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Bounded By Blood episode 66

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Her words ring in Elia head, how could this ugly being say such a thing? Asking a man for such lewd actions and isn’t even ashamed by it..some women has lost it.

I do understand that they say ‘ whatever you want, don’t wait, go after it’ but then her words doesn’t feel right.

Before Alexander could say more I hold his hand then step forward, frowning I growl ” are you nuts, you can’t say whatever you want when his wife is standing right next to him!”

” his wife?” She mumble, eyes widen from shock, her gaze travel to Alexander face ” you are married?”

” of course” Alexander pull me closer” she is everything I wished, so why not marry her before other men steal her away”

Bertha move backwards then nod her head as if realizing something ” I will do as you ask Alexander but…” Her gaze remain on mine ” I want her to serve me for a …..” Alexander didn’t permit her to finish her sentence before pushing her to the wall hard and lifting her up while holding her neck.

His eyes darken the more.

Everything happen so fast that it baffles me ” you do not look at my woman with such lewd eyes nor will you talk to her like some servants of yours ”

” am….am…” She try speaking while her hands hit his ” I can’t breath ” I know fully well Alex is going to kill her, I don’t really care but then, we need her for his work to succeed.

Tapping his shoulder, he lower his gaze to look at me ” is okay Alex” I smile ” let her go, we need her”

” but….”

I shake my head” let her go Alexander, is okay” I watch him frown, exhale before releasing her and stepping back.

” Bertha, I was just being kind by giving you an offer but that won’t happen anymore, you will do as I say or else am destroying your village, both adults and children ” he shoot her a glare ” I know you believe me when I say this because I can do it ”

Bertha try catching her breath while nodding ” yes yes, I will do as you say ”

” better” Alexander hold my hand, grabbing me from the ghouls village, looking at him I just couldn’t stop smiling, he look so hot when pissed off, look at him.

So manly.

The way his chest rise and fall in anger just make me want to lick him all over, no wonder Bertha still want a night with him, any women will want it.

But then he is my man, my man!!!

Sometimes I ask myself, do I deserve this man and then nod to myself again because even if he is hot and incredibly strong, he is an arse hole sometimes, an arse hole you will want to hit badly.

Alexander stop in the middle of the forest then look down at me ” what is it, you have been looking at me and smiling ”

” is nothing ”

” Elia, I know you, say it out ”

” is just that you are so handsome when you were talking back to her earlier ” I move closer to him, placing my hands on his chest ” you looked so hot daddy” winking I watch a smile form in his lips, his hands move to my waist before lifting me up, I wrap my legs around his waist

say that again”

Licking his ear I whisper ” daddy ” he growl before slapping my arse playful ” that hurt daddy”

” was that all you were thinking ” he asked, his hands squeezing my arse playfully ” tell me sugar ” withdrawing a little I touch his face, his lip, our gaze met as I lean close and bite his lower lip.

” I thought of sucking you off daddy ” I watch how his eyes widen, I lick his cheek, close to his ear then whisper ” I want to taste you just like how you have done to me” I notice how his body tremble under my touch ” can I daddy, can I taste”

” fvck yes sugar ” his voice husky, close to my ears ” you can do anything you want to me” withdrawing he didn’t wait for me to say what I wanted before crushing his lips on mine, I gasp and he dive his tongue to meet mine.

My hands move to his hair, it has always been soft like a babies hair, deepening the kiss, pleasure flow into my body, it was becoming amazing, hot and needy until Giles hard to interrupt.

Breaking the kiss I hide my blushing face in his neck while he shoot him death glares.

Alexander frown, did Giles have to show up right now, when I was in the good mood ” really, in the middle of the forest ” those were the words Giles growl out.

” we were worried you two were in trouble and here you two are, kissing each other, making out ” cash growl, Elia hide her face at the right hand side of my neck, her hands tighten around me.

Shooting Giles death glare, they both shut up and then vix and Sebastian run to our direction breathing hard ” what’s wrong, is milady hurt” Sebastian rush his words and I roll my eyes.

” she is fine, I will never allow anything happen to her ” robbing her back I whisper to her ears ” is okay sugar” she nod then let go, dropping her down I watch how flushed her face is, her words earlier flash through my brain and I couldn’t help but to bite my lower lip

I was so fvcking hard, the way she called me daddy and touched me was like fire, hot pleasurable fire…ignoring them I lean close and whisper to her” we will continue later, I need you to do what you want sugar, tasting me will make me very happy” and with that I withdraw

” milady, you’re red” vix tease her while I frown.

She tuck her hair behind her ear then clear her throat ” we strike the deal ” she ignore vix completely ” the ghouls are on our side now”

” I must say you did it milady ” vix nod his head while speaking ” our young master here lack the brains for such things to happen ”

Am not hurting him because of aqua, because he was aqua half brother and because I killed his sister which he doesn’t know of.

That doesn’t mean I will let him talk to me in such disrespectful manner” watch how you speak to me vix ” I shoot him a frown that made him flinch ” Giles” my gaze move to meet him ” do you remember the royal seal I ask you to steal ”

” of course, you did say its important ”

” I need you to write a letter to the south and west kingdom…you will put it in such a way that they will think its Norman who wrote it ”

” what should it be about ”

” telling them that their armies is no longer needed, that their help is as useful as their kingdom ” smiling I grin” Norman won’t know what hit him ”


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