to keep an eye on Donald?!
💬 Okay 💬 I replied and continued cooking.
After cooking, I served her meal which she picked at.
I ignored her and went to my room. I would get to the bottom of all these and release her hold on Donald.
Donald 😔
When I’ve calmed a little, I wore the spare fresh clothes I always have in my drawing room and went to my room.
I found Clara sitting on my bed, applying lotion on her body.
“What are you doing here? Why did you come?” I asked her
“Don’t tell me you don’t miss me” she stood up and trailed her long slender fingers on my chest.
I s-cked in a breath. I should fight back after all she did to me but I lost my voice.
She pushed me on the bed
“Stop this Clara, I don’t want this”
“You’re still in love with me so why should I?”
She kssed me
Ohgawd save me from her claws, help me fight back.
Courtney 😐
Why does someone’s call or message keep waking me up.
📞”Hey Flynn” I said groggily into the phone.
📞”Hi Courtney, I need you to do a favor for me”
📞”What’s it?”
📞”Donald has a meeting in less than thirty minutes but he’s not answering my calls” Flynn said worriedly in to the phone.
📞”Okay, I’ll get him for you”
📞”Thanks” he breathed out in relief and hung up.
I saw a text message pop in my phone.
For goodness sake, I’m not a body guard, just a maid
💬 Please take care of him. I’ve called his Uncle, he’ll be there as soon as he rounds up a business meeting but I don’t know how long before he comes. Can you cope till then?💬
💬 Yeah, cool💬
I washed my face and went to Donald’s room.
I knocked twice before opening the door. He used the duvet to cover himself completely.
“Mister” I called, funny I haven’t called him by his name since I started working for him.
“Mister” I called out again when I got no response.
I grabbed a fistful of the duvet and yanked it off him. “Stand up, you have a meeting less than thirty minutes”
The duvet fell off the bed to reveal a nked Clara and Donald who was only in his briefs.
“Oh goodness” I rasped out “Get up Mister”
He sat up and glared at me, while Clara was red with anger.
“What the fk, idi©t. How could you? Don’t you know I was nked?”
“How do you expect me to know?” I asked back.
“I didn’t expect you to know you dumba$$. For yanking the duvet off, I order you to $trip” she smirked.
I looked at Donald, he only stood up wordlessly and went to the bathroom.
“$trip” she repeated.

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